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Just happens to be lodged right in the centre of the universe, give or take fifty feet!

"O Equestria, what's thy grandest perk shall be thy greatest virtue, thy most palpable flaw, and ultimately, thy saving grace."
Starswirl the Bearded, commenting on young Equestria's diversity.

Equestria, formally the Principality of Equestria, is the largest equine nation in the world. 9,500,000 creatures live within an 800,670 square km area that is made up of 63 counties, states and shires (plus the odd external territory found beyond its borders), spanning countless forests, sand deserts, plains, mountains, savannahs, tundras and polar deserts.

It reaches from the Lunar Oceans to its west to the Celestial Sea in the east, and borders the Crystal Empire and the Kingdom of the Changelings in its north and the Sultanate of Saddle Arabia, the Zebra Chiefdom, and the Buffalo Confederacy to its south.

It is an absolute diarchy, and its Heads of State are the two regent sisters, Their Royal Highnesses Princess Celestia of the Sun and Princess Luna of the Moon. In 2019, the alicorn siblings abdicated their power to Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Its national anthem is "Equestria, My Home."

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Important Territories in Equestria

Crown Dependency of Appleloosa

A young desert colony on the south-western outskirts of Equestria.

The town of Appleloosa is the most populous settlement, local government resides at the eastern railway nodal point Dodge Junction.

Has, until recently, been a disputed territory which the Buffalo Confederacy laid claim on, culminating in the infamous 2011 clash.

Protectorate of the Badlands

The Badlands are a remote, quarantined countryside in the south.

Mainly known for its untamed and diverse, but extremely malevolent, environment.

Largely populated by hostile creatures such as dragons and diamond dogs dwelling among the ruins of previous failed Equine colonies.

Actually a territory of a fairly dubious legal status (Canterlot likes to call it a "reserve"), but nevertheless claimed by the Equestrian Crown as well as some of its more feral inhabitants.

Kingdom of Canterlot

Lies in the geographical centre of Equestria in the Foal Mountains, being the second-largest municipal area and the biggest income per pony.

Is the capital district of Equestria, being the seat of the Princesses' Royal Court and the Royal City of Residence.

Part of the historical heartland, being the place where its foundation was once laid by the Three Tribes.

Free City of Cloudsdale

An enormous Pegasus city that floats throughout Equestria, typically approaching other cities and towns when they are "scheduled" for winter.

The biggest (and presumably oldest) city of its kind, it has received the Free Royal City status from Canterlot, making it a largely self-governing body due to its remote location.

Part of the historical heartland, speculated to be the ancient metropolis of the Pegasi tribes.

The Crystal Empire

Formerly an independent city-state enclave in the Crystal Mountains in Northern Equestria.

Was lost for 1000 years due to a magical spell of its last regent, King Sombra.

Is merely a de facto part of Equestria; upon Princess Mi Amore Cadenza's accession to the imperial throne in 2013, it aligned to Equestria as a protectorate, keeping its former title of "Empire".

Home to the Crystal Ponies, and famously has the greatest life expectancy in the country, as most of its inhabitants has passed the 1000 year mark. This claim has come under some debate, as some contend that the time it was lost due to the spell does not count toward a Crystal pony's lifespan.

Everfree County

A rural area south of Canterlot. The regional capital is Ponyville, home to HRH Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Part of the historical heartland, having been traditionally the earth pony civilization's capital as well as the location of the Alicorn Princesses' former seat of power.

Mostly made up of the Everfree Forest, a largely abandoned and savage region not unlike the Badlands.

Holds the questionable honour of being the place most frequently ravaged by catastrophes in the nation, to the point that the residents of Ponyville, including Princess Twilight herself, tend to have rather Skewed Priorities, but is otherwise quite idyllic.

Commonwealth of Fillydelphia

A town and region on the East Coast with a long history as a bustling harbour city and Equestria's biggest trading port and third-biggest municipal centre.

Has a deeply rooted rivalry with fellow East Coast port city of Manehattan.

Has been in an economic downward spiral since it was struck by a disastrous parasprite infestation in 2010.

Foalland Archipelago

A group of minuscule islands situated in the Grand Strait (the body of water that separates Equestria from Griffonstone) east of the Frozen North and the Crystal Mountains.

The archipelago is split into two parts, the Equestrian South and the Griffon North (controlled by Griffonstone; the Griffons formally call it Griffonstone of the Falcon Islands); the Equestrian part's capital and largest municipality is the Island of Horsey.

Has been the subject of an ancient border dispute between the two mainland nations, who both claim the archipelago as theirsnote ; this has even led to a brief Equestrian military intervention after Griffonstone tried to place all of the Foallands under occupation by force — there still is a large military presence in the strait.

Ironically,note  the islands are nowadays mostly populated by sheep, who have outnumbered both ponies and griffon natives almost ten-to-one.

Duchy of Hoofington

A town and region north of Canterlot.

Famed as the "city of bright minds", due to its varied historic institutions of learning and extreme dedication to science and culture.

Home of Equestria's two great broadsheet papers, the Hoofington Post and Equestria Daily.

Part of the historical heartland, being the place of origin of the pre-Discordian Unicorn Kingdom and the birthplace of Equestria's greatest thinker, Starswirl the Bearded.

Free City of Manehattan

A merchant city-state located on an island by the East Coast.

A large port that subsequently became a cultural centre and social melting pot.

Has a deeply-rooted rivalry with fellow East Coast port city of Fillydeplhia.

Currently the country's largest municipal centre with not only the highest population density but also the tallest architecture next to Canterlot.

Mustangian Free State

Mustangia is an agricultural state in the northwest, in an area traditionally populated by Mustang ponies.

Its capital is its largest municipality, Kiger.

One of the only Free States in Equestria that holds elections for all local public offices and uses its own, localized version of the Equestrian constitution.

Often joked to be not really a part of Equestria, but still decided to hang around for the Tartarus of it.

Neighgara County

A mountainous region conjoining the Foal and the Crystal Mountain ranges.

The provincial capital is Neighgara Falls.

Marks the border between the Frozen North and Equestria "proper".

Significant as the home to natural wonders (such as the legendary Winsome Falls); almost as significant as it being the punchline to every single other political joke.

Territories of Northern Equestria

The northern colonies of Equestria, better known under the nickname The Frozen North.

The Western Oceanic port town Vanhoover is the Governor's residence and its largest municipality.

It is, according to legend, the last refuge of the Windigos from Equestria's creation legend.

Currently a highly disputed territory that is claimed by both the northern Changeling Tribes and, to an equally militant extent, Yakyakistan.

Free City of Rostrum

A rocky fortress town by the northern Eastern Sea coast — a Griffon exclave to Griffonstone, lying on the Equestrian side of the Grand Strait, but is still connected with Griffon territorial waters.

90% of its population are Griffons, many of whom hold Equestrian citizenship note , making it the home of almost 70% of Equestria's griffon population.

Enjoys a special status as a buffer zone between the two countries, which not only allows it to participate in the Equestria Games, but also gives it semi-autonomy from both Equestria and the Griffon motherland — for one, it's effectively demilitarised, and is defended by the independent Equestrian Griffons' Armed Battalion instead.

Has a long and glorious history as a popular smuggler's den and tax haven.

San Palomino County

A borderline-arid province in the west.

The regional capital is the desert city Las Pegasus.

Notable for being a thriving and living province despite the Appleloosa-like environment, thanks to the social influence of Las Pegasus' entertainment industry and the county's excellent orange and lemon exports.

A Brief History

Pre-Discordian Times (a.k.a. The Three Tribes)

Equestria as a united, stable country is fairly young, counting less than a thousand years.

At the very beginning, before the distant pre-Discordian times, the Equestrian region was split up between various equine tribal groupings. The three most prominent among them were the Unicorn Kingdom, a society of intellectuals, philosophers and powerful magicians that had achieved dominance over the stellar movements (modern-day Hoofington), the Pegasus Empire (modern-day Cloudsdale), a Warrior tribe and the dominant military power of the region that ruled the skies, and the Earth Pony Confederation (modern-day Everfree), an economic powerhouse that had unparalleled produce capabilities that fed the other two.

These three clans had been long been engaged in loose cooperation of using their talents for mutual gain, but they were still both ignorant and constantly wary of each other – there was no demand for any sort of national unity. This changed in the early 200s bdnote , when a devastating winter struck the lands, destroying crops and sending its inhabitants plummeting into starvation.

Advocates of the cooperation on all sides — such as the renowned Earth Pony councilmare Smart Cookie and the Unicorn philosopher Clover the Clever — proposed that the nations should renew their faith and trust in each other in form of The Grand Summit of the Three Tribes, which was held in 250 bd and was attended by Chancellor Puddinghead of the Earth ponies, Commander Hurricane of the Pegasi and Princess Platinum of the Unicorns.

However, the talks failed spectacularly and drove the wedge between the tribes even further. Knowing that they would not be able to expect help from their neighbours, all three leaders set out to claim the only remaining countrysides unimpeded by the winter storms, a fertile and summery enclave in the Foal Mountains (modern-day Kingdom of Canterlot), for themselves.

According to legend, they drew the destructive storms, which had in fact been fueled by the hate and distrust they felt for each other all along, after them, and even ended up seeking refuge from the weather in the same cave, out of sheer desperation. It is said that it was there that the tribesbeasts learned that accepting each other for who they were was the only way to fight the coldness that was wearing them all down.

After defeating the magical creatures that were responsible for the climate change, the hate-consuming Windigoes, the three leaders stepped out to claim the land not only for themselves but for each other, naming the land Equestria in honor of the thing that they all shared.

Thus began the story of the Commonwealth of Earth, Pegasopolis and Unicornia, as this confederation was originally called. The coalition was, however, despite the name, anything but democratic and the three tribes' leaders retained absolute power over the young nation's politics. This soon turned out to be weakening the frail country rather than benefiting it, and even though the camaraderie between the pony races was certainly strengthened, Equestria was left weak and unasserted against outside influences.

In response to this weakness, a pair of alicorns who are a mix of the three tribes have been found and crowned by Starswirl the Bearded as Princesses to prevent further destabilization of the country. Their names are Celestia and Luna. However, it is not enough for what happens next...

Discordian Era

The pathetic state Equestria found itself in made it easy prey for Discord, a roaming spirit and an embodiment of chaos of unknown origin. His tremendous magical powers made short of work of all the structures the Equestrians had worked so hard to develop in the last few decades. He dominated the land as a tyrant and turned it into his own personal playing field. The once proud and renowned equine tribes had been reduced to vassals and slaves of an anarchic and maddened creature, effectively ending the First Age of the alicorn diarchy with both Princesses on the run.

It is unknown how long exactly his rule lasted, but it is certain that he completely reshaped Equestria, leaving it in a state almost unidentifiable from when he first arrived.

His dominance was only ended by the return of the royal sisters Celestia and Luna, thanks to the powers that were granted by them by a set of extremely powerful magical gems in their possession that were able to rival the tremendous magical influence of Discord, that had ever since been known as the Elements of Harmony. They challenged Discord in a fight that said to have taken several days, and Discord ended up defeated and petrified in stone.

Celestia and Luna, now hailed as liberators, were later re-crowned as Princesses of the country once more and restored the nation to its former glory, starting the Second Age of the alicorn diarchy. The Elements of Harmony, which were later fitted as medallions, remained a crucial tool of the Alicorns' power, and became a permanent addition to the Crown Jewels.

The Princedom of Equestria and the Second Age of the alicorn diarchy

The secret to the Princesses' popularity turned out to be their passion for harmony, or as they saw it, the natural balance of order and freedom. The policies following in this ideology's wake almost eradicated the ideas of racial supremacy and prejudice between the pony races, likely creating the first true egalitarian equine society in the world.

After the ascension to power in 1 adnote , the Alicorn Princesses settled down in Everfree, and pulled the reins around radically, turning the wishy-washy, old-minded coalition of mutual interests into an modern, active political and economical powerhouse with full dependence on itself.

This process, named by modern historians the "salt and sugar" restoration, saw the Princesses eliminating (and at times, outright conquering) rivaling tribeslands at the slightest provocation, then turning by 180 degrees and offering the defeated and humiliated chieftains the choice between living in the shadow of their powerful neighbor, or very a generous position in the Princesses' court and showering its populace with new rights they may not have had under their own despotic rulers.

It was undeniably a recipe for success, and soon Equestria had swollen from its original four counties to over thirty-nine states in only 1009 years of Alicorn rule. The population diversified, and regions which until then had only been known for their one pony race's dominance received accrual from the other two. Unicorns took over political posts and supplied knowledge and schooling systems, Pegasi swarmed the skies to form controlled optimal weather patterns and organise armed militias, and earth ponies plucked entire infrastructures and economies virtually out of thin air.

The popularity of the Princesses only increased in 907, when they took over the process of raising the sun and moon from the unicorns. In previous years six unicorns were charged with raising and setting the sun every day, which took enough magic that the unicorns would be stripped of their magic permanently. Upon seeing this state of affairs, Princess Celestia proclaimed a "new dawn" and single-hoovedly raised the sun, resulting in celebration from the ponies of Equestria.

The two Princesses took turns ruling the land, with Celestia ruling during the day and Luna taking the throne during nighttime. Likewise it was each sister's task to raise her celestial orb by herself.

The Banishment

True to the ancient saying, the country's two young rulers soon began to crumble under the new wealth and splendor of their empire. As the elder sister, Celestia had always been at the forefront of the dynasty, and enjoyed her subjects devotion as the Princess of Daylight — something that her younger sister, who hadn't worked or cared any less for Equestria, but did not receive nearly as much in return for, became bitter and jealous of.

It is still unclear whether it was her impulsive nature boiling over, her sanity giving leeway to madness, an unfortunate magic spell she happened to fall under, or even a combination of all three but Luna decided to contest her sister for her throne in Equestria. In 1010, she attempted to physically strike out against Celestia, only to be defeated and banished to the moon. According to legend, Celestia only managed to achieve this by deploying the ever-powerful Elements of Harmony, which had once granted power to both of them, against her. This event effectively ended the Second Age of the alicorn diarchy.

Single Rule

It was then when the famous absolute rule of Celestia began, which most ponies still associate with Equestria out of habit. In her sister's absence, she took over all governmental business, authority and responsibility as Princess of the Night, additionally to her own tasks.

Bitter, and now on her own as the only alicorn left in Equestria, Celestia had the old Royal Castle in Everfree County (just west of modern-day Ponyville) taken down and moved the capital of the nation into the Foal Mountains, into the small mountain fortress of Canterlot.

From there, she worked further to bring her harmony even into the furthest corners of the equine world. Indeed, in her time as sole Princess, she not only managed to raise an entire royal family that moved across the world to spread her word, but increased Equestria's size to 60 counties, which covered almost the entire area of what had originally been the "pony world", meeting its limits only at the borders of the Changeling, Yak, Zebra and Horse lands north and south of her.

Despite her best efforts, Celestia could not continue the once successful politics that had once made Equestria great on her own. From a modern view, Equestria's golden age had ended with the Banishment. In vain attempts to gain territory and up its already unique position in the world, the country wound up in several wars with its neighbours, particularly the Changeling Tribes in the Frozen North, an intense rivalry, the legacy of which continues to this day.

Knowing that the burden of carrying the Elements of Harmony, which she had disregarded as a symbol for Equestrian harmony ever since the fall of Luna, would be too much even for a creature as powerful as her, she decided that they would be split and distributed to six hoof-picked ponies from the Everfree Region, who would assume a wholly independent role in protecting Equestria from its foes. These Royal Element Bearers, as they are officially called, would later prove to save Equestria from several dangers, including invasions and attempted coups.

The New Era (also known as the Third Age of the alicorn diarchy)

In 2010, Princess Luna managed to escape her banishment, and, after a short and fruitless struggle for power, found reconciliation with her elder sister. It was clear that not long after, she would be officially pardoned by her sister, who was more than glad to grant her her old title of Princess of the Night and bring her back aboard after 1000 years of relative decline.

The most recent times would ironically prove to be one of the most tumultuous in Equestria since the Banishment. Following Princess Luna's sudden (and very polarizing) reconciliation, Equestria experienced at least one attempted coup, the Princesses' old foe, Discord, and a short-lived invasion of Canterlot by Changelings from the Frozen North, which could both be warded off by the Element Bearers and the Royal Family. On the other hand, this period has seen Discord voluntarily limit his chaotic powers and aligning himself with the Princesses and the Element Bearers, the legendary Pillars of Equestria returned from limbo, and relationships with the Changelings improved markedly after an Equestrian expeditionary force in the Changeling Kingdom brought about an social revolution in 2017. In 2018, a school that would pioneer the admission of international students, the School of Friendship was formed as they allow admissions that aren't ponies, something that was previously unheard of. Understandably, this was the closest a world war could have happened in light of the students' less than stellar behaviour and teacher neglect, as the initial batch of students sent there practically doubled as diplomats. Anything bad happening to them would had set off the cannons, both metaphorically and physically. Thankfully, this was averted the initial batch of students paved the way for possible future intakes and interactions between races.

End of an Era, the end of the alicorn diarchies and the advent of The Age of Twilight Sparkle

In 2019, Princesses Celestia and Luna have announced their official retirement from the Equestrian throne, leaving their power to Princess Twilight Sparkle. The official reason wasn't disclosed to public. Like hungry wolves to a free meal, this year became the most chaotic in known history. Canterlot got invaded and successfully conquered twice on separate occasions by the countries' most dangerous criminals, who were supposed to have been dealt with. After a cataclysmic battle involving practically all of the country's allies and the destruction of Canterlot Palace, the Royal Element Bearers emerged victorious while Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Discord sentenced the criminals to eternal imprisonment as statues as the princess duo's authority hasn't been properly transferred with all these incidents getting in the way.

After all this havoc, Princess Twilight Sparkle's long-overdue coronation finally cemented her as the main authority over Equestria by Princesses Celestia and Luna herself, ending the third age of the alicorn diarchy. The Royal Element Bearers, due to being inseparable friends and the advent of a massive logistical problem due to Princess Twilight Sparkle having to move to Canterlot to assume her place while the rest had stay behind in Ponyville, she decided to reform them into the Friendship Council, where they would meet every moon. With that in place, the Age of Twilight Sparkle has began.

The Absolute Question

Equestria is many things to many creatures. Officially, it is a monarchy — technically a diarchy, as power is evenly split between the two royal sisters. There are no national parties and elections are not held for state-spanning positions; staffing them is a prerogative of the Royal Court in Canterlot.

But while it may be an absolute monarchy in nature, Princess Celestia has stated that she is not utterly opposed to democracy; she doesn't see Democracy as bad, but simply as flawed, and as a rather theoretical affair. She cites the historical Earth Pony Confederation as examples of how democracies can go wrong as easily as they can go right. This hasn't stopped multiple Equestrian states (think of Everfree, Mustangia and San Palomino) from conducting own, limited democracy with regional parties and free public elections (one assumes with the Princesses' blessings), with fairly positive results.

In any case, a large majority of Equestria's denizens share their Princesses' sentiments. In fact, the monarchy is very popular in the country, as it has always guaranteed the Equestrians civil freedoms that even most other democracies of the world wouldn't (everything from a non-negotiable policy of egalitarianism to free welfare services to tax exemption on cider products) and has repeatedly proven itself to be very enlightened, accepting and progressive. Most notably however, it's more than just idle wish-talk and propaganda — they themselves have stated that they wish to ensure the ponies a lifestyle that they themselves would have elected in a democracy, and they have a long track record of leaving the majority of ponies content and happy to back it up.

Even freedom of speech and of the press are largely unhindered, though any statements that are openly critical of the beloved royal family are considered a very own level of rudeness and would probably result in a hefty backlash from everypony else (this unwritten rule is popularly known as the "Hay Code"). To the Equestrians, the alicorn royal family is more than just a government institution — it is a national treasure and the epitome of everything Equestrian. Some have gone as far as to claim that to many, they are deities and their rule is a full-out religion.

Armed Forces

See Ponies with Pikes.


For one, every major municipality in Equestria has its own, privately owned cab service, such as Ponyville Taxi for Everfree, though they usually work during daytime and don't bother to take you too far away.

Some areas feature private blimp and hot air balloon services for long distance travelling or bird-view tours, though those are usually reserved for those who can actually afford them.

If you ever happen to be in Manehattan, you also have the option of the more traditional sort of ship, which tours Manehattan's harbour and also supplies a fairly direct route to Fillydelphia.

In the south around Appleloosa, ponies trekking through the desert can rent cheap stagecoaches to get from A to B more comfortably, or simply employ pullers to get there quickly.

The most handy and readily available option, however, still is the Friendship Express, up until now the only national transportation corporation, which links Equestria since 1829 from ear to flank. It can railroad anypony from Appleloosa over Canterlot to the Crystal Empire in less than two weeks. However, in some more rural areas, the tracks are restricted, so changing onto more local transportation should generally be taken into account. Additionally, the Crystal Empire supplies trains from its own national railroad company, Imperial Lines, which is perhaps best known for putting Equestria's Coolest Train on the tracks; the Crystal Aerotram G4-4-11.

Pegasus chariots however, are, contrary to popular belief, reserved for members of the Royal Court or of the Royal Family, as well as diplomats and envoys. Organizing private chariot transports without direct permission of one of the Princesses are actually illegal since they're officially a prerogative of the Crown. Princess Cadance additionally also has her own private train, which is mentioned above.

Famous Sons and Daughters of Equestria


  • Auric, King of Unicornia
  • Clover the Clever, Philosopher and Statestallion
  • Easy Glider, Commander in the EUP Guard, Aeronautical Physician
  • Fair Weather, Admiral in the Royal Guard
  • Ferry Flight, Admiral in the Royal Guard, Commanding Officer of the 7th Squadron
  • Firefly, General in the EUP Guard, Commanding Officer of the Wonderbolts Platoon
  • Flair de Mare, Designer
  • Flash Magnus, General in the EUP Guard, Element Bearer of Bravery, Pillar of Equestria
  • Grub Hooffield, Smokey Mountains Explorer, Hooffield Clan Founder
  • Haycart, Philosopher, Scientist and Essayist
  • The Great Hoofdini, Stage Magician and Escape Artist
  • Hurricane, Commander of the Pegasus Army, Generalissimo of Pegasopolis
  • Mage Meadowbrook a.k.a. the Masked Healer, the Mystical Mask, Element Bearer of Healing, Pillar of Equestria
  • Mistmane, Sorceress, Element Bearer of Beauty, Pillar of Equestria
  • Pansy, Private in the Pegasus Army, Statesmare
  • Piles McColt, Smokey Mountains Explorer, McColt Clan Founder
  • Platinum, Princess of Unicornia
  • Puddinghead, Chancellor of Earth
  • Purple Dart, Colonel in the EUP Guard
  • Rockhoof, Element Bearer of Strength, Pillar of Equestria
  • Smart Cookie, Statesmare
  • Sombra, King in Equestria, Emperor of the Crystal Empire
  • Somnambula, Element Bearer of Hope, Pillar of Equestria
  • Starswirl the Bearded, Wizard, Scientist, Philosopher and Statescolt, Element Bearer of Sorcery, Pillar of Equestria
  • Stinking Rich, Businesscolt
  • Stygian, Scholar and Strategist, ally of the Pillars of Equestria
  • Waffle, Colonel in the EUP Guard


  • Celestia, Princess of the Sun — Co-founder of the modern Equestrian State after the fall of Discord, ruling (either as the Princess of the Sun or absolutely) permanently since 1 ad. Retired her throne in 2019 to Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  • Luna, Princess of the Moon — Co-founder of Equestria, and ruler of the Night from 1 ad to 1010, and from 2010 again. Retired from her throne in 2019 to Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  • A. K. Yearling, Author (alias)
  • Applejack, Businessmare, Element Bearer of Honesty, Friendship Council Member, School of Friendship Teacher
  • Blueblood, Prince in Equestria, Prince Regent of Canterlot
  • Cheese Sandwich, Party Pony and Industrialist
  • Cherry Jubilee, Businessmare
  • "Countess" Coloratura, Popular Singer
  • Cozy Glow, Juvenile Delinquent (treason, felony murder)
  • D. Hooves, Mailmare and War Heroine
  • Discord, Spirit of Chaos, Reformed Felon
  • DJ Pon-3 a.k.a. Vinyl Scratch, Renowned DJ
  • Fancy Pants, Businesscolt and Socialite
  • F. Rich, Businesscolt
  • Fizzlepop Berrytwist, alias Tempest Shadow, Former Traitor (now reformed)
  • Fluttershy, Element Bearer of Kindness, Friendship Council Member, animal caretaker, noted expert on magical creatures, School of Friendship Teacher
  • "Granny" Smith Apple, Founder of Ponyville, Businessmare, Local Historian
  • M. Harshwhinny, President of the Equestria Games Committee
  • Hoity Toity, Designer
  • Mi Amore Cadenza "Cadance", Princess of Love and Family, Empress of the Crystal Empire
  • Mi Amore Flurry Heart, Princess in both Equestria and the Crystal Empire, First in line to inherit the throne the Crystal Empire, First natural Alicorn since the founding of Equestria
  • Chancellor Neighsay, Head of the Equestria Education Association
  • Party Favor, Party Pony
  • Photo Finish, Designer and Photographer
  • Pinkamena Diane "Pinkie" Pie, Element Bearer of Laughter, Friendship Council Member, Party Pony, School of Friendship Teacher
  • Prim Hemline, Fashion Designer
  • Rainbow Dash, Sportspony, Element Bearer of Loyalty, Friendship Council Member, Wonderbolt Rookie, School of Friendship Teacher
  • Rarity, Designer, Socialite, Element Bearer of Generosity, Friendship Council Member, School of Friendship Teacher
  • Sapphire Shores, Singer and Socialite
  • Shining Armor Mi Amore (né Sparkle), Captain in the Royal Guard, Prince of the Crystal Empire
  • Soarin, Wing Leader in the Royal Guard, Sportscolt
  • Songbird Serenade, Popular Singer
  • Spike t. Dragon, Patron of the Crystal Empire, Friendship Council Member, Friendship Ambassador to the Dragon Lands, one-time Dragon Lord for a total of 2 minutes
  • Spitfire, Group Captain in the Royal Guard, Commanding Officer of the Wonderbolts Platoon, Sportsmare
  • Starlight Glimmer, Former Student of Twilight Sparkle having graduated, Former Cult Leader and Wanted Fugitive (pardoned), School of Friendship Guidance Counselor (and later Headmare)
  • Sunset Shimmer, former pupil of Princess Celestia, notable missing pony and unsolved mystery note 
  • Sunny Days Pike, Founder of the Manehattan Institute of Knowledge
  • Tirek, Lord in Equestria, Felon (high treason), erstwhile imprisoned in Tartarus
  • Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Magic and Friendship, Scientist, Element Bearer of Magic, Head of the Friendship Council, School of Friendship Headmare, second in line to inherit the throne of the Crystal Empire after her niece Princess Flurry Heart. Official ruler of Equestria as of late 2019.
  • Wind Rider, Group Captain in the Royal Guard (dishonorably discharged), Commanding Officer of the Wonderbolts Platoon (dishonorably discharged), Sportscolt
  • Zesty Gourmand, Culinary Critic


  • Daring Do, Pegasus Heroine of a long-running series of adventures novels by A. K. Yearling
  • Gusty the Great, Fairy-Tales Unicorn Heroine in Children Books (disputed status as a Historical Domain Character)
  • The Power Ponies, Comic-Book Superheroes
  • Shadow Spade, Hard-Boiled Investigator in detective stories
  • Snowfall Frost, Protagonist of the literary classic A Hearth's Warming Tale

Tropes traditionally associated with Equestria:

  • The Empire: What it is to its enemies, such as the Changelings and the Griffons and, until recently at least, the Buffaloes, the Yaks and the Dragons.
  • Equestria Is Always Doomed: After Luna was rediscovered, this trope can apply to Equestria unnervingly well, since not a single one of the last seven years has passed by without at least one state-shattering incident endangering the fate of the country in one way or another.
  • The Federation: What Equestria was, or perhaps even still is this, seeing how it is composed of a variety of nations, including duchies, an empire, a republic, free cities and shires. None of them is entirely independent, of course — while many do have own heads of government and have an unchallenged say concerning their own constituencies, all of them acknowledge the alicorn monarchy as their heads of state, obey the foreign policy and pan-national decisions made by Canterlot, and can be overruled by the Princesses at any given time.
  • The Good Kingdom: What it is to (most) of the Ponies and their allies. Certainly was the Princesses' intention at the beginning; see also Utopia Justifies the Means.
  • Micro Monarchy:
    • The Crystal Empire encompasses, despite the pompous name, a five-kilometre radius around the Imperial Palace.
    • The historical Unicornia was something like this, having been smaller than modern-day Hoofington.
    • The Kingdom of Canterlot retains its name more due to legacy than anything.
  • The Neutral Zone: Rostrum fits the bill quite nicely. The 1963 Treaty of Rostrum made it an autonomous region that could conduct business independently from both Equestrian neighbours and her Griffon home. It has its own standing army (albeit a small one), is largely exempt from tax regulations, and allows nationals from both countries to dwell, work and roam freely within its walls. This was last but not least the reason why it became such a magnet for smugglers, gamblers and spies alike.
  • Ponies' Republic of Tyranny: According to some historical accounts, the Earth Pony Federation was hardly more democratic that that. In theory, it was one of the first modern democracies, but in practice, the democracy was not taken care of very well, and the Chancellor usually ended up being a replacement monarch. Occasionally, they even abused the power mercilessly.
  • Princesses Rule: A justified Real Life example in this case, seeing how Equestria is officially a principality.
  • Truce Zone: See The Neutral Zone.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: Princesses Celestia and Luna resorted to rather imperialistic means to unite the Equine tribes and create a united Equestria. Though seeing how modern Equestria is perhaps the most peaceful and stable region in the world, it might have just been worth it.

The Equestrian flagnote
The Equestrian Flag is made up of the blue sky as a backdrop, and the Royal Alicorn Sisters (Luna on the left, Celestia on the right) orbiting around the moon and the sun, symbolising their traditional roles as "Celestial" Princesses. The dissonance in colour between them symbolises the harmony that they strive to pursue together. The 39 stars around them represent the 39 'original' (AKA pre-Banishment) counties of Equestria, with the star in the bottom middle standing for Canterlot, Equestria's birthplace.