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  • This exchange in Yogcraft with Hannah and Nilesy.
    Hannah: Is that a gun?
    Nilesy: Yes.
    Hannah: Does it have any ammo?
    Nilesy: No.
  • Some of Hannah's 2012 Advent Calendar presents have been... questionable:
    • On Day 16, she gets hair removal wax.
    • On Day 19, she gets a freaking DVD on pole dancing. Keep in mind she's getting these from her mom.
    • On Day 21, she gets a book on marriage. I think Hannah's mom may be hinting that she wants grandchildren...
    • On Day 22, she gets a PS2 controller skin... covered in pot leaves. The fact that Sips was there didn't help.
      • Also on Day 22, it was revealed that Lewis & Duncan had been switching out some of Hannah's actual presents with the ones listed above.
  • The silliness continues on in Hannah's 2013 Advent Calendar:
    • On Day 1, Hannah receives a CD-shaped present from Nilesy which turns out to be a Britney Spears single. Hannah then points out there are 6 more of these CD-shaped presents from Nilesy.
  • In Hannah and Nilesy's Let's Play of Star Trek, Spock glitches out and ends up in a rather... interesting pose. Try and survive Kim's fit of shrieking giggles and wails as she dies of laughter.
    • Earlier in the same episode, Nilesy sort-of-mimics Spock's deadpan speech patterns as Hannah (playing Kirk) falls and dies:
      Nilesy: I need your assistance with this door, sir. Oh, you died, sir? What a fucking surprise, sir.
    • In the first episode, Hannah proceeds to drive Nilesy crazy by calling the Tricorder a scanner.
  • Hannah's Yogsims.
    • Especially when she has other Yogmembers on and they try to get her to do crazy stuff to everyone else's sims.
  • Hannah and Simon start another horror game playthrough (of 7 Days) and alternate between being confused, snarky, pissed off and terrified. In the second video they end up cuddling Barack Obadger for comfort.
    • Now featuring such hit as "Diggy diggy grave!" and "There's a scary thing in the well, la la la la-la."
  • Hannah's Advent Livestream Highlights #1 has the ending, where Simon realizes he positioned the figurine in a very unfortunate way.
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  • Hannah and Kim playing the Silent Hills demo: Hi-def cockroaches; freaking out over the radio making "Grudge noises"; trying to shush the crying baby because it's attracting attention; Kim panicking while trying to explain Junji Ito's possible involvement; "Well at least we're not waking up to cockroaches having sex"; Their reaction to "Look behind you."; Hannah being not as scared as she should be and casually commenting on it; Kim liking it more than recent Silent Hill games even while she's freaking out.;"You just have a nice time up there, floating fridge-baby."; (singing) "Don't look at the bathroom 'cause it's your birthday, and we don't give an f that...that's a fridge...that's rocking..."
  • Hannah and Pyrion Flax playing The Forest. Pyrion is utterly terrified at first, but as he gets used to the game, he suddenly turns into Leeroy Jenkins.
    • Another moment comes in Hannah's solo playthrough, where she gets surprised by something and runs off yelping "I am not a happy bunny!"
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    • And then she plays with Hat Films, and ends up being Cloudcuckoolander's Minder to the three of them.
      • Special note must go to Smith's getting so overexcited during a fight against the cannibals that he accidentally manages to turn on the in-game chat function, creating an odd echo-y effect until Hannah fixes it.
    • In a later playthrough with Caff and Chrissa, she starts cooing over a deer and talking about how much nicer and more detailed everything is, only to be interrupted by Caff racing past her and bellowing "Run! Get the fucking deer! Come on - I'll have you, you bastard! Come on! ...he went inside the rock."
  • Then there's the time she, while playing Tomb Raider (2013), caused a rather large explosion. Accidentally.
    Hannah: Whoa.
  • During the second live-action intro to Kim's playthrough of ''Resident Evil: Revelations 2", zombie!Kim is turned off by Hannah's being sick and quickly turns around and shuffles out of the room as fast as possible.
  • The "Stop! Hannah Time!" dance from her Monday Vlogs.
  • This exchange during Hannah and Kim's playthrough of Lone Survivor:
    Kim: (while poking Hannah repeatedly) I've got a woman's touch!
    Hannah: (raises a clenched fist mock-threateningly) I've also got a woman's touch. (Kim immediately stops)
  • Duncan Jones decides to take Hannah on a driving test in Grand Theft Auto V. It starts off well, but then rapidly degenerates into her committing hit-and-run attacks and shooting at the police. Duncan eventually gets frustrated when he realises the test form has no box for "hit and run" or "shooting at police", and fails her. She pulls out a gun and shoots him.
  • While doing a solo Fright Night (playing "The Ritual On Weylyn Island"), she gets slightly panicked when Moira descends into the basement and loudly starts shouting for her relatives.
    • Also, her lamenting the decision to play a scary game when Kim wasn't around for support.
    • Her acerbic and completely deadpan reply to Moira's frightened "Where am I?!"
    Hannah: Fucked if I know, love!
  • Her playthough of Skyhill gets the funny started early when she, while reading the game summary aloud, says "Fight your way down from the penthouse to the first - the ground floor! It's the ground floor, for fuck's sake! Ahem. Sorry."
    • Then, she loots an enemy and while pondering why it was carrying a certain item, steps into the next room, is surprised by ANOTHER monster, and her voice goes up about an octave in half a second.
    Hannah: Ooh! Glue! Urgh. What kind of glue and (gets surprised by monster and her voice abruptly rises) why is it producing GLUE?!
  • While doing a quick demo of Far Cry Primal, she does an abrupt Mood Whiplash from calmly explaining the game and coos at a bear she just tamed "Ooh, I want to squish your face!" Also, her glee at having an owl as a scout.
  • During her playthrough of Far Cry 4, she is surprised by a bear, and shoots at it with the first gun she can. Only problem is, it's not a gun she grabs, but a grenade launcher. It's as hilarious as it sounds.
  • Outlast has many funny moments:
    • The two are about to enter the library, and Hannah declares it'll be "safe" there. Cue the body falling in front of them as they open the door.
      Kim and Hannah: AUGH!
      Hannah: It's not safe in the library!
    • Her reaction upon seeing the Walrider? Scream and slam the door in its face!
    • Kim getting frustrated with Hannah's repeatedly opening the "Notes" folder when she meant to open the "Documents" one, and then, after telling Hannah to go left and Hannah promptly turning right instead...
      Kim: *acidly* Shall I just give you opposite directions from now on? Would that be easier?
    • This lovely little gem occurs, in which Hannah hides from Trager in a bathroom stool, slamming the door very loud. It descends into Hannah lamenting that she is hiding in a men's toilet (and that she's hiding from a man with a giant pair of scissors).
      Hannah: Oh, no, that was really loud. That was really loud. He's gonna find me, isn't he? This was a bad call. (Trager, off screen, opens a different toilet cubicle).
      Kim: It might be alright.
      Hannah: It won't be alright.
      Kim: I think you're alright.
      Hannah: *interrupting* It won't be alright.
      Kim: *continues* I think you're alright. *Hannah goes dead silent* I think you're alright, Hannah.
      Hannah: I'm hiding in the toilet, Kim. In a men's toilet. From a man with a giant pair of scissors.
    • Hannah and Kim later end up in a second toilet, which they cheerfully refer to as "the crapper".
    • Hannah gets stuck on something and Trager enters the room. She gets up and starts running, while Trager is in the room, without being seen... briefly. Then, the music suddenly plays to indicate that she's been seen; as they run away...
      Hannah: *Nonchalantly* It's fine! *to Trager* See ya, douchebag!
    • Trager dies, and Kim's reaction is to reach out and - expecting Trager to come alive for one last flail - pokes him. Twice.
    • Kim zooms in on Trager's buttocks.
      Hannah: *Cheerfully* It's his bum! It's, uh, it's quite a textured bum.
    • Hannah and Kim comes across a body on fire in the sink.
      Hannah: Look! *Starts having a laughing breakdown* There's a body on fire in a sink! Oh, good!
    • Kim takes to calling Chris Walker a "soggy thumb". And, at one point, discusses with Hannah on whether or not he'd be a good Avon saleslady.
    • At one point, Hannah doesn't slide far enough into a hidey-hole and Chris Walker reaches for them - she quickly slides a bit further in as Kim exclaims "HE'S GOT REACHY REACHY ARMS!" in absolute terror.
  • Outlast Whistleblower arrives. It's glorious.
    • Kim and Hannah encounter the cannibal, who has a bone saw and a beard, and promptly name him "Whizzy Jesus"! And, on one occasion, "Whizzy Ninja Jesus"!
    • Chris pops up; Hannah steps into his line of sight in the dark and Kim despairs; Hannah proclaims it's fine because "he's an idiot!" and runs past him, exclaiming "see!?". He promptly chases them and Hannah and Kim nope the fuck out of there calling "Cheerie bye!" at Chris.
    • At the beginning of Part 6, Kim states that all Chris Walker needed was "hugs", to which Hannah disagrees.
    • Hannah gets a laugh at Kim being too small to play basketball.
    • A very Joker-esque laugh occurs; Hannah says she "wouldn't be surprised" if he was there.
    • Kim's description of episode 6 in the description box is simply: "In today's episode, we venture outside, then do everything we can to get back inside again."
    • Both Hannah and Kim get massively squicked out at the letter about Gluskin. Their reactions are hilarious. Hannah's waving her arms frantically, trying to airbrush it away while exclaiming "Do not want!", while Kim just covers her mouth in horror exclaiming "Eurgh, nooo!"
    • Hannah and Kim discuss a young Robert Downey Junior, with Hannah describing him as "a youthful babe".
    • Hannah and Kim come across a man... doing things... with dead bodies. Kim zooms in and Hannah scolds her and it descends into an argument over whether he's... doing things... or just peeing.
    • The twosome come across a giant water tower. Hannah's reaction? "What the fuck is this!?"
    • Hannah and Kim have a discussion about what they'd do if they were, in person, in the game; Kim immediately declares she'd die. Hannah asks if she'd commit suicide. Kim declares she'd either lock herself somewhere and hope everyone else kills themselves... then changes her mind and declares she'd hide in a vent (as no-one ever uses them!) and wait it out - even if she would need chairs to get up there. Hannah comments that Kim is small enough to hide in them, to which Kim tartly replies that "yes, I am."
    • The two take to calling Billy "Billy Balrog", due to him being found in the mountain.
    • The two have to jump a gap; Hannah declares that she's not ready - Kim just leaps the gap while screaming "EEEEEAAAAGGGGGLLLLLEEEEEEE!"
    • The two crash land in Dennis's warehouse. He begins speaking and the two freeze deathly still. When he's finished Kim laments that she was wondering "What's the worst that could happen? Oh, yeah - Rednecks".
    • At the idea of Eddie being "Walrider before Walrider was Walrider", Hannah just puts two thumbs up and, looking anything but happy, goes "Yay, thanks Gluskin!"
    • Kim panics at the sight of a broom and a box.
    • Stuff begins falling around them; Hannah and Kim freak out.
    • The two come across a dead person as Kim laments that the "music" has begun again — it's so dark that they can't tell he's dead; Hannah just exclaims "Ohhh, shit!" and says that it's "really helpful". With Kim breathing very heavily, they pass the man, with Kim zooming in intently on the dead person to make sure he doesn't move.
    • A variant jump scares them; Kim whimpers.
    • Kim and Hannah's first attempt at running after Dennis involves lots of shrieking, and, after Kim fails, she pouts, much to Hannah's mirth.
    • The summary for Part 8 is merely: "In today's episode, we meet The Groom and really, really, REALLY regret doing so."
    • The twosome discover Gluskin's table. Kim is absolutely disgusted and all Hannah can do is turn away.
    • After reading a note which mentions that Waylon has "widened" his horizons, Kim exclaims that, as they've just come across a man's body with a vagina ripped into it, that "widened is not the word we want to use here!"
    • Hannah and Kim notice something on the floor.
      Hannah: (zooming in on the object) What is that?
      Kim: A piece of paper.
    • Hannah chants "Death or glory" to the sound of Bob the Builder.
    • Hannah tries a door. Gluskin appears with a "darling!" and the two almost die of absolute terror and panic massively when Hannah tries the door again by accident, thinking it'll open which leads to lots of flailing from both of them.
    • "It's nice of you to say so, but you're not our type". Kim and Hannah's reaction to Gluskin's line that he wants the character to "have my babies".
    • Waylon falls down an elevator shaft and gets wood in his leg. Neither are pleased, but Kim is especially not pleased.
    • Their reaction to the events that occur with Gluskin and his infamous table involves Kim shrieking and whimpering, Hannah asking if she's alright and needs a moment, Kim shrieking even more and bursting into tears and turning away in horror. Shortly after, the following conversation occurs.
      Gluskin: A woman... has to suffer some things...
      Kim: I agree with that!
      Hannah: Yep.
      Gluskin: It's not pleasant, I know.
      Hannah: I agree with that.
      • Then, Kim freaks out again and turns away in horror.
    • Kim notices mannequins and... well... does exactly the same as the above mention.
    • Waylon, controlled by Hannah, jumps out a window, making his broken leg worse. Kim looks almost sick... and then just lowers her head onto the table, breaks down, and cries. As the episode finishes, Kim looks up, very dishevelled, and declares "I'm ruined." As sad as it is, it's hilarious to watch.
    • Hannah comments that "I have a quiff" to try and distract Kim from her anguish. It doesn't work.
    • The two come upon Gluskin's gym.
      Kim: I'm alright actually, that's not the wors-(Realising what is going on) Oh. Ohhh.
      Hannah: What the fuck is this?
      Kim: Ohhhhh!
      Hannah: Oh...
      Kim: You know how I said I was alright?
      Hannah: Oh.
      Kim: I'm not. (Now really terrified) This is his roo- it's Gluskin's room!
    • Moments later, Kim misreads "making women to bear his children" as "making children to bear hi- sorry. He's not waking — he's not making children to bear his women".
    • The two consider if bodies are going to fall on their heads and declare that they're "going around the outside of the room" while Kim sings "it's raining men".
    • The twosome hear Gluskin. Kim, now rather annoyed, declares "get me a crowbar! I'm going to stove this guy's head in! I'm not a violent person, but, Jesus Christ, this guy!" and Hannah just nods in agreement.
    • The two get into a shrieking match over whether they're having fun after Hat Films start cheering. Hat Films... fall deadly silent at the shrieking.
    • The two end up singing the Malcolm in the Middle theme tune.
    • Hannah and Kim discover the chapel. With a wedding dress... all Kim can do is chant "It's a real man!" repeatedly as they get closer and closer.
    • After the two girls determine they need to get out, Hannah asks if Kim remembers the way. She says she does; as soon as Hannah looks back to the screen, Kim mouths "no" and Hannah snorts, having seen it.
    • The two hide under a desk; as Gluskin approaches, Kim states that he is "another Avon victim", continuing the running gag from the main game, and starts chanting "Soggy thumb, soggy thumb, soggy thumb!" repeatedly.
    • Kim and Hannah come across the SWAT team; one of them says "I've seen more'n enough dick and balls to last me a lifetime." Kim's reaction is a "yep", which makes Hannah laugh.
    • The two of them go into a toilet... with a sink full of blood, leading to a running gag as Kim starts laughing, reminiscent of Hannah breaking in the original game.
      Hannah: No. Stop it. Don't do it. Don't break at the sink blood.
    • Jeremy Blaire is attacked by the Walrider. Kim merely waves and gives a cheerful "Bye!"
    • When the two discover that Waylon has survived, Hannah cheers and Kim whistles in disbelief.
    • This conversation:
      Mysterious Man: You will do irrevocable damage to the company.
      Kim: Do it.
      Mysterious Man: You might even get close to something like justice.
      Kim: Do it.
      Mysterious Man: But, once you click upload...
      Kim: Do it!
    • When the man asks "Is hurting Murkoff worth that much too you?" Kim announces that she is a "professional" and uploading videos is "her job" and slams the upload button.
    • Kim sees the names on the credits:
      Kim: Red Barrels. You guys. All you guys on this list. You! My god.
      Hannah: You are terrible yet wonderful people.
      Kim: I love you and hate you at the same time.
    • Kim spots Eddie Gluskin's voice actor name:
      Kim: Eddie Gluskin. This Graham Cuthbertson! (Kim shakes her fist in anger)
  • Outlast 2 arrives. During one of their play through sessions, Kim is stuck having blood tests and cannot attend the play through. Hannah and Caff reach a library - Hannah has a vivid remembering of the last game (especially as the donation occurs that has Hannah and Kim shrieking about the library not being safe) and stops dead, picks up her phone and snaps a picture, informing Caff that she is going to send it to Kim later.
  • While playing P.O.L.L.E.N.:
    Hannah: Ah, I see... Did you have a little explo-
    Door: *slides open, startling Hannah*
    Hannah: DO YOU MIND?!
  • From her playthrough of Fallout 4:
    Sturges: You willing to do some work?
    Hannah: Fuck you! ...what do you need?
    Sturges: Well for starters, we could use some real beds.
    Hannah: Are you kidding me?!
    Sturges: We've been sleeping on the ground for too long.
    Hannah: Bitch, I've put some in!
    Sturges: I like it! What we need now is a reliable source for clean water.
    Hannah: I hate you so much.
  • From her playthrough of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, we have her gleefully terrible attempt at a Scottish accent - "We're goin' tae SCOTLAND!"
  • During her Jingle Jam 2016 stream with Caff, Radders, Chrissa and Saiko Kitten, they chose to set a stretch goal to do Caff's make-up, Ru Pauls Drag Race style. Once the goal was reached, Hannah made the decision to add on D.Va facepaint, which then gave them the idea to have Caff put on a D.Va bodysuit to complete the look. If you thought Lewis' bee costume was Brain Bleach-inducing, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  • Whilst playing Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, she comes across a target who is a famous singer and this happens:
    Shan Yun: *sings aria*
    Billie: Shan Yun... Normally I'd have to pay a fortune to hear him sing.
    Hannah: *to Shan Yun* Shut up!
  • From her playthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn, there's a moment when, while being attacked by a Corrupter and it's minions, this little gem occurs:
    Carja Guard: Turn back, girl! Those machines are dangerous!
    Hannah: *while ducking and dodging by the skin of her teeth* Y'think?!
  • Red Dead Redemption gets the funny started early with Hannah waving around a Snickers bar and saying she'll eat it if/when she starts getting super salty. She promptly rips it open five minutes into the playthrough.
    Mrs. Ditkiss: Yes, [the Natives] lost their land, but they've gained access to heaven.
    Hannah: *wordlessly gives the camera an absolutely deadpan "Are you fucking serious/kidding me?!" look*
    • She later snaps "Money can't buy brains either, can it ladies?!"
    • Then there's this:
    Preacher: What a wonderful opportunity we have! A chance to live among people who are decent and who do not kill each other.
    Hannah: Well, good luck with that in America, mate. *rips open the aforementioned Snickers bar*
    Jenny: It's so confusing, Father. Sometimes, I find it impossible to make the distinction between a loving act and a hateful one.
    Hannah: *Gets the exact same look on her face as earlier, but with her mouth full of chocolate*
    Jenny: I mean, they often seem to be the same thing.
    Hannah: Jenny, you're a fucking idiot.
  • At one point, Hannah is interviewed about Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. Cue her gesturing slightly too much and a very large assassin's blade comes out and nearly kills the person interviewing her. Cue Hannah then having a Suspiciously Specific Denial and trying to hide it.
  • Her mini-meltdown over the infamous "Testy Festy" sidequest in Far Cry 5, culminating in:
    Casey: Go grab a drink and dig in!
    Hannah: *audibly nauseated and squicked* I'd rather die!
  • From God of War, we have her reaction to a particular death trap.
    Hannah: Oh no - really?!
    *She activates the trap and starts running through it... and it starts closing as she does*
    Hannah: *in a very panicked tone of voice* Ho! Ha! Hoi dee bah! Ho! Ow! Pokey poke! Poke! *she makes it through to Atreus* Hello! Hi! Ho! That was horrible! We're never doing that again.
  • Hannah plays as Evie in Assassin's Creed Syndicate and the following occurs.
    Hannah (playing as Evie, she's climbed to the top of a crane; as words appear on the screen): "Tutorial! Be an Assassin..." (cue Hannah skipping it immediately and, in a rather annoyed sotto voice, muttering): Don't tell me how to be an Assassin. I've been an Assassin for fucking years. How very dare you...
    (Cue Hannah kicking ass, proving that she does know how to be an Assassin and does not need the tutorial in any way!)
    Hannah: I will add this - Evie and the men. Forget Edward and the ladies, Evie and the men. They all want her. (Spots a bookcase in the corner in front of a window.) What's going on with this bookcase? Why's it in front of a window? Weird...
  • When Hannah plays Assassin's Creed III, she spends a lot of time cooing over cats... and then dogs... and then a horse... and then a bear.
  • Hannah plays Assassin's Creed: Rogue and the following sentence occurs: "Hi pig, sorry pig!" - to note, she is literally jumping over a pig as she says those words.
  • Hannah plays Episode 1 of Season Four of the Walking Dead. She's officially become so paranoid that one of her sentences is "Everything's putting me on edge. What's going to go wrong? Is it going to be internal or is it going to be an external invasion? Like what - what's - uuf - something's going to happen and when it does, holy fuck." It's official guys - the Walking Dead has broken Hannah.
    • Ironically, it later becomes both internal and external.
  • One part of the Walking Dead makes her cackle - and this isn't a "oh, look, it's funny" cackle, it's a "Oh, fuck me, how awkward is this?!" cackle as she literally bursts with laughter - when the group starts playing war and the questions become incredibly awkward.
  • Hannah reaches a pivotal point of episode 1 and looks like she's about to make the situation go from fucked up to relatively calm. Cue gunshot and Hannah shrieking "Oh my god!" (cut to AJ having shot Marlon) "AJ! AJ, what did you do!?" and then she spends time lamenting over what has happened and says that Episode 1 is "usually a barrel of laughs" and hastily corrects herself.
  • Marvel's Spiderman rolls around and, in this part note , Norman Osborn turns up: Hannah's reaction, knowing many Spiderman things - like whom Norman Osborn is due to become - is a very loud "GET THEE BACK, GREEN GOBLIN SATAN!"
  • Hannah plays Assassin's Creed Odyssey and, quiet nervously, laments "so, also, our tutorial is basically the Battle of Thermopylae! (Awkward Nervous Muttley snickering) Oh, shit..."
  • During her playthrough of the Arkham Origins DLC Cold Cold Heart, the following sentence occurs: "You come here, you burn my shit, you take my butler, and you expect me to be okay with that? Well, I can tell you, mate, in the next ten seconds you're going to find out just how un-okay I am about this whole situation!" (Cue Hannah choking the man holding Alfred hostage.)
    • Just to add even more humour, the "my shit" and "my butler" are pronounced as "me shit" and "me butler" in a very Leicestershire accent!
      • She also spends a lot of time lamenting over the fact that they've burned her priceless stuff, kidnapped her butler, and set her house on fire. She also laments that they've frozen her ballroom...
  • During her playthrough of Batman: Arkham Knight, her username is "Bucket O'Lums"... just because...
  • When she played Mass Effect: Andromeda, Hannah unknowingly crafted her Sara Ryder to look like Sloane Kelly, the outlaw “queen” of Kadara. Cue Hannah’s surprise when Sloane Kelly appears for the first time in a cutscene
    Hannah: “Oh my God! It’s me!!”
Hannah's 2018 advent calendar has her and Cliff moaning over how badly she poured wine as she once worked as a waitress and that if she'd poured it that badly in a restaurant she'd be accused of taking the piss of the customers. The following... interesting... sentence occurs from Hannah:
Hannah: That's what happens when you serve wine to unrefined bastards.
  • At one point during their playthrough of Alien: Isolation, Kim and Hannah refer to the ship as having "fun stuff" and the "pit with eggs and the squishy-boos". Yes, Kim has taken to calling Facehuggers squishy-boos.

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