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Just another one of those days... is an ongoing The Brittas Empire fanfic written by SpacePenguin11. Splitting off from the episode “Moms And Dads”, it concerns a rapidly developing relationship between Gordon Brittas and Laura Lancing. It can be found here


  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: Unlike in the series proper, the death of Brittas' mother is explored in slightlymore detail. He's also shown to have an abusive wife before Helen.
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  • Adaptation Name Change / Named by the Adaptation: The names of the stepchildren are given as Jonathan, Sam, and George. In canon, they're known as Jonathan, Tom and an unnamed third child.
  • Dies Differently in Adaptation: The matter in which Brittas’ mother died. In the series proper, it’s implied that Brittas’ piano playing was so dreadful that it killed her. In the fanfic, it was Stage 4 breast cancer which kills her, with her dropping dead during one of Brittas’ piano recitals being a coincidence.
  • Domestic Abuse: Chapter 9 reveals that Brittas had a previous wife, named Mandy. Apparently,she inflicted abuse on him, attempted to murder him with food laced with arsenic, and is the cause of the scar on his chin.
  • Going to Be One of Those Days: Stated at the end of Chapter 1 after Laura observes that Brittas is in a foul mood one day.
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  • Good Parents: Gordon is revealed to be this to his children in Chapter 11, being gentle with them and instilling proper values in them such as (ironically) being polite.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Gordon says this almost word for word when he loses his self-control and starts making out with Laura.
  • Self-Harm: According to Chapter 9, Helen cuts her arms fairly regularly.
  • Unseen No More: Gordon and Helen's stepchildren, who are The Ghost in the series proper, here actually appear and get lines starting in Chapter 10.

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