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Officially entitled "soulless shell", complete with missing caps, this fic has been dubbed the legolas by laura of the Redwall fandom, and described as being "like a badfic bingo card". To attempt to summarise this thing:

The story begins with the introduction of Leif Melyamos, a half-rat half-mouse, whose parents are killed by a mysterious organisation of evil which captures him and declares him to be the "crimson king" (apparently no relation to The Dark Tower series). They demand he demonstrate his powers, and it's revealed very suddenly that he has the ability to shoot beams from his paws and teleport, by which fact no beast seems very surprised for some reason. Skip an uncertain amount of time, and Leif has become the leader of the mysterious organisation of evil, despite being a good guy at heart. His rival, Councilman Arnold, is accused of rape and Leif has him arrested, only to have him escape. Luckily Leif is on a date nearby with his fangirl Maiomi, who is supposed to be seventeen but acts seven because the author can't write female characters convincingly, finds Arnold, and slaughters him messily while in his brand new randomly-appearing monster form, which has horns and wings. Leif then goes on a quest to find his father's magical sword, which demands a sacrifice of blood before it will let him use it. The story ends abruptly there, as the author has not resumed it since.


The original can be found here and the dramatic reading is here.

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