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Welcome to LAMPES!!!

LAMPES, short for Les Arbres Malicieux Partent En Suède (The Mischievous Trees Go to Sweden), is a French competitive YouTube game inspired from Ten Words of Wisdom, created and hosted by ZerOcarina. The rules of the game are simple: Make the most creative and funniest answers out of a single question, sometimes with a restriction. The first season of the game had 25 contestants.


    Detailed game mechanics 

Up to round 16:

The contestants had to answer a single prompt, and the answer needed to abide to any restriction that accompanied it (e.g.: Answer the question without using the letter 'A', or make the answer with the least possible characters). As only the host could decide which answer was best and which one was the worst, they ranked the answers accordingly. Any answer that didn't abide to the restrictions or failed to properly go around it was directly punished.

Players had a total score tied to them related to their answers, and the last player of the rankings was eliminated. However, if a player was high ranked but didn't have a good answer, this did not mean they would be eliminated. However, if a player was far behind, even a first place rank wouldn't be able to save them. In case of a last place tie, the host will eliminate the tied people. The prompt for the next round is always shown at the end of the video.

Round 16 onwards:

While the game's prompt answering and elimination system remained unchanged, its voting system was closer to Ten Words Of Wisdom's. Each round was split into two parts A and B. During part A, ZerOcarina reveals every answer for the current prompt. Then, in part B, the results are coming and the contestant with the least amount of votes is eliminated from the game. This continues up until the last round where the LAMPES winner is decided.

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