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When he is not getting booed out of the building, he is setting the record for the most Make-A-Wishes.

  • The 11-15-10 "Retro" Raw provided a sweet moment during the segment between John Cena and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. A fan shouts "Never give up!", which got caught on the ringside mics. Cena pauses his promo to point at said fan and tell them "You're damn right!" Class move.
  • His 10-Minute Retirement speech on the 11-22-10 edition of Raw was pretty touching. Cena thanked the fans, thanked the stars that came before, and talked about how much he loved wrestling, but relented that he wanted to take some time to be with his family and relax. He even teared up a little.
    • He also got a Moment of Awesome and a Funny Moment for leading the crowd into one last round of chants: all the women and children chanting "Let's go, Cena!" and all the men going "Cena sucks!", which just proved - despite anyone's feelings on his wrestling skills - how classy, self-aware, and utterly humble the man is.
  • John Cena has filled more requests for the Make-a-Wish Foundation than any other celebrity to date, having granted 400 wishes throughout a span of eight years. In June 19th, 2013, he was given an award for being the first to ever reach the 300 milestone. On February 12, 2014, he hit the 400 wish milestone. He reached 500 on August 21, 2015.
    • On World Wish Day, Cena let three wish kids be a WWE Superstar. Even Cena's biggest haters must admit that was a pretty nice move.
    • A particularly memorable (and adorable) one is when he had a tea party with a 7-year-old named Chloe.
    • In fact, it's something of a rule among Cena detractors to NEVER criticize him for his charity work. One can hate Cena's character, but not the person himself.
  • After Eddie Guerrero died, Cena (then the WWE Champion) paid a symbolic tribute at the end of Raw's tribute show for Eddie. After his main event match, Cena laid down a Eddie Guerrero memorial T-shirt in the middle of the ring — then he placed the WWE Championship on top of it. Even Cena's Hatedom will admit that it was a classy thing for Cena to do.
  • After the 4/11/2011 Raw, Cena came out to ask the audience to give another round of applause for Edge (as Edge had announced earlier that night that he was retiring), then paid his own respects to The Rated-R Superstar.
  • On the 12/05/2011 Raw, Cena is faced with a Sadistic Choice by John Laurinaitis, give Zack Ryder another shot at a match for the WWE United States Heavyweight Title or keep his WWE Championship title shot. Cena tells Laurinaitis off, stating he's had plenty of shots and is more than willing to work his butt off to get another and gives the shot to Zack.
    • You know what makes this better? Laurinaitis was a dick and puts in Loophole Abuse by putting Ryder into a No Disqualifications match against Mark Henry just so the little guy could finally become a champion. Now, we all know that Ryder can't compete with the World's Strongest Man, so Cena lays a beating on Henry and then lays Ryder on top of Henry, thus giving Ryder a chance to become US Champion.
      • Which Ryder takes full advantage of two weeks later when he wins his title match.
  • Using his association with Fruity Pebbles (thanks, of course, to The Rock, Cena has decided to run with it, to do some more good on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • A Crowning Moment of Heartwarming not by Cena, but for Cena. During the buildup to Wrestlemania 28, RAW landed in Cena's hometown of Boston, who have booed him before. The Rock visits several historical sites and cuts several classic promos ( comparing Cena to the invading British at several points ). Finally, Cena and Rock confront each other with the usual mixed reaction. Then, as The Rock is running Cena down again... the chants suddenly go from ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY! to CENA! CENA! CENA! Then, the crowd took it further by chanting TOOTH FAIRY! TOOTH FAIRY! TOOTH FAIRY!, this after The Rock had repeatedly ridiculed Cena for his fanbase over the build-up. The action in the ring stopped as both men were very surprised by the reaction . Soon, when The Rock finishes his piece, Cena gives a very well-planned appropriate rebuttal ... and the crowd uniformly cheers for Cena as he celebrates with them including several military people and his extended family including his parents, his brothers, and his wife.
    • Cena was so initially baffled that he had to ask the crowd for confirmation.
    Cena: "I know we're real close to Tewksbury, Mass., but y'all are chanting "Tooth Fairy", right?"
  • Crosses over with Awesome. According to Brodus Clay, they were gonna cut his dance sequence at WrestleMania, John Cena who was nearby heard, and said if Brodus would not be going out for his bit, neither would he. And thus Brodus got to dance.
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  • When him and Ryback were in the running of who'd face CM Punk at Hell In A Cell '12, Cena gave his reasons why he should be in the match, but then backing out, giving the title shot to Ryback, who had been a wrestling fan since he was little and had gone through various obstacles to get where he was, who visbly almost broke out in tears, Cena even lead the crowd into a "Feed Me More!" chant in support, which can be seen here. Say what you will about Cena, but that was just frickin' humble and kind of him.
  • This tweet. What's sweet about it? How Nikki responded.
  • While he may have won the fight and retained the United States title against Sami Zayn's first fight on Raw in his United States Championship Open Challenge, Cena was more than happy to vacate the ring so an emotional Zayn could absorb the love his hometown was giving him for his debut.
    Micheal Cole: That is the making of a true champion right there.
  • Kevin Owens, the night after his big upset over Cena at Elimination Chamber 2015, cuts a scathing promo on Raw calling out Cena for being a shallow caricature with cheap catch phrases. Cena eventually shows up with a stunning I Am What I Am rebuttal, and this would normally be a Moment of Awesome. But it takes a sharp turn into Heartwarming, when he gives a shout out to a kid wearing a Cena shirt in the audience, holding up a sign that says "I'm Beating Cancer." Huge pop for that kid, and just one more reminder that "Super Cena" really means it, man.
  • A meta one for the man himself. Cena, an avid car collector, bought the first low rider that Los Guerreros used from the person who lent it to WWE in 2002. When Eddie Guerrero died in 2005, Cena gave the car to Chavo out of the goodness of his heart.
  • During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Cena gave Jimmy Fallon a Southpaw Regional Wrestling t-shirt to honor Jimmy's classic "Cupid's Arrow" 80's parody dating show bit. It's the only one in existence, made just for Jimmy.
  • Cricket Wireless got John Cena to embrace the "And his name is JOHN CENA!" meme through a setup where John Cena would pop through a wall with his picture on it, accompanied by a group of trumpet players and yell his name. Cue a montage of a bunch of fans, including a fair amount of little kids, thinking they're doing an ad for Cena, only to be surprised by their favorite wrestler! The best part, at the end, Cena remarked "It was a good day. Everyone smiled today!"
    • They did it again the following year only to add a decoy first before he came out.
    • Cricket Wireless, then inverted the process. As the company gave him letters from fans, telling him how he's inspired them in their darkest hour. The fans then come out through his picture on the wall, having heard him read their letters throughout the whole video, and present him a trophy for being an inspiration towards them. Cena was noticeably moved to tears.
      • Special mention goes to the last story. A little kid's mother had been diagnosed with cancer, and the boy had almost given up hope. Then, Cena gave him his armband. The kid hung onto it and gave it to his mother when she was about to enter surgery. To Cena, it might have been a simple gesture, but to that little kid, it meant the world.
  • After their mixed tag match against The Miz and Maryse, Cena finally popping the question to Nikki Bella and asking her to marry him.
  • "LET'S GO CENA!" - Kid at SummerSlam 2014. Makes you a little guilty for the beating Brock was handing out. That little girl saw her Superman die. Welcome to reality, kid.
    That kid got enough of Cena winning, we needed our moment. - internet
  • Following his match with Roman Reigns at No Mercy 2017, a defeated, but dignified and vindicated Cena left the ring - going into at least a partial retirement - to the tune of a chant no fan, no analyst, no smark ever thought they would hear from the mouths of a live crowd.
    Thank you, Cena! Thank you, Cena! Thank you, Cena!
  • Kevin Owens told a story of his son Owen (a massive Cena fan) getting to meet John Cena for the first time, and Cena giving Owen a handwritten, two page letter. As it turned out, a few years ago, Kevin and Owen came to a WWE show and sat in the second row, and Owen tried to get a handshake from his idol after a match, but Cena didn't shake hands with anyone and went to the back. When Kevin told Cena this, Cena felt rotten and wrote the letter as an apology to Owen.
  • On the Christmas of RAW 2017, John Cena introduces himself...but before he starts his promo, he gives the shirt off his back to a kid in the crowd. The crowd (take note that this is taking place in Chicago), immediately love this act of good cheer and chant "Merry Christmas!" to him.

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