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The Chronicles Of Jakwin is a planned trilogy of fantasy novels by the creator of Benders And Brawlers. It is highly subversive, and is almost a Deconstruction of a fantasy novel.

The story revolves around Alexia of the House of Priam, heir to one of the noble houses of Avenlo. Avenlo is both a city and a country, ruled by both a King and a council of nobles who struggle against each other for power. Alexia is a member of the City Guard, a law enforcement organization who is well-known and considered to be the best of its kind.


Alexia is also haunted by dreams she won't tell anyone about and suicidal thoughts. Her partner, Tristan, is oblivious to her depression. One day, the two of them are out patrolling when they encounter a criminal named Craven. When Tristan chases after a thief, Alexia buys something from him. She is seen by a member of the Royal Guard, the City Guard's rivals who are only loyal to the king. And later that day, Craven ends up dead.

Alexia is accused of the crime and ends up exiled. She wanders without purpose until she is captured by a band of Orcs who threaten to make her their sex slave. She is rescued by a half-Orc named Derrin who asks her to join him on his quest; a quest to save a young girl from a mad king. Avenlo's king. And it turns out the girl, Zaina, may not be so helpless after all...


Since only two chapters have been written, tropes are subject to change, but it's planned to contain examples of:


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