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The Chronicles of Jet Seyre focus on the titular character, Jet Seyre, following his forced depature from our dimension and his journey through dozens of unfamiliar worlds. During his journey, he transforms from apathetic high schooler to superpowered badass, along with dealing with enough emotional trauma, physical challenges, and tests of will to well, fill a book.

The story is broken into three main chronicles and each chronicle is broken into arcs.


The first chronicle focuses on Jet following his departure from our world until his reunion with his girlfriend and introduces several main characters. The second chronicle follows his pursuit of Raven after Raven defeats Jet and kidnaps Yuki in order to goad him into following him. The last chronicle takes the power trio, Jet, Raven, and Atsu and places them against the massive army, the Death Bringer's Legion.

Of course this is all one big-ass simplification.

  • Action Girl - Yuki is currently guilty of this in chronicle three.
  • Ax-Crazy - Van "The Chainheart Machine" from the third chronicle.
  • Bad Ass Family - Jet, Jericho, and Animus. Raven counts too, depending on if you consider evil clones family.
  • Blood Knight - Raven. Unlike some blood knights however, Raven doesn't handicap himself (unless you count his armor, which he wears so he doesn't have to focus on parrying or blocking).
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  • Curtains Match the Window - Jet, Atsu, and Animus both meet this trope. Jet is somewhat justified.
  • Cynicism Catalyst - Yuki's death could fit as one of these for Jet. He doesn't know for sure if she's dead or not until the end of the first chronicle but he leans towards her being dead. True enough, she's dead until the last chapter. However, despite her death, he's still a rather openly emotional person; until of course his Heroic BSoD.
  • Berserk Button - Jet goes into a berserk rage whenever Yuki's life is threatened. Of course, considering the work he went though to get her back, it's hard to blame him.
  • Dark Is Not Evil - Raven wears ornate, evil looking armor that he acquired in his Death Bringer days. Atsu is another example of this trope as he is literally the son of Satan yet is still a good guy.
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  • Dark-Skinned Redhead - Atsu. Incidentally, he plays the inverse of the typical trope character.
  • The Dragon - Played straight and subverted at the same time. While Koji Hiragawa plays the Dragon and is defeated militarily by the Gunryo, he is neither killed in battle nor captured. Indeed he seems to escape any true punishment for his crimes. His sister isn't so lucky, but even she gets off lightly.
  • Evil Counterpart - Initially, Raven is Jet's dark, twisted, inner voice.
  • Evil Twin - Averted and played straight. Jet has a fraternal twin brother, Jay. However, Jay is neither evil, nor even a reoccurring character in the chronicles. Raven on the other hand looks exactly like Jet (hair and eyes aside), and initialy is a major antagonist.
  • Evil Overlord - Animus Ridnious falls in line with several of this tropes staples. He resides in the Citadel, a massive imposing fortress floating above a energy-sucking pit. He has billions of soldiers at his disposal, a brutal second-in-command (Koji Hiragawa), his own squad of mini-bosses (Koji included), and possesses incredible, unseen power. However, he does not look evil. In contrast to the ornate armor of his officers, Animus almost always wears pants and a vest.
  • Heel–Face Turn - Raven & Shoji Hiragawa fit this trope, Raven more so than Shoji.
  • Heroic BSoD - Jet suffers a massive BSOD after being possessed and used to slay an entire village by an incredible power wizard. This causes him to transform into The Stoic, more out of fear of a repeat of the slaughter than anything else, although the mental trauma of slaying men, women, and children stick with him for some time.
  • Kamehamehadoken - Jet's Totencrutz definitely qualifies as this. At one point he destroys a moon with it.
  • The Lancer - Played straight with Raven.
  • Light Is Not Good - Animus dresses in rather light colors, despite the fact his stronghold is rather dark and evil looking. It could be because he's to lazy to dress in overly elaborate clothing or quite frankly doesn't give a damn.
  • Long-Lost Relative - During the last arc, Jet finds out the big bad is his half-brother, which he learns from his father that he never just met. Needless to say, the reunion between father and son isn't touching, and it doesn't stop Jet from killing Animus. However, the relation between Animus and Jet is somewhat tacked on, and probably will end up getting cut out in order to make him more justified.
  • Mentors - During the first chronicle, Jet seems to have one of these every arc. With good reason though, without them he'd probably have gotten killed.
  • The Multiverse - The entire storyline hinges on this trope. Since pretty much every arc takes place in a different universe, on a parallel Earth.
  • Power Trio - Jet (superego), Raven (id), Atsu (ego). Incidentally, the ego, superego, and id portions of this trope were completely unintentional.
  • Really 700 Years Old - Lina and Atsu fall to this trope. More justified with Atsu since he's demon royalty and is pretty much immortal anyways.
  • Sorting Algorithm of Evil - Mostly adverted during the first chronicle. Jet goes up against many enemies much stronger than himself in the initial arcs, however he is much better armed and (in the first example at least) has an entire military division to back him up. He then faces easier opponents, but without the same equipment and team as before. Played fairly straight with Raven and Animus, the former formerly being the lieutenant of a lieutenant to the latter.
  • The Stoic - Jet most plays this straight.
  • Token Mini-Moe - Lina, Atsu's faithful servant, fills this role. However, while she is looks lolish, she acts much older. It should be noted that, despite being more or less a cute pet for Atsu, Lina is more than capable defeating about half the Gunryo's members in combat. She doesn't fight very often however, mainly because Atsu doesn't like to put her in danger.
  • Unstoppable Rage - Jet plays this straight through most of the series. On rare occasions he beats enemies without getting pissed off.
  • World's Strongest Man - This title goes unclaimed for most chronicles. By the third chronicle it becomes apparent Animus is the holder of this title. After Jet defeats Animus, he acquires this title.

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