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Characters / Ratboy Genius

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Ratboy Genius

The titular character. He's a kind-hearted rat-like creature who rules over Ratboy's Kingdom.
  • Catchphrase: "Knock knock", which he usually says when greeting people.
  • Primary-Color Champion: As the main character, it's fitting that he has yellow "fur", a blue cap and shorts, and a reddish-orange T-shirt.
  • Protagonist Title: The series is named after him.
  • Rubber Man: It's later shown that he has the same stretchy abilities as Little King John.
  • Synthetic Voice Actor: His high-pitched voice is clearly computer-generated.
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  • You Dirty Rat!: Averted. Despite being a "Ratboy", he is friendly and caring.


Ratboy's eternally optimistic friend.

Green Monster

Another friend of Ratboy's.


Summer Solstice Baby

Ratboy's girlfriend.
  • Love Triangle: Between her, Ratboy Genius and Little King John. The series "Ratboy Dreams Minecraft" revolves around the latter's kidnapping of Baby and the former's rescue.

Little King John

A minor antagonist in the series, who seems to be on the way to making a Heel–Face Turn.


  • Beneaththe Earth: In Happyman Opera, Fred says that Sue lives "in the underworld," a description which appears to be more literal than biblical.
  • Informed Attractiveness: Bob comments on Sue's beauty when he meets her, even though she's drawn with Dorin's signature crudeness.
  • Losing Your Head: Her head can fall off.



Old Man Fingerhead

The Professor


A doglike character met by Little King John after he escapes his sunken kingdom, who agrees to tag along on his journey to find a new land.

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