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  • Names:
    • Fanwriters had long assumed that Kim's mother had the given name Anne, as her two brothers are named for her father's first and middle names, since "Anne" is Kim's middle name. In the last episode, Kim's mother is addressed as Annie by Uncle Slim, meaning in all likelihood this was right all along. The creators participated in a few online forums from time to time, and it's possible they made the decision to give her this name only after so many people asked about it.
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    • Shego's given name is never shown (and it's possible her name actually is "Shego") but it's common for fans to call her names that begin with "Sh-", like "Sheila" or "Sharon", though some go with her being named "Kimberly" for ironic kicks. In fan-works she usually doesn't let anyone call her by her real name except for close loved ones, however her estranged brothers don't care and address her as such against her will.
    • Team Go's surname is "Go". This is implied by Shego's ancestor being called "Miss Go" in "Rewriting History" and Shego going by "Ms. Go" in "Stop Team Go", but it's never concretely confirmed. Less commonly, "Go" is a shortening of her real last name (such as "Godeaux" or "Goldberg").
    • "Hank" and "Henry" are the two most common names for Hego.
    • Wade is often given the last name "Load" in fics. The name appears in pre-production notes by the creators, but was never stated onscreen.
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    • Ron's parents are often named "Gene" and "Jean" in several fanfics.
  • The popular notion of feelings between Kim and Shego, be it one-sided or not. Even if not, both, but especially Shego, are treated as bisexual in a lot of fanworks. Bonnie is also commonly bisexual.
    • Ron, Josh, Felix, Zita, Yori and Monique are bi too.
    • Kim (if she’s not bi as well) could be pansexual -she can do anything- so she’d likely be up for dating anyone provided they were both into each other.
  • There's a common notion in fics where Shego reforms that she would become a teacher if she gave up her life of crime. She does have a degree in child development - and in fact she temporarily became a teacher at Kim's high school - so it isn't farfetched.
  • Another fan theory that has been prevalent in the fan-fics is that Ron is still receiving a percentage from Bueno Nacho, and that his parents had the foresight to set up a trust fund for him.
  • Most fans are under the impression Shego holds back when fighting Kim. Her constantly getting beaten by a non-superpowered teen is suspicious, especially as she is a former hero herself. It often relates to the above mentioned fanon that Shego likes Kim romantically but it isn't always, with the usual other explanation being she doesn't murder people, she doesn't want to kill a teen at least, she doesn't want the extra trouble she'd attract if she killed or seriously injured Kim, she enjoys their conflict too much to put a permanent end to it, and/or she is amused by Kim's inevitable escapes from Drakken's latest Death Trap.
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  • A fanon that often goes with the above is that Shego sees Kim as her rival and enjoys the thrill of fighting with her.
  • It's not the most common fanon, but there are many fans who think Shego dyes her hair. Her brothers all have hair in the same color as their skin, yet she has black hair.
  • Shego has an estranged relationship with her siblings; however, many fans write her as having a soft spot for her youngest siblings, the Wego twins.
  • It was never stated what happened to Shego's parents. She's often written as having been orphaned either prior to her superhero origin or due to the crash itself. If not an orphan than she has an estranged relationship from her parents. Shego almost always strongly resembles her mother.
  • Drakken, Shego, and her siblings will have children of their respective skin colours if they ever chose to. It's never clarified in-series how much their changes affected them biologically.
  • The Ambiguously Brown Bonnie as latina. In the cartoon, her ethnicity is never touched upon.
  • One of Shego's powers is Super Toughness. This is because she survives being kicked into an electrical tower and then the tower collapsing on her without even losing consciousness in So the Drama.
  • When it comes to religion, Kim's family is usually thought to be Catholic. Shego is usually either Raised Catholic or raised Jewish.
  • The "Wego" twins are treated as one character and only have one name. As a result, it's not uncommon to see them presented as having originally been one person until their superpowers split them into two.
  • Shego has a past history with human experimentation due to her superpowers. This is in part due to the Running Gag about how her contract with Drakken explicitly disallows cloning.
  • A common interpretation of Bonnie is that she secretly wants to be friends, or more, with Kim, but she can't for some reason (with a common one being her sister's disapprove of Kim).
  • Though she's never shown listening to Goth Rock or doing anything associated with being goth, fans see Shego as a Perky Goth due to her Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette looks, snarky attitude, and her black-and-green color scheme.
  • Some fans believe like Wade, Shego was (thanks to her powers) able to graduate school and get her degree at a very young age. She likely officially began her superhero career then and was still a teenager when she left Team Go. However, because of her older brothers, she had to be the adult on Team Go. While wanting to be a villain was the main reason she she left she wanted to be young as well. She did enjoy the idea of being a teacher some day, but first she needed to make a name for herself, a few years later in her early 20s after becoming in eleven countries she became a side kick to a no name villain. To either try and make his plans work, or laugh when they don’t. While also being able to kick back and do a few teenage things (Not unlike a hardworking high school/college graduate who wants to take it easy for a year).
    • Also it keeps Shego as younger villain (as originally intended) while letting her keep her teaching certificate and her past life as a super hero turned villain. (If you can ignore a few plot holes). But it means that Shego is a bit older than Kim but still young enough to be a viable love interest for her (and Ron if you’re into that). While also letting her go for people her own age or older men, as she’s been shown to go for.
  • Fans often write that Kim and Shego turned out to be related, usually as sisters or half-sisters.
  • Lorwardians:
    • Warhok and Warmonga are a couple, usually married.
    • Either Warhok, Warmonga, or both are royalty or related to royalty.
    • The Lorwardians are not an Always Chaotic Evil race, some are more noble than others.
    • The Lorwardians having names that begin with "War-". Sometimes those are names they earned through trials and battles.

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