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Yakuza Kiwami

  • The "Majima Everywhere" system. Now that Kiryu's out of prison after ten years, Goro's eager to awaken his intuition and there's no telling when you'll fight him, or what lengths he'll go to fight his new favorite rival. From a trash can, from under a giant cone, from a manhole? It's hard to hate encountering Majima so much if you're laughing just as often. And if he's assuming a role or disguise, he's just as determined to stay in-character of that role.
    • Bartender Majima. His disguise is just his outfit from 0 with his present self's head model and he even reminisces about being a cabaret club manager. He then proceeds to dupe Kiryu into thinking he's being offered expensive and exclusive mixes and to charge him millions for each drink, only to call them gutter piss and hobo juice afterwards with Kiryu initially liking both of them. Probably the most hilarious is the moment Kiryu first realizes his new bartender is wearing an eyepatch. Of course, this is also a way for Goro to get some satisfaction for all of the times his boss Sagawa drank expensive liquor and not paying for it just to stretch his debt further.
      Kiryu: I'm gone.
    • Everyone's Idol Goro. He's first seen at the club wearing the very same outfit from "24 Hour Cinderella". Yes, that one. All while an instrumental version of the song plays in the background, to boot. He's putting on a show and the crowd loves him, but he tells Kiryu he feels ridiculous wearing it after it's been sitting in the closet for several years. Kiryu's description of the outfit, however, is pure gold.
      Kiryu: You look like you got into a fight with a disco ball, and it won.
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    • Majima gets turned into a zombie at some point, and Kiryu has to fight him off as well as several other zombies. Turns out Goro hired a film crew just to mess with Kiryu. The funniest part though is that once Kiryu starts processing that it's a setup, the next shot is Majima "doing the hustle", AKA Mr. Libido's hilarious dance from 0. Not only is this an obvious reference to Thriller, but it's also a pun: Majima hustled Kiryu into thinking a Zombie Apocalypse happened. Also noted, it plays the battle music from Dead Souls.
    • Officer Majima, if not for the fact that he'll fight you only if his search reveals that Kiryu's packing weapons, and therefore a danger to the public. If Kiryu has nothing equipped, Majima will be pissed because he doesn't have a reason to fight him in uniform, forcing himself to be the good cop and won't initiate a fight.
    • Foe Yay (or Fan Disservice) has found a new home in Yakuza Kiwami. At some point Majima invites Kiryu to a bikini bar to "celebrate" his release from prison. Not only is Kiryu treated to the sight of Majima pole-dancing for him, but it still ends in a fight considering our hero didn't enjoy the show.
      Kiryu: I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole! I'm outta here.
    • The fandom's new favorite hostess, "Goromi", which has Majima Disguised in Drag. Kiryu sees right through it (who wouldn't?) but decides to play along and humor the Mad Dog, and the segment even plays out like any other hostess conversation, though Goromi's tough to please. It still ends in a fight outside even if Kiryu maxes out the affection bar. “Goromi” declares he’ll “punish Kiryu in the name of hostesses the world over for daring to play with a woman’s heart” because Kiryu refused to do an after hours date.
    • Kiryu can overhear two people discussing a movie called "Passionate Manly Bathhouse Battle" (a reference to Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin!), with one of them claiming it's "an Edo period martial arts flick" with an extended scene on the DVD. Hearing this, Kiryu can go to the adult video store to find it. Once it's in his hands, Majima pops up and is shocked to discover that Kiryu is into such things. Even though he says he'll keep it a secret, Kiryu doesn't believe him and is one of the few moments he initiates the fight just so Goro doesn't go around spreading rumors.
    • When Majima follows Kiryu into the Pocket Circuit Stadium, our hero's done messing around. He refuses to let the Mad Dog sully the sacred ground of Pocket Racing and tries to force him out so they can their fight outside. Not knowing such a wonderful place even existed, Majima tells Kiryu he doesn't care about fighting him and wants to know more about Pocket Racing. Kiryu doesn't buy it, which earns him a scolding from Pocket Circuit Fighter, shocked that the otherwise kind Kazuma-kun would act hostile towards rookies, and tells both men to behave after "Goro-kun" eggs it on. After his first race, Majima spends days there training and quickly becomes a Pocket Racing pro to everyone's amazement.
    • Majima even gets in on MesuKing, after noticing how scantily-clad the women are on the cards, and doesn't buy Kiryu's explanation of the game's Excuse Plot. At some point, Nishida warns Kiryu with a text that Majima had found a card on the street, and with hysterical laughter yelled "I will destroy Kiryu-chan!". What's also funny is that, unusually for Majima, he can play with a very predicable pattern in which he spams Rock.
    • One that can be easily missed is if Kiryu finds him threatening a man in the alley near West Park. After the fight, Majima reveals what the man did to make him so angry: he put his recyclables in the trash where it doesn't belong. Kiryu never would've taken Majima as someone who supported protecting the environment better.
    • If Kiryu stops to check the magazine rack at a convenience store, he'll look up to find Majima pressing into the glass outside, enthusiastically watching him.
    • Even happening across Majima in the street can be funny. From Majima slowly rising up out of a bin with a shit-eating grin on his face to Kiryu walking down the street only for Majima to casually walk up right behind him. It doesn't even show where he came from. Majima's just kind of... there with no explanation at all.
    • Right after the Majima Everywhere system is introduced, the game encourages you to stock up on weapons and healing items in preparation for him. You'll then likely head to the convenience store within 20 feet of where you get the prompt, and if you buy a bento box, you'll trigger a fight with Majima within literal minutes of the previous one.
  • Some of the returning substories from the original have been expanded upon, a notable example being "Under Suspicion", where a man tasks Kiryu with giving a woman a password to buy an item from them. Before, he could also call them ugly with no consequence, but if he does, they'll deliver an Armor-Piercing Slap that causes damage. One of the women is someone Kiryu doesn't consider very attractive, and hesitates to give her the password ("You're very sexy"). If he does and shows her the money for the item, she'll think he's offering her a measly 1,000 yen for sex. Although she's upset at first, considering the person it's coming from, she gladly accepts. Kiryu, probably still haunted by similar experiences back in the 80's, immediately hauls ass with a look of shock and horror on his face. If he tells the same woman that she's ugly instead, she'll slap him so hard it'll destroy most of his life bar. Even Amon would be impressed by that.
  • "Memories of the Bubble" is a new substory where Kiryu meets an actress named Aya who wants to learn about the bubble economy. She'll ask him certain questions, but the wrong answers are much better than the correct ones. For instance, she'll ask him how people used to hail cabbies. Kiryu can tell her that people used to body slam the actual cabs.
    Aya: To imagine someone throwing their entire body weight against a cab just to get inside... It's unbelievable.
    Kiryu: Sorry. Maybe it wasn't everyone doing that. It could have just been me.
    Aya: You... really used to do that? How are you still alive?
  • The substory, "Bad-Ass Dads", involves a woman stopping to interview Kiryu as being a potential "BAD-Boy", which is short for "Bad-Ass Dad Boy", since middle-aged men who can kick ass is the latest trend. During the interview, The Florist of Sai and Date come in and also get into the interview as potential candidates. The three soon get into an argument over who among them is the better BAD-Boy.
  • The cult from Yakuza 0 that Majima destroyed is back, and now Kiryu has to deal with them. The current leader, the former right hand of the previous leader, talks about how their sect had been destroyed in the past by the attack of "Goroma Jima" and plan to revive it.
  • Shinichi Shinohara's introduction. Kiryu comes across a punk harassing a woman for money, and naturally beats him into submission. It turns out it's the woman's boyfriend, who pulls a knife on Kiryu thinking his girl is cheating on him. Shinohara then pops out of nowhere, disarms him, and puts him in a hold. The entire time, the girl wails as her boyfriend is repeatedly beaten to a pulp over a complete misunderstanding. After clearing things up with an officer, Shinohara offers to make things even by letting the punk put him in a hold, and gets in a stance. The punk and his girlfriend run off screaming, utterly horrified.
    • Before Shinohara's name is revealed, he's referred to as "Man with a Big Head".
  • Kiryu's "Bakamitai" karaoke Imagine Spot from Yakuza 0 returns, apparently completely identically to how it is in that game, including Kiryu staring wistfully at and drinking sadly over a photograph ...which is of Pocket Circuit Fighter and him in the 80s.
    • Which can also double as a Heartwarming Moment as it implies that one of Kiryu's fondest memories is his time playing Pocket Circuit. Considering how quick he is to jump back into it in Kiwami, find a successor for Pocket Circuit Fighter and get the old gang back together that definitely seems to be the case. Becomes doubly heartwarming when Pocket Circuit Fighter returns in Yakuza 6. Through all of the ups and downs Kiryu's had throughout his life his friendship with Pocket Circuit Fighter stood the time over nearly thirty years.
  • The batting cage fight gets a chuckle-worthy Mythology Gag nod to the original scene - the guy Majima whacked upside the head with his baseball bat in Yakuza 1 was a bald man wearing a red shirt. In Kiwami, the bald man apparently wisened up, because now he's laughing with the crew while a completely new guy is in his old spot.

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