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  • Adorkable: All of the main characters.
    • Donald is a grump, but when the Caballeros and Daisy soften him up, he's shown to be quite flustered.
    • Jose is a Nice Guy, if not a bit gullible. He's perpetually friendly towards everyone he meets.
    • Panchito is a Kindhearted Simpleton who is always excited and energized. When fighting Sheldgoose in Mexico, he treats it as a friendly wrestling match.
    • Though Xandra is a straight-laced action girl, she'll occasionally join in some of the heroes' goofy moments, and she's quite endearing. Her fangirling of gods is also a plus.
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  • Awesome Art: While the animation is much stiffer and less lively than in the original movie (the characters are very obviously ToonBoom puppets), this show still sports some gorgeous visuals — particularly when it comes to the beautiful painted backgrounds, which perfectly capture the look and feel of a Disney feature from the 1940s. The character designs, with the soft, rounded shapes and colored outlines, also capture the classic Disney feel, even if the animation itself does not.
  • Awesome Music: Almost any song that appears in the show is guaranteed to stick in your head for a while.
    • The opening theme, which is a more "adventurous"-sounding recreation of the classic Three Caballeros song — with the exception of replacing "gay" with "brave."
    • Ari's song, which is a Suspiciously Similar Song to the one he sang in The Three Caballeros.
    • The "Goblin Jail" song. Panchito found it quite catchy.
    • "Gotta Draw the Line", Mono's song from the episode "Nazca Racing".
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    • The musical number performed by the yetis. "Welcome to our spa, you'll find it all right here in Shangri-la-di-da."
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: In the first episode, the mother of a brat whom Donald has displeased turns out to be… Peg-Leg Pete dressed in drag. Still played in an obviously male voice by Jim Cummings, and all. No, this is never addressed again; indeed, this is Pete's only appearance so far.
  • Crazy Awesome: Ari. The guy made popcorn using a grenade.
  • Cult Classic: For a series that was released on an app in select territories with very little advertising, it amassed a dedicated fanbase almost overnight due to its good writing, characters, and immense amount of references to the various material the characters have been in.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • April, May and June, on account of being smart and sassy teenage girls who otherwise rarely appear in animated Duck media.
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    • Also Ari, who manages to be a screwball comedy character without becoming too annoying and is often actually helpful to the Caballeros.
    • Xandra is also quite popular for her Action Girl persona mixed with genuine wisdom and occasional Adorkable tendencies. She's also really hot.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Ducktales 2017. Fans of The Legend of the Three Caballeros believe that Donald feels more like a main character in TLo3C thanks to the kids not taking too much focus away from him and the other Caballeros, think the animation manages to evoke that of the Classic Disney Shorts that inspired the series, and enjoy its more directly serialized nature. Fans of DuckTales think that their franchise is more iconic, feel it's bolder and more risk-taking with its plots, and think the animation manages to evoke that of comic books (bringing to mind its Disney Ducks Comic Universe roots). Said fans also point out that the writers have been addressing the latter show's flaws by putting more limelight on the adult characters in later seasons, and point to their version of Daisy Duck, who was more positively received than this show's version. In contrast, fans of Legends note that the DuckTales version of Panchito and José, with their different voice actors and somewhat different personalities, are underwhelming.
    • This isn't helped by Donald Duck's VA Tony Anselmo being on record a few times (such as 55:00 in this podcast), for preferring this series version of the character, believing it has the truest portrayal of Donald Duck (likely in part because he's allowed to assist in writing the duck's lines).
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: For those taking issue with this show's version of Daisy, there are those who pair Donald with Xandra. It helps that she's much nicer.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The Three Cabelleros during their adventures become quite the True Companions.
    • The group hug they share during Stonehenge All Bets, and Donald admitting that he loves them.
    • Both Jose and Panchito seem rather annoyed with Daisy and her Operation: Jealousy ploy. While not outright saying it to her face, Jose says what Donald is really thinking of Dapper Duck.
    • There's something sweet about Panchito treating his match against Sheldgoose as a friendly match, despite the fact that Sheldgoose is constantly trying to kill him. His hesitance on continuing with the match sells it because he knows if he wins (and he knows he will), Sheldgoose will die.
  • Fourth Wall Myopia: While Daisy is very unforgiving toward Donald early in Season 1, it's also easy to forget she doesn't know the damn good reasons Donald has to ditch her that the audience is in on. For example, in the first episode she took the day off to be with Donald on his birthday, only for him to leave her stranded in a very sketchy and unsafe part of town for hours on end after promising he'd be right over, and she implies this is far from the first time he's done something like this. And during their romantic dinner when Donald is trying to woo her back, she can tell he's hiding a big secret about his new life from her (since he claims he's unemployed yet hired her three nieces to house-keep), and then ditches her a few times during said dinner. While the audience knows he has damn good reasons for the above (his Mean Boss called him in to work, his house burned down, he had to save the world), Daisy is Locked Out of the Loop, so from her perspective he's just being secretive and unreliable as usual. While it doesn't excuse her being so mean to him (and especially not her Operation: Jealousy ploy later), it's also easy to forget her POV.
  • He Really Can Act: Just like with DuckTales (2017) , Tony Anselmo shows a lot of range as Donald, especially here since he's the lead.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Who gets stuck with all the bad luck? No one... but Donald Duck! In the first episode he is humiliated and fired from his job, returns home to see his house destroyed and has his girlfriend call him and scold him. On his birthday. In episode five he goes on a date with Daisy, and she ends up breaking up with him because he needed to save his friends and is unable to tell Daisy what he's been up to. Even with his temper, you'll want to give him a hug.
  • Moment of Awesome: The climax of season one as seen in the Action Prologue.
  • Narm Charm: The show is very cliched, but it just works. It also helps that the show never takes itself too seriously and manages to weave in a sense of fun.
  • Periphery Demographic: The show's bible has categorized its audiences as "primarily" boys 8-12, "secondarily" boys in other age groups and parents, and "tertiarily" girls and collectors. Girls and collectors occupy the largest part of the fandom, or at least the most vocal part.
    • Much like DuckTales (2017) , this show has gained a wide audience outside of kids due to being the only 2 shows that use the classic Disney characters for serialized storytelling.
  • The Scrappy: Daisy Duck is seen by many as a toxic and abusive girlfriend who complains about Donald not giving her enough attention and refuses to listen to his explanations even when he has damn good reasons. First, she breaks up with him while his house is burning down, then gets offended when Donald runs off from their date to save the world. Then she shows up at Donald's house with her new date just to make her ex-boyfriend jealous (despite the fact that SHE broke up with HIM), and gets offended when Donald cares more about stopping a rampaging bear. Although she gets slightly better in the second half of the season, she is never called out for her mean behaviour and she is presented as a desirable partner for Donald, who does his best to get back together with her. The fandom disagrees, believing Donald deserves a better girlfriend. She's getting even more flak after DuckTales (2017) introduced their version of Daisy, whose relationship with Donald starts out on a much more equal footing and is just a much more pleasant person in general.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The Aracuan Bird's theme song is ever-so-slightly different in tune from the original, though it has the same rhythm. Frank Angones, the creator of DuckTales (2017) confirmed on his blog that Disney does not own the rights to the Aracuan song, which explains why Ari sings a Suspiciously Similar Song instead. (In one of the previews shown at a D23 Events panel, he does sing the classic song, and his mouth movements fits that song far better, which suggests that the Suspiciously Similar Song came in late in the production.)
  • Tearjerker: Near the middle of the first episode. Donald has lost his job, his house burnt down, and his girlfriend breaks up with him. He even sheds a tear.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Given that the entire purpose of the original animated films was to improve the United State's relations with Latin America, it makes one wonder why there are very few references to Latin American culture outside of two episodes in the show. Even the Caballeros' ancestors are depicted wearing Roman-style armor instead of Aztec-style armor like you'd expect.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Absolutely no one expected Daisy's nieces April, May and June to become recurring characters, especially since their only other animated appearance was a non-speaking cameo in House of Mouse and Huey, Dewey and Louie are far more famous than they are.
    • Alright, how many of you expected Clinton Coot to feature? Or even remembered his existence?
    • "Donald's Double" from Donald's Double Trouble is back... and now he has a name as well (It's Dapper Duck)!
    • Even Humphrey the Bear and Spike the Bee are in this show! Well, unnamed Expies of them, but still!
    • Possibly the most obscure and unexpected is Don Dugo aka Don de Pato, Donald's ancestor and one of the original Three Caballeros, as his only other appearances were a single comic and an obscure version of the Duck family tree. Don Dugo isn't even the name he was given in the English translations.
    • Although one of the best-established characters of the Disney Ducks canon, audiences were still surprised by the brief cameo of Scrooge McDuck in the penultimate episode.
  • Why Would Anyone Take Her Back?: How many fans felt about Donald and Daisy's relationship in the series. See The Scrappy above.


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