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Being one of the major cartoon fandoms during the 2000s, Ed, Edd n Eddy has a plethora of fanon.

  • On Edd's hat:
    • A good portion of the fandom has accepted that Edd as being a blond with medium length hair (the choice is particularly popular with animesque slash shippers). Edd with blond hair originates from an offhand joke interview by the creator saying that he has "curly blond hair" under his hat.
    • The other half, especially fan-artists who draw the Edd's in the show's style, depicts Edd with long black hair (if not black, then dark brown, but never blond). This is due to a fan-artist popularizing the idea that Edd has tied-up Rapunzel Hair.
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    • Edd with medium-length black hair is the third most common interpretation. Fan-artists from Tumblr especially depict Edd this way, possibly due to the fact they're detached from the Deviantart side of the fandomnote .
    • There's also a number of artists who just Take a Third Option and go with Edd having double toned hair (blonde with black tips). The common explanation for this is that blonde is Edd's natural hair color but his parents forced him to dye at it at least partially black.
    • Interestingly, hair is commonly tied to why Edd wears that Nice Hat of his. Known speculations include: unusually colored hair, unruly hair, a combination of the first two, not wanting to be associated with the Dumb Blond stereotype, and hair pulling as a nervous tic (usually due to abandonment issues stemming from his parents never being around),... Regardless of the reason, him willingly revealing it (as opposed to having it come out because his hat gets yanked off against his will) is generally treated as an intimate gesture, especially since he's always portrayed as ashamed of whatever it is. When the reason for the hat is unruly hair, there's frequently an offer, whether platonic or romantic, for restyling (known candidates have included Jimmy and Nazz) that is followed by The Reveal that while Edd is decently attractive normally, he's drop dead gorgeous when his hair is in order.
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    • Conversely Edd's hat has nothing to do with his hair and is used to cover up a nasty scar that he's ashamed of. Somewhat supported by Eddy and Ed's initial reactions to seeing whatever is under the hat ("Geez Louise!" and "Cool." respectively) and their later responses to the hat coming off in The Movie ("My eyes! They're burning!" and "Does it hurt?" respectively). This allows for the aforementioned "willingly taking off the hat is an intimate gesture". Another similar fanon is that Edd's hat is a Security Blanket.
  • Eddy is usually depicted as having dark blue or black Anime Hair. Blue haired Eddy, and blond Edd, do technically have a basis in canon, as that was the hair colors they had when the Kankers 'made them pretty' in "Quick Shot Ed" and Eddy wore a blue wig in the Halloween Episode as well. Granted, it could be wigs but given that Ed had his canonical red hair, it's not a stretch. However, Eddy as blond occasionally pops up due to him having blond hair in "Hand Me Down Ed".
  • Character's names:
    • "Nazz" is a nickname. For what, fans haven't made a consensus on.
    • Since Eddy's brother isn't given a name in canon, fans often have to give him one in their stories to avoid awkward dialogue. The most popular options are Terry, after the voice actor who voiced him, or Matthew, based on rumors on the internet about an interview with creator Danny Antonucci (that never happened since he never talked about the subject).
    • When it comes to last names, everyone's usually given the last names of their respective voice actors (ie, Edd Vincent and Kevin Barr), exceptions being: Nazz (has a canon last name), the Kankers (ditto), Sarah (usually gets the same last name as Ed), and sometimes Eddy (he's been referred to as Eddy McGee before in canon, but it's Ed saying it, so it's not clear if it's Eddy's real name or not). An alternative surname for Eddy is "Verra".
  • Eddy as an adult comes in two forms: Basically an older version of his current self - a short, muscular (or chubby) man - or a very tall, muscular man. Given that everyone else in his family seem to be huge (going off the disembodied arms of his parents, and his brother is at least over six feet tall), the latter makes the most sense.
  • In fanart of the cul-de-sac kids being aged up, Sarah is often given Rapunzel Hair and Hartman Hips. Amusingly this concept likes to be paired with her being a Pettanko.
  • Jimmy frequently displays a talent for fashion design that often evolves into a full-blown career as an adult, but unfortunately gets him Mistaken for Gay as a teen.
  • He never actually does it onscreen, but it's common to see Eddy's brother smoking.
  • If Edd and Marie don't hook up/are not shipped, they are portrayed as Platonic Life-Partners; this is especially common when Edd pairs up with Kevin and Marie with Nazz as in those stories (and in general when they're not shipped), Kevin and Nazz are Platonic Life-Partners as well.
  • Edd's parents are frequently portrayed as being some kind of doctor or lawyers, giving them a more Parents as People explanation for their absence in their son's life and to differentiate them from the neglectful and biased parents of his best friends. They also tend to be relatively accepting of Edd's romantic partners, even if they are Marie or Kevin. Of course conversely Edd's parents can be portrayed as always away, even when he needs the support though whether this is outright Abusive Parents or Parents as People varies depending on the author in question.
  • Edd is considered bisexual by a large number of fans due to his Ambiguously Bi nature.
  • Jimmy is usually considered either Camp Straight or bisexual. He has a implied crush on Sarah, but he also has some scenes that imply he's attracted to boys.
  • Older versions of Marie Kanker usually depict her as a smoker.
  • In fanfics where the cast is older, Ed usually requires glasses.
  • Popularized by a Kevedd fan-artist in 2013 (though it was used even prior), Edd as a teenager is usually depicted with a fondness for cardigans, sweater-vests, ties, and bow-ties.
  • Due to her punkish looks, fans sometimes make Marie a lover of punk rock music, or some other type of rock.

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