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  • Harry and Voldemort both had very similar beginnings as they both were orphaned half-bloods who grew up in muggle homes with no knowledge about their origins, and then found a home in Hogwarts, and Harry occasionally finds himself sympathetic to Voldemort. Nonetheless, the choices that both of them made sent them in totally different directions.
    • Harry and Voldemort's respective chosen methods of self-preservation: Voldemort survives through his six Horcruxes, which he created by murdering five people plus one more after his ill-fated attempt on Harry's life (and then he makes out of Nagini). Harry survives through his relationships with friends and relatives, six of whom are killed in the act of directly saving his life: James and Lily Potter, Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, Peter Pettigrew, and Dobby. Harry and Voldemort act as the seventh Horcrux/relationship for each other: Harry is Voldemort's unknown seventh Horcrux, and Voldemort unknowingly saves Harry's life by creating a blood bond between them during his resurrection in Goblet of Fire; he even "dies" to save Harry's life when he tries to kill Harry in the Forbidden Forest and instead destroys the portion of his soul preserved in Harry.
      • Harry's wand and Voldemort's wand share the same core, a phoenix feather from Fawkes, who only gave two feathers. Then, we have the Elder Wand, which is different entirely. People have written papers on the connections between Voldemort and Harry.
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  • Harry also notes parallels with Snape in Deathly Hallows. He refers to himself, Voldemort, and Snape as "the abandoned boys", and notes that they all found a home at Hogwarts. Interestingly, Snape seems to have been set up as the half-way point between Voldemort and Harry — in his youth, he delved into the Dark Arts and swore allegiance to the Dark Lord, but after his actions caused the death of the woman he loved, Lily Potter neé Evans, he realized the folly in all this and sought atonement through becoming Dumbledore's spy and protecting Lily's son.
  • Draco Malfoy initially seems to be Harry's counterpart being the only son of a famous/infamous Wizard and Witch and Seeker for their respective Quidditch teams Gryffindor and Slytherin and are set up as rivals for the first five books. Both Harry and Draco are eager to prove their worth for their respective groups: Harry for Order of Phoenix and Draco for the Death Eaters. Even Malfoy's actor Tom Felton cheerfully Lampshades this, suggesting his character is trying to be "The Harry Potter of the Dark side", however the emphasize is on trying as unfortunately for Draco he can never exceed Harry in skill or popularity. So really Draco is actually more of the bad counterpart to Ron Weasley, both sons of Order of the Phoenix member/Death Eater Arthur Wealsey and Lucius Malfoy. Also like Draco, Ron felt much bitter jealously at Harry for most of his school life. But by the seventh book Ron man ups and becomes his own person while it takes Draco twenty more years to ultimately get over Harry and his own flaws.
    • Also Ron to Pettigrew. Both are/were close friends to a guy who is/was considered very popular and cool and are/were ignored otherwise. Both are more than a little jealous of this. Deathly Hallows implies that Ron, like Pettigrew, has a bit of a lust for power (his interest in the Elder Wand, though Hermione is just as fascinated by it). Unlike Pettigrew, Ron never abandons his friends for power or protection. More importantly, Ron refuses to be an Extreme Doormat and bottle up his frustration, indeed he voices it out and works through it, which Pettigrew never did and so never worked out his bitterness. Wormtail would sell out his friends to carry favor to the next biggest bully for his own ends.
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    • Percy Wealsey is Ron's neutral counterpart, both brothers are third string to their older siblings (Percy to Bill and Charlie, Ron to Fred and George) and tried desperately to standout. Both Ron and Percy become Prefects and lorded it over other students more than once, however Ron stayed loyal to his family and to lesser extent Harry and the Order of Phoenix while Percy betrayed both groups and became a high ranking bureaucrat in the Ministry of Magic. Though like Ron with Harry, Percy saw the error of ways and rejoined his family apologizing deeply.
  • Bellatrix and Hermione. Hermione is as devoted to Harry as Bellatrix is to Voldemort. Both intelligent and powerful witches, on the opposite side of the good/evil divide; both capable of, and shown willing to go to, extremes for their purposes. (Bellatrix tortured the Longbottoms into insanity to find Voldemort. Hermione comes up with the same method for Harry to communicate with his DA members as Voldemort used with his Death Eaters; she bewitches a DA document so that it will semi-permanently facially disfigure anyone who signs it and later sells them out; she blackmails Rita Skeeter.)
    • Pansy Parkinson to Hermione, is to a lesser extent what Draco is to Harry and both girls to have attraction to arrogant Quidditch players. but while Hermione is a bookish beauty Pansy is little more than ugly Alpha Bitch. This is fitting since J.K admitted that Pansy is based off the girls that bullied her at school.
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  • Neville and Pettigrew. In their early school days at least, both are seen as weak students who need help from their more powerful/competent trio of friends (Harry/Ron/Hermione and James/Sirius/Remus). While this trio is their closest friends, they are always portrayed as being slightly outside of it as well. Pettigrew was famous for having attempted to bring down one of Voldemort's greatest strengths (Sirius Black), which he had actually set up as a frame job, and Neville actually did take one out (Nagini). Neville eventually learned to find his own strength and stepped up to the level of his friends, while Pettigrew never tried to work through his weaknesses and was always looking for someone to protect him (James/Sirius/Remus, Voldemort, the Weasleys, Harry).
  • Fred and George can be seen as the Good counterparts to Crabbe and Goyle, both pairs are the muscly Beaters for their respective Quidditch teams. But of course while Fred and George are charming, funny and loyal While Crabbe and Goyle are brutish, unappealing and betray their friends, and one of each is killed during in the Final Battle Fred on the good side and Crabbe on the bad side.
  • Arthur and Lucius just as much as their sons are polar opposites but share some underling connection, Lucius is an callous extremely wealthy bigot, while Arthur is a lovable Muggle sympathizer. Aside from the fact their both hold high place in Dumbledore/Voldemort's inner circle, both Arthur and Lucius are true family men at heart with unfaltering care for their wife and offspring, it being one of Arthur's best aspects and Lucius's sole redeeming feature.
    • Molly Weasley (née Prewett) and Narcissa Malfoy (née Black). Both love their children and both come from well-known pureblooded wizard families. Molly is the warm, caring matriarch of one of the wizarding world's most prominent anti-Voldemort families, embraces people regardless of their blood, and she's the mother of Harry's closest friend Ron Weasley, acting as a surrogate mother to Harry. Narcissa is the cold, manipulative matriarch of one of the wizarding world's most prominent pureblood supremacist families and she's the mother of Harry's primary rival Draco Malfoy. While Molly believes in and fights for her side's cause, Narcissa ultimately defects but in both cases, these choices they both make here stem from their love for their families.
    • Bellatrix also serves as an Evil Counterpart to Molly Weasley. According to Rowling that is why the two fight each other at the end — Bellatrix loves no one (besides her obsession over Voldemort) and Mrs. Weasley is very loving. Love wins out. (This is in spite of Bellatrix having all but been set up as Neville Longbottom's Arch-Enemy.)
      • Andromeda Tonks (née Black) is also the good counterpart to both Narcissa and Bellatrix (her sisters) since she married a Muggle born man while Narcissa and Bellatrix hooked up with pure blood men.
  • Voldemort and Dumbledore turn out to have a lot in common. Both were the most brilliant students Hogwarts had ever seen, and in his youth, Dumbledore held similar, if relatively more benign, beliefs about wizard supremacy (mainly driven by his love for his friend, the future Dark Lord Gellert Grindelwald), and thirst for power through items that supposedly defeated death, the Deathly Hallows. However, significant differences in their upbringing, such as the fact that Dumbledore still had people he'd cared for and cared for him in return, and also a working moral compass, ensured that they made different choices that veered them into wildly different directions.
  • Gellert Grindelwald is also the dark twin of Albus Dumbledore. The two were the most brilliant students of their respective schools, Durmstrang and Hogwarts (even if Grindelwald was expelled), and even befriended each other in their youth. Intellectual and magical equals, Grindelwald nearly succeeded in corrupting Dumbledore through manipulating the latter's romantic affections for him, until he attacked Dumbledore's younger brother Aberforth, the ensuing melee leading to the death of their younger sister Ariana. Years later, Grindelwald became the worst Dark Lord in history (or, at least he was until Voldemort showed up) in his pursuit for power, while Dumbledore became a symbol for the Light, and refused to accept anymore power than that of a teacher (and later, Headmaster) for Hogwarts. Not to mention their usage of the Elder Wand: Grindelwald used the wand as an instrument for murder and destruction, while Dumbledore, after winning the wand from Grindelwald, only kept the wand to ensure it would never be used for that purpose ever again, and had every intention of breaking the wand's power with his death. Both were aware of this dichotomy, and Grindelwald feared Dumbledore because of it. Dumbledore feared Grindelwald as well, but not for reasons one would expect.
    • Since Ariana Dumbledore is hinted at being a Obscurus, (thanks to Fantastic Beasts) making her the slightly more good counterpart to Credence Barebone. Both are young troubled and trapped vulnerable Magical children that have experienced horrific abuse because of their magic, causing both children to lash out at people. Ariana accidentally killing her mother and Credence outright murdering his adoptive mother and sister, however according to Aberforth, Ariana was a sweet scared girl beneath her condition. While Credence unlike Ariana is able to control his destructive powers but admits to Grindelwald he "He doesn't want to". Both Ariana and Credence were killed during a wizard battle, Ariana by accident and Credence on purpose. However, Credence survived to appear in Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Gellert Grindelwald where he’s “revealed” to be a relative of Dumbledore, although it comes from an unreliable source and should be taken with a grain of salt.
  • Though they're on the same side in Order of the Phoenix, Sirius and Snape can be interpreted this way as well. They started out as Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, then they joined opposite sides of the war. Sirius was James's best friend, and Snape had been best friends and had a crush on Lily, and despite the falling out that Snape and Lily had, he and Sirius are incredibly loyal to their said best friends. Both of them even did something really terrible to a close friend of theirs, Sirius's being sending Snape to be torn apart by Remus on the full moon and Snape's being calling Lily a Mudblood. Snape hated his father, and Sirius hated his family. In a way they're the different sides of the same coin as Sirius is a Pureblood who rebells against his family and Dark Arts, fascinated with muggle things, while Snape is a half-blood who has a fasciniation Dark Arts and acts on beliefs of pure-bloods. More importantly, both make a misguided major decision that indirectly causes the death of their respective best friends: Sirius offers Pettigrew as the real Secret-Keeper with him as a decoy, resulting in Pettigrew's betrayal and Snape informs Voldemort about the prophecy of The Chosen One which causes Voldemort to target the Potters in the first place.
  • Bellatrix Lestrange is the Evil Counterpart of Sirius Black. They grew up in the same environment, come from the same family, and have similar temperaments. They're both skilled magically, and they resemble each other physically. They're both very devoted to their respective sides and would do anything to protect those they care about. Their deaths even parallel each other, which Harry points out.
  • Voldemort is also this to Severus Snape, a troubled Slytherin student with a muggle father and witch mother, but while Severus pulled a Heel–Face Turn out of love for Lily Potter (Harry Potter's mom) and spent the rest of his life protecting Lily's son, Harry, who he ultimately sacrificed himself for, old Voldey never found anyone whom he truly loved and remained a Jerkass to the bitter end.
  • Snape and Pettigrew can be considered this, although it's less Black-and-White Morality and more Black-and-Gray Morality. Snape was a Slytherin who joined the Death Eaters, Pettigrew was a Gryffindor who joined the Order. Snape was rivals with James and Sirius, while Pettigrew was one of James and Sirius' friends. Later in the war, Snape and Pettigrew switched sides, but for different reasons: Snape defected to the Order to (vainly) save Lily from Voldemort, while Pettigrew defected to the Death Eaters to save himself. Later in life, Snape proved himself to be a very brave man attempting to bring down Voldemort from within, while Pettigrew proved to be a coward who destroyed the people who cared the most about him.
  • Umbridge could be considered McGonagall's Evil Counterpart. Both are known for being disciplinarians, but McGonagall is fair and well-meaning whereas Umbridge, to say the least, is not. Incidentally, both of them cast a Patronus in the shape of a cat.
  • Lily and Petunia, once pretty close sisters pulled apart by the Magical world. Lily became one of the least flawed and loving individuals in the Wizarding World while Pertuna became a worse person in Muggle life, especially since she was actually jealous of her sister's gift and took her frustrations out on her nephew Harry.
  • Remus Lupin and Fenrir Greyback. While they're both werewolves (and Remus was bitten by Greyback as a child), Fenrir goes after and attacks people, particularly children, while Remus tries his hardest to avoid hurting anyone in his werewolf form.
  • Surprisingly in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Hidden Villain Gellert Grindelwald is also this to Newt Scamander, both of them are gifted wizards who were kicked out of their respective schools (Durmstrang and Hogwarts) for experiments gone wrong note  and both wizards traveled the world to further their Wide-Eyed Idealist views. But while Newt is a pacifist beast lover Grindelwald is a xenophobic murdering terrorist, who only wants dark magic creatures to conquer the muggles and set himself up as Evil Overlord. Also when disguised Grindelwald questions Newt why Dumbledore would have such faith in a person like him, but soon understands when Newt ruins his evil plan and reveals him to the American wizards. The sequel adds a little more as Grindlewald like Newt uses a magical creature (Chupacabra) to aid his escape, however, Grindlewald throws the Chupacabra to its death when it gets too clingy an action that would be abhorrent to a Fluffy Tamer like Newt.
    • Expanded lore adds even more with the data books revealing Newt in WW1 was actually helping Ministry who use Dragons for warfare (like Grindelwald with the Obscurus), but the plan ultimately failed. Newt likely due to this experience is disgusted at the idea of magic creatures being used by Wizards, while Grindelwald, on the other hand, glorified Obscurus for their destructive power despite the fact, the Obscurus was just an innocent, abused child Credence Barebone. Newt did his best to protect and help Credence while Grindelwald did everything in his power to use Credence for his owns tyrannical ends.
  • Also from Fantastic Beasts Jacob Kowalski is an unintentional Good Counterpart to Vernon Dursley (Harry's uncle) as pointed out by a few fans. Both are unmistakably Muggles, both men are portly, possess impressive mustaches and work in the industry. But while Uncle Veron is petty, cruel and vindictive hating anything magic out of sheer spite, Jacob is awe-struck and delighted by the magical world Newt shows him to the point where Jacob wishes he was a wizard as well. He tragically has to return to Muggle world by having his memory wiped in order to protect the magical world, while Vernon conversely did everything in his power to avoid the magical world.
  • Albus Potter (Harry's son) and Delphi (Voldermort's daughter) in Harry Potter And The Cursed Child both have their lives altered by their parents and feel ramifications of their father(s)'s actions both good and bad. Albus finds it hard to connect emotionally to his hero-father (thanks to being put in Slytherin) so he distances himself from Harry to his cost. While Delphi was desperate to meet Voldermort and join him and ironically betrayed herself from her father's legacy by showing care and love for her father something that's is alien to him.
  • As for animals Crookshank is Mrs. Norris good counterpart. Both cats are smarter than an ordinary cat and devoted to their owners, but whilst Mrs. Norris is nasty and uses her intelligence to snitch on students, Crookshanks uses it to spot on enemies even detecting a Death Eater in disguise.