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Heartwarming / Dredd

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  • Dredd passing Anderson. He's tough, but fair.
    • The preceding scene in the lift, where he dresses her wound, is about as close to sweet as Dredd gets.
    • The first line from Anderson's sequel comic, The Deep End.
    Anderson: Somebody once told me that I'm just not cut out to be a judge. He was wrong. Turns out I'm a pass.
  • Dredd's reaction to Anderson's idealism in the beginning.
    Dredd: Make a difference? To a block like this?
    Anderson: I was born and raised in a block like this, until the Justice Department took me. I know there are good people inside. Good families, just... trying to get by. Yes, I believe I can make a difference.
    Dredd: Admirable.
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  • Dredd taking down two teenagers shooting at him with stun rounds, even after telling them they were headed for body bags if they didn't surrender. Considering the wake of destruction he leaves without a wink of remorse, this is a particular mark of mercy.
  • Anderson quitting the force, realizing that her morality is too strong even for the Judges.
    Anderson: "I already picked up the fail when I lost my primary weapon. I'm not going to be a Judge, and I don't need to be a mind-reader to know it. He's a victim, not a perp, and until my assessment is formally over I'm still entitled to dispense justice and that's what I just did by letting him go. Maybe that'll be the one difference I do make."
    • Even better, Dredd actually looks impressed. And approving. Which makes the final shot of Judge Anderson, heading out to patrol the mean streets, that much sweeter.
  • Ma-Ma shoots down an entire block. She killed perhaps dozens of innocents, but not her actual targets. In the next scene, Dredd actually loses his cool and delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to their prisoner. Just guessing here, but maybe Dredd has a Berserk Button note  and Ma-Ma just pushed it?
    • Indeed, at the beginning, Dredd is pursuing three perps who are shooting at him. He doesn't resort to lethal force to take them down until after they run a bystander down.
  • Dredd, for all his stoicism and (almost) sociopathic disregard for the pain he inflicts on criminals, flatly draws the line on lethal force here:
    Dredd: "Can't execute a perp on 99%."
  • The homeless guy. When quizzed, Anderson tells Dredd the sentence for vagrancy, but that the murders take priority. Dredd tells the homeless guy not to be there when they return.
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  • The "are you ready?" Call-Back kicks off the finale with a heartwarming and awesome moment about how far Anderson has come:
    Dredd: You ready?
    Anderson: ...Yes, sir.
    Dredd: You don't look ready.
    (before the finale)
    Dredd: You ready?
    Anderson: Yeah.
    Dredd: You look ready.
  • Anderson's first scene. She's looking at the photo of her parents; a photo that she carries with her. The look on her face as she remembers is really sweet and establishes her as a warm and compassionate person. While she does Take a Level in Badass during her day with Dredd, it doesn't diminish those qualities.

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