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RWBY: Grimm Darkness is a fanfic created by Sunflorazumarill of DeviantArt taking place in the world of RWBY. Taking place anytime after Volume 2, the story involves a Dust shortage that is happening throughout all of Remnant. As the crisis thickens, there are also outbreaks of Grimm attacks, except these Grimm are being controlled by a Mad Scientist, a new trio of bad guys that are carrying out the plans of their master, and a mysterious girl in a gray cloak that seems to know Weiss Schnee. To top things off, the father of Weiss and president of the Schnee Dust Company, Vlad, also appears, knowing all too well what has befallen Remnant, although he's hiding something.


Has a Characters page as well.

You can read the fanfic here, although it's far from finished.

Tropes that apply to RWBY: Grimm Darkness:

  • Abusive Parents: Weiss claimed that the White Fang's actions caused her father to always come home angry, giving her a very difficult childhood. He is responsible for giving Weiss her scar and forced her and Winter to fight Grimm and each other.
  • Red Shirt Army: Countless Atlesian soldiers become this at the end of Chapter 7, when Weiss's father is revealed to be the main villain and has every soldier aboard his ship mercilessly slaughtered by the Dark Trinity and Neo. He has a whole military base of them killed off by combat mechs he commissioned for the military, then has his ship open fire on the two escorting it, killing all soldiers aboard them.

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