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Alfredo Martínez is a Spanish voice actor. A very long time mainstay of anime series distributed by Arait Multimedia and videogames in general, he had his breakout in 2000 in Cardcaptor Sakura, where he showcased not only the deep, grave voice which would make him famous by, but also his incredible flexibility and charisma. He would went to cement his vocal badassery by playing Sanji, Gintoki Sakata and Optimus Prime, the last of which became synonym with in modern animated and videogame adaptations. Finally, he diversified to secondary roles in live action films, also becoming an increasingly prolific dub director.


Notable roles by Alfredo Martínez:


Live-Action Films

Western Animation

Video Games


Tropes that apply to Alfredo Martínez and his characters:

  • Large Ham: When one has such a stentorian voice as he has, it's difficult not to put it to use.
  • Nerd Glasses: Has them, just like Fujitaka and Yukito.

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