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From left to right: Chantel Houston, Freddie Ransome, Devin Lytle, Kristin Chirico and Jen Ruggirello
A popular web video series from Buzzfeed, Ladylike currently consists of five women named Frederica “Freddie” Ransome, Devin Lytle, Jennifer "Jen" Ruggirello, Chantel Houston and Kristin Chirico.

Past members of Ladylike include Safiya Nygaard and Candace Lowry, former Buzzfeed-employees who now have their own YouTube-channels.

Ladylike is similar to The Try Guys (also a popular web video series that originally started at Buzzfeed) in that the group of women usually tries something new in every episode, but the activities of Ladylike focus more on things like fashion, beauty, body positivity and other traditionally "feminine" endeavors. Since getting their own YouTube-channel, Ladylike has been focusing on stuff like female-empowerment.


Lady Tested, Lady Approved Tropes:

  • Adult Fear: A pet owner variant—in the video where the members of Ladylike (minus Kristin, who was on vacation in Hawaii with her husband) are celebrating Chantel's birthday, at one point, they thought Chantel's pet cat, James, had somehow managed to slip out of Chantel's apartment, so they spent about 15 to 20-minutes looking for him outside. It later turned out that James was still in the apartment, but had somehow gotten on top of Chantel's dryer and couldn't get out without help—thankfully, everything turned out okay in the end when Chantel and the others were able to get James out from his predicament.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Combined with Incompatible Orientation—in a video where they talk about how they first met, Jen (who's a lesbian) admits that she had a crush on Devin (who's heterosexual) at one point.
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  • Big Beautiful Woman: Kristin's definitely this.
  • Big Fun: Kristin's often at the ready with a punchy one-liner.
  • Birthday Episode: The group has done various videos where they celebrate each other's birthdays —
    • Jen's birthday was the first to be celebrated.
    • Freddie's birthday was the second to be celebrated.
    • Kristin's birthday was the third to be celebrated.
    • Chantel's birthday was the fourth to be celebrated.
    • Devin's birthday was the fifth to be celebrated.
    • The ladies also celebrated the birthday of Mike, their lead cameraman who's frequently seen in their videos (especially the later videos).
  • Black Best Friend: Freddie, as the only black member of the Ladylike-crew, is this to the other members, especially since aside from being coworkers, the members of Ladylike are also genuine friends.
  • Catchphrase: Of the Signing-Off Catchphrase variety—pretty much every video for the Ladylike-series has some variation of "Lady tested, Lady approved."
  • D-Cup Distress: While she may not have the largest breasts in the group (that goes to Kristin), Chantel's fairly busty for a woman of her body type—Chantel has also shared some of the awkward moments she's had with having a well-endowed chest (both in the present time and in the past when she was growing up).
  • The Fashionista: All five have their unique styles that they enjoy playing around with.
  • Five Girl Band: Played with for the most part —
    • The Leader: When Safiya and Candace were still at Buzzfeed, either Safiya or Freddie would act as the leader (mostly Safiya—she and Freddie were the ones who started Ladylike in the first place). But since Safiya and Candace are no longer at Buzzfeed, it's usually either Devin or Freddie acting as the leader of the Ladylike-crew (more so in Devin's case).
    • The Lancer: Jen is this, largely in that she's the most tomboyish of the group, especially since most of the other members of Ladylike are much more feminine (at least by comparison).
    • The Smart Guy: Any of the five main members of Ladylike can be this at any given time—it could even be someone outside of them, because they do often have extra people in their videos for whatever reason.
    • The Big Guy: Kristin is this, mostly in a literal case in that she's physically the biggest member of the Ladylike-crew.
    • The Chick: Any of the five main members of Ladylike can be this at any given time.
  • Gasshole: Devin makes it no secret that she loves to fart a lot.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Devin and Freddie both have these—though the latter's case is a nickname-variety rather than being her actual first name (her real name is "Frederica"). In the case of the former, while "Devin" is increasingly popular as a girl's name, it's still more common as a boy's name.
  • Hidden Depths: Various episodes have the ladies sharing some of their secret skills, such as:
    • Devin's a pole dancer and an instructor.
    • Jen was a fencer for many years.
    • Chantel participated in many athletic activities as a kid, such as cheerleading.
    • Freddie was a cheerleader when she was younger.
    • Kristin was a swimmer.
  • Huge Schoolgirl: Devin's currently the tallest member of Ladylike at (roughly) 5'10" and she's mentioned in some videos how, as a kid, she was really tall for her age and was often one of the tallest kids at her school.
  • Kind Hearted Cat Lover: Though Kristin's certainly very nice, she seems to be the only member of Ladylike who doesn't like cats, as the rest of the group all really like cats—even Jen (who, admittedly, is more of a dog person) likes cats (though, ironically, she's allergic to cats). Chantel, Freddie and Devin all have pet cats whom they clearly love dearly, to the point of referring to their cats as their children.
    • Freddie has a female cat named Roberta (who she sometimes calls "Bertie").
    • Chantel has a male cat named James.
    • Devin actually has two cats (both boys), named Mars (who has his own Instagram-account) and Bones. There was a Ladylike-video where Devin went out of town for some trip and Jen was tasked with babysitting Mars and Bones (despite her cat allergy).
  • Knife Nut: Jen really loves knives, as shown in quite a few videos.
  • LGBTQ+ Best Friend: Three of the five "official" members of Ladylike aren't heterosexual —
    • Jen, as previously mentioned, is a lesbian (and she apparently came out of the closet after she got done with high school).
    • Chantel identifies as "not heterosexual," so it's unknown what her exact sexuality is.
    • Kristin (who's married to a man) is bisexual/queer as confirmed in a December 2018 Ladylike Q&A video.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Chantel states in the video she and Freddie swap styles that her wardrobe is black, white, gray, and denim, and she will buy the same shirt just in one of the different colors. There was also a video where the members of Ladylike wore the same outfits for a week.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Jen's the biggest tomboy of the group while Freddie, Chantel, Devin and Kristin are considerably more feminine by comparison.
  • True Companions: Much like the Try Guys (who didn't really know each other before forming their group), the members of Ladylike also didn't really know each other that well before making the video series—however, in various videos explaining how they met and got their jobs at Buzzfeed, the girls have noted that they've ultimately become very close friends through making the videos.

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