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Nightmare Fuel / Legend of the Three Caballeros

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Pyramid-Life Crisis

  • The space mummies look fairly horrifying, looking like realistic dessicated human corpses. Though the horror quickly goes away with the introduction of "Lucy".
World Tree Caballeros
  • Mars has a PTSD flashback to the "Titan War". Whatever happened to screw the god of war so badly?
  • The termites under Felldrake's spell turn into hideous, gigantic, non-anthropomorphic insects with hundreds of teeth and four glowing eyes. Their design resembles the termites from Antz, except red instead of green.
Stonehenge Your Bets
  • The Goblin War Beast is a legitimately horrifying design. An immortal monster made of weapons with creepy eyes and no dearth of sharp edges.
Mexico à Go-GoMt. Fuji Whiz
  • This episode reveals the "Necronomiduck", a disturbing-faced book.
  • This episode doesn't hide that the heroes find the Underworld terrifying, nor how dangerous it is. Youkai live in the world among the ghosts, and are able to kill ghosts further.
Thanks a Camelot
  • It doubles as Black Comedy, but a smartphone store employee magically burns to death, letting out a loud scream as his body is consumed by the flames.
  • In this episode, Donald's rage takes the embodiment of a massive, hulking brute with bright red eyes that relentlessly beats him up.
  • Seeing Panchito and Jose look shocked and uncomfortable when they feel their amulets destroyed is rather unnerving.
Sheldgoose Square Dance