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Headscratchers / Legend of the Three Caballeros

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  • Xandra warns Donald not to tell Daisy about The Three Caballeros, or else it will put her life in danger. Makes sense, except Daisy's nieces are pretty well aware of their adventures, yet this never seems to be an issue.
    • The nieces weren't told, they found out on their own accord. Xandra didn't know they existed (she had just been released from her book and didn't know anything that was going on) before they showed up and discovered everything. By the time Xandra got herself together enough to think of the dangers to others, the girls were already involved.
  • King Arthur of the Britons, whose legends are set in the 1000's-1100's, and who in reality would've lived in the 400's-500's if he did at all, says that Xandra, the Goddess of Adventure, who probably existed for unknown years before Arthur, was one of his best pupils... Excuse me?
    • We don't know that Xandra existed for unknown years before Arthur. She could be a much younger goddess; still ancient by human reckoning but a mere spring chicken for a goddess. Alternately, she could have signed up for training even though she was older than him, as a way to hone her skills... or Arthur may be stretching the truth a little and Xandra is humoring him.
  • Felldrake’s surname is also Sheldgoose, so why does he call Sheldgoose… “Sheldgoose”? It would make more sense to call him by his first name, right? That’s like if I called my sister by our shared surname.