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Humans used to exist in this universe long ago, but were replaced by/evolved into Funny Animals at some point.
Which is why Xandra and the other gods, plus the mummies, are humans.
  • That could work, but you're overexplaining. Humans just exist in the Disney Comics Universe, as one of many sapient species, no different from anthropomorphic ducks and dogs. Note that Donald & Co. don't seem surprised by Xandra's physical appearance.

This whole show is a series of slightly exaggerated bedtime stories Donald used to tell to his nephews about his adventures with Uncle Jose and Uncle Panchito.
  • You Pot Hole to DuckTales 2017 but this could also be true of the classic universe.

If this show does end up getting a second season...
  • The focus will shift to José and Panchito, as Donald clearly has all his issues worked out. We may even see characters from comics they've starred in, such as Maria Vaz/Rosinha and/or Clara Cluck.

The Devil Donald in the Underworld is another ancestor of Donald's
  • He was picked to be the ruler of the Underworld since he was orderly and strict, he forcibly gave the different Sheldgooses jobs so as to keep an eye on them and prevent them from any sort of escape. He may have also made the Baron a manager so as to test the new Three Caballeros (he seems to be on top on what's going on in his Underworld).

We don't see the old Three Caballeros in the Underworld since it is just Purgatory and they were whisked straight to Heaven after they died for their heroic and kind deeds
The DMV we see at the start is in fact where you can reach Heaven, but some souls don't bother due to: 1. Due to how insanely long you have to wait, which may explain why a nice guy like Coot decided just to settle in the Underworld. 2. They are quite aware they were too wicked in life to reach Heaven and stay in the Underworld to try and avoid eternal damnation, which is likely why the Sheldgooses are there.
  • Not a bad idea assuming Heaven does exist (since All Myths Are True in the Duck universe as repeatedly stressed by this show, who knows, really). However, we never do learn quite what happened to the original Three Caballeros after Xandra's Book was closed… we're left to assume they died but it's never confirmed. I have an inkling this was a Sequel Hook for Season 2 and we would eventually have met Don De Pato, Caballero Carioca and Caballero Gonzalez.

Donald looks so much like Don Dugo because he descends from him multiple times.
Here Donald descends from Don Dugo through his great-grandfather Clinton Coot, but in the comics they are related via the Mcduck family. Both lines of descent can be true - by the time Hortense and Quackmore marry and have Donald, some 200 years and at least 8 generations have passed since Don Dugo, who likely has hundreds of other descendants scattered across the world. Perhaps he even descends in more than two ways, strengthening the resemblance.

Eugenia Ferdinand-Ferdinand is a trans woman.
That's why she has the plumage of a male peacock.

Ari is or is related to a wizard.
He looks the same as he did in Clinton Coot's day, assuming he's the same bird, and obviously is performing some kind of magic to break physics the way he does. The mug he dips into Blazebeak's wizard puddle is marked with "#1 Dad", so...

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