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"LinksTheSun", real name Alexis Breut, is a French YouTube video maker.

Links posted his first video on YouTube in 2006, but started to gain in notoriety in 2008, when he posted a fanmade song about the online game Hordes. Then, in 2009, came the video that would change everything: the first episode of Point Culture. Initially meant as a filler video, it was met with praise and turned out to be extremely popular, prompting him to produce more episodes. With the fourth episode, on the subject of Pokémon, the series exploded in popularity, and the rest is YouTube history.

Since then, Links has created several more shows, from Video Review Shows to Affectionate Parodies. They mostly focus on popular culture, especially music and movies. Oh, and statistics; the guy almost has a fetish for them. While most of these shows are still technically ongoing, it is not rare for Links to put them on indefinite hiatus so he can rework them.


Links channel can be found here. Links also started a blog, on which he gives his opinion on things that do not warrant a video of their own.

Shows created by LinksTheSun include:

  • Point Culture, his most popular creation, a series of semi-educational videos in which he tackles various subjects related to pop-culture, either as a whole or from a certain angle only.
  • Non Mais T'as Vu Ce Que T'écoutes, abbreviated NMT, a series of musical reviews mainly focused on songs from the current Top 50 best sales.
  • 50/50, a review series in which he tries to find five good points and five bad points about a given movie.
  • Plectroscope, a series of short videos in which his character Plectrum does parodic retellings of popular movies.
  • Joute Verbale dans ta Face, his take on Epic Rap Battles of History.
  • On Veut des Chiffres, made in collaboration with the channel It's Big, in which he gives trivia on various subjects in the form of numbers and statistics.
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  • Journal de Minuit, a humorous look at news stories that came out everyday for a duration of two weeks.
  • Body Count, a One-Episode Wonder counting the total number of victims of notorious fictional killers. invoked
  • Parenthèse, based on Top 20 countdowns on various subjects. Some of them provide complementary information on subjects treated by a Point Culture or a 50/50 (for instance, the Point Culture about Horror Movies Clichés was followed by a Parenthèse about the 20 best jumpscares).

Tropes associated with LinksTheSun:

  • The Cast Show Off: Played with. Links is fully aware that he's not a great singer, but he likes including purposefully bad singing in his videos. He does his best to make it sound good when the bad singing is not the joke, notably when using the real song that he's reviewing in an NMT would get him demonetized.
  • Caustic Critic: He intentionally exaggerates the negatives when reviewing songs on NMT. He did not like being perceived like this by his audience, who cared less about studying texts and messages and more about dunking artists they dislike. This is one of the reasons why he stopped the show.
  • Critical Failure: His suicide attempts in his parody of Bref, which include swallowing pills that turn out to be candy, hanging himself with a rope that's way too long, and listening to bad music.
  • Damned by Faint Praise: In the secondary channel, Links made a review of Fifty Shades of Grey and gave it the grade of "F" (and called it "the worst book I read in my life.") Two months later, he made a 50/50 about the movie adaptation, and in the introduction he gave three good points of the novel: 1) The bare premise of the plot works and could make a good story if properly used. 2) Some men wrote to E.L. James to explain the novel made them realize they were similar to Christian, and this made them change their behavior. 3) If this book was able to become a world-famous best-seller, absolutely anything can reach the same level of success. In general, Links found the movie better, but that's not saying much considering how much he loathed the book. Note that, among the five good points he found about the movie, there's photography (a purely technical aspect) and "some elements have been removed from the adaptation".
  • Devil's Advocate: Lilith from the NMT videos, who is literally Satan's spokesperson. Her favorite thing is to give artists excuses for questionable choices (no, just because Black M is justified in criticizing the school system, does not mean he can advocate for school shootings), and to invoke discrimination to refute criticism.
    Lilith: Oh, so your point is that you need a college education to succeed in life.
    Links: What? No, that's not what I said at all.
    Lilith: I know, I cultivate ambiguity so you'll get hated by people too lazy to think on their own. By the way, since this video started, you've been praising white people's work and dunking on black people's. Just saying.
  • Everyone Hates Math: Averted. The guy loves numbers, especially statistics. Heck, he makes pie charts for fun.
  • Gallows Humor: Links' first video of 2021 is a Parenthèse listing the 20 worst years in history, released right after the end of the memetically disastrous 2020. The video's thumbnail shows Links (with an awkward smile) raising a toast while the background consists in lava, fire, and "2020" written with inflatable balloons.note 
  • Hurricane of Puns: A great fan of wordplay and [[Stealth Pun|s]]. Will often be followed by a self-deprecating Lame Pun Reaction.
  • Large Ham: He regularly dips into Comical Overreactions, Suddenly SHOUTING! or No Indoor Voice, and overall dramatic acting for the sake of comedy.
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: In the 50/50 about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Links comments the differences between the book and movie version of the scene where Anastasia awakes in Christian's bed after blacking out drunk, and learns Christian didn't took advantage of her. Before commenting her reaction in the book (Anastasia's inner monologue views the fact Christian didn't rape her as a proof he doesn't find her attractive), Lins introduces the sequence by swearing it's really in the book, then gives an extract as a proof.
  • Running Gag: In the 50/50 about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Links uses culinary metaphors instead of more explicit descriptions each time he comments sex scenes.
  • Self-Deprecation: If there's anything he's mocked more than Anne Roumanoff or Twilight, it's himself.
    "Scandalous pictures of LinksTheSun! Pants at least two sizes too big! Why? Probably because he's too fat! Look at him! He's a pachyderm! A continent! Forsooth, a continent? He's a '''fucking exoplanet'''! Joueur du Grenier lost weight, so why can't he do the same? LinksTheSun: He's a twat! And his brothers are ugly! There!"
  • Shout-Out: Often invokes artists he admires as a point of comparison to the ones he's reviewing. Also:
    Links: Why are you dressed as the Boss from SLG?
    Lilith: So your imbecilic audience can have a reference point to anchor a new character by stealing a concept from a show more popular than yours.
    Links: Wow, you're a bitch.
    Lilith: It's my job.
  • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: The Mid-Review Sketch Show and central theme of the NMT about Charles Aznavour. Alexis has to deal with the fact that his brothers can't work with him on the show anymore, and is struggling with his fear of disappointing his audience with mediocre work. All of the songs he studies gravitate around this theme: J'aime Paris au mois de mainote  reminds him that Jérémie left to live in Paris, Je m'voyais déjànote  makes him fear he's being as terrible and delusional as the character of the song, Retiens la nuitnote  illustrates his somber thoughts hidden beneath a fun-sounding appearance, Je boisnote  shows him at his lowest point, and La Bohème note  makes him finally accept that things will never be the same again. The episode ends with him getting back on his feet and trying to make the show work on his own. However, that was the last NMT.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": "Links" is spelled with an S. He is very insistent on the matter.


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