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Aren't you a bit too young to document your worst moments?
Yes. Yes we are.
While Phineas & Ferb helped spark a lot of creativity for Dan and Swampy, who went on to create Milo Murphy’s Law, not every day's a brand new day as the show, every once in a while, can have a few screw-ups that the titular duo would most definitely forget.

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  • Marioking 98341: Don't get me wrong. I liked Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension. But don't you think Phineas was overreacting to Perry's reveal? Honestly, it would've been more understandable if he hadn't tried to hide his own feats of superheroism from his own love interest.
    • Komatsuzaki: If they had just put a little bit of foreshadowing at the very beginning of the movie that Phineas would freak out at something like this, then it wouldn't have been so jarring. But for such a friendly character in such a silly show to react like that when he finds out his pet is a secret agent? Come on. It even sounds ridiculous to point out.
    • Space Protagonist: My main problem is the way Phineas reacted to his own platypus. He stated that Perry did nothing to stop them from rebuilding the other-dimension-inator. He did try to stop you! Don't you remember when Perry ran away the piece and tried to play tug-of-war with it. Rememeber that? You called him out on something he didn't even do! Why?
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  • LimeTH The completely mean-spirited visuals of "You're Going Down", where Candace imagines herself throwing Phineas and Ferb chained up in jail and locked in to pillories, preparing to shoot down a hot-air balloon with them in it, the goddamn Hindenburg with their faces on it burning to the ground, and the two of them in the back of a garbage truck.
  • Kittens: The "Finding Mary McGuffin" episode was okay and decent. The musical number was good and the episode just a simple finding a childhood toy concept. But what annoyed me was the end where Vanessa discovers the doll being held by a little girl who seems to love it and she sees how much she likes the doll so does she let the little girl keep the doll and move on? Nope! She snatches the doll out of the girls hands and runs off while the kid cries her eyes out. What the heck writers? I understand if Vanessa acts a little evil just to make her dad happy but let her have a good side for once! And the little girl was happy with the doll so why did you have to pull a greedy jerkass move? Can't she just let her keep the doll? Man!.
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  • TotalDramaRox97: "Quietest Day Ever": Doofenshmirtz makes himself handsome by accident and ends up achieving his goal of ruling the Tri-State Area because of it. Just as Doofenshmirtz is about to become leader, Perry makes him ugly again. Once Perry turns him ugly again, everyone just immediately brushes him off and ruins his plans, again. What's the lesson this episode teaches us? You can only achieve your goals by looking good and not looking good means your goals have no hope of happening. Great lesson.
  • {safind} : Whilst I am still getting back into the show (And have enjoyed most of Season 4 thus far), my DMOS would have to be "Bee Story", not the episode's plot though, but the song. "Waggle Dance" is the absolute worst song ever created for the entire show. Whilst some may like it (And those people do not believe in my opinion that the song is crap), there are those that agree with me that the song is awful. The lyrics are awful and the visuals.... Good god, do I even need to say it? They're something only a Pedophile could ever enjoy. Even as I type this, I feel an increasing need for Brain Bleach. On the plus side though, I've regained my liking of the other songs, but Waggle Dance is just so awful, I would rather swallow cyanide that even look at one second of the song or read through one word of its lyrics.
  • Midna: I ordinarily love Phineas and Ferb, but there's this one Doofenshmirtz's Daily Dirt segment (this one) that... well, it's not really a pot-shot, but nevertheless it briefly flashes a caricature of the universe's favorite punching bag, bronies. I don't normally get riled up about fandom jokes because, let's face it, overweight neckbearded fans are a fact of life, but the way the gag is executed it comes across like some writer at Disney is jealous of FiM's overwhelming popularity and thought, "heh heh, hey, let's sneak in a Take That! at a competing show's fanbase! That'll show them for having the balls to like a cartoon that isn't ours!". (Doesn't help it's exactly the same kind of joke anyone with at least half a brain could make about any fandom, either.) All in all I'm not offended, but I really expected better from Disney of all companies.
  • Princess Togezo: The end of the episode "Candace Gets Busted" was just a kick in the teeth. After Candace spends the entire episode trying to put a stop to a party she didn't want, it at first seems like she's succeeded thanks to Doof's inator transporting the party guests into his pants (which was pretty funny). But then Doof tells Perry to hit the reverse switch, and the party guests return to the Flynn-Fletcher house just as the parents arrive. The scene where Linda is chewing out Candace (saying "I trusted you!" and all that stuff) was just painful to watch, and it made me think, "Why don't you just give her five seconds to explain?!" It's not like Candace deliberately threw a huge party; she just invited a few friends over and it got out of hand! This episode felt like a "Kick the Teenage Girl" fest, and I'm fairly certain it played a big role in my deciding not to watch the show anymore.
  • Ivanov Troping 97: Normally, I like Phineas & Ferb, but the end of the episode "Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers" was just a huge middle finger to me. I was seriously expecting Candace to bust her brothers for real. I can understand the fake Linda robot body dissappearing, but a gift box containing a launch pad?! I mean, come on! Why did it dissapear when Linda is at the backyard? She should have seen the box! I just really don't understand. Like "Candace Gets Busted", the ending feels like a "Kick the Teenage Girl" moment. That's just how I feel, though.
  • Tom Roid: This was just a plot hole, but a pretty stupid one. "Agent Doof" has the titular duo turned into babies, and as expected Lindana won't be able to realize it and thus have the brothers busted or whatever. But at one point, Lindana gets sent a pic by Candace of the two in baby form and thinks it's just old photos of them. As we see in the Phineas and Ferb Busted episode, they didn't meet until they were very young, but not babies. You think a show with an existent continuity respect would avoid this.
  • [[Tropers/Louisaurusrex]]: In Agent Doof, the de-aged Phineas and Ferb are doing dangerous babies! I think we have something called child endangerment, don't we? Well anyway, Candace brings them over to her mom who just happens to be with the Fireside Girls, and then they, except for Candace, are all turned into babies as well! Why didn't I mention the bit where Phineas and Ferb age back into preteens and fix everything? BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH MOMENT! Phineas and Ferb are still babies, and Isabella, the Fireside Girls and Linda have all been turned into babies as well, and the episode ends right then and there with no resolution.
  • Mighty Mewtron: "Act Your Age" was a divisive episode as a whole, and I'm on the side that considers it one of the worse episodes for being badly written and not fitting with the spirit of the show (I'm thankful that it aired near the end of the run anyway). The main DMOS for me, though, is Ferb/Vanessa being canon. I tend to hate age gap ships in general, but most don't actually become canon on a kids' show. Dating someone you knew as a child when you were a teenager just feels... icky, and considering Ferb is only college aged in this episode, it comes across like The Jail Bait Wait. Is that what they were going for? Probably not. But that doesn't make the unnecessary decision any less nasty. Also, it renders the Monty/Vanessa plot totally pointless.
  • Ninja 857142: "Last Day of Summer." If you like it, that's fine, but I found it to be incredibly disappointing and anticlimactic. This was the series finale. This was meant to be the episode that gave closure. So what happens? Phineas and Ferb do stuff, Candace tries to bust them, some time-shenanigans ensues, and then everything's back to normal! Sounds familiar... The only thing that really changed was Doof turning good (which was a nice touch, I'll admit), but otherwise, this felt like a terrible finale. For all I know, Candace is still going to try to bust her brothers (she's learned to have fun with life multiple times before), Linda still has no idea about her sons' amazing creations, Perry's identity's still a secret, and Phineas and Ferb's "creation" is largely forgettable and hardly even appears! And by the way, where is everyone? What happened to Jeremy and Stacy? Weren't they a part of this great show as well? The memories? This episode is also partly at fault for not explaining what happened to Monty (along with the other finale episodes); Vanessa joins O.W.C.A., but what then? I actually liked "Act Your Age" a lot more; it may not have been as energetic, but it as least showed what happened to lots of characters in the future, and felt emotionally closing and had a real Happy Ending. Since the plot of this episode is a time loop, it all feels like a dream that's largely irrelevant and erased in the end (aside from the Doof-turns-good thing). In a nutshell, "Last Day of Summer" might have been a decent episode, but it was a terrible finale. If it hadn't been for the contributions from other "finale" episodes, I might have been let down by the series' ending entirely.
  • synczomb: I really love this show. I really do. So, when Season 4 appeared on Netflix, I was really looking forward to watching it. Unfortunately, the first episode of this season was "For Your Ice Only," an episode filled to the brim with unfunny jokes at Canada's expense. Even worse? They do this again for a half-hour episode later in the series. This is a children's show! Stop making fun of other countries and use actual comedy! I'm not even Canadian, and I was still waiting for the "jokes" to end. I still haven't finished this season because of how awful it was.
  • 10824: I know I'm in the minority here, but I really don't like Mission Marvel. Don't get me wrong. Seeing the characters interact is cool, the action sequences are absolutely awesome, and the humor is just as good as usual. The problem is with characterization and writing. First, there is Buford. Buford is sexist towards Isabella in the episode. Now this would make sense in early season one. But this is in season four, after quite a bit of Character Development. By this point, Buford knows better than to mess with Isabella, because he is on good terms with her, respects her, and might even fear her a little bit. Second, when Phineas yells at Candice. Unlike many fans, I usually Phineas's outbursts to be justified. Here, he's just a jerkass. Then, there is Candice herself. We are supposed to sympathize with her, despite constantly screwing up because she doesn't know what she's doing. She comes across as really annoying in this episode, and even when she does save the day it's because she screwed up. Then, during Isabella and Candice's song, Isabella sings about being treated like a child all day. Actually, the only condescending behavior we see towards Isabella before this song is Buford being misogynistic. Finally, there is the utter idiocy of the power drain and the power switch. Hulk should transform into Bruce Banner, but doesn't. If his powers are gone, he shouldn't be able to transform into the Hulk. Iron Man should still be able to use his suit because he has no powers. Okay, maybe the beam can also drain electric power, but that still doesn't explain why he can't get out of his suit. He's Tony freakin' Stark! He should have had a back up plan in case of this exact situation. Spider-Man losing his wall-crawling is fine, but he should still be able to shoot webs, because those powers come from his web shooters. Even the electricity argument doesn't work here, because they are mechanical. Finally, Thor's power to lift Mjolnir should not be gone at all, because, as he himself says later in the episode, it's about worthiness, not power. Then, in the switch, if the ray was able to drain Thor's worthiness somehow, then Tony should have received it through the reverse. Spider-Man should have turned into a Hulk-like monster, as even Baljeet does later in the episode. For the other two switches, no real complaints. The Hulk "entrepreneurial" gag was pretty good, actually. The episode has some good parts, but other parts I absolutely hate.

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