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  • The Our Miss Brooks story The Reunion Assembly. Apparently the author was unaware that a reunion is an assembly of sorts.
  • Parodied in Bring Me All Your Elderly!. It makes fun of the movie The Last Airbender 's extreme redundancy using a disease that makes Sokka, Suki, and Katara talk redundantly, like they do in the movie.
    Katara: This bad movie film was ruined long before we got here and entered it! And I have no regretful feelings of remorse at all for making fun of you in a mocking way! You were supposed to portray my own character, and you did not portray me with any accuracy at all! You cry and weep and sob and cry and pout and whimper and cry all the time, every scene, non-stop! You can't fight or engage in any combat! And you're mostly just useless in a non-useful way!
  • In the same vein, Those Lacking Spines parodied this in their High School A.U. segment. The name of the school itself was the parody: Destiny Sanctuary Peak High School Academy Grammar School.
  • This NSFW edit of a screencap from the Ranma ½ anime.
  • In one of the Freddy the Pig stories, the title character makes a list of people he does not want to run into at that moment. The same name (Mr. Curry?) occupies the first three places.
  • In Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami, while Takada and a desk lady are having sex in a closet, there is some "paint that the janitor used to paint things with".
    • "He was eating bananas like Ruyk ate apples but they were blood bananas made of blood."
      • "He kept the blood bananas in a special case because other people might eat them thinking they were not blood bananas and get a mouth full of blood banana and blood."
      • Becomes Fridge Brilliance when you realize there really are such things as Blood Bananas that are NOT actually made of blood.
      • "poison bananas made of poison"
    • "I am Dark Yagami. You look sexyed. I am Dark Yagami."
    • ""Why yes dear boy" answered dark coshing him over the head with a cosh."
    • Apparently, "Matsuda saw it".
    • "The nuclear bom went off like a bom"
    • "Suddenly he stopped suddenly.''
    • "There was some rules in the front but he figured how it worked anyway because he was a genius and worked it out."
    • "like when people die in romeo and julyt when they die"
    • Blud watched the action unfold from his sky bass in the sky
    • He grew like a mushroom in a mushroom farm
    • A bunch of red lights went red
    • "The secret weapon is pretty damn secret."
    • Outside he saw a shadowy shadow shadowing away in the shadows.
    • ...who was slimy and smelly and smelled like slime.
    • "Blud looked at the royal death note that sat in his hands like an evil book sitting in his hands."
  • My Immortal makes reference to "magical magic creatures".
    • Specifically, their hair.
    • There's also this example in Chapter 23:
    • "And then the roses turned into a huge black flame floating in the middle of the air and it was black."
    • Despite being a Yaoi Fangirl, Tara insults flamers by calling them "gay fags".
    • Enoby has "ebony black" hair and "pale white" skin.
    • There's also a line where she says this little gem: "Then all of a suddenly, an horrible man with red eyes and no nose and everything started flying towards me on a broomstick! He didn’t have a nose (like Voldemort in the movie) and he was wearing all black but it was obvious he wasn’t gothic. It was…… Voldemort!" Enoby might dethrone Captain Obvious.
    • "We went in2 a blak room. The wallz were blak."
    • "Instead, I put on a black leather dress, a pentagram necklace, combat boots and black fishnets on."
  • Occurs fairly often in Half-Life: Full Life Consequences, as see in this quote:
    John Freeman: It's a good day to do what has to be done by me and help my brother to defeat the enemys.
    He didn’t want nothing to happen to Henry Freeman because Henry Freeman was John Freeman saw Combines start to run like monsters to humens and Henry Freeman and saw Henry Freeman and humens run like brave to Combines.
  • The Big Room That Is Big Makes up about 90% of the entire story. If the title itself weren't enough, it has quotes such as "And then Johnny woke up and it was the morning and Johnny is a morning person and he likes to wake up in the morning it is great, singing birds are singing!"
  • The Mother of All Trailers!
  • Forbiden Fruit: The Tempation of Edward Cullen: "I cryed and cryed but he didn’t stop for hours and when he finally stopped he left me on the floor and spat in my face and left me there. I pulled on my clothes and cryed madly and ran off into the seething darkness of the midnight street. I ran and ran un till I came to some woods and then I fell down in the woods and cryed." Later on, someone has "black hair like the black feathers of a raven in the black darkness".
  • Nightfoot, in Chapter 47 of her story Tales of Cosplayers among others lets one of the protagonists sing "The song that never ends" to annoy her captor.
  • At one point in soulless shell, Thrnos bows to Leif twice in a single run-on sentence.
  • While rescuing the eponymous Mary Sue during legolas by laura, Legolas explains to Laura that the orcs "bet you up and they raped you also the dark lord gave you some posion", even though Laura was there. When she wakes from her illness in Rivendell, he explains it to her again.
  • Deserving does this a lot, often giving the same piece of exposition three or four times (sometimes in the same scene) or tagging dialogue with a Said Bookism that reiterates what the dialogue has already made clear.
  • How I Became Yours has this gem: "Katara is pregnant with child!"
  • It's common for those in the Warrior Cats fandom to use "star" as a name prefix for their OCs. This is never done in the actual series, because it would create the inevitable Fridge Logic of the character being called "Starstar" if he or she ever became Clan leader.
  • In The Worst That Could Happen, Kurt is very surprised to learn that Dave Karofsky likes cooking.
    Kurt: You cook. In a kitchen, with an apron and a spatula and cooking.
  • Hogwarts Exposed would probably be a third as long without all the redundancy. There are entire scenes that establish points of plot and characterisation that had already been established, exposition that tells the reader things they already know and sometimes things they'd already been told earlier in the same scene, and several instances of characters "nodding yes" and "shaking their heads no". Admittedly in some areas, nodding is a no and shaking is a yes, but these characters are supposedly British.
  • In the MST of My Inner Life, Zelda Queen makes paging the Department of Redundancy Department a Running Gag.
  • StaraptorEmpoleon uses this so often it might as well be her Signature Style: "What I really wanted was sex. "And I want sex...", I shuddered and fell to the ground backward because she pushed me down."
  • From the Calvinverse:
    "Hobbes stared in horror as an energy force field began to cover Hobbes up."
    Retro: This is perfect, Bob. With my brains and his army and my brains, we could rule the world side-by-side.
    "Oh, no. Oh no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Absolutely not! Negative! No way! Never! And in case you didn't pick on that, NO!"
  • In Becoming Female, the author reminds everyone that that sexist idiot Ron Raper is sexist. It happens 93 times overall.
  • There's a lot in the fifth chapter and onward of a Naruto fanfic, The Battle of the Bands [1]. (It may be a trollfic)
    "the the week before the competition the blood strained black roses were practicing. they were practicing. they decided to go to hinatas house. hinata, sakura, ino, tenten, and temari were practicing."
    "anyway, they practiced a lot and then they talked about boys after they were done practicing and they decided to talk about boys. "i love sasuke," said skura after they were done practicing with they werre talking about boys."
    "the two were best friends but they liked the same girl which was hard but it was okay because they were best friends but they liked the same girl which was hard but it was okay because they were best freineds."
    "it was a mess. the whole thing was a mess and hnata had to fix it up fast but everyone was all confused."
  • Extremely common in Twillight Sparkle's awesome adventure.
    • Queen Celesia has elite elite guards.
    • "That would be self-suicide."
    • Things occasionally explode in big explosions.
  • The narrator in the essay-fic, Equestria: A History Revealed, is guilty of this a few times, going to the extent that a source in the bibliography is specifically cited as "Redundant Things Are Redundant, and Other Truths".
  • agentmatt's fanfiction has fallen victim to this many times, especially one of his gems Life's Little Joy. (He may be a troll)
    This is one of my favorites: "That's Right" began Victor "she's pregnant, which means she is going to be a mother and I'm going to be a father"
  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Harry considers the meaning of life while gazing out over "ice-colored ice"
  • In Lemmy's Land, Morton Koopa Jr. is based on his characterization as Big Mouth Koopa from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, and thus has a tendancy to speak like this.
    Welcome to Morton's Basics! I, Morton Koopa Jr., sultan of Desert Land, emperor of Donut Plains, master of all things hot, and a pretty mean breakdancer, am going to show you the ropes, how things work, the basics! I'll even show, teach, demonstrate, point out... whoops, there I go again! Lemmy said if I talk too much I'd scare away all the tourists, visitors, and guests, so I have to tone it down, talk less, keep my mouth shut more, or I'll be in trouble, get punished, find out what the or else is. I think, believe, feel that I should start being quiet, get silent, shush now, right this second, at the present, immediately, instantaneously- ARGH! It's so hard to stop talking, but I'll try really really really hard. Starting now. Yeah.
  • This is a huge problem in Curse of the Demon Pony. It's like the author thinks that the readers will forget something soon afterwards if he doesn't constantly repeat things that the characters say.
    • The author, JusSonic, has this problem with just about everything he writes.
  • The disclaimer for Luminosity:
    Luminosity is created with no commercial intent or gain. Stephenie Meyer owns all things that she owns, completely, wholly, and tautologically. I intend to write fanfiction, not to be a bad evil stealing-type person who is bad and evil and stealing and a person.
  • Done deliberately in the fic Fifty Shades Of Blue by the author to make fun of her own writing style. It even shows in the summaries:
    Sordid tales of eroticism from the darkest corners of the galaxy, hot from the most degenerate pages of Fornax. It's pretty much Caligula, you guys. But with aliens. Hot aliens. That are hot.
  • One Pokemon fanfiction had a Gyarados emerge from a river, "Roar! it roared."
  • A side story for Mare of Steel, Evil Things That Are Evil, refers to Brainiac's evil base with his evil machines that are carrying out his evil plans of evil. Because he's evil. And That's Terrible.
    • It should be noted that this is an intentional invocation of the trope, as this side story is a non-canon send up to Silver Age stories.
  • A particularly infamous example is in the Ace Ray chapter in the third "season" of My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic, where Penny states "I'm not just a doctor of medicine and psychology. I know a thing or two about science", not realizing that both medicine and psychology are sciences.
  • In The Stalking Zuko Series, Katara refers to Azula as "a life ruiner," and in the next sentence, says "She ruins lives."
  • Hans Von Hozel:
    One day, House was walk into his House.
    "It is good to have House House!" say House, as he walk into House House.
  • In Harry Potter: My Life Is My Own Dumbledore is "willing to face the charges against him, willingly."
  • In Out of the Depths one of the books Harry intends to use for a private research project is called Leggerworth's Litany of Legendary Legends.
  • Blood is Thicker:
    Narcissa Malfoy: We have some good news to impart to you both. We have managed to open an orphanage for wizarding children that have no families.
  • Like a Lightning Bolt mentions "Hedwig's bark of annoyance at being annoyed."
  • Friendship Is Magical Girls: This is pretty much how individuals in the Infestation talk even to each other, constantly using "that which is" and "the one who is" in all of their statements. And they won't shorten their sentences for anything. When one of them gets fed up with another, we get this gem:
    "Up that which is yours."
    • It gets lampshaded by Spike:
    The Infestation: We are the Infestation, and we are here to complete that which is our mission, which is to capture the human male that is to be captured alive for conversion into that which is known as a Royal Drone for the purposes of mating with the one who is our Queen and deliver him to the one who is our Queen for conversion into a Royal Drone.
    Spike: Okay, you know, I was worried for a second? But now I'm just bored.
  • In The Witch of the Everfree, after Sunset throws a fireball at a tree in the Everfree Forest:
    Twilight: You could have killed us! Using fire in the forest is going to… you know! Start a fire. A forest fire. In the forest.
    Sunset: Eloquent.
  • The Definition of Normal:
    Ron was predictably predictable.
  • Advice and Trust: In chapter 9, Ritsuko is very nervous after having a romance dream about her co-worker, and as she tries to calm down, she says herself that she's a "rational woman of science and rationality".
    Alright, time to prove you’re really the mature, in-control-of-herself rational woman of science and rationality you keep saying you are, Ritsuko Akagi.
  • Daisy Dursley:
    Dudley also received a new black bicycle helmet that was black with a blue shark decal on it from Franklin and G.I. Joe Rolling Thunder from Scott.
  • Snapped:
    Snape swished in with his swishy robes swishing about.
  • This I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC video:
    Deadpool: The members of the Skrull Throneworld have conquered Earth through murder, torture, intimidation, and murder.
    Wolverine: You said "murder" twice.
    Deadpool: I like murder.

    Deadpool: The Skrull will not be able to help themselves from imagining the cruelty their brothers endured at our hands. And the edge of our knives. And the edge of our knives that come from our hands.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series:
  • An impressive one from Code MENT:
    "One": Haha!! You are mine and there is no escaping me! Say Your Prayers, Cornelia, for I am going to shoot your robot, and then shoot you! After I shoot your robot, then I'm going to shoot you! After I shoot your robot, I am going to shoot you. But first the robot, and then you, in that order. Not the whole thing, just the last part; that's the order that I meant. Because that would mean I would kill yo—yeah, you know what? It don't matter.
    Cornelia: JUST DO IT ALREADY!
  • A Very Potter Musical:
    • The original has Draco's rant about "traversing the galaxy for intergalactic travels..."
    • A Very Potter Sequel: "Everything I've ever read tells me those urban legends are just old wives' tales."
  • Menagerie of Birds:
    Harry swallowed. He didn't like the thought of meeting strangers he had never met before.
  • In Friendship and Honour Harry meets Lucius Malfoy at a Ministry party.
    Harry: Do you realise that your son is bullying others at school with two of his friends, threatening them with threats of you and whatever power you have?
  • Yet Another Universe:
    The ministry has declared Diagon Alley closed for a week while the rubble and the bodies of the victims that died are cleared.
  • We Stand United:
    Hermione: The Prophet ran an article the other day about how you were trying to bring trouble to the wizarding world by saying that Voldemort is back at full strength, and making false allegations against a Ministry employee that was proven false.
  • Harry Potter's Promise:
    Hermione: Sure, it raises the chances of the woman to have a male son, but it also prevents them from having more children.
  • The Hope of Family:
    John walked up the stairs shaking his head as he walked up the stairs to get Theo up from his sleep.
  • A Different Professor:
    The walls and floors had cushioning charms to prevent injury in hopes of preventing injury if their wolves tried to break through the walls.
  • The Fifth House:
    [Hermione] knew, of course, of Ron's jealousy of Harry, but thought that over the years he'd grown out of that phase. Apparently she was mistaken, given the accusing tone of his accusation.