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  • Any time there was Corpsing in a skit. Most noticeably within the "Men On..." skits, particularly "Men on Television" after Blaine got hit in the head and was knocked out, where both David Alan Grier and Damon Wayans couldn't hold in their laughter or crack a smile.
    • Ed O'Neill appearing as himself on The Dirty Dozens was a particularly funny Corpsing incident where after saying his line, they cut to Jamie Foxx smiling a bit and moving his hand to his mouth, then back to Ed who is visibly trying to hold back himself from laughing!
    Ed: Your mama is so stupid, she gave your uncle a blowjob, cuz he said it would help his unemployment!
    • Also, the reactions of Jim Carrey, David and Tommy Davidson to seeing Jamie Foxx as Wanda for the first time, with Grier's reaction in particular making Carrey break character.
      Host: Holy crap!
  • Whenever the audience helps to enhance a scene, such as during the Pee Wee Herman doll skit and the part with him "beating his drum", one woman's screaming with laughter makes it all the more memorable.
    • Another was the part two of "What Happened to Blaine?" and Antoine talks out Oliver from Paris is Burning, or as he put it, "the Negroid with Blond hair". This joke went over well with about half the audience, where some scant boos and a loud shout of "Hated it!" is heard.
  • One episode started off with an offer for a Bloopers-style tape of In Living Color, which only includes "outtakes" of Jim Carrey doing prat falls as a clumsy waiter who keeps dropping his tray of water glasses...including in the middle of the Fly Girls dancing.

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