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You don't have to be a Mafioso in order to enjoy Reborn!'s wacky comedy and hilarious moments.

WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages. All spoilers will be unmarked.

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    In general 
  • Anytime Gokudera says "Jyuudaime".
  • And anytime Tsuna says "Eh!" or "Heh!" or "Hii!"
  • Anytime Tsuna loses his clothes thanks to his dying will.
  • Don't call Mukuro pineapple head. Actually do it, because it will result in a CMOF every single time.
  • Gokudera's nickname for Lambo being "Stupid cow".
    • The way his voice actor says "ahoshi!" (stupid cow).
  • Anytime Gokudera looks at his sister and gets a stomachache.
  • Every reminder that Yamamoto thinks the mafia is really a game.
  • Anytime Dino, Tsuna, or Enma have a clumsy moment. Even more so when any two of them are in the same scene.
  • Everytime Reborn dons a Paper-Thin Disguise and nobody but Tsuna and Dino notices.

    Daily Life Arc (Chapters 1-60, Episodes 1-19, 27-33, 66-73) 
  • In the third chapter after Tsuna saves Gokudera's life Gokudera becomes devoted to Tsuna and says he'll place his life in his hands. Tsuna doesn't want this but Gokudera glares at him and Tsuna is shown thinking "Too...Too afraid to refuse...What kind of situation is this..."
  • Nobody can ever forget the fifth episode where the art is so bad that it spawned a lot of memes on the fandom. And images of Gokudera (or Gowadera) is rampant everywhere.
  • Haru's reaction to when she first saw adult!Lambo.
    Haru: "Ahh! He's completely sexed-up! Stay away!"
  • Ryohei's, Gokudera's, and Yamamoto's attempts at getting Lambo to laugh doesn't really end well for all of them.
  • Episode 68 has Reborn and Bianchi's wedding, one has to see Dino's Epic Fail.
  • Hibari mentions that he likes to go out on snowy days and throw snowballs at unsuspecting people.
    Tsuna: (thinking) "How come he hasn't been arrested yet?"
  • The Entire Snowball fight is just one big giant mess, as everyone switches alliances quickly, Bianchi coercing I-pin and Lambo to fight, and the ending where Reborn wins the snowball fight.
  • The following:
    Taxi Driver: Where would you like to go?
    Adult Lambo (dressed as 5 year old Lambo): Italy...
    Taxi Driver: I'm sorry I can't Go there... anywhere else?
    Lambo: Aunt Otavia's house.
    Taxi Driver: Where is that?
    Lambo: Italy...
  • Naito invites Tsuna and his group to his home, where it's revealed that there is a lot of in fighting in his family (lots of knocked out mafiosos everywhere) with Naito none the wiser. Meanwhile Reborn and Gokudera takes this as a chance to infiltrate and doesn't even try to hide their intentions. Later, Pantera attacks Naito out of nowhere with Magusta explaining that it's an everyday occurrence to them.
  • Then there's the "Bowling" chapter, where Longchamp invites Tsuna and Gokudera to go on a three person blind date. Of course, Longchamp's idea of a "cute" girl has always been... unique. So the three girls he invited were absolutely hideous (one of them even being Reborn in an ugly drag). The whole chapter pretty much consists of Tsuna and all of his Bishōnen guardians / male friends coming by, being horrified by how ugly these women are, and then trying to run away from them as the women aggressively pursue them.
  • Tsuna trying to ask Kyoko to eat with him for Lunch, but his plan is Immediately foiled by Yamamoto and Gokudera asking him to eat with them instead.
    Reborn: "You're pretty popular, with your subordinates"
    Tsuna: "I'm not happy with it!"
  • The episode where Reborn teaches Tsuna, Haru and Kyoko the "Absolute Evil Fist Style". Turn's out the technique is just a pun for "I wont lose" and I-pin is the one that defeated the bullies anyways.
  • Gokudera revealing who he thinks are his enemies:
    Gokudera: Anyway I don't like that guy. [referring to Dino]]
    Tsuna: Huh? Why not?
    Gokudera: Anyone older than me is my enemy.
    Tsuna: [shocked and thinking to himself] God! That's a lot of enemies!
  • Also:
    Gokudera: Tenth I brought you white roses!
    Tsuna: But why are they red?!
    Gokudera: I got ran over a few times on my way here!
  • Tsuna tried to recuperate in the hospital after getting crushed by Enzo, then everyone proceeds to make his day worse as they show up in the hospital and make him transfer rooms many times. He ends up in a room with Hibari, who is there because he caught a cold.
    Reborn: Wow Tsuna, you got some skills out there, getting yourself hurt in the hospital.
  • Fuuta's rankings when it begins to rain.
  • Tsuna and Nana goes on a vacation in a cruise ship, which Bianchi, Reborn, Fuuta, Yamamoto, I-pin, and Haru decided to sneak in and cause trouble. Then Gokudera is revealed to be hiding on the pig pen. It's all orchestrated by Reborn as the ship is heading to Mafia Land.
  • The pool episode where everyone has their ways to teach Tsuna how to swim:
    • Gokudera scaling a fence and diving with his clothes on into a pool when concerned about Tsuna. Then using a robotic skeleton on him that breaks his spine after using it.
    • Yamamoto's way of teaching Tsuna is to tell him to swim with his guts and tries to explain it in his own way
      Yamamoto: "Now go splash, splash, woosh! While breathing hoo-hah, hoh-hah! Don't flap around. Go woosh!"
    • Haru cosplays as a fish and tries to teach him like a kid, much to his embarrassment.
    • Reborn's is to cosplay as a fish and shock him and other swimmers into unconsciousness, then proceeding to sick a killer dolphin on him.
    • Ryohei's landing stomach first into the pool, his terrible swimming and his reaction to seeing a dolphin chase Tsuna.
      Ryohei: The dolphin has guts. I want him in my club!!!
  • In Episode 73, Hibari joined the rest of the cast in the Vongolian talent contest, only for Hibird to sing the Namimori anthem as his performance. He then drops out of the competition, taking the whole disciplinary committee with him.
  • Reborn orchestrates a test of courage for everybody, only for it to have everybody participating in the scaring part instead, leaving Tsuna and Lambo none the wiser.
  • The chapter where Reborn and Bianchi make an eat and run, leaving poor Tsuna to deal with it. And later on, Gokudera makes the debt worse by breaking plates and eating the sushi supposed to be served to guests.
  • In the Pole-Knocking Chapter, Ryohei forcefully nominates Tsuna to be the team captain much to Tsuna's despair. Tsuna tries to get out of it with a cold, but Reborn orchestrates events that turned class B and C against him and even had Hibari be the captain. Tsuna lost, obviously, but not before being beaten up by everyone
  • The ten year bazooka malfunctioning and turning Gokudera into a kid. Nobody else but Tsuna notices that he is turned into a kid until later in the story.
    Tsuna: "He just noticed it right now?!"
  • Reborn's wedding, which Reborn apparently ditched and forced Dino to control a robot Reborn in order to try to fool Bianchi. Almost everything goes wrong in all the ways possible as Lambo fiddles with the controls while Gokudera tries to navigate it while wearing blackout glasses.
  • Tsuna getting hit with the "Skull Disease", where a skull like marking on his body will reveal all his embarrassing moments, even in his death. Unfortunately for him, the only one who knows the cure is Dr. Shamal who never treats men. This forces Tsuna and the gang to try to chase the doctor and force him to cure Tsuna. And Shamal only did out of pity that he never even kissed Kyoko.

     Kokuyo Arc (Chapters 62-81, Episodes 20-26) 
  • Hibari's ringtone is revealed to be the Namimori Anthem. He really loves the school so much.
  • Haru capturing Tsuna with a fishnet in order to "protect" him.
  • Gokudera is worried about her sister coming with them, so Tsuna asked her to cover her face. She did by wearing a squirrel outfit, and Gokudera doesn't want to associate with her for a different reason now.
  • Bianchi revealing that she has packed a lot of poisoned foods for the team. Everyone suddenly loses their appetites.

     Varia Arc (Chapters 82-135, Episodes 34-65) 
  • Every single time Ryohei forces them into a huddle. Yamamoto likes it while Tsuna and Gokudera are embarrassed by it.
  • Gokudera's almost jealous reaction to seeing Chrome kiss Tsuna on the cheek. He's enraged to the point that Yamamoto has to restrain him from attacking her.
  • Everone's reactions after seeing Hibari one shot Gola Mosca.
  • After waving Basil goodbye, Tsuna manages to be stuck on top of an electrical pole.

     Future Arc (Chapters 136-282, Episodes 74-140, 154-77, 190-203) 
  • Gokudera seeing Lal Mirch taking a bath in the lake. Tsuna comes by and he tries to cover it up, but both fall and gets a Full-Frontal Assault of Lal's body.
  • Lal Mirch deciding to ignore Lambo after asking for the Lightning Guardian.
  • Aslo, Lal Mirch's way of disciplining her students is to slap them hard many times.
  • Lambo takes a bath with Haru and Kyoko while Tsuna and the other's are having an important discussion. In comes Lambo:
    • Cue Tsuna's Spit Take and Yamamoto dropping his drink burning themselves. Also, Tsuna falling out of his seat at the end.
    • The fact that the normally relaxed-to-a-fault Yamamoto goes red.
  • The part where Lambo accidentally set off a grenade, making Tsuna and Gokudera play hot potato with it. Yamamoto just throws it like a baseball thanks to Gokudera's pitch play.
  • The first thing that Hibari notices when he was sent to the future is Genkishi's eyebrows
    Hibari: "Those eyebrows are against school regulations. I'll bite you to death."
  • Hibari thinks the way to increase his flames to activate his ring is to get pissed off. Kusakabe and Genkishi immediately think together "That's wrong!!"
  • “That hedgehog is cute, but that’s some amazing power.” - Gamma, about Roll
  • Gamma: "It’s amazing he can get that much movement with that third-rate ring." Hibari: “I have a higher capacity as a living creature than you.”
  • Hibari returning Uri to Gokudera and tells the latter that he's not expecting much from him when Gokudera says he will return the favor.
  • “Don’t underestimate my mechanic soul.” - Spanner
  • Gokudera and Ryohei's reactions to the Vongola Boxes. Also the following:
    Lambo: "It looks like a shiny die."
    Chrome: "It's not."
  • Bel mocks Squalo for "forgiving" Fran for his slight not long after. Everyone proceeds to rib him for it:
    Bel: "Captain, you've got a big heart. That frog called you a 'stupid long-haired captain' and you still forgave him."
    Levi: "Ugh, he said it."
    Levi or Lussuria: "I heard it too, heh."
    Squalo: "SHUT UP!"
  • Squalo getting angry at Xanxus for throwing all his subordinates in the middle of the battle cause they didn't give him the meat that he wanted.
  • Hibari and Gokudera threatening to beat up Shouichi after explaining his true intentions with them.
  • Fran's box weapon is a mini Bel.
  • Anytime Fran opens his mouth to speak really. He's a Deadpan Snarker of the highest quality.
  • Fran and Belphegor's dialogues are always hilarious, with Bel getting sick of Fran's snarker tendencies and Fran just certainly fans his flames.
  • Mukuro and Belphegor stabbing his frog hat whenever he insults them. Mukuro in particular fails really hard to maintain his smiling demeanor.
  • Gokudera's impression of what he thinks Ryohei is doing in the past.
    Gokudera:*in a mocking tone* "Kyoko! Kyoko!"
  • While the girls are having their strike, Tsuna and his guardians have to do they chores themselves. It proves to be harder than they though as they managed to screw up every single tasks.
  • Squalo giving Dino a tuna as a souvenir. Tsuna's reaction is the best "Why a tuna?"
    • The absolutely nonchalant way he hands it over ("It's a gift.") is what sells this scene. Then he goes and beats Yamamoto into unconsciousness, hauling his limp body off like a sack of potatoes for some training. The whole scene is only a few minutes long.
  • The girls waking up both Spanner and Shouichi. While Spanner was able to get in his bed to sleep, Shouichi feel asleep while removing his clothers. Of course the girls didn't give him mercy and gave him quite a rude wake up call.
  • Gokudera face palming when he found himself yet again, doing the "VONGOLA! FIGHT!" circle. Also, Squalo does this when Yamamoto is 'fooling around' with his puppy.
  • Byakuran and Bluebell making a funny face as they forgot that they don't have enough people for the choice battle.
  • When protecting Yuni, Squalo and Hibari step up to protect her and Tsuna. Except Squalo is more in front and didn't notice Hibari. Hibari, instead of beating Squalo, pokes him with his tonfa and tells him to get out of his way. It's his vaguely polite expression and Squalo's reply to being poked that makes the scene funny:
    Squalo: "Stop poking me!"
  • The Varia's reactions when they learned that Squalo became missing in action. Gokudera is not amused.

     Arcobaleno Trial Arc (Episodes 142-154) 
  • Colonnello and Lal Mirch show up on the school rooftop to explain the trials, but decided to fight each other first and both kicking Tsuna to the ground as well.
  • Skull's test for Tsuna was for him to fight Hibari and Mukuro at the same time. Too bad that he didn't research the bad blood between the two guardians as both began to fight each other instead.
  • Aria's test to Tsuna is to test his temperance, and in order to do so, she proceeds to turn him into her aide for one day. She forces him to hang out with the girls and boss him around all day much to his reluctance and his guardians irritation.
  • Gokudera's reactions when he learned that he missed Tsuna's trial. Three times.
    Gokudera: "It ended while I'm filling my stomach! Damn it!"
  • Mammon's trial is to test how Tsuna can work with Yamamoto and Ryohei, the two least intelligent guardians in a test of riddles and puns. Poor Tsuna has to try to convince them that their answers are wrong and no, the answer is located that way.
  • Skull being turned into the other Arcobaleno's punching bag.

     First Generation Succession Arc (Episodes 177-189) 
  • Giotto forcing Lampo to give his inheritance test, which looks like a father nagging his kid to do his chores, and is Giotto's only funny moment in the anime.
  • Lampo's trial, which is to get three stamps from the amusement park rides. Unfortunately, Verde decided to do some experiments with Lambo, making the trial really hard for Tsuna and Lambo.
  • The time where everyone had to convince Hibari to take the test and proceeds to chase him down all day.
  • In Gokudera's inheritance trial, G disguised as him and proceeded to act like him for the rest of the day. So Fon and Uri distracts him with throwing stones in the bushes and Gokudera just having a wild goose chase thinking that it's Uri.
    Fon: "Good Grief, I didn't think of him to be so easy to fool."
  • Skull is tasked to retrieve Hibari in order for the guardians to be together. How does he do it? He steals Hibari's Red Armband of Leadership and proceeds to run all the way to Kokuyo Land terrified.

     Inheritance Arc (Chapters 283-346) 
  • Aoba's comments while Hibari is fighting Suzuki Adelheid:
    Aoba: He didn't even waver under Adelheid's wonderful panty attack!
  • Enma asking Tsuna why he doesn't try to run away from being the boss. Reborn reveals he heard that and promises to make Tsuna and Enma train till they drop.
  • Ryohei and Aoba being forced by Reborn to answer some questions in Tsuna's room. Aoba looks like he can answer everything, only for it to turn out that he's at the same level of intelligence as Ryohei. Both of them just destroys the question plates (yes steel plates, not paper), destroying Tsuna's room much to the latter's despair.
  • Enma actually manages to sew his pant sleeves together, much to Tsuna's shock
  • When they first meet, Gokudera thinks Shitt. P. is really an UMA (that is, an Unidentified Mysterious Animal) and continues to think this from then on to Tsuna's surprise. Sometime later, Gokudera fights her and it's revealed after the battle she thinks he is an UMA (specifically, she thinks he's a "warm UMA"). Gokudera and Tsuna are both hilariously shocked by this.
  • Yamamoto helping Kaoru in getting over his fear of people but telling him that he should think of everyone as vegetables. In comes Haru and she creates some vegetable cosplays for everyone to use.
  • Lambo lording it over Ryuji, while the latter just meekly follows the latter even if he is many times larger than Lambo.
  • A funny Narm moment: After Tsuna punches Daemon several yards underground, the next panel is simply "YOU BASTARD!" coming from the hole created.
  • In Chapter 342, Reborn and Mukuro (who is still trapped in his owl, mind you) pull themselves up. Mukuro thanks Reborn for helping him up, saying he owes him a lot. Reborn agrees, then punting Owl!Mukuro like a ball.

     Curse of the Arcobaleno Arc (Chapters 347-409) 
  • There's something hilariously cute about Mammon wearing a little sun hat when going to go pick up Fran with the rest of the Varia. Note that Mammon is wearing it and the hood of the robe. Thereby implying someone (likely Bel) stuck the hat on for some reason, and Mammon just didn't care to remove it.
  • Chapter 347 gives us the following:
    "That was the frog who said Levi was a gross-bearded nasty-nose haired molester who should just die!"
    "You don't have to say that much!"
  • Chapter 348 gave us the following from Fran, plus Mukuro's reaction to it.
    Fran: (to Mukuro) "That threw me for a loop. I'm surprised, that on this mountain there would be a pineapple fairy."
    • Two pages later, Chikusa has to restrain Mukuro from murdering Fran, and Bel is ready to kill him, too]]. Hell, the entire chapter consists of Fran driving the Varia and the Kokuyo gang up the metaphorical wall, including the normally stoic Chikusa, after Fran calls him an eraser due to his complexion.
  • In Chapter 351, I don't blame Tsuna for running. This is surely a trap:
    Reborn: "Well, I've got a favor to ask of you."
    *Cue Tsuna running away*
  • From Chapter 353: Tsuna's imagination of Reborn before his curse. "Wassup!"
  • Chapter 358: Skull calling Reborn a "sideburns midget".
  • The start of the first day of the representative battle happened while Tsuna was doing his business in the bathroom. He was barely done when the whole place was torn to shreds by his father.
  • Chapter 362: Skull telling Adelheid "So now let me stuff my face in your tits too!" after seeing her give Enma a Marshmallow Hell.
  • Chapter 364: "My hair is not a fruit, damnit!!!"
    • Immediately after this, Fran takes out his anger at being yelled at by Mukuro on Verde by spinning him around and around. [ Poor Verde's expressions after he stops are hilarious]]. Also, "Verry-poo".
  • Mukuro and Fran wearing fruit on their heads. Note that Verde is there, too.
  • Chapter 366: Byakuran's attempt at searching for Mukuro involves blowing up a random car. Cue person running out of it while on fire.
    Byakuran: Guess not, just an ordinary person~
    Tsuna: Byakuran!
  • Chapter 370:
    • Technically, it is true that Reborn didn't see him.
      • Later, Reborn kicks Gokudera for calling him crazy for fighting with a dislocated shoulder and asks Tsuna a question. Tsuna doesn't pick up on the contradiction.
  • Chapter 380: Everyone's reactions to Flan sleeping. Even Mukuro gets Blank White Eyes!
  • Reborn's tendency to fall asleep whenever Tsuna is talking. In Chapter 391 after Tsuna makes his declaration that he won't let Reborn die Reborn responds by falling asleep complete with Snot Bubble.
  • Reborn encouraging Tsuna to give his all in defeating Jager by showing of his test with a zero score much to his embarrassment, even in his Hyper Dying Will mode. Reborn even shows it off after the battle, which makes Mukuro chuckle at it and M.M. even asks if it the same Tsuna that they see fighting.
  • Tsuna cannot tell who Adult!Reborn is. Chapter 402, and the Arcobaleno are doing their job to make sure it stays that way.
  • Chapter 404: Bermuda's face meet Tsuna's fist!
  • Colonnello telling Tsuna that he should get a girlfriend via Reborn. And after that, it's revealed that Lal and him had a fight so the wedding is cancelled.
  • The last chapter has Reborn leaving Tsuna for a week, only to return and declare that he will be training Tsuna as the "Neo Vongola Primo" instead.

  • Fran's Image Song, Special Illusion, is basically a song about fucking with people for the fun of it, specifically mentioning Bel twice.
  • Speaking of image songs, Gokudera's song, "...loop" sounds like something he was goaded into singing at a karaoke bar by Ryohei and Yamamoto. If only because the pace and melodramatic way in which he sings is so out of step with Gokudera. He even expresses disbelief he sung at the end of the song.
  • The Varia singing "Tatta Latta" which is sung by the girls in the series. And if one searches the net, you can see the live version where the Varia voice actors sing and dance with it.
  • The Haru Haru Dangerous interviews has a lot of funny moments, for example Yamamoto revealing that they name their cuisines by color and Mukuro unnerved by Haru's cosplays.

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