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With this series, practically nothing can be ruled out. Even the most outragous theories could happen.

All the characters that have coat capes, Hibari and Xanxus, have their coats pinned to their shirts or never falls because justice never falls.

The Seven Flames of the Sky each have a contrasting flame.
The Rain Guardian's attribute is pacify while the Sun Guardian's attribute is activation. Gokudera's Storm Flame has the attribute of disintegration while Mukuro's flame of the Mist has the attribute of construction. The flame of Lightning's attribute is condense while the Cloud flame's attribute is propagation. Only the Sky flame has no opposite. But if it did, I would guess it would be something like Chaos or Disharmony. That may be the flame Daemon Spade has.

The Cervello women are behind everything.
Main Reason: They are too weird not to be.Firstly, they always appear as two identical pink-haired women with masks. Even when Xanxus cut the throat of one of them they always managed to find a replacement. Since even Reborn doesn't know who they are it means that they are super mysterious.Secondly, at the end of the Varia arc Xanxus says to them 'it is as you guys predicted' suggesting that they already know how the outcome of the battle is going to be. Since we still don't know who melted Xanxus I am going to say they also were behind this and everything is a massive plan to make sure Tsuna and his guardians inherit the Vongola rings.Thirdly, they always work for the side of the antagonists.
  • Jossed. Checker Face aka. Kawahira is behind everything.

The Cevello women are part of Byakuran's Gambit Roulette to takeover the world.
Alternatively, they've always worked for Byakuran. They were sent back using the 10-year-bazooka to the present to set up the coincidences that will ensure the boxes are created etc.

The Real Funeral Wreaths are opposite of the attribute they represent.
  • Daisy is the Sun Wreath which is usually associated with activation and growth. Yet he/she is a corpse that kills all living things.
  • Kikyou is the Cloud Wreath which are usually independent but Byakuran calls him the most reliable one of them all.
  • Torikabuto is the Mist Wreath who usually hide in lies and illusions, but he proclaims the truth.
Therefore prediction for the remaining wreaths are as follows:
  • Zakuro, since he lacks motivation and seems pretty laid back will in fact be the Storm wreath
  • The impulsive and nosensical Bluebell is the Rain wreath in contrast with the loyal and reliable Rain Guardians.
  • Which leaves the one in chains to be the Thunder wreath.
    • Ah-ha! Thunder Guardians are supposed to defend and protect, while Ghost ended up killing one of his fellow Funeral Wreaths! It makes perfect sense!
    • All completely confirmed'.
    • Byakuran makes sense for this, too, as the Sky Guardian is described as "The Sky the Colors and Engulfs Everything." Byakuran means White Orchid, he has obsession with the color white to begin, and even has (kinda) white hair, is instead Colored and Engulfed by Everything.
Mukuro is working for the Milliflore.
After his defeat by Byakuran Mukuro's presence has completely disappeared yet he's not on the dead list of Vendicare Prison. Which suggest He's Just Hiding and is being kept brainwashed and will be used during the Choice game.
  • Most likely he's the sixth Funeral Wreath. The one shot of the Sixth FW we get is more or less identical to the shot of Mukuro in the tank from the Mist Ring battle.
    • Debunked. Ghost is the Sixth Funeral Wreath.

The entire manga is Shonen Jump's ploy to attract the Shoujo demographic to their magazine.
Pretty obvious. The rampant amount of Ho Yay, the Art Evolution that turns up more and more Bishonen, the Messiah/Butt-Monkey protagonist who's a Launcher of a Thousand Ships, the Stalker with a Crush, an entire crime organisation called "Million Flowers" with everyone inside named after flowers as well, the cute babies and even cuter Ridiculously Cute Critter. Basically a shojo manga with Tournament Arc after Tournament Arc.
  • It's working. Aaahh~
  • Seconded. Well, I guess that and the merchandises. The new Vongola Gear is a blatant attempt to milk more money from fans, among other things.

Yamamoto's father is connected to the Vongola somehow or at the very least knows of it.
There are little unanswered questions about Yamamoto's family; the absense of his mother and the fact that such an incredibly skilled swordsman is working in a sushi bar of all places among them. Coupling this with Reborn's blatant favouritism of Yamamoto perhaps over all of Tsuna's guardians and the fact that Yamamoto's father's death was dealt with in such a significant fashion in the manga makes this troper think he's connected somehow. The eighth form - 'Pouring Rain', aka, the form Yamamoto's father added himself was also used to 'rescue a good friend of his' - this troper is thinking perhaps Reborn or maybe even Iemitsu.
  • The favoritism is likely due to the fact that Yamamoto is a Naturally Born Hitman, as stated many times. The rest of it does have a point...

Xanxus is NOT related to Vongola Secondo.
Because saying that they're related is too easy. Therefore, the Uncanny Family Resemblance and ability to use the flames of wrath is just mere coincidence. His rejection by the Vongola rings is really because he doesn't possess the blood of the Vongola and not because the rings were testing for some other qualities. In short, Xanxus really is just a random kid adopted by Vongola Nono who has absolutely no blood relationships to the Vongola.
  • Yep.

Counterpart to above, Xanxus is the REINCARNATION of Vongola Secondo.
In the same vein that Tsuna is more or less the reincarnation of Primo.

Byakuran is a time traveller.
Just sayin'. He cured Genkishi of his disease with (as stated in the manga) "a vaccine that should not yet exist". The Cevello women are now working for the Millefiore, when ten years previous they were loyal to Xanxus. Everything that's happening, and has happened, in the future. Such as the people who defected to Byakurans side, have been orchestrated by him in a time-travelling Gambit Roulette in order for him to get his hands on the Vongola rings.
  • He doesn't time travel, he can see all alternate timelines at once.

Tsuna is in fact, Vongola Primo.
If the Uncanny Family Resemblance isn't enough, just take the way Tsuna and Vongola Primo are supposedly exactly alike in personality, they use the SAME WEAPON. Say, if, Vongola Primo put into place a Gambit Roulette, much like the one Tsuna's older self used to get his past self into the future, (dying, then sending his past self into the future). He could've put a Memory Gambit in place before leaving, therefore effectively making him useless, (to the degree Tsuna was in the beginning of the manga). If you think about it, Tsuna picks up new techniques incredibly fast, has demonstrated a great deal of power, and is very proficient in battle (even at times where he was still effectively "useless"), these could just all be signs that his old memories are returning.

Tsuna and co. are reincarnation of the 1st Vongola Family
An expansion of the above point. Not only does Tsuna share an Uncanny Family Resemblance with Primo, but Yamamoto also appears to look exactly the same as the first Vongola rain guarding (their similarities is even lampshaded by Reborn). In addition, every single guardian is supposed to use weapons based on the ones used by their first generation counterparts. Finally this manga is called Reborn and features gun-toting infants and pacifiers that are Artifact of Doom so anything is possible...
  • I like that theory, taking into account that in their world reincarnation isn't just real, there's characters who actively use it as part of their techniques.
  • If that is a possible case, it could also explain Xanxus looking like Secondo and that all the crimes Secondo committed in his previous life passed onto Xanxus in terms of never being able to inherit the boss title, or a corrected Generation Xerox where the possible role of Ricardo being just a powerful subordinate to his relative Giotto.

Xanxus' name is Significant Anagram and Sdrawkcab Name to Tsuna

Not sure whether his mother named him Xanxus in the beginning or he had a different name before that, but Xanxus' name without the X's and spelled backwards is the phonic romanji to "Suna" meaning "sand or grit." This can signify being loose, ever-shifting, maybe even a sign that the past has withered away. In contrast, the kanji "Tsuna" means "rope" that could mean creating strong bonds and holding things together. Although the name can also be an Embarrassing First Name since Suna is a Turkish girl's name that means either "swan" or "drake".

Dying Will Bullets are full of Spiral Power
Spiral power has been known to be powered by Hot Bloodedness, while at the same time increasing power. The purpose of Dying Will bullets are to fill the target with Spiral Power, inducing Hot Bloodedness and the surge in strength.

The anime and the manga are set in parallel universes
Given that the anime has the acrobaleno trials while the manga doesn't, it can be safely assumed that some point in the story the original universe has branched. Actually given that Longchamp, Gokudera's cigarettes and Yamamoto's suicide never existed in the anime, the split may have occurred very early on.

The guardians are supposed to exemplify the element traits, the wreaths are supposed to be the opposite, and the Arcobaleno alternate.
It is well established that the guardians exemplify the traits of their elements, and as stated above, the Funeral Wreaths are the opposite. Now let's look at the Arcobaleno, the third piece of the Tre in Sette. The one we know the best is, of course, Reborn himself. His pacifier is yellow, which means he is the sun Arcobaleno. He brings death, which then turns to growth: both like and opposite of typical sun attributes. Alternatly, the Arcobaleno put a twist on things.
  • This also works for Skull. Cloud is supposed to be independent. But instead of being alone by choice (like Hibari) Skull is the outcast of the arcobaleno, excluded and picked on by the others. So he's independent, but not due to his own personality.

The non trinisette beams and GN particles are one and the same.
Just look at 5:27 of this video! Obviously Verde is a younger version of Aoelia and Colonello is a gundam while the Pacifiers run on some anti GN drive.

Twenty years in the future Lambo was not fighting at full power against Levi.
1. No box weapon, which he surely would have had.2. ALL of the other guardians probably would have been able to defeat Levi, and they're the same age as TEN years in the future Lambo, who also has a lot more training than Tsuna had the same age.So 20 years in the future Lambo was probably trying to prevent everyone from finding out about the box weapons, or he thought he didn't need to try very hard against Levi.
  • I thought that the 20TYL-Lambo was not from the same future as the one Tsuna and them were sent to. He was from another parallel world where box weapons haven't been invented, Byakuran took over the world and everyone else in the Vongola are dead. Explained by Tsuna here.

The Fran we see, the frog-hat wearing Gentleman Snarker, is an illusion projected by someone else. Possibly an actually alive Mammon.
1. He doesn't bleed when stabbed by Bel.2. He's very good at illusions.3. His running away and avoiding conflict (well...with everyone but his fellow Varia) may just be a way to avoid revealing himself as an illusion and revealing that Mammon is indeed still alive.
  • Interesting idea. If it is Mammon, then Mukuro must be aware of this, since in the anime he was able to tell when Mammon was disguising himself as Tsuna at one point. Heck, I'm gonna say it was Mukuro's idea. After Mammon faked his death, he went into hiding, and at some point Mukuro found him. He took pity on him and came up with an identity for him to masquerade as: Fran. Mukuro possibly based Fran on someone, probably an ally he had at Kokuyo, so the members of his gang would accept him.
    • In the manga( or was it in the anime...) Lal mentioned that the reason why she turned into an adult again was because the other Arcobalenos were gone. So no, Fran can't be Viper.
Mukuro was Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji in one of his past lives.
They're practically identical, not to mention the fact that they're both close to people with eyepatches.
  • Also, they will be sharing a voice actor once the dub of Reborn is released.

The Ninth and Shimon are actually in cahoots to get Tsuna to take over the Vongola.
Just a feeling, but this is a possibility until I stand corrected by whatever Amano writes. Unless she reads this page.
  • This Arc has concluded, so no, that wasn't the case. (But Tsuna is still insisting that he does not want to be the next Vongola Boss, despite having Taken A Level In Badass in the latest Arc.)
    • This Arc's Big Bad is Daemon Spade, the First Vongola Mist Guardian. In a nutshell, he manipulated the Shimon Famiglia into going against the tenth generation Vongola Famiglia (Tsuna & Co.) because he wanted Vongola to be the strongest. And because Tsuna is a Messiah like Giotto was, he decided to eliminate the Tenth Gen.

Earth Flame Possibilities?
The Flame of the Earth seems fairly obvious right now, so I'll ignore Enma. The Shimon name translations seem to hold some hints.
  • Suzuki= "Small bell" & "tree"
  • Mizuno= "Water" & "plain"
  • Ooyama= "Large" & "Mountain"
  • Katou= "To increase" & "rattan"
Rattan is a palm plant used to make canes for corporal punishment and staffs for Filipino martial arts. For "water plain" I was thinking "ocean" because if Yamamoto, as the Rain is the one that washes away the aftermath of battle, the Ocean should be the tide that washes away the aftermath of battle. Also the Mountain stands strong and could probably take damage for the family, just like Lightning. Shitt P.'s hobby is "hakko" which can translate to "fermentation" so I went with that. And the odd hint her name might have. So putting all the evidence together, with the characteristics of the Sky flames, this is what I came up with:
  • Sky-Harmony-Earth
  • Storm-Degeneration-Compost
  • Rain-Tranquility-Ocean
  • Lightning-Solidification-Mountain
  • Sun-Activation-Leaves (Chlorophyll.)
  • Cloud-Propagation-Forest (Because trees apparently propagate.)
  • Mist-Construction-Rattan (This probably means Katou can magically make a rattan martial arts stick.)
It seems strange to me to have some of these as Earth Flames, but hey, I might be wrong.

  • Well, I'll be damned, I'm not the only once that noticed these!! But on a side note: Whatever Adelheid has, its clear. I was thinking Adelheid, whose first name means Nobility, has some form of crystal or mineral, since whatever is is is transparent (you can see that when she nearly stabs the Varia and Dino). My first thought was ice, but that wouldn't work with Mizuno, would it? I was also thinking that they don't correspond per se, but are the opposites (Disharmony, Regeneration, Chaos, De-Solidification, De-activation, Decrease/de-propagation, de-construction), like Sky and Earth.
  • I see the point of some of these but i think instead of compost volcano,and instead of rattan sand.
    • As I was first making this theory, I had this huge nagging feeling of "storm=volcano" but I said it was because of that chapter with Zakuro in the lava that was making me think that. Then I started looking at my theory again and starting to re-work it. So far the re-worked theory has Adelheid=crystallization, Shitt P.=Volcano/magma, and of course, Enma=Earth. Chapter 303 seems to be leaning towards the current Koyo guess as being correct.
    • Well, it was forest, but still.... Uh, score one for us?
  • Well so far Enma and Koyo have their flames guessed here but it seems like the flames are based on land forms so far we have: Enma: Earth, Shitt P.: Swamp, Koyo: Forest, Suzuki: Glacier, and Ooyama: Mountain. My guess is Mizuno will have waterfall or something similar and Julie will have Desert.
    • Except for the fact that Julie is Daemon Spade... I'm inclined to Mizuno having river or ocean, personally. It's less specific (is that the right word?) than "waterfall" and sounds like it fits more with the others.
Well it looks like i'm right about Julie/Daemon's flames of the dessert so :P
The Vongola Family betraying the Shimon Family is a lie made by somebody outside of either families.
This basically means that the Shimon Family had been lied to and they are in fact hurting innocent people.
  • Confirmed

The Vongola Primo's "betrayal" was a result of the same circumstances surrounding Tsuna's "betrayal" of Enma.
The message of the attack never reached him.
  • Jossed because the message actually reached Primo.

The Vongola Betrayal was a result of Poor Communication Kills and the enemy using their strategy against them.
The idea was to use Shimon as bait, then have The Vongola hang back as The Cavalry to back them up. But what if the enemy, in addition to sending forces to battle Shimon, also has some o intercept Voingola? They wouldn't arrive in time to help Shimon, and they may feel like they were betrayed. If they refuse to talk to Vongola after that, then it couldn't be cleared up, and we have the situation they have today.
  • Jossed?

Hibari is a Demi-God from the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" Series.
And his half-siblings would be Alaude and Fong.Most likely their collective parent would be Hades or Ares (due to being really good in battle, though the later seems unlikely since the Ares children are generally described as being an unattractive lot). Just look at the facts: They all look alike, something all demi-gods do, and we know that Hibari at least tends to attract the more powerful opponents, like the Moska. Maybe the only reason they don't attract the monsters is because they live far enough away from the heart of the Western World.

Demon Spade is the reason it looks like the Vongola betrayed the Shimon Family.

Think about it- Demon Spade was said to be a backstabbing jerkass. I bet that he found the Shimon family being attacked (or else, HE did the attacking). If he witnessed the attacks, he's the kind of guy who would promise to relay the message to Primo and go get him, but wouldn't, making Shimon think that the Vongola betrayed them. If Demon Spade was the attacker, and he was strong enough, it would still look like the Vongola betrayed the Shimon Family, and both could also count for how Demon Spade betrayed the Vongola- if Giotto found out what Demon Spade did, either way, he would be betraying Giotto. In both cases, it would be because Demon Spade turned the Shimon family descendants against the Vongola, thus causing them to lose their strongest ally, either because he made it look like Primo ignored a plea for backup, or making it look like Primo had sent Demon Spade to assassinate the Shimon Family, possibly Demon Spade said it was out of fear that the Shimon family was growing/is stronger than the Vongola, and Giotto wouldn't want that. -Symphony of Rain

  • Somewhat confirmed recently. He is at the very least screwing with the tenth Generation, by Adelheid pointing out in chapter 319 that Julie/Daemon Spade must have been the one that told Enma who killed his family, which is part of what is making the rift.
  • Completely confirmed in 324, Daemon admits that he pretty much let Cozart die in the war so Primo would become the sort of Mafia Don that he wanted.

Kikyo has become Varia's new cloud guardian.

Well, after Kikyo got shot by Xanxus, Lussuria did say that he would heal him, and the Varia just happens to be missing a spot for the cloud guardian. Who better to fill it than the lead Funeral Wreath?

  • Somehow jossed in the manga as Kikyo is the present day's cloud funeral wreath.

Vongola Gear.

Chrome's new weapon will be something on the head. Maybe a new eyepatch? I was thinking a staff, but everyone so far has a piece of jewelry or something that can be worn. Lambo's is a crown or something and Yamamoto's is a necklace (was thinking about gloves, but Tsuna has that covered).

  • Lambo's gear is like a motercycle helmet.
  • Confirmed on Yamamoto's necklace.
  • Chrome/Mukuro has an earring.

Spanner is from America. Or Europe.

Well, from his picture that was shown in chapter 301, it looks like he lives in a pretty rough neighborhood. It made me think of New York.

  • Actually the background in the photo looks more like a workshop to me. A workshop for building his mosca prototypes, perhaps? Also, I think it's confirmed that Spanner is British but raised in Italy.
    • Yep.

Verde gave Shimon their information.

It all fits. Not only was he present in the future (though not until the end, he was probably still able to obtain information from other allies), but he's also already been shown to have it out for Tsuna. Not just in the anime-only arc involving him, but in the manga. During the Daily Life Arc, he sent those invisible assassins after Tsuna.

  • Actually, I think that the Cervello are Verde's creation. They were at the Ring Scramble and told Xanxus that he had fulfilled his role, and then they were there in the future for Choice and everything. Verde was in the process of being revived. I'm not sure if he could have gathered info while that was going on, but if he couldn't, who's to say there weren't Cervello lurking in the shadows of the field? I think overall, Verde is behind EVERYTHING and with that, there is a possibility that he may end up being the one major villain at the end.

  • Verde does everything he does in the name of science. Though, I myself considered him, certainly, since Verde's just that much of a jerkass, and siding with Shimon has its scientific bonuses (he can learn more about the Flames of the Earth). Verde has no reason to be disappointed in the Vongola, though, like Koyo said.
  • Jossed. It's Daemon Spade.

Daemon Spade is the one giving information to Shimon

I ran through several theories about this, including with Verde, Xanxus, and Levi. However, this seems the most likely.

First off, I still stand by my above theory that he's the one who backstabbed Shimon in the first place. We've been told that Daemon Spade is essentially even more of a jerkass that Mukuro, and actually descends past Byakuran-esque levels. We know he's a master illusionist, we know he was disappointed with Primo's generation, and we know he wanted to twist the doo-gooder family to one like how Shimon is acting now.

What was it that Koyo said? Their informant was disappointed in the current Vongola. Even ignoring the Anime, Nono says that Tsuna is acting like how Primo intended the Vongola to be. The kind of mafia family that Daemon Spade was disappointed in. The only flaw? He's (supposedly) dead. This I don't believe. I think that he had a plan all along to ensure that, after the Secondo came along, that he would make sure that the Family stayed the way he originally wanted it. For years, he's been manipulating the family to be what he wants it. How? Possession. I wouldn't put it past him to do exactly what Mukuro did in Tsuna's first fight against him. When the Third Generation took over, he used something similar to a possession bullet to detach himself from his body and possess someone (or even, someTHING) else, in order to remain able to control the Vongola. I think he's been living in the Vongola Mist ring, making its powers extremely strong, and once it was destroyed, went to live in Chrome's trident, explaining how her organs stay in tact even without her being conscious. Katou has been spying on Chrome for a while, and its likely that Daemon Spade recognized his Flames as Shimon Earth flames, and made himself appear to Katou (like how Primo did). Disappointed in the Vongola as he most likely is, he gave insider details to Shimon. After they took Chrome, he's been able to tell them everything he knows. He would have been present during the entire future arc, since he lived in Chrome's ring, and have seen everyone's capabilities, and been able to share fun facts with the Shimon.

No matter what, I think there's more to Daemon Spade than is let on. This part appears confirmed with Chapter 308

  • It is possible it's true. This troper's reasoning for that is because Daemon Spade must have learned how to possess others, gaining some an "immortality" or sorts.

    • Precisely what I was thinking, actually.

  • Confirmed that he is Spade

  • To truly explain how Daemon Spades still exists in any sort, you will have to go back to Uni's explanation of the Rings. The Mare ring can go across parallel dimensions, The Arcobaleno can be in switch between two dimensions, and the Vongola could reach across time. The extent of this ability is up to the imagination of the fans, till it's revealed how much it actually is. But since Byakuran could influence other dimensions, that's not to say Daemon Spades can't either.
    • Well, all he did was possess other people. I don't think he influenced dimensions or anything. Sorta like Orochimaru from Naruto...possessing people with younger bodies to live for a really long time.

Mukuro is the one giving information to Shimon
While far-fetched Mukuro actually fits several neccessary conditions -1.He's half a Vongola guardian and have tried to usurp Tsuna so he definitely knows more about the Vongola than most people2.He was directly involved in the future battles so would have full knowledge of the Box Weapons3.He (probably) hates the Mafia so will have motive to do so, alternatively he's now after Enma's body or he's a double agent4.He's the only one who'd have a chance to meet with the Shimon family on the secret sacred island because of Chrome. It'd also explain why Julie is still alive despite all the fans screaming for his blood.

  • Problem: they hurt Chrome. Mukuro does NOT like it when she gets hurt, and when she wakes up, she's likely to be scared. Another no-no if you don't want to invoke Mukuro's wrath. If it wasn't for this being the closest thing Mukuro has to a Berserk Button, I'd say this theory was spot-on.

  • Jossed. Daemon Spades, as Julie is revealed to have been pulling the strings.

Vongola Primo is the one giving information to Shimon
Who else would know more about the Vongola than it's founder? though its probably just Deamon Spade in disguise.
  • The only problem with this theory is that Shimon wouldn't listen to the Vongola Primo. Theirs, maybe. Surely, even. But not Giotto, whom they make clear they detest.
  • Jossed. Daemon Spades, as Julie is revealed to have been pulling the strings.

The battle with the Shimon family will result in the two families becoming allies.
Firstly, that looks like what is being foreshadowed by the whole 'Shimon vs Vongola' backstory. My guess is that the first Shimon and/or Vongola boss will have some explaining to do in the final battle of the arc.

Secondly, Enma and Tsuna seem to have very similar personalities- for instance, they both appear to be pretty loser-ish when they first appear, but then take multiple levels in badass shortly after. They were also shown to be (sort of) friends at one point, and Tsuna seems to think they could have been really good friends- if it weren't for the whole 'revenge for the first Boss' thing and the attack on Yamamoto, of course.

Thirdly, how many Shonen manga have these kinds of 'spare the enemy' and 'take a third option' endings to battles? It's high time for KHR to do something similar. Plus, they already did it for Mukuro. Sort of.

  • I quite agree with the above, but I don't know if even Tsuna's forgiving nature can forgive them for attacking and almost killing Yamamoto and then kidnapping Chrome. That's not even mentioning what the Vendicare Guards said: The losing side dies. Though in part to my first statement, the Kokuyo Gang DID almost kill the vast majority of Tsuna's family and then some (best examples being Hibari and Gokudera).
    • Pretty much confirmed in chapter 346. Everybody is living happily together, and they're friends/getting along.

Mukuro will break out of Vendicare to save Chrome/"inadvertently" help the Vongola

Put it this way: you do not, under any circumstances hurt, scare, or in any other way make Chrome cry if you want to live. If eerily calm Mukuro had a berserk button, it'd be this. Aside from that, he wants to possess Tsuna and destroy the mafia. Can't do that if the Vongola Family is dead (as the rules were stated: the losing family will die). Besides, it's about time Mukuro was brought back, since he's been in Vendicare for.... how long?

  • He didn't break out of Vendicare, but took over Chrome's body. And then Daemon Spade took his body in Vendicare and used some magic portal to go to the Shimon island, and after he was defeated, Mukuro took his body back. Vendicare released Mukuro afterwards because of his help during the battle.

In Vongola vs Shimon, Tsuna's Guardians will all win but he will lose

Basically it goes down like this: Ryohei, Gokudera, Chrome, and Hibari will defeat their opponents, leaving Yamamoto and Tsuna. Yamamoto will face Kaoru, and once he learns about what happened to Cozart Shimon, he'll forgive Kaoru for attacking him before beating him. With all of the other Shimon Guardians having been taken by the Vendicare (which was the cost for losing; being imprisoned in Vendicare for forever), Tsuna will face Enma, and win the fight. However, to save Enma from being imprisoned, he'll claim that he lost his own honor by fighting somebody he considered a friend. As the Vindice take Tsuna away, they'll reveal what really happened to Shimon Primo (what that might be, I don't know, just that Giotto didn't actually betray Cozart) and out of guilt, Enma will lead Tsuna's Guardians to free Tsuna and the Shimon Famiglia from Vendicare.

  • Both Ryohei and Koyo lost, so... yeah.
  • Every Vongola won except Ryohei

In Vongola vs Shimon, Tsuna's Guardians will all lose but he will win.
C'mon, it's a shonen. Besides, what better way to show the Darker and Edgier than to have every single person lose?
  • All Vongola guardians won except Ryohei (tie)

The Vendicare are the real villains of this arc

This series has a running track record of 300+ chapters of everything working out for the protagonists in the end. Going with the above WMG that everything between Vongola and Shimon was the result of a misunderstanding, either the Vendicare are trying to teach this tenth generation of each family a lesson in not making enemies, or they've got a much more sinister motive. Either way, I bet you dollars to donuts we haven't seen the last of them or Ryohei and Koyo, and that the newly-rejoined Shimon and Vongola alliance are going to be storming the gates for the big showdown. All with newly granted power-ups, naturally.

  • Nope. Daemon Spade is defeated and the arc is over. No evil Vendicare in this arc.

Tsuna's pride is his family.
Well, Ryohei has seen it. And what else does the "No Good" kid have to be proud of, at least in his mind? And if all of his Guardians' lose, he'll be fighting for them, making it this...Might also have a weird side effect of actually getting them released, if there's some sort of loophole regarding this, or some random addition to the Boss fight being that whoever wins gets their entire family back.
  • Totally confirmed.

Yamamoto will not be able to walk again.
At least in this arc. He'll still show up for his fight, though, and do it FOR THE FAMILY, showing some really depressing character development since he has more in his life to fight for than baseball. Also, on page 15 of chapter 299, Talbot has "The Laevateinn's hilt" and there's a side note explaining that it is a "flaming sword known as the 'wounding wand' or the staff of destruction.'" and that it makes the wielder invincible (jeez, sounds like the Elder Wand from Harry Potter) and able to fight without holding it, which would be ideal for someone paralyzed from the waist down...I guess.
  • Jossed Yammamoto's walking
Talbot is Shimon Primo.
Admittedly unlikely, but it would explain why he's been around for as long as anyone can remember, why he's so old, and why he just so happens to have a vial of Vongola Primo's blood in his jacket.
  • Must...remove...image from...mind...
  • It would beg the question of why he would keep a vial of his own blood around.
  • Though I'm unsure why Brain Bleach is needed for this theory, its not too likely. Cozart's dead, unless he was able to survive the assalt on his famiglia.
    • Well... he totally did because his death was faked by Primo and himself, since Primo saw through Spade. Sooo....

Angel Disease gives the victim the sensation of an orgasm.
It's the opposite of "Skullitis", which shames a person to death, and so the opposite of shamed to death would be being happy to death; a heart attack caused by extreme pleasure.

The Order of Battle and outcomes of Vongola fighting Shimon.
It will follow the order shown in the Varia Arc, so Sun->Lightning->Storm->Rain->Mist->Cloud->Sky is the order Vongola will fight. Ryohei tied, Lambo will win, Gokudera will win, Yamamoto will tie, Chrome/Mokuro will tie/lose, Hibari will tie and Tsuna will win.
  • My theory is correct so far, lets see if it will continue...
    • Ooh, you had a good run there, but your theory has been Jossed as of the new chapter. Hibari vs. Adelheid is next.
    • Three out of seven in the order of fights isnt bad, and I expect that the results of the battle will remain the same.
    • Well, your theory is only wrong because the Rain guardian is still unconscious in the hospital and the Mist is under mind control/in Vendicare
    • Actually he's walking now and if think about who he's currently fighting he takes the place of the mist battle since he's fighting Daemon/Jullie rather than Mizuno

The whole battle plot of the Inheritance arc is a plan by Julie.
  • Look at the the latest chapter. He's gotta be up to something.
    • Supported by Reborn. He notes that someone is obviously pulling some strings.
    • Strongly implied that this is true when he's talking to Chrome
    • Confirmed (sort of) in that Daemon Spade, as Julie, is the one who told Enma that Iemitsu (supposedly) killed his family, which is why Enma wants to off Tsuna/Tsuna's Family in the first place.

Shitt P. will switch sides.
Because she's just crazy enough to do it.
  • Maybe...
  • If she could break out of the prison...
  • As of chapter 346, everyone's living happily, so no side-switching

Gokudera will "Lose" the battle against Shitt P. but defeat her in the battle of pride
  • To win, they have to destroy the last balloon. Shitt P. will make it and win. But, symbolically, these will be Gokudera pride's victory. Vindice will take Gokudera, against Shitt P protests about he win. After the next falshback, Shitt P'll decide to unite to tsuna's team.
    • Jossed. Gokudera won hands down.

will heal Yamamoto's injury.
  • I mean come on, there HAS to be a reason why freaking Byakuran appears out of nowhere near him in the end of chapter 314!
    • Possibly to show us that he isn't dead yet, either. He doesn't have much of a reason to help Yamamoto, since he's one of the bigger threats in the family.
    • Confirmed (sort of) since Yamamoto just showed up
    • he just clarified that someone who "should have died long ago" saved him.
    • Chapter 328, page 8 has Yamamoto outright say that Byakuran healed him.

Shitt P. lies. She loves Gokudera more than herself
  • That, or she will discover that after the battle. And, before the loser goes, Shitt P. will declare to Gokudera.
    • She didn't declare...but she say that she was curious about Gokudera being an UMA...if you ask me, that her way to say she likes him...

Julie isn't an illusion, but Daemon Spade is possessing his body.

  • Some people seem to think that Julie never existed in the first place, but perhaps Spade is just borrowing his body. He even specifically said that he wants to take Mukuro's body, so it makes sense that he'd be able to possess other people's bodies too.
    • Supported to a degree by dialogue in Chapter 319: Adelheid makes note when she realizes that Julie must have told Enma Tsuna's dad killed his family that "In the past he wasn't the kind of person who would so such a thing..." So the idea that its simply Daemon parading around as Julie makes a bit more sense. Besides, I personally doubt his powers are that much of a Game-Breaker level that he can successfully pretend to have a different Flame.
    • Confirmed in chapter 321 by Daemon himself

Simply because this is crazy enough, Basil is actually Enma's sister.
  • Let's face it, we don't know anything about him, other than the fact that he was trained by Iemitsu, uses Rain flames, is part of CEDEF... During the -currently- mysterious incident involving the CEDEF, Iemitsu actually let off Enma's sister and rescued her... And renamed and changed her name to protect her. The only way this wouldn't work is because Basil's a boy.. Unless it turns out he's actually a girl. (Which might actually explain why he has such a girly voice.)
    • This troper immediately supports this notion.
    • Given that my theory about Daemon Spade was actually right, this isn't too implausible.
    • Except that TYL! Basil, which we saw on cover pages for chapters every now and then during the Future Arc, is clearly male, unless s/he is very flat-chested.
    • Someone suggested that M.M. might be Enma's sister. They justified it with M.M.'s reddish hair color, the fact that she hates the mafia (if this is right, it's cus they killed her parents), and that Enma's sister's name is Mami, which could be shortened to M.M.
      • It would be possible, except Enma's sister is younger than him and M.M. is older than Enma, according to Word of God.

The next arc will somehow be related to Yamamoto's father.
  • Just look at the facts. He's a small town sushi shop owner that just happened to know a sword style that is known for murdering many people. Not only that, but when his son randomly (to him) asks to learn swordsmanship, he doesn't just teach him some self defense. No, Yamamoto's father decided to teach his son how to kill. Odd much? Yamamoto's father probably was in some kind of gang and feared the same for his son, hence the sword style of murder. The next arc will probably involve something about his past (or someone in the Yamamoto family's).
    • Maybe, he was a Yakuza...until he fell in love and retired to begin with a sushi shop.
      • Good point. And we'll find out about his missing mother too!

Kufufu no Fu is Rokudo Mukuro's Villain Song.
  • Go listen to that song without knowing the translation of the english lyrics. It sounds very out of character and quite silly. Now go look at one subbed with english lyrics. Add on the fact that the character song was released after Chrome had already been introduced in the anime, and it follows the basic criteria of a villain song. A pretty good song, really, quite psychotic (that sinister of lyrics with that bouncy, upbeat rhythm? Oh yes.), filled with evil laughter, and it declares his goals and ideas.

Iemitsu did not kill Enma's family, but took them into hiding
Iemitsu would not kill them, let's face it. He's not that kind of person. He would, however, take them into hiding, and make it look like they had died, possibly make it look as if he had killed them, all to protect them. Possibly he saw his son in Enma, or saw his own family in Enma's. At the moment, he has taken them away from any danger. They will be revealed to be alive and well in the end, such as when Enma is about to kill Tsuna (if the battle goes that far). Who are they hiding from? Daemon Spade. Its more than possible either Iemitsu suspected or someone (likely Lal) noticed his presence and warned Iemitsu that they needed to get Enma's family out of danger. However, since Reborn hasn't noticed he isn't dead, and he's by far the most observant, its not too likely, unless he revealed himself at some point, possibly to possess Julie. OR...
  • Iemitsu killed Enma's family. Just like the Vongola let the Shimon die and Gokudera's father had his mistress whacked.
    • Daemon Spade made an illusion to make him look like Iemitsu.

His family was killed by Daemon Spade

Daemon Spade killed Enma's family and blamed it on Iemitsu (perhaps by taking his form through illusions) to cause the rift between the Shimon and the Vongola. OR Iemitsu had the former in mind but was too late to save them, and because he arrived on the scene and was spotted by other members of the Shimon, was blamed.

  • confirmed
Even if/when Yamamoto gets out of the hospital, Squalo will beat the crap out of him for letting his guard down and getting attacked
If he hasn't already gone and attacked/shouted at him, anyway. Well, it IS Squalo and he is well aware Yamamoto is in the hospital.

The Varia will show up for revenge when Enma is about to kill off Tsuna OR they will rescue Mukuro to do it, since Venicare won't let anyone but the Vongola fight the Shimon.
Since Enma's family did manage to make their lives difficult, and the Varia doesn't take loss very well, its not impossible. Since when have they been one to follow the rules?Alternately, interfering would mean Xanxus doesn't get to beat the crap out of Tsuna himself, so what better way than to release Mukuro onto them? They probably have the clearance to retrieve him from Vendicare, and certainly enough skill if they have to be violent about it. Mukuro wouldn't mind assaulting them all, either, since they A) Kidnapped his cute little Chrome, B) Aren't allowed to kill Tsuna before he can possess him and destroy the mafia, and C) They're also Mafia.
  • Jossed. Varia never showed up and as of chapter 346, the Inheritance Ceremony Arc is over.

Ugetsu is a Time Lord and his hat is his TARDIS.
It's how the the first generation was able to infuse their souls into the rings - by Ugetsu growing them out of TARDIS coral he had brought with him and setting the Chameleon Arch to stay as the rings. Talbot, who is also a Time Lord, reset the Chameleon Arch, which allowed them to transform into the Vongola Gear.

Daemon Spade
will attempt a Grand Theft Me on Tsuna. His current plan being to possess Mukuro (which is a direct parallel to Mukuro's own plans to take over Tsuna), he will at some point be forced to admit that it probably wasn't the best Evil Plan he could have come up with and switch his targets, either because Mukuro will show up - and you know he will - and defeat him, or alternately doesn't fight him but corners him to the point that he's forced to change his plans half-way. This could either result in:
  • The guardians getting pretty damn ticked off and give them the extra boost they'll need to beat him (a matter of 'pride' to save their boss, if you will), or
  • Give us a Tsuna vs. Vongola Guardians battle. Which would be awesome.
  • Never happened.

The rest of the arc will take place in Vendicare prison.
As Adelheid is being taken to Vendicare prison, Daemon will follow them and so will the rest of the Vongola and Shimon. Once in Vendicare prison, they'll release the captured members and fight off the Vendice, not necessarily in that order. Meanwhile, Daemon will look for Mukuro. They may also fight other Vendicare prisoners that we have not seen yet. Uncle Kawahira may make an appearance. Along the way, we'll get to see more of everyone's Vongola Gear and the Shimon Ring Weapons and learn about the Vendice.
  • Jossed. As of Chapter 346, the Inheritance Ceremony Arc is officially over.

The "Vongola Sin" has only been used to empower Enma's Ring of the Earth

This is based upon the statement as to how easily Adelheid was beaten by Hibari, when the "Vongola Sin" should have been boosting her power even further. As "Earth" is the centerpiece of the Dying Will Flames of the Earth, it makes sense that it would possess the most power out of all the ring, and thus, would be the one sealed when the rings were all buried.

Captain Jack Harkness is an Arcobaleno

He doesn't visibly age, and is described by the Doctor as being a 'fixed point in time', while the Arcobaleno are described as 'specific points in space and time'. Now the question becomes where his pacifier is...

Demon Spade (or Julie Katou) was Mister Kawahiri from the future

This is just something I noticed but the fully evolved Shimon ring looks a lot like a larger version of the hell ring that Kawahiri used in the future to trick Zakuro (I think. I know it was one of the Real Funeral Wreaths.

  • In support of this, this troper notes that Daemon spade is the only unaccounted for (as of the reveletion he still lives) in the ten years later arc, and Mr. Kawahiri and Fran are the only Mist Illusionists unaccounted for in the current timeline.
  • To justify why Daemon Spade would help the Vongola X generation in the future, it is simple. Byakuran was trying to destroy ALL of the vongola. How can Daemon create his ideal Vongola if there are no vongola? answer: he can't. So he secretly aided Tsuna and the others to facilitate Byakuran's defeat, to get him out of the way of his plans for the vongola.
  • Jossed?

The inheritance arc is a massive gambit from to imprison Daemon Spade for good.

As confident as he is, Daemon did not see that Primo Vologna foresaw his future betrayal. The presence of the Vindince's indicates that there is a consequence to end Daemon's influence on the Vologna family once and for all.

Talbot and Bermuda Von Vichtenstein are one and the same

Talbot is simply the new name that Bermuda goes under to protect his identity. Talbot knew a lot about the Shimon Family, and also bore the blood of the Primo. Right now, the only other person who seemed to know of the truth about the Vongola and Shimon was Bermuda himself.

  • Jossed. They're different people.

The Primos saved the world before they were mafia.

Giotto, G and Cozart seemed to be completely normal italian peasants in their first flashback together. How is it that they ended up in possession of world-creating/destroying rings, magical weapons and control over a power such as the Dying Will Flames? Well, maybe they were Called to save the world from superhuman threats. Maybe they were chosen by a cosmic being, accidentally unleashed phlebotinium or maybe just came in contact with the cosmic keystones. The fact is, in the course of their completely non-mafia-related first adventure, they gathered their eventual True Companions, gained, developed and honed powers, and saved the world, unknown to the major population - but then what?

Among their their fellow saviors of the world were people from extremely diverse backgrounds: from as far away as Japan and as socially removed as the bratty heir of a wealthy landowner and a boxing priest, and even a guy employed at some country's secret service, they were all united for a common cause, which had to be greater than a neighborhood watch group. This was how they eventually became the first guardians of the Vongola Boss - and clearly Giotto's phlebotinium was the most important of the group, if it warranted him possessing six freaking bodyguards. Cozart must have been similarly in possession of a cosmic keystone requiring bodyguards of its own. Maybe the same goes for the Giglio Nero and their Mare rings. Thus three groups are created, the precursors to the current known families.

In the course of their adventures they amassed a great deal of support, contacts, weapons and resources. But after the major fight was over and the greater good was no more in danger, what should they do with all those resources? Giotto may have intended to use them for the betterment of, if not mankind, at least his own community. Daemon Spade, however, had greater ambitions, and apparently a nearly religious fervor towards the Vongola family as an entity. Maybe he actually envisioned world conquest. Soon he was able to rationalize deposing Giotto for "the greater good"... and Giotto must have stepped down voluntarily to prevent an internal war among people with supernatural powers. And thus began the decay of the Vongola, the apparent massacre of the Simon, and who knows what happened to the Giglio Nero...

And the original Arcobalenos? Why, they were their Team Pets, originally guiding them through their adventures and teaching them how to use their newly gained powers!

In short, the Primos were Heroes of Another Story, maybe the greatest never told.

Tsuna Will allow Mukuro To Posess Him.

As we all know, Daemon Spade can posess bodies, and is currently inhabiting Mukuro's. However, Mukuro still maintains that he intends to posess Tsuna, re-iterating this right before he discovers that his body is in use. Thus In order to defeat Spade, Tsuna will allow Mukuro to posess him in order to give Mukuro the power boost he'll need to match Spade. To make this even better, this still won't work, but in a moment of desperation and luck, Mukuro/Tsuna will stab Spade, allowing Mukuro To re-posess his own body. With Spade still stuck inside to boot.

Tsuna has the power to warp reality, which he uses to whitewash the mafia.
Three times now, thing that have previously been things that you would not put past mobsters to do have been revealed to actually be something different. There has to be a reason for this.We know that the Vongola have powers across time, and that Ninth has said that Tsuna will purify the vongola. what if he has the power of Ret Conjuration?

Hibari was a "small animal".
So with Hibari having a whole chapter dedicated to talking about how small animals learn to survive, as well as the fact that all his weapons are adorable, this troper started thinking that maybe Hibari doesn't have the best past. Maybe he used to be a small animal, who worked his way up. He is a bit effeminate, especially for how strong he is, and relatively short in comparison to some characters. I'm thinking he is either a Yakuza brat with a non-approving father of his apparently pretty boy son (Daddy eventually disappears...) or a street rat, who beat his way into awesomeness. Cause why not.

The new arc will involve Byakuran
Well, now that the Inheritance Ceremony Arc is over, there's got to be a new arc! Although the end of chapter 346 says that chapter 347 will be about the daily life of the Varia, there'll have to be a new arc somewhere. I think it'll involve why Byakuran showed up to heal Yamamoto and why he isn't in captivity (as shown at the end of a volume) because his appearence was never explained during the Inheritance Cermony Arc.

  • Jossed: It's about the Arcobaleno.

  • Not Jossed: It may still include Byakuran
    • And officially Confirmed, as of Ch. 354

Chrome will become Tsuna's true Mist Guardian
Later on in the Curse of the Arcobaleno Arc, the Kokuyo Gang will pull a Big Damn Heroes moment, since Mukuro is essentially a pro at it by now. Once everyone is in a relatively safe position, Tsuna (and perhaps some of the others, Gokudera seemed pretty mad at Mukuro about it and has never trusted him) will question Mukuro about why he kicked Chrome out. Mukuro will treat it as trivial; as Gokudera put it, Mukuro believed that there was no more use for Chrome. As a result, Tsuna will decide to take the Mist Earring from Mukuro and entrust it to Chrome instead.
  • Or...

Mukuro will die at some point during this arc
He'll get into a battle and lose simple as that.
  • Jossed. Official works shows both of them as the mist.

Fran went with Hibari
So it was stated that Hibari left Namimori in Adelheid's care to go pick a fight with Mukuro. It was also never shown who exactly Fran was pointing at when he said, "I'll go with that guy!" It's not a stretch that Hibari followed Mukuro all the way to France. He might've gotten there in the middle of the non-custody battle for Fran and waited for an opportunity to kick Mukuro's ass. Fran then happened to see him and decided he'll go with Hibari.

Besides, we still don't know where they are. Fran wasn't with either the Varia or the Kokuyo when they showed up, and Hibari still hasn't been seen since he left Namimori to Adelheid.

  • Fran said he'd go with a 'group'. However, Hibari is one person
    • Hibari has the strength and badass-ness of a thousand people, though.
      • Jossed, Fran picked the Kokuyo gang

Uni will win.
Because it would be weird for Reborn to not be a baby at this late point in the game. And If she wins, she will get a full life instead of the short one she has now. It's probably the happiest ending we could hope for, other than Steel Hat curing all of the Arcobaleno.
  • Jossed as of chapter 369.

Colonello will win
That explain Lal Mirch being an adult in the future
  • Jossed as of chapter 378.
  • Lal is an adult in the future because she isn't a full Arcobaleno, meaning she can age.

Either all of the Arcobaleno will change back to their adult forms or none will
It seems fair this way. Also, the Man in the Iron-mask may just want to cause some trouble for the Arcobaleno and their representatives
  • Jossed. In chapter 386, Bermuda revealed the horrifying truth about the Arcobaleno -which the Man in the Iron-mask/Checker Face is responsible for.
Fon will chose Hibari to be his representative
I mean, why not? All the other Arcobaleno have chosen the leaders of various groups in the Reborn! universe, so Fon may chose Hibari, who is the head of the disciplinary committee (?) and future founder and leader of the 'Foundation'.
  • Confirmed as of the latest chapter.

The Man with the Iron Hat is Tsuna from the Future.
Or rather, Tsuna from the future of an alternate universe. In his universe, Reborn was killed by an assassin hiding in his home before ever becoming an Arcobaleno. As a result, in the present day, Iemitsu became Tsuna's tutor, and did a really bad job of it: when the Ring Battles come around, while Tsuna still wins, it's not before he gets a faceful of Xanxus's flames that scar him for life. As the years pass, Tsuna's Guardians die, are incapacitated, or betray him, leading Tsuna into a period of madness as he searches for a way to fix his past. From the stress he is under, his hair turns white. Tsuna obtains the Clear Arcobaleno Pacifier from the Vendice, transforming himself into an Incomplete Arcobaleno: while he retains his adult body, he is severely weakened, and the act of accepting the pacifier causes the Vongola rings to crumble. On the upside, he becomes a 'point' in time like the true Arcobaleno: he no longer ages, essentially. He uses a faulty 10 Year Bazooka to permanently blast himself a long ways into the past where he can set up events to ensure that Reborn, the 9th's most trusted man and a respected hitman and tutor even in his home universe, survives and eventually becomes the Tsuna of this universe's tutor. In the present day, Tsuna-Prime (having restyled himself as The Man with the Iron Mask to hide his identity) enacts the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, well, because he's insane.
  • Jossed. It is Uncle Kawahira.

Daemon Spade will become a member of the Vongola.
Name one old antagonist that isn't at least ostensibly a good guy now. Hibari? Vongloa guardian. Mukuro? Same. Xanxus? Still leads the second most effective squad in the Vongola. Byakuran? His good counterpart and team are helping Uni. Emma? Tsuna's BFF. All the bad guys are good guys now.
  • This might happen, but perhaps in another Time-Travel Arc (God knows there are already a dozen fanfictions on 'that'), where the tenth gen meet the first. The Daemon Spade could be 'forewarned' and decide to join the Vongola Family and not betray them. This will create another parallel universe though, in which Primo never went to Japan but thats okay. Because Daemon will have joined the Vongola 'somewhere' in the universe. XD

Yamamoto and Reborn are related to each other
It is just something that I cannot get out of my head. The first time I saw Reborn's face in-manga, I could have sworn that there was an uncanny resemblance to Yamamoto. Reborn has gone on about Yamamoto being a "natural born hitman", and maybe that is because Reborn knows that Yamamoto because the two of them are actually family by blood.

Hibari will join Tsuna's team
So Uni said 2 teams will be defeated. I say Hibari will be out of the running, if not this day then the next, and will then join with Tsuna. There is no rule about getting a new watch with a different team. Why not? Same with Mukuro. Either that or Chrome is joining. We need the fantastic, uh, 7.

Kawahira Oji-san will make an appearance in the Rainbow Arc
The old man just happened to help them in the future when they were about to be 'fried' (quite literally by Zakuro). I am sure Tsuna and the group will be in a pretty sticky situation soon, and make him appear again. (They aren't strong enough to face Bermuda yet) Kawahira also has the Eighth Flame, making him a very useful asset.I think this is the perfect time for that man to appear. It isn't too late for everyone to have completely forgotten about him, nor too early for people to have predicted it. On another note the guy could have been Checkerface himself.

All flame users have the innate ability to use one of the Sky Flames and one of the Earth Flames
Because it's hard to believe that we haven't run into one Earth Flame user other than the Shimon Family. But, since practically no one knows about the Earth Flames, no one discovered their innate ability to use the Earth Flames and simply used their primary Sky Flame. Which leads to...

Each of the Sky Flames has an Earth Flame counterpart
Probably something like this:Sky - EarthCloud - GlacierStorm - SwampLightning - MountainMist - DesertSun - ForestRain - unknown element

The Rainbow Arc ends with everyone's curses being broken
Alright lets face it, every arc in KHR has had these moments when the characters are facing a dilemma which will result in depressing times, and feelings of hopelessness.But, because of new powers, [[Determinator undying will]] and forever friendships they make it through. Sure, it was a hard, impossible battle/strategy- but the main idea is: No one DIES! Heck even Byakuran comes waltzing in after a few seventy chapters. Mukuro becomes a friend, Xanxus stays an evil ally, and Byakuran fights back to back with Tsuna after having this whole disagreement on taking over the world and killing everybody with him. Oh and did I mention he wanted to use Uni for that?Though it is kinda hard to imagine the Vongola having tea with Checker Face, but who knows?The Arcobaleno will have their curses broken, most likely some of them shall be presumed dead due to a terrible attack by Checker Face (Don't worry they will appear with ambiguous reasoning after thirty chapters or when they are needed), Tsuna will be the hero, Reborn will be back in his body and regain his health that the curse affected (perhaps after a few weeks recuperation) and....everything will end with the curse being broken forever, never will there be sacrifices ever again!
  • Rinse and repeat for how ever long you want the franchise to continue.
    • I can so imagine the Vongola having tea with Checker Face now, along with a good bowl of soggy Ramen.
The real identity of Chcecker Face is not Uncle Kawahira but Kusakabe Tetsuya.
It may seemingly not make much sense plot-wise but there are several hints it might be the case. Firstly Kusakabe was there right from the beginning, so he could easily observe our protagonists (along with Reborn). Secondly there is more to him than meets the eye: He easily puts up with Hibari and he also possesses an inhuman strength. Thirdly Chceker Face and him have identical chins. And mind you, Kusakabe is the only prominent character with such a chin.

Hibari is the thirteenth member of the allied team.

The others from reborn wikia are:Commando Unit

1.Tsunayoshi Sawada2.Enma Kozato3.Basil (eliminated)

Elite Members

4Xanxus5Superbi Squalo6Mukuro Rokudo7Byakuran8Dino9Hayato Gokudera (eliminated)10Takeshi Yamamoto (eliminated)11Chrome Dokuro12Flan

HelpersShoichi Irie (technology)Spanner (technology)Rescue MembersRyohei Sasagawa

There are 13 watches in total, one watch left.

Hibari is doing something.

  • He is trying to find the location of checker face. Hibari will fight checker face and his assistant.

    • Jossed Hibari was observing Jager fight and joined in. Tsuna had to save him though.

Jager is a Puzzle Boss.
It would explain why the strongest people in KHR! couldn't do much against him. Also after being defeated Small Gia said that that Tsuna "will be of no use at all as long as Bermuda and Jager are together". It would imply that Vindice draw their power from Bermuda and are considerably weakened when being away from him. Thus the other Vindice were so easily defeated because Bermuda wasn't around. It means that Jager can’t be beaten by a brutal force alone. In order to defeat him Reborn will activate his present to drive Bermuda away so that Tsuna can fight Jager on equal terms.

Basil is actually one of the strongest characters, we'll just never see it.
Basil is always beaten up to show how strong new foes are, making it look like he couldn't do anything, but in the future he survives on his own with only a book and his Box Animal when there are long fights that take the main cast at least two chapters to beat a single opponent at the very least. Why does it seem like Basil is so weak? Because he only ever uses Dying Will Mode. He clearly has the skill to use Hyper Dying Will Mode, and the calm way he acts has probably led many of us to think he's in Hyper Dying Will Mode instead of normal DWM. If Basil ever actually got serious and went into Hyper Mode, he could probably go toe-to-toe with the strongest characters. Basil has the potential to be one of the strongest characters in the entire manga.

Xanxus actually has Vongola blood and was rejected by the ring for a different reason.
Keep in mind the rings are alive and are possessed with the will of the original bearers. And keep in mind, too, that they respond to the bearer's will. Xanxus's will, as we learn in the Future Arc, is for the Vongola to be as strong as possible- that is why Tsuna is the boss and not him. Xanxus tells Bel's brother this before their battle. If Xanxus's will was the same back then (as it most likely was under his rage), then he himself unintentionally and indirectly rejected the Sky Ring the moment he put it on. When the Half-Ring came into Tsuna's possession, the ring accepted him as its true owner because of aligning with Xanxus's will of building a strong Vongola, with its own will of rebuilding what Primo created with it, and Tsuna's own will to protect, which we learn was essentially Primo's will. The same will that the ring was first lit with. This kind of makes more sense than him not being a Vongola or Secondo's reincarnation, despite being almost identical to Ricardo.

TYL!Hibari ends up the head of CEDEF, just like Alaude.
It kind of makes sense, in a way. It would also explain why Hibari helps Tsuna and Shouichi in the future. Hibari, who supposedly never helps anyone on purpose according to Hibari himself. If he heads up CEDEF, it might make more sense, since Hibari would become Tsuna's second-in-command in those situations. It would also explain why he and Kusakabe consented to being part of an illusion trick of Chrome's, rather than Hibari's usual method of brute force. Hibari even repeatedly says he's not part of Tsuna's family (though he tones it down considerably as an adult to the point his base connects with theirs- he's more like a surly child whose siblings annoy him than anything). And the CEDEF isn't, except in times of crisis. Which, well, they were in.

The attributes of the Dying Will Flames are Hereditary or partially Hereditary.
Although it was never explicitly mentioned, this would explain why all relatives with known flames shown un the story share attributes.For example, all the descendants of Vongola Primo have sky flames, the brothers Bianchi and Gokudera have storm flames, and Rasiel and Belphegor also have the same attributes.It is even applied to other families un products other than manga, such as the twins who usted boomerangs in the anime or the Bertesca Famiglia in the ganes.Thus some characthers who did not get yo use flames could Guess their attribute, with Kyoko probably having sun flames, and Yamamoto's father probably having rain flames.

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