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  • The now-infamous video where he put the kibosh on fanmail contains the phrase, "I'm warning you with peace and love," quite possibly stated in deadly earnestness (although, with Ringo, it's kinda hard to tell). Some obscure band even made it the title of one of their songs. Also how the video begins with a close-up of his nose for some reason.
  • Any interview with him at all. The Beatles were all famous for Deadpan Snarker comebacks in interviews (there's a whole scene devoted to them in A Hard Day's Night), but Ringo was good at them even for a Beatle.
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  • Perhaps the hammiest bit of Studio Chatter on a Beatles album: "I GOT BLISTAHS ON MY FINGAHS!"
  • His first attempt to use Twitter, notable for containing, among other things, the phrase "Lordy Lordy Picca Bennicoff". (He was speaking into voice-recognition software and it all came out as random gibberish.)
  • Strange things in the bushes! or, "What Happens When You Give Ringo a Camcorder" (SFW).
  • When he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2015, Ringo gave young bands this valuable advice:
    "When you're in a van, and you fart, own up. It'll cause hell if you don't own up because everyone will blame everyone else. Make a pact that you'll own up to it. We did and that's why we did so well."
  • When the 2017 eclipse happened in North America, Paul McCartney posted a picture of himself looking at it, and Yoko Ono did the same, if in a more artistic bent. What did Ringo do? He photoshopped himself into the eclipse.
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  • His infamous MS Paint art. Especially "A Elaphant Foot." (He's a lot better at photoshop.)