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Dope-a Cabana

  • Donald struggles to give a stubborn little brat a haircut, and ends up cutting a huge bald spot on his head. When the kid calls his mother, Donald laughs it off, only to hear Bad Vibrations from the approach of the mother... a female version of Pete, with the same deep voice.
    • Donald manages to fix the kid's hair by gluing it back and give him a decent haircut. All is fine, until he sneezes all the hair into the mother's face, making her look like a literal Mama Bear.
  • Donald returns home to find his house burnt down, while the firemen are hacking all his possessions with their axes. Some of them are watching his TV, until it shows a Yule log and they instinctively hack it to bits.
  • The conversation between Donald and the taxi driver that took him to New Quackmore.
    Donald: Hey, I'm rich!
    Driver: Well then, how's about a tip?
    Donald: Okay! Call your mother sometime!
    Driver: Hey, that's a great tip! Thanks! (dials on his phone) Hello Ma, I just called to say I love you!
  • Panchito's introduction consists of him skydiving onto the ground and pulling the parachute after he lands and splatters all over the ground. He then reveals that he did it because he was told it would make it more exciting.
  • Ari's introduction, complete with the Aracuan songnote , after 70 years, no less.
    Lawyer: Oh, and he can't be fired.
    Jose: So, we must pay this fellow...
    Donald: Forever...?
    Lawyer: No. Just as long as you live.
  • Baron Von Sheldgoose is outraged to see flyers for the yard sale. So outraged that he storms through his house making typical Wayne Knight fluster sounds, before realizing he's gone up the stairs, muttering confusedly to himself before sorting it out, and then resuming his bluster on the way down without missing a beat.

Labyrinth and Repeat

  • Xandra tells the Cabarellos that she cannot enter a temple due to a mystical barrier. When Panchito points out he doesn't see one, she tells him that's because it's mystical, which convinces him.
  • Jose winds up insulting the Minotaur when trying to speak Minotaur, accidentally calling its mother a cheeseburger instead.
  • Donald apparently has two shoulder devils, who give him advice to abandon Jose and Panchito. When he does and the Minotaur follows him anyway, the devils reappear and tell him he's on his own.

No Man is an Easter Island

  • When discussing with Daisy, Donald fails to pick up Xandra's hints about keeping their identities a secret. When Donald tells Daisy that Xandra lives in a book, everybody else facepalms... except for Panchito, who takes a few seconds to read the room before deciding to facepalm as well, with both hands.
  • After Felldrake's magic fails to destroy the head Moai, Sheldgoose manages to free the Lava Lizards by convincing the Moai to take a vacation. This leads to all the Moai having a luau.
    • Two Moai are about to sing karaoke, but the song goes on an instrumental break at this point.
  • While Donald is on his date with Daisy, Xandra and the other Caballeros try to have fun without him. Panchito suggests something intellectual — watching TV. They turn it on to a documentary on the Roman tuber, which puts them all to sleep... except for Ari, who grabs some popcorn and gets emotionally invested.
    • When it's over, the next show is about monkeys on monster trucks. Ari turns it off with a bored "ehh."
  • The Lava Lizard queen, a big roly-poly diva who talks in a sing-song voice about sharing her "goo" with the whole world.
  • Donald returns to Daisy after saving the world, only for April, May and June to tell him she left and doesn't want to see him again. But on a positive note... they cleaned up on tips. And to add insult to injury, they hand Donald the bill, which unwinds down the table and onto the floor. An angry Donald tears up the restaurant.

Stonehenge Your Bets

  • The bickering tourist couple who keep using "Ding dong" as an obscenity. They are even aghast when their baby starts saying it.
  • How does Xandra open the portal to Goblin Town? She just rings the doorbell.
  • The entire Goblin Jail song. Jose and Panchito play along with the song but Donald is frustrated and confused beyond belief as to why everyone is singing.
  • This priceless gem:
    Donald: Forget Xandra! My life was just fine before she showed up!
    Panchito: You mean unemployed, homeless, and single?
    Goblins: Oohhhhh!
  • Jose and Panchito enacting telenovela-type scenes to distract the goblins, who really get into the drama.
  • The smallest goblin, Worm, just wants to be respected enough so that the others call him by his real name — Vomit.

Mount Rushmore or Less

  • Ghost George Washington has been making statues of the history of the United States — mostly of himself. (Jose: "I'm detecting a theme.") He also made one of his wife Martha... holding a pair of num-chuks. He feels he did it wrong: "I can't get the nose just right."
    • When the statues are brought to life, Xandra asks George "Permission to fight the First Lady." She then punches Martha in the beak, which breaks into a smaller one that George considers just right.
  • Xandra's Adorkable behavior and Fish out of Temporal Water status is in full blast when she acts like a party animal at the event.
  • Eugenia calling Sheldgoose "Sheldboob" is already funny in itself, but Felldrake laughing at the nickname with a goofy smile on his face makes it even better.
    Felldrake: Heheheh! Good one!
  • Sheldgoose having to explain his long-time absence to the board members of the New Quackmore Institute.
    Sheldgoose: I had to go away for a month, to the Moon. There were robots!
    Board Member: Poppycock! There is no such thing as the Moon!
  • Daisy attempts to perform Operation: Jealousy on Donald with his doppelganger, Dapper Duck. Donald is panicking on what to do, but upon the sight of the Bear Rug hi-jacking a car, he frantically tells them to have a good time and speeds off. Jose and Panchito, decide to have none of that, and tell Dapper what's on everyone's mind.
    Jose: [points at Donald] HE doesn't like you. [runs after him]
    Panchito: [points at Jose] He doesn't like you either, but I'm on the fence.
  • The Caballeros catch up to the Bear Rug/Humphrey.
    Donald: Stop right there, bear!
    Jose: We have chased you all over the square!
    Panchito: [sings] In Goblin Jail! [Donald and Jose stare at him] What? I thought we were singing.
  • Ari prepares popcorn by pouring kernels on a bowl and adding a live grenade.
  • Daisy is walking with Dapper Duck, talking about how Donald has been acting stranger than usual lately. Then they pass Donald trying to dig his way into Sheldgoose's mansion due to a force field preventing him and the Caballeros from entering. Daisy distracts Dapper from the sight by saying "Oh, look, a distraction!"

Mexico A Go-Go

  • April and June pretending to be Donald during the date with Daisy, with May snarking throughout.
  • "Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!" (fly drinks all the soup and becomes huge and bloated) "Now there's soup in your fly."
  • Sheldgoose during the wrestling match telling Leopold to "throw Mommy to Daddy" and Felldrake getting upset at being considered the "Mommy".
  • The referee rings the bell by plucking a feather from a chicken, causing him to hit the bell with his head. Later, that chicken gets revenge by hitting the referee with the bell.

Mt. Fuji Whiz

  • This exchange:
    Donald: I'm not Don Dugo, I'm Donald Duck!
    Clinton Coot: OH, you're Donald! [sudden realization] Oh, you're Donald, that's too bad.
    Panchito: He gets that a lot!
    Donald: What's THAT supposed to mean!?
  • Clinton asks how his "incredibly delicate" collection of Frontiersman figurines are back at the cabana. Cut to a flashback of the figurines being knocked over by Panchito to make room for a pizza box.
  • Xandra attempts to get to the Underworld by boarding Charon's vessel. Turns out he's turned it into a cruise ship.
    • Charon replaced the summoning horn with a sousaphone.
  • The girls succeed in creating a seance to summon Panchito's spirit with something "unfinished" in his life. What do they choose? His unfinished pizza.
  • Panchito later demands to be sent back, so the girls scramble for ideas to un-summon him, when he suddenly gets sent back. How? The Bear Rug eats the summoning slice of pizza, "finishing" the business.
  • Panchito's reason for wanting to be sent back is to help Donald and José in the fight, because he doesn't want to be "that guy". Cut to Donald and José being attacked by the Tengu.
    José: Panchito! You are being "that guy"!
  • During the fight between the inflated Caballeros and the Sheldgoose family, there are some worthy moments:
    • Donald inflating his foot and kicking the fusion right in the caveman acting as the crotch of the fusion.
    • And after the Sheldgoose fusion squishes the Caballeros, we get this appropriate response:
      José: That was the most unpleasant thing that has ever happened to me...!
    • And this one not long after:
      Donald: The moon!
      Panchito: Not again!

Thanks a Camelot

  • One scene has Merlin growing disenchanted with the phone he took from June, so he throws it to the fire. This results in a knockoff Apple employee getting immolated to death, much like the dragon had previously been defeated by burning the scroll it came from.


  • Felldrake opens a hole through the force field around Sheldgoose Manor by materializing a key fob.
    • Then he pranks Sheldgoose by closing the force field so that it slams him in the face.
  • Panchito shows off his newfound training by lassoing an apple, all the way from the grocery store across town. What's more, the lasso stops for a traffic light and even pays the grocer.
  • One scene has a blast of holy energy destroy the Money Bin in the process, leading to Scrooge McDuck crying as he attempts to scoop the money back into his bin with no luck. Bonus for the voice actor (Eric Bauza) giving him a Kermit the Frog-like voice. Not to mention a minor, off-key version of the DuckTales theme plays in the background.
  • When Donald goes off to save the others, he tells Daisy to stay with Bear Rug and that he'll protect her. Bear Rug responds by shaking his head and going "Uh-uh".

Sheldgoose Square Dance

  • Sheldgoose is amused at Felldrake reincarnating as a baby and laughs at him. Then Felldrake has him slammed against the walls without even looking back.
  • As Felldrake's physical form reaches adolescence, he develops a squeaky voice, acne and braces.
  • King Arthur pausing to promote a book about Excalibur when summoned to fight Tengu.
  • Among the debris floting around after Felldrake shatters the world is Sheldgoose's gold-plated toilet. Later, he ends up falling into it face first.
    Sheldgoose: My institute! My manor! My commode!
  • After the heroes enter the manor, Ari closes the doors behind him. They fall off.