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This is a list for several of the characters in RWBY Grimm Darkness. Over time and as more of the story is written, this page will be updated.

NOTE: Spoilers on the page. Read at your own risk.

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     Existing Characters 

This folder is for new tropes given to characters in this story that are already in the series itself (such as Team RWBY, for instance). Because of this, don't expect many tropes for these characters, since they would simply add on to the ones they already have.

Yang Xiao Long

  • The Worf Effect: Yang gets punched by a Scizor-like Grimm in Episode 4 to illustrate the fact that Grimm controlled by Achroma's machines are more unpredictable and dangerous than in the wild. It happens again later in the same chapter when Yang wails on Leo while he uses his semblance to No-Sell her blows before delivering a hefty punch to her face.


     Team NAMA 

A team introduced in this story, Team NAMA is comprised of Nived Harem, Alexi Harem, Makoto Misaki, and Akira Misaki, who have come over to Vale from Vacuo in order to attend Beacon. The team role for them happened quite easily, as Nived and Alexi are brothers while Makoto and Akira are sisters. On top of that, Nived and Makoto are also dating. Since, Akira is still a year too young to be attending, her roles at Beacon Academy are filled in by Minamizato Kanon.

Please note that Makoto, Akira, and Kanon are not original characters, as the former two originate from Go! Go! Nippon! while Kanon originates from a light novel called Gosenfu Nante Kazari Desu. Their depictions in Grimm Darkness are still meant to be adaptations, however.

Makoto Misaki

Tropes that apply to Makoto:

  • Flechette Storm: One of her attack strategies is to throw a flurry of flechettes at foes (many times after having stopped time).
  • Time Stands Still: Makoto's semblance is the ability to stop time for several seconds, usually used to throw a number of flechettes at opponents in precise areas. She can even allow anyone she's in contact with at time to move while in stopped time as well.
  • Whip It Good: Makoto can string all her flechettes together and use them as a pretty effective whip.

     New Characters 

Vlad Schnee

Vlad Schnee is the father of Weiss and also the president of the Schnee Dust Company, the largest Dust mining corporation in the world. However, he's definitely not a good person, as the Schnee Dust Company is cited for its controversial labor force and questionable business partners, as well as Weiss stating that she had a very difficult childhood due to her father coming home angry regularly, although this is presumably because of the Faunus organization White Fang attacking the company.

Tropes that apply to Vlad:

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Vlad appears as the Schnee Dust Company president, a polite but stressed out man trying to deal with the problem of the Dust shortage, only to later be revealed to be the cause of it! And that's just scratching the surface.
  • Evil All Along: Vlad Schnee is first depicted as a bit of a jerk, but at the end of Chapter 7, after the Dark Trinity invades his airship, he shoots the remaining two Atlesian soldiers himself and is revealed to have been the mysterious man all along, with a very despicable plan.
  • Faux Affably Evil: When in public, he tries his best to be polite, although he tends to slip into Jerkass territory, but his true demeanor is vile and cruel.
  • Freudian Slip: In Chapter 5, there are several moments that Vlad almost lets slip things such as derogatory terms for Faunus and Huntsmen.
  • It's All About Me: Everything Vlad does, including his plan, is for the benefit of himself and only himself, and he even treats his daughters as mere pawns.
  • Klingon Promotion: How did Vlad become president of the Schnee Dust Company? By killing his father, that's how!
  • Meaningful Name: Vlad's literary basis happens to be that of Dracula, who is usually portrayed as being evil incarnate. In addition, while not a vampire, Vlad's semblance is the ability to suck out the Aura of anyone he comes in contact with by opening his mouth.
  • The Sociopath: Vlad Schnee is a soulless and uncaring individual with no sympathy who uses everyone around him, including family, as his chess pieces.
  • Staff of Authority: Carries a cane bearing the Schnee Dust Company symbol with him at all times. It's also his weapon.

Princess Aurina dé Atlas


Mysterious Girl

An unknown girl wearing a gray cloak complete with a hood that obscures who she is, she serves as a personal assassin, dealing with anyone that tries to interfere with the villain's plans. Cold and emotionless, she will go after her designated target and terminate without mercy using ring blades that utilize Dust of various kinds and the ability to project instant runes. However, she's not completely obedient, as she has some vendetta with Weiss and whenever Weiss appears, she'll go out of her way to combat her in an effort to kill her for personal reasons.

Tropes that apply to the Mysterious Girl:

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Vlad tried to increase her Aura capacities, but after it turned out her physiology wasn't able to do so, he used mind control to do the next best thing; turn her into an assassin that he could use to deal with his enemies.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Weiss, as both of them use weapons with revolver mechanics, both utilize Dust, and both can create instant runes.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: She tends to throw her rings at various surroundings, allowing them to bounce off repeatedly and hit their target. One egregious case is when she aimed them at Weiss, who deflected them with instant runes, only for the rings to quickly bounce their way back and hit Weiss anyway.


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