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"Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder."


Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    The Game 
  • The Professor entering the opening cutscene in a sombrero.
    Professor: Good news, everyone; I've sold Planet Express to Mom!
    [Fry and Leela gasp, while Bender stutters.]
    Bender: Also, why are you wearing that funky hat?
    Professor: Whu? Oh, this? No reason. [Throws it away.]
    Fry: That was odd. Mighty odd.
  • The reason why Planet Express has been losing money:
    Professor: Perhaps my strategy of using a giant spaceship to deliver one package at a time wasn't as clever as I thought. Plus you three never actually charged anyone!
    Fry: Yeah, sorry about that.
    Leela: [simultaneous] Sorry.
  • Fry's first assignment is to find a hammer, which gets him crushed under a pile of dangerous rubble. GAME OVER. Cut to Fry waking up on top of what looks like a giant toaster.
    Fry: If that's me dead over there, who am I here?
    Professor: You're also you, thanks to my latest invention, the Reanimator! When you die, it will automatically make an exact duplicate of you, based on your x-rays, a DNA sample and scrapings from the inside of your tennis shoes.
    Fry: Wow! When did you invent it?
    Professor: About a week ago, and I've been trying to kill you to test it ever since.
    Leela: So what was death like Fry?
    Fry: Well, first everything went dark, then this bright light appeared, and it said, "Game over". [Leela looks annoyed.]
    • On that note, all the subsequent Medium Awareness jokes, which, unfortunately, were edited out when the game's cutscenes were edited into a bonus feature on The Beast with a Billion Backs' DVD as "The Lost Adventure":
    Leela: We don't even have enough dark matter fuel to get out of the solar system!
    Professor: Then I guess you'll have to find some, Leela.
    Leela: Me? But I'm not playable!
    Professor:: You are now.
    [Cut to the cargo hold, where the Reanimator now has Leela's name listed alongside Fry and Bender.]
    Leela: Woo-hoo! In your face, non-playable characters!
  • After turning Earth into a spaceship and failing to get anywhere with it:
    Mom: Sweet butt-crust on a cracker! Who'd have thought this miserable little planet would be so heavy?
    Larry: Uh, Walt would.
    Mom: How dare you Walt! [She slaps him.]
    Walt: Ow.
  • The reason why Planet Express has been losing money:
    Professor: Perhaps my strategy of using a giant spaceship to deliver one package at a time wasn't as clever as I thought. Plus you three never actually charged anyone!
    Fry: Yeah, sorry about that.
    Leela: [simultaneous] Sorry.
  • During a in-level cutscene featuring chatter between some of Mom's hoverbot death troopers:
    Hoverbot 1: I know I'm supposed to like robot women, but sometimes, well...
    Hoverbot 2: You like... Human women?
    Hoverbot 1: No. Robot men.
    Hoverbot 2: Oh. [clears its throat.]
  • Mom's visit to Sal and Son's:
    Sal: Welcomes to Sal's Salvage. What can I dos youse for?
    Mom: I need a spaceship engine. Nothing special. Well, except it has to be powerful enough to move the Earth.
    Sal: The Earth? Holy Jesuses! For that, you're gonna needs a dark matter engine and a big ones at thats!
    Mom: Money's no object, as I will soon be taking over the universe. Perhaps you've heard of it?
    Sal: Hmm, a dark matter engines. You're gonna have to finds the guy who inventeds it, Hubert Farnsworth.
    Mom: That old goat from Planet Express! But he just got away, that son of a no good mother loving piece of-
    Sal: Don't worries, I've gots an idea. I mean, an ideas.
  • Larry: Prepare to be crushed, and subsequently smelted, and then recycled into metal seatbelts. [He activates the machines]
    Bender: Seatbelts? Never! I endanger lives, not save them.
  • Bender hearing Farnsworth's voice over his internal radio and mistaking him for God.
    Farnsworth: No, though I'm as old as Him.
  • The crew meet Adoy, the Professor's mentor.
    Fry: Umm, are you Adoy?/
    Adoy: "Adoy"? I haven't heard that name in years. Yeah, that's me.
    Fry: Uh, okay. W-we were sent here by the Professor.
    Adoy: Ah, I remember the Professor. Of course, back then I was the one called the Professor. Wait, who are we talking about?
    Bender: Oh, boy.
    Leela: Professor Hubert Farnsworth.
    Adoy: Never heard of him. So what can I do for my dear old Protégé?
    Leela: He said you might be able to help us. Long story short; Mom cut off his head and now she's trying to take over the universe!
    Adoy: Uhh. Terrible. Terrible! Terrible! But there's nothing we can do about it now. So it's a good thing you came to me!
    Bender: This guy's not making any sense! Can I kill him? Please?
  • The limitations of Adoy's time machine:
    Fry: But the time machine has a hand crank, doesn't that work?
    Adoy: Ehh, sort of, if you turn the handle for two minutes; it'll send the universe two minutes back in time.
    Bender: So it gets us back to when we started turning the handle? Yippee.
    Leela: No, wait! That could be all we need to get to the generator. If one of us is fast enough.
    Fry: Great, another dangerous mission.
    Bender: Who's the sucker this time?
    Leela: Doctor Zoidberg.
    Zoidberg: Hooray, I'm the hero!
    Fry/Bender: Hooray, we don't have to do anything!
    Leela: Okay Zoidberg, once I start cranking you've got two minutes to get to where I can see you, otherwise I'll assume you've been killed and rewind time.
    Zoidberg: Killed, ay? I'm no doctor, but that sounds painful.
    Fry: Oh, it is, trust me.
  • When the reanimator is destroyed:
    Leela: Bummer. We'll just have to be careful not to die from now on.
    Bender: [annoyed] ...You had to say that!
    [The Destructor falls on them, killing them for real.]
  • After the Reanimator is destroyed and Fry, Leela and Bender are killed by Destructor:
    Professor: Damn it Mom! No one kills my crew except for me! You're going down.
    Mom: Oh please! You wouldn't hit a lady!
    Professor: I suppose you're right. Though I would do this! Hoyyaa! [He punches her.]
    Mom: You broke my hip!
    Professor: I don't care. You wanted Planet Express so you could take over the universe, ay? Well, I guess your evil plan is foiled now, thanks to my time traveling crew.
    Mom: But you have to sell Planet Express to me! Your crew said it happened, and no one can alter the continuum of time!
    Professor: Oh, yeah? Watch me! [He starts to tear up the contract.] The deal is off!
    Mom: Oh, well. How about if I throw in this hat? [She holds up a sombrero.]
    Professor: Mmm.
    [Cut to Planet Express office. The Professor enters wearing the sombrero.]
    Professor: Good news, everyone! I've sold Planet Express to Mom!
    ''[Fry and Leela gasp, while Bender stutters.]
  • During the credits:
    Zoidberg: Look at all the names!... So many names!... That's a lot of names — were you in credits for something you did?
  • Destructor's final words after his boss fight is beaten:
    Destructor: And so I died the way I lived, as a giant robot.

  • Almost the entirety of the Emmy-winning show (with a few tear-jerking moments) to the point of being named "Most Critically Acclaimed Animated Series" by The Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Some of the episode titles: "That Darn Katz!" (That Darn Cat!), "2-D Blacktop" (Two-Lane Blacktop), "31st Century Fox", etc.
  • The teases. The writers love to poke fun at this cliché (ex: "Anthology of Interest II"- Fry gets another life after losing his last one).
  • Use of Public Domain cartoons in the opening title sequences - equivalent to the Couch Gag.
  • The title caption gags are always a good laugh.
  • Fry is just a showcase of CMOF quotes:
    • "I'm getting one of those things again! You know, a headache with pictures!" "An idea?" "Mmm! Mmm!"
    • "It's like there's a party in my mouth and everyone's throwing up."
    • "What smells like blue?"
    • "But Bender need brain! For smart-making!"
      • "What did you do now? Stop doing things!"
    • "Wait! There on the screen! It's that guy you are!"
    • "I heard alcohol makes you stupid." "No I'm... doesn't."
  • Same goes for Bender. You can't help but laugh at him every time he says something.
  • And Zoidberg! He has one of the highest laughs-per-minute rates in the show.
  • Mom seems to enjoy berating her children too much to care what little sense she makes.
    Jam a bastard in it, you crap!
    By monkey cake, I meant your ass!
  • During one of the commentaries for the films, the filmmakers referred back to the episode "Bend Her" and coming up with the name "Congo Jack," stating that it was an over the top name that would only make sense in a soap-opera type environment. The person then pointed out that they came up with this name in the same episode they introduced Barbados Slim.
  • The advertisements in the intro, particularly "Molten Boron" and "Thompson's Teeth".
  • Futurama fansite The Infosphere frequently uses the word "sexfully" in lieu of "seductively" in its episode transcripts, alluding to a line of Zapp's from "Love's Labour's Lost in Space" (a gag which started with transcripts hosted on defunct fansite The Neutral Planet).
  • Billy West read Donald Trump quotes as Zapp Brannigan. It's hilarious and scary how well they fit the character.

    The comics 
  • The first issue begins with the Professor getting Fry, Bender and Leela to dig a hole in order to hide a large death ray he built before the cops show up. The night before, he accidentally blew up one of Jupiter's moons with it, but Bender isn't remotely sympathetic.
    Bender: Eh, that planet had too many moons to begin with.
    Farnsworth: Damn straight!
  • In issue 4, Zapp goes missing on a planet that in no way resembles Vietnam, so DOOP contracts Leela to find and retrieve him (on the grounds that she "did the hipedy-dipedy" with him). When she's reluctant, the DOOP councilwoman offers Planet Express a generous bonus, three times their normal fee, a bonus big enough that Fry and Bender are willing to escort Leela at gunpoint to the planet. Then we find out from Kif just how much this bonus is:
    Kif: The best twenty dollars the DOOP ever spent.
    • During her meeting with Planet Express, the councilwoman mentions that Nixon is deliberately prolonging the war. Why? Because of the benefits the suffering brings to the folk music scene. Bender approves.
      Bender: Ah, senseless violence. The folk musician's best friend!
  • "Who's Dying to be a Millionaire", first introduced to us by frazzling Free Waterfall the Third on live TV, to Morbo's utter glee.
    • Fry volunteers to be on the death show (apparently being allowed through the complicated entry process within seconds of phoning up). Leela and the Professor discuss his options.
    (As Leela and the Professor look on, Fry walks into a wall.)
    Fry: You want a piece of me? Step outside, it's go time!
    Leela: He has no chance in Hell, does he?
    Professor: Less.
  • While looking for a school to send Cubert to, the gang find an underwater school where the kids aren't rewarded with grades, but oxygen. A student who is clearly suffocating runs up to the principal.
    Student: (muffled noises, while pointing at throat)
    Principal: Yes, well, you should have thought about that before handing in your book report. The Count of Monte Cristo was not a vampire!
  • Due to the Professor messing around with a time-machine, everyone on Earth save Fry, Bender, Leela and Cubert get stuck in the distant past. Labarbara doesn't take it well.
    Labarbara: You did this to us, ya old fossil! I'm going to bury you, go the future, then use you to fuel me car!
  • Lrr and Ndnd plan to settle a now abandoned Earth, over the crew's objections.
    Lrr: Our sensors detect only four lifeforms! That is not enough to form a boy band, let alone a civilisation!
  • Fry disguising himself as a Catholic priest to fool Lrrr and Ndnd.
    Fry: I'm Father O'Malley, and may the Lord upstairs forgive ye, ye unholy alien overlords.
  • After apparently fooling Ndnd into believing Earth is inhabited, Lrr turns around and thanks them.
    Lrr: Redecorating the planet for her would have cost me a fortune.
    Fry: So.. we didn't fool you with our brilliant disguises?
    (Lrr begins cackling madly, even as his ship takes off)
    Bender: Man, that guy's laugh really carries.
  • One issue has a time-travelling Bender encounter a version of the Salem Witch trials, only the humans are hunting robots. Bender watches as a human is put on trial for being a robot, with ridiculous "tests" that wouldn't work on robots, like being tickled by feathers, feeling no pain when their hair is cut, being able to float in water, that sort of thing. Bender asks the nearest robot what's going on, and it turns out humans asked the robots for a list of robot weaknesses. So the robots played them for chumps and ran for it.
    • "Luckily, prejudiced people are morons."
    • The Mayor's reasoning for why there's a robot about: Their crops have failed, their milk has turned, and his wife no longer kisses him when he comes home. His wife has a theory:
    Wife: Well, maybe if you asked me how my day was, and brushed your teeth after drinking the sour milk...
    • Plus, as the human being tried protests: "Do not listen to him! He speaks in sinful binary lies!"
    • Bender trying to calm the mob (and getting them to join him in song) only results in a Smash Cut to him about to be burnt at the stake.
    Bender: You know, that's really more of a chant...
    Samantha (a robot): Oh, will you shut up?!
    • And the wonderful Brick Joke in the next issue. Bender shows up unharmed, and when asked how he survived he just points out that he's a robot. He didn't burn.
  • More time-travel shenanigans, when Leela encounters a version of Ancient Greece ruled by robot gods, specifically this part of the exposition.
    Man: At first the gods ruled wisely, and benevolently. And then their total power corrupted them. Honestly, who could've seen that one coming?
  • During Leela's time-travel escapades, the robo-gods eventually decided to kill all life on Earth.
    Robot Hermes (not ''that'' one) There! That missile will hit the north pole, melt the ice caps, and flood the Earth!
    Leela: Why would you even do that?
    Robot Hermes: It's just the sort of thing gods do when we're bored!
  • Hermes, starving hungry because of Bender's awful cooking, takes his anger out on Fry.
    Hermes: You leave me no choice but to dock your pay and eat your shirt!
    (cut to Fry watching Hermes doing exactly that)
    Fry: Are you just doing this because you're hungry and don't want to eat Bender's food?
    Hermes: Nonsense! Now get back ta work before I'm forced to eat your delicious pants!
  • Bender, corrupt with power as Nixon's presidential health advisor, demands everyone attend a "health workshop" in Madison Cube Garden immediately.
    Fry: (who's stuck in a tube) What, now?
    Bender: (who really shouldn't be able to hear him) No, the kind of immediately where you sit around on your butt for an hour. Yes, now!
  • From "A Cure for the Common Clod":

  • Basically all the sound effects jokes, especially the sudden gag of the Planet Express crew "happily" beating Zoidberg with a banjo. And later, Bender randomly beating Fry with the same banjo, as well as a bagpipe, and a piano.
  • Apparently, the Transition Announcer, real name Don Cunningham, is the true hero of the story.
  • The same scream sound effects used for the people of New New York, Caracas, Nairobi, Amarillo, and Tokyo. (The latter is even funnier, because the Transition Announcer claims it to be more subdued, since they were used to "frequent Godzillings".)
  • After a sweet moment between Leela and Fry, Leela is about to kiss Fry but Zoidberg starts kissing him instead. She asks Zoidberg to stop so she can but he continues to kiss Fry.
  • The whole part with Klaxxon merging with Bender's mother, especially Bender expressing his disgust at their union and coming around to it after realizing his new dad's a supervillain.