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Characters / Nerds and Monsters

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This is the Character Sheet for the YTV cartoon, Nerds and Monsters. It Needs Wiki Magic Love at the moment.

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    Dudley Squat 
The leader of the nerds. A stubborn little fellow who prefers to see everything organized and disciplined the way he likes it.


    Irwin Chang-Stein 
Voiced by: Vincent Tong
A Chinese-Canadian nerd with countless phobias, as well as allergies for almost anything imaginable. He has a crush on Becky.

    Becky Hooger 
The sole female nerd. A tall and excitable braces-wearing nerd fascinated by and determined to study all the strange creatures living on the island.

    Stan Grissle 
Voiced by: Ty Olsson
A dopey jock who was supposed to be going to Football Camp accidentally boarded the bus for Nerd Camp and got stuck with the Nerds as a result. Becky has a crush on him.



Voiced by: Brian Drummond
A small blue monster. Unlike all the other monsters on the island, he is friendly towards the Nerds and strives to be intelligent, much to the dismay of uncle, Zarg, and his parents, Urp and Durn.

Voiced by: Brian Dobson
A hairy monster with horns. He is the bad-tempered leader of the monsters, as well as Lyle's uncle, and is determined to rid his island of the Nerds. Always beside him is his pool-toy "wife", Maiden Cheena.

A winged lizard-like monster. Although he is Zarg's second banana, he is absolutely fed up with his job and dreams of taking the throne (and Maiden Cheena) from Zarg someday.

    Urp and Durn 
Voiced by: Lee Tockar (Urp) and Michael Adamthwaite (Durn)
Lyle's parents. An ever-bickering two-in-one couple made of Zarg's sister Durn (the green monster with the tentacles and eyestalks) and her conjoined husband Urp (the one-eyed face on Durn's belly).


Voiced by: Michael Daingerfield
A giant monster with one eye and one horn. Stupid even by the monsters' standards, he acts as Zarg's muscle, but has the emotions and attention span of a small child.


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