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Comicbook / Godzilla: King of the Monsters

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A comicbook set around Godzilla, following him after he surfaces in USA and rampages through Marvel Universe for twenty-four issues (August, 1977- July, 1979). After the later Showa films of The '70s made Godzilla into more of a heroic character, Marvel's comic run portrayed him as an animal Anti-Hero who's just too danged big for the era he lives in. He smashes lots of stuff but also ends up saving humanity from other monsters. He's been described as a giant lizard version of The Incredible Hulk.

As is generally the case with licensed properties that are set in the Marvel Universe proper, Marvel still owns the villains and supporting castmembers they invented for this comic, and they still show up from time to time in other Marvel books — mainly the giant robot Red Ronin and the mad scientist Doctor Demonicus.


This version of Godzilla was later retconned into being its own beast known as the Leviathan (and given a new appearance) as a way of Writing Around Trademarks, ultimately meeting its demise by the hands of the X-Men.

Since this series ran, Toho has used its particular logo for Godzilla (shown in the upper-left corner of this page's image) as the basis for the trademark stamp of Godzilla on their own merchandise.

Written by Doug Moench, creator of Moon Knight — and he clearly had a lot of fun doing it.


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