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Don't they just make the cutest couple?note 
As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Princess Anna 
  • When playing with her sister as kids, young Anna concludes the story by having the prince kiss the princess, to which young Elsa reacts with disgust.
    • What's more, she further concludes it by making it that all the characters in their story got married to one another, the end.
  • Anna trying to guess what Elsa is while playing charades:
    Tree? People? Treeple? No, that's not a word.
  • Anna completely shuts down Elsa's attempts to keep her out of the conflict in one sentence.
    Anna: Excuse me, I climbed the North Mountain, survived a frozen heart, and saved you from my ex-boyfriend, and I did it all without powers. So, you know, I’m coming.
  • When Elsa gets mad at Anna for going into the fire with her, Anna's response is equally angry but also hilarious:
    Elsa: You can't just follow me into fire!
    Anna: If you don't want me to follow you into fire, then don't run into fire!
  • Anna's exasperated "Come on!" when her attempt at stopping the out of control ice canoe sends her and Olaf into the river instead.
  • After Olaf's shapeshifting ability lets him and Kristoff totally crush the sisters at charades, Anna complains "I don't think Olaf should get to rearrange."
  • Elsa and Anna's reunion is both tearjerking and heartwarming, but Anna's tears of joy turn into comedic Inelegant Blubbering, to the point where she nearly blows her nose into her hand.

    Queen Elsa 
  • At the start of the movie, Elsa is distracted looking out the window. Hearing Kai makes her jump and she accidentally leaves ice where her hands were.
  • Elsa's turn when playing charades, with her barely even moving until Anna is reduced to shouting her facial expressions. Especially funny when we learn what her charade prompt was: Ice. Lampshaded by Anna.
  • The lead-in to "Into the Unknown". Sometime after falling asleep with Anna, Elsa is awakened by the mysterious voice. Anna sleeping in the background with her arms scattered around is one thing, but what really sells it is Elsa’s annoyed face of, "Do you mind? I’m trying to have a sleepover with my sister here."
    • Elsa attempts to hide from The Call under a pillow.
    • Elsa denying the voice exists while singing a duet with it.
  • As Anna launches into her spiel about how she's survived plenty of danger from the first movie, Elsa's expressions go through a myriad of emotions, ranging from "Okay, she's not wrong," to "One more word and I swear-"
    • And just a few moments after that when Olaf says he'll bring the snacks, Elsa has a very, very quick expression that seems to say "Why? Why do I even try?"
  • One of the snow memories Elsa passes by is her singing "Let It Go", to which she immediately cringes at.
  • When she reaches the snow memory of the Duke of Weselton dancing, she moves in rhythm with him for a few seconds.
  • Another of the memories is one of Anna and Hans together. Elsa casually shatters the Hans statue as she passes.
  • The prologue shows Anna and Elsa as children playing a game. Elsa is making toy animals out of ice, and going through them mimicking their sounds as children do, but then she gets to the giraffe.
    Elsa: Wait. What sound does the giraffe make? Never mind. (moves on to the next animal) note 
  • Elsa's look of disgust when Olaf points out that every drop of water was once the urine of another living thing.
  • Elsa quite effectively pranks her sister in the end by very seriously telling her she needs to asks her a question, to which Anna reacts with equal seriousness. Turns out that question is "Do you want to build a snowman?"
  • Apparently prim-and-proper Elsa is as vulnerable to falling asleep as goofball Anna if you stroke her nose.
  • Elsa teasing Gale. "Oh, are you in a better mood now?"
  • During the sequence where Elsa is making ice toys for the children of Arendelle, one little girl whispers her request into Elsa's ear, causing Elsa to visibly startle. She quickly recovers, and makes a sextant (a navigational aid in the days of sailing ships), which the girl enthusiastically runs off with.

  • In the opening of the film, Kristoff is seen getting a manicure from Oaken and a shoulder massage from Sven the reindeer.
  • During "Some Things Never Change", Kristoff sings about wanting to propose to Anna, but as he practices with Sven, the other Arendellians think he's just a crazy guy proposing to a reindeer, going so far as to shield their childrens' eyes.
  • When Elsa decides to go to the Enchanted Forest alone she asks if she borrow his wagon...and Sven. Kristoff's immediate response?
    Kristoff: I'm not very comfortable with the idea of that.
  • Kristoff's attempts to segue into a proposal end up looking like he's calling Anna crazy or naïve.
  • In one of Kristoff’s attempts, as Kristoff is hugging Anna, Sven gives the latter the “go on” gesture with his hoof. As Kristoff fails that attempt, Sven nearly criticizes him only to be shushed by the latter.
    Kristoff: Don’t patronize me.
  • The hilarity of Kristoff finding a bro in the Northuldran Ryder, as they bond over their weird relationship with reindeer.
  • When Kristoff, Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven were being whisked around in the Wind Spirit's tornado, Kristoff accidentally bumps into Sven in mid-air, with Sven being the one riding Kristoff instead of the latter riding Sven.
  • Kristoff's big song is an '80s power ballad completely out of nowhere, with all the cliches of music videos from the era. Right down to using a pine cone on a branch as a studio microphone.
  • The deleted song, "Get This Right". In the song, Kristoff tries repeatedly to propose to Anna, but can never get it right because he either can't get the words out, or forgot to bring the ring. The official storyboard pushes everything further, being a full-blown Disney Acid Sequence that makes "Lost in the Woods" look tame by comparison.

  • Olaf insisting that Anna is "ancient" or otherwise old (and thus all-knowing) since she's older than he is.
  • Olaf telling Sven that he (Sven) does a good impression of Kristoff:
    Olaf: [as Kristoff] I'm gonna talk to some rocks about my childhood.
  • The charades scene has a few.
    • Olaf's impression of Elsa is her sashay from the end of "Let It Go". When we see the couch, Elsa is grinning.
    • His imitation of a mouse is Mickey.
    • He finds charades easier now that he knows how to read.
    • The fact that not only Elsa, but OAKEN was in his list.
  • "Anna? Elsa? Kristoff? Sven? Samantha? (giggles) I don't even know a 'Samantha'!"
    • Then when a big hole opens up in the ground in front of him, he peeks down and whispers "Samantha?"
  • Olaf gets a whole song, "When I Am Older", devoted to trying to convince himself that the strange things caused by the elementals chasing him are perfectly understandable phenomena that are only weird to him because he's still young and naive... which doesn't stop him from freaking out and running around in a panic at one point.
    Growing up means adapting
    Puzzling at your world and your place
    When I'm more mature
    I'll feel totally secure
    Being watched by something with a creepy, creepy face...
    • The song itself is hilarious purely because of how relatable it is. How many of us thought as kids that being an adult would give us the answers to all of life's problems and we'd know everything? And how many of us thought that because that's what adults taught us to expect? The final lines of the song really sell it.
      Olaf: That will all make sense when I am older
      So there's no need to be terrified or tense
      I'll just dream about a time
      When I'm in my agèd prime
      Cause when you're older
      Absolutely everything makes sense!

      This is fine... (gets swept up in the wind spirit's tornado)
  • Olaf sees fit to go into a Previously On… spiel to the Northuldrans, where he re-enacts several moments from the first film in a ridiculous and needlessly over-the-top manner. If you're currently thinking of Team Four Star… yeah, that's basically it.
    • While the Northuldrians and other Arendellian royal guards are predictably confused by this talking snowman’s antics, Mattias is genuinely emotionally invested in the tale, with his reactions mimicking that of audiences when they originally watched the first film.
      Olaf: [imitating Elsa] Get out, Anna! [imitates shooting ice] Pew! Pew! [imitates Anna] My heart!
      Mattias: [putting hand over his heart] Oh, my goodness.
      Olaf: [imitating Hans] Guess what? I'm the bad guy!
      Mattias: What?!
      Olaf: Then Anna freezes to death. Forever. [imitates her freezing and letting out her last breath]
      Mattias: [tearing up] Oh, Anna...
    • "At least they have their parents! Their parents are DEAD." Josh Gad's deadpan delivery of that line left at least one theater audience in complete stitches.
    • Yelena is very unimpressed during the whole spiel, but when Olaf gets to Hans' betrayal, her Aside Glance and small smirk towards a distraught Mattias seems to convey, "It was kind of obvious, you know."
    • Olaf ropes Sven into acting Anna and Hans' scenes with him, and Sven seems to be really into the roles.
    • When Olaf describes Anna as "born powerless", she looks a mixture of confused and offended.
    • Just as Olaf begins his story, Elsa and Anna clearly express discomfort: Anna, annoyed to the point of "Olaf, I still love you, but WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT AIRING OUR DIRTY LAUNDRY TO THESE PEOPLE LATER" murder in her eyes. Elsa, cringing in embarrassment and face-palming after everyone is caught up.
    • And then he does it again to Marshmallow and the snowgies in The Stinger, this time recapping the events of the movie.
    • The casually matter-of-fact end summary once he gets to the events of the current movie.
    "...except Elsa's hearing voices now, so we've got that going for us."
    • Unlike during Charades, Elsa's reaction to the "Let It Go" moment isn't smiling - it's a reaction of "Oh, Christ, what was I thinking?".
  • While Elsa is trying to imitate the calling from The Voice, Olaf does the same but more off-key and screechy. When Anna chimes in and says only one of them should do it, Olaf agrees because he thinks Elsa is "a little pitchy".
  • As they're traveling to the forest, Olaf passes the time by rattling off tons of random trivia, including the fact that wombats poop squares. Kristoff eventually gets fed up and says that sleeping during long trips is a good way to prevent insanity. Anna and Elsa instantly agree, but Olaf doubts them and says he'll look it up when they get back.
  • Anna points out that every Arendellian ship has a secret waterproof compartment. Olaf then wonders why they don't make the whole thing waterproof.note 
  • Upon seeing the others get thrown back by the Forest's magic barrier, Olaf gleefully keeps jumping into it and enjoying the ride.
  • When Elsa hears the Voice and the group stops, Anna has to wake Olaf up. Watch Olaf wincing and yawning in the background - he clearly took after Princess "You didn't wake me, I've been up for hours!" Anna.
  • The home video storyboard version of the deleted song number "(I Wanna) Get This Right" ends with Olaf and Elsa staring down at the happy Anna and Kristoff, Anna having just proposed to Kristoff. Olaf then comments "Hey, what do you think the odds are that he turns out to be a deranged murderer and tries to kill you like the last guy she almost married did?"

    Everyone Else 
  • When Kristoff and Sven see themselves reflected in the store window, the former is "wearing" a suit while the latter a dress. The expression Sven makes at seeing how "fetching" he looks is priceless.
  • When Kristoff tries to make a special proposal for Anna with the help of Ryder, both see a figure looking similar to Anna walk in and Kristoff proposes to her... except that the woman he proposed to was actually Yelana, who awkwardly refuses the proposal.
  • After Elsa revives Olaf and everyone goes in for a group hug, Sven still tries to go for a bite of Olaf’s nose.
  • At the end when Mattias and the other soldiers finally return to Arendelle, Mattias reunites with Hamilla, a woman he always fancied and takes his first ever photograph with her. The result is them making awkward grins.
    • It's easy to miss their expressions in the photo, because it's largely a setup for him asking "What do you call this crazy magic?"
    • When Anna fetches him to take him to the statue, he hands it back to her, saying that she "can look at our 'photograph' while I'm gone" while trying and failing to keep a straight face.
  • One time during King Agnarr and Queen Iduna's childhoods, she came across him reading a book by (in his words) "some new Danish author". Furthermore, said book has a picture of Ariel on the cover.
  • When Anna manages to wake up the stone giants, they go through all the stages of a heavy sleeper (like herself) roused from their sleep, stumbling and falling on top of each other.
  • As a Black Comedy example, it's retroactively amusing that since Anna becomes Queen of Arendelle at the end, Prince Hans actually could've been King of Arendelle like he wanted if he'd just married Anna normally instead of abandoning her to die in the previous film. Instead, humorously, his grabbing of the Villain Ball screwed himself out of his dream.
  • A small, funny moment that's easy to miss. When Elsa asks Kristoff if she can borrow his wagon and Sven, watch Sven's face as Kristoff answers. Sven is smiling. Apparently, he likes the idea of traveling alone with Elsa.

  • As part of their promotion of the second trailer's rollout day, Disney ran the trailer on a nonstop loop, with little bumpers by the cast members between each loop of the trailer. For Sven, we get the "reindeer cam", recorded footage of an actual reindeer prancing around.
  • A couple of weeks after the movie's release, Josh Gad briefly slipped back into character as Olaf to tweet excitedly about how he finally knows a "Samantha".
  • The music video for Weezer's cover of "Lost in the Woods" is practically a live-action recreation of the scene itself, with Rivers Cuomo in full Kristoff cosplay and Kristen Bell as Anna.


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