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Bad writing, unnecessarily Jerkass characters, and unfunny moments. These are the ingredients chosen to create these awful little moments. But the fans accidentally added an extra ingredient in the concoction: TV Tropes! Thus Dethroning Moment of Suck is born, using their typing skills, intelligence, and guts to discover these moments and write them all here.

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     Powerpuff Girls 
  • Frankiefoster: The episode "Powerpuff Girls Rule". The rest of the seasons after Craig McCracken left the show weren't all that awesome, but this was an all time low. Why? It was the series finale, for starters. Perhaps expecting something akin to the movie, with all the villain Rogues Gallery plotting to destroy the girls collectively once and for all? Nope. Instead we get a generic 'key/take over the world' plot, everyone sounding like fast Chipmunks, the girls having mutated from cute to "I want to swat those bug-eyed freaks!", having weaponized their cuteness into something annoying, and wasting what could have had a potential. Worse off was the Miss Bellum suspense. They could have shown her face like the promos freaking said they would, but instead they tease us with just a side of her face. Nice teasing the fans, writers. Thanks for rewarding a decade's worth of viewers wondering what was under the pile of hair by making them sit through this pitiful excuse for a special.
  • Psychopulse: For me, it was the episode "Town and Out" where they go to Citiesville. While the point of the episode as I later found out was to deconstruct what would happen if the girls ever used their powers in a real-world setting, the place was just full of Jerkasses from start to finish, making it my most hated episode of all time. The kicker was when they destroy a bridge while trying to stop criminals, and the mayor makes a law where he bans superpowers and they walk the rest of the way home. Excuse me, but barring very specific cases, retroactive criminalization is forbidden by law in the US. Nothing in this series pissed me off more than that episode alone, and I refuse to ever watch it again.
  • Storm Requiem: Maybe I'm biased because she's my favorite out of the three, but did anybody else feel like "Moral Decay" was a giant middle finger to Buttercup fans? I mean, nobody seemed to try talking to Buttercup about her obsession with getting money (which sort of came out of nowhere), no, her sisters just arranged to let basically every villain in Townsville that Buttercup stole teeth from beat the ever-loving hell out of her! Yes, Buttercup went overboard, but her sisters just smugly sitting back and watching them beat up their own sister offscreen as the episode ends was awful! Especially because this episode perfectly demonstrates how Buttercup always seems to get a raw deal compared to her sisters whenever she does something wrong, just because she's the grumpy tomboy. I feel like if it had been Bubbles or Blossom who became money-obsessed, The Professor would have stepped in and tried to reason with them, but since it's the "toughest fighter", it's fine to use violence instead. (Like in "Down'N'Dirty" when the Professor kicks Buttercup out of the house and then she gets chased by an angry mob, just because she doesn't want to take a bath.) No wonder Buttercup has anger problems if she has to put up with this kind of bullshit whenever she does anything bad!
    • taylorkerekes: Not only that, but the villains' revenge on Buttercup in "Moral Decay" would have worked better to a degree if Blossom and Bubbles hadn't gotten involved, let alone found about Buttercup's greed.
    • Julayla: Mostly agree there, but also Buttercup being what she is here and also too greedy just by knocking any tooth, even a villains' tooth for no reason, that to me is a no-no. I found this that all 3 Girls were mean in this episode, not just Blossom and Bubbles, but Buttercup as well. And I'm suppose to sympathize with her on this episode? Dudes, come on, none of this wouldn't have happened if Buttercup's greed didn't get in the way and she didn't A. try to purposely try to knock another tooth out of Bubbles, and B. did what she did and knock out teeth from criminals that didn't even do the crime in the first place!
  • RAZ: "Slave the Day". The girls are such complete jerkasses to Big Billy despite saving their lives in this episode that it made me start rooting exclusively for the Gang Green Gangs for a long time after that.
    • Eggy 0: I also hate this episode for the above reason (even more so than "Mime for a Change" and even "Town and Out"), and there's even more to it for me to hate. When Billy goes to defend the girls from criminals, Blossom of all people snaps at him after defeating a giant monster and yells at him for ruining priceless things and "destroying all of Townsville". Here's the thing though; the girls themselves did damage while performing their heroic acts multiple times (and even intentionally at least one time, unlike Billy), and they rarely if ever got called out on it just because they're heroes. In essence, the girls blamed Billy for doing something the girls deal with on a daily basis, all just to force Status Quo Is God after Billy's Heel–Face Turn, and that's what makes me hate the episode with a passion.
  • Blehblehbleh: The Episode "Toast of the Town". The Mayor acts like a bigger Manchild than any episode before or after. He constantly referred himself in third person and was annoying. Then he takes some Chemical X and becomes huge, and kidnaps Ms. Bellum and nearly kills her.
  • Kittens: The episode "A Very Special Blossom" wasn't bad, but what really annoyed me was the end where Blossom confesses that she stole the golf clubs and the reason was because she wanted the Professor to be happy, so everyone's sad after the speech, so do the cops let the Professor go and does Blossom get a lesson that stealing is wrong and the girls and Professor get a heartwarming moment at the end? Nope! The cops then decide to put Blossom in jail and make her do community service for who knows what, and everyone is mad at her, even her own sisters for stealing when it was the Professor's fault for giving her the idea and pestering her about them! And also why the heck would they arrest a kid? I know she has superpowers and is super smart, but she's only a kid and still doesn't know that stealing something to make someone happy isn't the way to go! I know stealing is wrong but come on! They could of just give her a lesson about it. This episode was just plain stupid.
    • VioletPup18: Seconded, and this ending is especially painful if you're a Blossom fan. It's really not the episode itself, but the ending that makes me mad. Why did everyone suddenly hate her?! Even the fricking Narrator! The Professor gets away from rubbing the golf clubs in their faces, and the worst part is the end of the end. "And so once again, the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls... well, two of them at least." I mean, Moral Decay ended with a fairly similar bad ending for Buttercup, and I didn't like it much either, but at least the narrator was funny at the end and just sounded like he had a broken tooth. But seriously, why was it okay to exclude Blossom from the trio altogether and just consider Buttercup and Bubbles the only ones who saved the day?!?! And Blossom's sad face... that just hurts, such a huge middle finger to Blossom fans. You can't do this to my favorite character. You just can't. Poor Blossom.
    • Candycane 14: Some fans may not have liked the ending, but I had a different reaction. If Blossom didn't know stealing was wrong, then why did she hesitated before stealing the golf clubs?? When she confessed, she stole the golf clubs and only wanted to make the Professor happy, the Professor responded in remorse, that it was his fault, that it happened and admitted that he wanted the clubs too much. The next part is the DMOS for me. Did Blossom responded to her father, "No, Professor, please don't blame yourself. I knew that stealing was wrong, but I did it anyway. I have to at least, make up for what I did." Nope. Instead, she said out loud, "That's what drove me to crime!" making it sound like it was the Professor's (if solely) fault as an attempt not to get herself in trouble!! No wonder everyone even the narrator, was pissed off with her at the end! Maybe the cops didn't like, what she said and how she said it either and decided make her do community service. The ending felt like Laser-Guided Karma to me.
  • MsCC93: One episode that rubs me the wrong way is "Daylight Savings". Of course, the aesop was going to be about setting your clock back, but that wasn't the issue. My issue was how the girls were caught sleeping in class, and how Ms. Keane explicitly said that education was more important than saving Townsville. I agree that the girls shouldn't have been sleeping in class, and that education is important, but it's not more important than saving Townsville. Also, I felt that this was an Out-of-Character Moment for Ms. Keane, because she's smarter than that and she should realize that if the girls don't save Townsville, there won't be any school for them to attend. Also, the Professor was acting more insane than usual, by unplugging the girls' phones and yelling at the girls to fall asleep, when Townsville was obviously in need of getting rescued, and he's supposed to be smarter than that. Granted, the Professor eventually allowed the girls to save the day because he forgot to set the clock an hour back, but this Deus ex Machina doesn't save the episode, and it just shows that this episode was poorly written. Also, this doubles on Fridge Horror when some viewers of this episode ask themselves this: "What if the girls need to save Townsville and it's past their curfew and the clock doesn't need to be set back?" Another nitpick I have with this episode? It's paired with "A Very Special Blossom," an episode that's just as bad.
    • Maths Angelic Version: I second that the episode was a massive Idiot Plot, but my DMoS is the resolution. Does everyone realize that they've been stupid and allow the Powerpuff Girls to save them again? No. Instead, Daylight Savings becomes a Deus ex Machina. Not only is it contrived that the plot happens on that exact day, but what if Townsville once again ends up in danger after the girls' bedtime and the idiot professor refuses to let them save it? There's zero implication that it won't happen again. Even as a child, I thought it was really stupid.
    • Wingnut: The Powerpuff Girls should have disowned their father for this.
    • I Like Robots: I have many of fond memories of watching this show as a kid and The Powerpuff Girls will always have a special place in my heart, but even when I first watched this episode as a kid, I had a hard time stomaching it. Considering we'd seen what would happen to Townsville if the girls aren't there to save it, the girls not being able to do their thing over circumstances as minor and flimsy as schoolwork and curfews is nothing short of frustrating. (Seriously, are they begging for another apocalyptic scenario? Skewed Priorities doesn't even begin to cover it.) As mentioned before, Ms. Keane and especially Professor Utonium were out of character, treating the curfew and school time as Serious Business even as the town burns and suffers right in front of them. That's either frighteningly idiotic, or heinously selfish and uncaring. When Ms. Keane and Professor Utonium are the antagonists of a Powerpuff Girls episode, something's gone wrong. The fact that the girls are only allowed to finally save the city through sheer dumb luck makes it even worse.
  • MrCaptainA: "Monstra-City" is this for me. When the Mayor gains control of Monster Island, the Monsters are forced to move into Townsville, and the Girls attempt to teach the humans and Monsters to overcome their hatred and distrust and live in harmony. Unfortunately, after just a day of living under the new arrangements, everyone (including the Girls) give up even trying to make it work and decide it's best if the Monsters just go back to where they came from. The Mayor is forced to give Monster Island back, and the episode ends with the Girls threatening violence against if they show up in Townsville (that's "show up", not "try to destroy the City") and the Monsters agreeing to it without a word of complaint. Where do I begin with how wrong this is? First of all, while the humans' dislike of the Monsters is understandable if not excusable (given that the Monsters have repeatedly laid waste to Townsville), the Monsters' reciprocal hatred makes no sense given that every human other than the Girls in this series has just basically run screaming from a Monster whenever it has appeared. That's the only frame of reference for the humans that the Monsters appear to have had up until this point. Secondly, and most importantly of all, this goes against everything the United States of America has become and the American values that we try to teach our children in schools. The USA has become a country in which people of all genders, ethnicities, and religions can come together and exist side by side in an environment of (primarily) friendship and acceptance, where everyone is given equal rights and fair treatment. And what does this episode teach kids instead? That some ethnic groups of people will never be able to let go of their hatred and distrust of one another, and rather than trying to make it work or giving things time for relationships between them to improve, it's better for the newcomers to go back to where they came from and never return. And if they ever try to return, you should automatically assault them regardless of whether or not their intentions are peaceful? Is this really what we want to teach our kids? Would America have become the "land of the free and home of the brave" it is today if every new group of immigrants to our shores had given up after just one day of being hated and mistreated by others and decided to go back to the country of their birth? I think not. How this episode ever got greenlighted with such a Family-Unfriendly Aesop is beyond me. Plus there's the fact that the giant Monster lawyer is allowed to physically strike the Mayor's main human lawyer, and then frighten the other members of the Mayor's legal team into submission, just because the first lawyer tried to do his job and contest the Monster lawyer's lawsuit. And the Girls just float there and let him do it. And they're supposed to be superheroes. They probably would never have allowed such behavior if the Monster Lawyer had been human...
  • CRMartin: I'm surprised that there's no mention of Schoolhouse Rocked yet. Even when I first watched the episode as a child, I wanted to bang my head against the wall at the sheer stupidity of it. Besides the empirical flaw of having a completely immobile plotline, there are other problems that go past this. Simply put, the Gangrene Gang are placed at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten so that they can catch up on all the education and social skills that kids normally pick up from school. To be fair, it doesn't seem half bad at first. The real problems kick in at the kindergarten proper. Miss Keane, you're a cool person and all, but would it hurt to use your brain every time and not just when it's convenient? Okay, the Gang does something underhanded and you let it slide simply because they're new, I'll let that slide. But by the fifth time, this excuse just becomes tired. And the Girls themselves aren't any better, what with them taking action without even rationalizing with their teacher. Oh, and the Narrator's little quip about school being cool with Keane around? Yeah, if I were a student at that kindergarten, I'd have my parents report this to the local council or something.
  • The Lucky Cat: "Nuthin' Special" has me convinced someone on the writing staff must hate Buttercup. The whole episode revolves around Buttercup being upset because her sisters have unique powers (Blossom's is Ice Breath, Bubbles has speaking to animals). So Buttercup spends the whole episode trying out a bunch of abilities and hoping her sisters won't be able to do one of them. This quickly becomes infuriating for several reasons- one, the amount of Ass Pull going on in this episode. The Powerpuff Girls begin displaying a bunch of random powers they've never shown before or since (off the top of my head, shrinking at will, turning into glowing balls of energy, some weird coin trick that's not really a superpower), Blossom and Bubbles initially act quite smug that they can do everything that Buttercup can and seem to find her frustration at the situation amusing. But the worst part? Buttercup's special power is to roll her tongue. And that's IT. That's all she gets! Sure, she's happy with it because nobody else in Townsville can do it, but why couldn't she just have had one of the random powers displayed in the episode? Or even maybe not quite discovering it but the Professor theorising maybe Buttercup's just a late bloomer or something. The writers have no excuse that they simply couldn't think of one, and it's not like the girls have to have Personality Powers or anything (Blossom discovered her Ice Breath at random in an earlier season), but no. No, they just stuck Buttercup with a crappy power for no reason other than to get a cheap laugh. I refuse to accept this as canon and hope some incarnation of the show will let Buttercup have a superpower she deserves.
  • Luna Veg 87: I was a fan of the Powerpuff Girls when I was younger, but have fallen out of love with it in recent years. One episode in particular that left a bad taste in my mouth is the episode “Tough Love.” To its credit, it’s a clever idea for an episode; the story is that HIM gets sick of seeing how loved the PPG are by all of Townsville, so he puts everyone in the city under a spell to make them hate the girls, and want to destroy them, knowing that the PPG would never hurt the ones they love. My biggest problem with it came with the resolution; Buttercup convinces her sisters that the only way to solve the problem is to…beat the crap out of the hypnotized citizens of Townsville (including the Mayor, their teacher, and the Professor). Yeah…and the truly shocking thing is that it works, and ends up breaking the spell. This left a bad taste in my mouth because A. it seems to imply that beating the crap out of people who are under the influence of something out of their control is the right way to snap them out of it, and B. Blossom’s line after the beating (“Don’t ever make us have to do that again”) sounds an awful lot like something a domestic abuser would say. And there’s no real explanation as to why this breaks the spell. But because the PPG did it, and the plot demands it, we’re not supposed to question it. Yeah, I remember a lot of episodes running on that logic.
  • Mopete: My vote for DMoS for The Powerpuff Girls goes to the third season episode "Monkey See, Doggie Two." Why? Because it's basically a reuse of the animation from "Monkey See, Doggie Do" from Season One slapped together with Mojo Jojo's longwinded commentary over it, complete with instant replays. That's basically the whole episode, with maybe one minute's worth of new animation and a thirty-second resolution. This is an episode that reeks of laziness.
  • Cabbit Girl Emi: Upon falling into Seasonal Rot, we have gotten a handful of bad episodes, but "What's The Big Idea" sticks out to me. When Mojo Jojo uses a device to make the Powerpuff Girls giant, they accidentally cause destruction to Townsville, which makes the citizens angry. The worst part is that it leads to Bubbles crying, but the citizens continue to be jerkish with their apathy. It's just so mean-spirited that it had to be down there with the likes of "Girls Gone Mild", "Sun Scream", and any other episodes from that period.
  • Segal 991: Buttercup's behavior in "All Chalked Up" was this for me. She acted much too mean towards Bubbles who was only using her chalk to draw, but the worst part was when she destroyed Bubbles' chalk, and is even smirking the while Bubbles is going into an Inelegant Blubbering fit, which is one of the series' saddest moments. That was low, even for other things Buttercup has done before. Also, Buttercup gets away with the whole darn thing. For me, Buttercup crossed the Moral Event Horizon.
  • Kaido: In retrospect, I really dislike the episode "Gettin' Twiggy with it." The reason is obvious: Mitch Mitchelson torturing the cute class hamster, Twiggy. He shoves food into her mouth, puts her into a toy car and repeatedly controls the car to slam into a wall and straps her onto a rocket which ends up with her flying into the toilet and down into the sewer into chemical waste that horribly mutates her. At one point, Twiggy is even yelling in terror. When the girls go to take her from him, he starts crying, saying he never had a pet, but the minute they turn their back he goes back to trying to torture her again. To top it all off, he ALMOST FUCKING ELECTROCUTES HER FOR FUN. Sure, he doesn't get away with it (the girls put Mitch on a giant hamster wheel where he if stops running, the mutated Twiggy will eat him), but it was an incredibly horrible episode to watch, seeing such a small hamster get treated so horribly. Not to mention, after all her abuse, Twiggy ends up as a horrifically mutated, green and ugly creature. AND IT'S THE LAST EPISODE SHE'S IN! Meaning she'll be that horrendous creature until she dies.
    • Tropers/waters20: Another thing that should be added is how Ms. Keane grabs the Idiot Ball moment here once again, just like in "Daylight Savings" and "Schoolhouse Rocked". The fact that she trusts ''Mitch Mitchelson of all students'' to take Twiggy home proves exactly that. At least in "Schoolhouse Rocked", the Gangreen Gang were new. Whereas Ms. Keane has known Mitch well enough to know that he is NOT a pleasant guy. So she should know better than to have HIM take Twiggy home for the weekend.
    • SuperLeviathan: In additional to the above, the cruelty in the episode is not even in character for Mitch. Back in the first episode with Princess, "Stuck Up Up and Away", Mitch can clearly be seen cheering when the Powerpuff Girls save Twiggy's life. Why would he act so cruelly to Twiggy after that?
  • Meso: Since I was a kid, I've always hated the ending to "Twisted Sister" simply because of it did a Sudden Downer Ending...for the sake of it. They didn't do some sort of way to honor Bunny, like build a statue or a monument to at least give it a Bittersweet Ending to still give a nice sign of maturity, but nope, it pretty much, to me still a big black sheep of the whole show. They don't even namedrop Bunny ever again, which gets ironic, considering they brought Bullet back and the reboot will definitely bring Bliss back, meaning that at least they learned their lesson from this episode, but still, as a kid, this didn't make me cry or sad, just pure anger due to how forced this ending was. Really left a bitter taste for me throughout all these years.
  • Eddy1215: I think we can all agree that "Mime for a Change" is one of the worst episodes of the series. After happy-go-lucky Rainbow the Clown was accidentally drenched in bleach, he transformed into the villainous Mr. Mime who started stealing all the color in Townsville, which isn't really that evil when you think about it. The girls then use The Power of Rock to restore the color and turn Rainbow back to normal. After he thanks them for changing him back, they still beat him to a pulp and send him to jail even though he's good again! It's not wonder it's widely detested episode.

     Powerpuff Girls 2016 
  • PhantomHeartless5: I was going to change my entry to "Halt and Catch Silico", due to the way it utterly butchered Silico's character, but Bliss' backstory in "The Power of Four" special rubbed me the wrong way due to how it spits in the face of the established canon. Ok, so apparently Bliss is the original Powerpuff Girl who was created by the Professor in an attempt to compete with a rival who had created the perfect little boy and that he went through the experiment 22 times to get it right. Now that doesn't work for two reasons: 1. In the established canon, the Professor created the girls out of a need for family and a desire to make Townsville a better place. Here, it makes the Professor look like a glory seeking jackass rather than the altruistic scientist we know and love. 2. In the established canon, the Professor didn't intend to give them superpowers. He was trying to create three normal little girls. The only reason the girls have superpowers in the first place is because Mojo, who at the time was the Professor's feral pet monkey, pushed the Professor, causing him to spill the Chemical X into the concoction. So writers, you expect me to believe that the Professor had Mojo push him 22 times? My Willing Suspension of Disbelief only goes so far, writers. The special as a whole was average at best, but Bliss' backstory was the sign that the show had jumped the shark in the worst way possible.
  • Meso: As someone who actually enjoys, likes and has fun of its reboot even with its flaws, there is one episode that no doubt was so awkwardly written that it makes me wonder if CN forced the writers to retcon it. And that is "Super Sweet 6". So the plot is that Princess invites everyone to her birthday party except for Blossom. Mind you, that the episode "Poorbucks" actually has them slowly bond a bit, and the ending even suggested that Princess might have a possible face turn or at least be a bit more nicer to Blossom, which sounds pretty promising. Anyways, so she invites everyone except Blossom, and I figured that maybe Princess was just trolling her, and she'd make some sort of surprise party for her, right? Wrong. She just suddenly hates Blossom again. No reason, no establishment, its almost as if was just one big tease. They didn't even do a Status Quo Is God reason, it just...happens. This is disappointing for soooo many reasons as it reeks of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot of seeing a (slightly) nicer Princess as well, and just feels like a bit of a slap for those who thought that "Poorbucks" could lead to something interesting between these two...but alas.
  • SenorCornholio: Regarding the 2016 reboot, it's certainly lackluster compared to the original, and even on its own, what with its bland writing, flanderized characters, and above all, its attempts to shove memes into episodes. In fact, I would have put down either the twerking scene from "Painbow" (or just Painbow in general, though The Mysterious Mr Enter already tore it apart) or Bubbles saying "No Me Gusta" from "Tiara Trouble", but then I discovered the true meaning behind the episode "Horn, Sweet Horn". Upon first viewing it, I thought it was just a weird MLP parody not too dissimilar to Pretty Pretty Pegasus, but what I didn't realize was that this was their attempt at an episode about transgenders. That's when we got the real shit; what was simply a pony wanting to be a unicorn was unceremoniously given a "deeper meaning of gender equality" for no reason aside from "Steven Universe did it, therefore we can!" And it's not even a good message; Donny may have wanted to be a unicorn, but Bubbles was the one that put the most pressure on him to make the decision to have his body modified. So he does get his body modified, and he turns into a freakshow. Great message, writers; transgenders are freakshows! Even worse is the ending; a bunch of unicorns appear, among which is Donny's own mother, who just so happens to be a unicorn. And Donny would have learned he was a unicorn as well if he'd just cut his hair! Not only does this undermine what kind of message they were going for, it completely debunks the whole "gender equality" issue in its entirety. Before I heard of this, I thought it was just a way to reference My Little Pony and saw it as simply mediocre. In that case, would it be any surprise that this probably was not the original intent of the writers?
    • DastardlyDemolish: It should be known that the very poorly tacked-on "transgender/sexual" message was apparently placed on later by somebody who didn't write the episode. The writer claimed they didn't intend it to be like that. Regardless, the damage is done and hurt the show's already poor image.


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