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  • Everything about Mario's part in Luigi's Ballad, particularly his absurdly vulgar and bombastic entrance that comes out of nowhere.
    • Both Mario and Luigi's calm acceptance of Peach choosing Toad because of his phallic shape.
  • Ken's... um... rapping is adorkable and hilarious.
    Ken: All right, two can play at this game... Dick Penis Man. Can you lose to me in a Rap Battle? Shoryuken!
    • Also the results of Ken's rap, particularly how Ryu compliments him on finally rhyming on beat, banters playfully with him for a second before hitting him in the groin with a hurricane kick
      Ken: My Scrotums...
  • In the Rap Battle - Ryu vs. Ken music video, when Ryu asks if Ken can stop eating penis, it shows Ken reaching into a sack labelled "Bag of Dicks."
  • From Sonic's Best Pal
    Narrator: Hey kids, would you like to hear a fun story about Sonic and Tails?
    Kids: Eat a dick!
    Narrator: Great! Here we go!
  • It's Dangerous To Go Alone. All of it. The entire concept is completely ridiculous, but it's near impossible not to chortle at the lengths the old man will go to to get Link to touch his dick.
    • For an example of the humor, see the brief scene in which the Juice Crew is shown — that is, the wonderful moment where Vaati is pelvic thrusting while Ghirahim licks his lips while holding a martini.
    • Calling Liberty City "Just like Philadelphia, but even more shitty".
    • The shot of Link in the typical hero pose, wind in his hair and all, with the typical TLoZ interface saying "Press X to grab destiny".
  • The concept of I Choose You TO DIE, while filled with a bit of Nightmare Fuel for Pokemon fans (at least for the concept of Ash as a domestic abuser), is also hilarious for the lines that immediately follow Pikachu shooting Ash in the groin.
    Holy Fuck!
    I Don't Know If You've Ever Been
    Shot in the NUTS!
    Spoiler: It Sucks
    • Accentuated in the Rap-Along, where Chloe makes an aggressive motion to her groin area in that section of the song, while Steve Kardynal fakes tears at the thought of the Groin Attack.
  • In Regretroid, when Kraid arrives to fight Samus, he sings about how he is about to kill and devour her. In the middle of the song, he removes her helmet, finds out she is a girl... and his song immediately moves to checking her out.
    You're gonna die, motherfucker, I take up five screens
    Then you'll be digested and converted to feces!
    And your pillowy lips and... wait, you're not a guy?
    Samus: Is that a problem, you FUCK?!
    Kraid: Uh... no. Prepare to Die!!
  • Simon Belmont derailing Dracula's line in Crasher-Vania.
    Dracula: It was Swamp-Man on vocals, Nosferatu on bass. Boy, you should have seen the silly funny look on his- Oh God, no!
    Simon Belmont: 'Tis I! Never fear, Simon Belmont is here!
    Dracula: SHIT!
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  • Markiplier playing the wonderfully hammy announcer in SMASH!
  • In Hero of Rhyme, Link ends up mistaking Navi's anointing him the "Hero of Time" is mistaken for this, and so he tries fighting with just his raps. It ends about as well as you'd expect.
    Link: How's that? Those rhymes do anything for you?
    • The fight against Ganon ends with Link taking a giant sword to the back. It's Navi's reaction that sells it.
  • The fight between Glass Joe and Mr. Sandman in Glass Joe's Title Fight goes about as well as you'd expect.
    Glass Joe: Whoa, whoa, I'll be the champion! I have the heart of-
    (many sounds of punching)
    Glass Joe: (slurred) Whoaaaa, whoaaa, I like candy corns! Please put them in my donuts! (gets punched again)
    Doc Louis: Oooh, you beat the French out of him!
    Glass Joe: I have my- (more punching sounds) ...My favorite colour is seven! (punched) No more peanuts for me, stewardess! ...Godzilla is my dad.
    • Earlier, while training, Glass Joe sings of his inevitable triumph, while Doc acts as his Only Sane Man.
    Glass Joe: Whoa, whoa, I'll be the champion! I have the heart of the lion!
    Doc Louis: That's... clearly not going to be enough!
    Glass Joe: I've got the skills...
    Doc Louis: No you don't.
    Glass Joe: I've got the power!
    Doc Louis: Wrong again!
    Glass Joe: You'll never catch me, I am like the Eiffel Tower!
    Doc Louis: That doesn't move.
    Glass Joe: I'm building an Arc of Triumph!
    Doc Louis: That took like thirty years to build.
    • In the same song, Doc was going to turn down Glass Joe… but then Joe gave him ten dollars.
    • Just before Glass Joe's about to fight Mr. Sandman, he thinks back to his training.
    Glass Joe: Zis is my moment
    Vive la France
    All of my training
    Has led to this chance
    I benched ten Q-Tips, I ran five feet
    I did a half-pushup, victory will be sweet!
  • Kratos' final opponent in God of No More
    Final God: I am the god of that thing where you're about to sneeze
    And then your friend's all "Hey, what's up?" and then you suddenly freeze
    But then you still have that nose tingle, it's a horrible tease!
    And you're like "FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!"
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  • The New Pokerap has Ash, recently released from the Hospital, learning about a wide variety of new Pokemon from Brock. After about three verses of Brock's rap (which doesn't even start to account for the three hundred thousand plus new species), Ash says "Fuck it" and decides to go back to the hospital by shooting himself in the sack three times.
  • In Minecraft Is For Everyone, after the first chorus, the player tries to convince the creeper to swear less and be nice.
    Creeper: Bleep it, I'll try.
    Player: Okay, we're off to a bad start, but... it's fine.
    • Followed by the creeper abusing Last-Second Word Swap and Gosh Darn It to Heck!.
      Creeper: Monkey fighting glass ball MOTHER SCRATCHER!
    • Notch's cameo.
      Notch: Hey guys, do you need help writing lyrics?
      Creeper: NO! You don't even know Minecraft music!
      Notch: But... but I'm Notch...
      Creeper: More like Notch-yo-song! OH SH-UGAR SNAP PEAS I WENT THERE!
  • In The Simple Plot of Metal Gear, Snake gets on the show by killing Bomberman.
    • When Snake says that Meryl is "a hot box of rocks", it shows Snake blatantly staring at an annoyed/embarrassed Meryl's ass.
    • Ocelot's reaction to Gray Fox slicing off one of his hands.
    • The scene with Gray Fox also takes a few jabs at Otacon, showing him in a puddle of urine and a sign that (for some reason) says "No Peeing on the Floor".
    • The ending.
      Announcer: "Can I get a replacement guest with a simple plot, please?"
      Sora: "Hi, I'm Sora from Kingdom Hearts!"
      Announcer: "NOOO!"
  • Look closely in the Mario Party video when Luigi is alone playing video games; he's playing Mighty No. 9.
  • In The Simple Plot of Kingdom Hearts, Sora starts off his games' plot by telling the show to cue the music.
    • When the Announcer tries to understand exactly what is going on, Sora points out after he finishes each sentence that the Announcer is wrong. To add onto the Announcer’s misery, Sora continues to tell his confusing story despite how he said he would clear it up.
    • The first line of the Announcer’s final verse before the ending.
      Announcer: My god this plot is all, that I can take. I want to cry and jerk off into some pancakes!
    • The Announcer’s reaction to the show getting cancelled.
      Announcer: TITS! FUCK YES! I mean, no…oh no…

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