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    The Whisperer 
The enigmatic leader of the felines. Captain of the Whispered Demise. There are rumours that he uses Dark Aether and Dark Fire magic, but no-one can be sure.
    Captain Rendall Avery 
Captain of the Barracuda. He wields Dark Water and Light Aether magic. Longtime friend and comrade of Arland Ruin.
    First Mate Arland Ruin 
The first mate aboard the Barracuda. Has leanings towards Light Water, though he has received no formal training and so can not do much with it. Friend and loyal companion of Ren Avery.
    Cabin Cub Ivonne "the Ice Iris" Marie 
A young white tiger. Grew up on the streets after the death of both of her parents. Was recruited for the Barracuda by Ren Avery, after the latter killed the captain of her previous vessel.
    Captain Kasai Levhart Fenikso 
The captain of the Great Phoenix. A greatly renowned and feared pirate.
    Marine Ruin 
Daughter of Arland Ruin and an unnamed snow leopardess. Ignored by her mother, Marine more or less fends for herself, although she is visited by her father from time to time.


    Head Chancellor Nikola Vunnz the Second 
Head Chancellor of the foxes' parliament. A grey fox, who utilises both the Light and Dark facets of the Aether element.
  • Stuffy Brit: Perceived to be this by some of the younger foxes.
    Head Sorceress Khai Thorne 
A small fennec fox with a rather impressive set of mechanical tentacles implanted in her back. Twin sister to Tiberius Thorne. A brilliant sorceress and scientist, she wields the Dark facet of the Aether, Air and Earth elements.
    Tiberius Thorne/the Erudite 
A brilliant scientist and competent sorcerer. His original body is in a critical condition in a coma, while his consciousness possesses his sister's ship, the Erudite.

    Victoria Kensington, matron of Kensington House 
A young red fox, and adoptive sister to Tzeitel Kensington. Secretly wields the Dark Earth element, via a personal tutor.

  • Beneath the Mask: She strives for perfection and civility in her public actions, but she is also a gossip amongst her group of friends. In addition, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty in order to get her way.
  • Silk Hiding Steel
    Tzeitel Kensington 
A silver fox, and the adopted sister of Victoria. A tinkerer and a pilot, who wields the Light Aether element.

    Hakima Thorne 
A student at the College of Meta.
  • The Dandy: A female example. Hakima keeps herself well dressed and well groomed, to make up for what she sees as her lack of intellect.


    Templar Primus Sanguinus D'Marcus 
Commander of the wolves. Tends to monitor his troops from the Bastion of Howls, but in battle he is aggressive and bloodthirsty.
    Procella D'Hadrianus/Amelie 
Procella is a young maned wolf, masquerading as a red fox named Amelie. Her Elemental alignment is Dark Earth.
     Quinn Quinnzie 
Originally a black timber wolf, Quinn is a former circus performer. During her time at the circus, she was modified so that her fur is now a black-and-red diamond pattern. One of her originally black eyes was also turned red during the same set of events. She is modelled after a harlequin. During her time at the circus, Quinn was declared to be the most agile animal alive.

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