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This is a Character Sheet for A Luta Contra os Fentisseiros. Note that some characters have "Voice Actors". This happens because the author wanted to imagine voices for the characters. The entries are not to be taken seriously


Age: 17
Voice Actor: Kotono Mitsuishi
Powers: Able to transform anything into anything, super strenght
"And this is how i roll!"

One of the few mercenaries left from Jaboatão dos Guararapes, was sent on a mission as a child to kill God, she mets Mulher a few weeks after her mission started and has fallen for her, however she couldn't be honest about herself to her because she needed to be disguised to track down her target, after (half)completing her mission (7 years after) she decides not to return to Jaboatão and started living with Mulher instead.


She's hotblooded and bold but can get a little shy once in a while, doesn't give a crap to anyone but treats Mulher as the most important thing in her life.



Age: 18
Voice Actor: Megumi Hayashibara
Powers: Can do anything
"I'm not the lesbian one."
She lost both her parents in a car accident when she was little, since then she lived on the streets with a bunch of stickmens, whoever one in special (Cara in disguise) threated her with a home and education, then she mets Guria and they've been best friends ever since (Until LesYay ensues)

She was a normal person with no special skills (Though she got some wrestling moves) but due to Guria's power's influence on her she got a little power, making her left eye forever glowing, later she awakens her full power making both eyes glow, but she got control over that. She's not much of a talkative type but as time goes by she's becoming more and more like Guria.




Age: 75
Voice Actor: Akio Ohtsuka
Powers: None
"I'll show you the power of a human!"
Cara is a guy who saw some shit, lost his friends and his loved one, but these events made him value his own strength and despising those who obtain powers without a single effort, but instead of simply beating them up he tries to make them go through the path of the true strength.After his wife's death he left his only daughter with a distant relative since he decided to roam around the world and couldn't bring her with him, many years later he discovers that his daughter died in a car accident and blame himself for not protecting her, so he decides to look over his granddaughter disguised as a stickmen.

He doesn't have any powers and is just a normal guy, however he's by far the most powerful living being in the world, he fights with his pure physical strenght and by out-hamming his foes, some of his feats includes fighting 3 Gods without being scratched, exterminating a bunch of dinosaurs and unintentionally breaking the wall between dimensions by air guitarring.



Age: 73
Voice Actor: Tohru Furuya
Powers: Godhood
"I can even create a sun in my hands."
He used to went around doing evil stuff with Vilão when he was young, including killing Cara's friends just to make sure of his powers, one day he and Vilão decides to steal an artifact from the Gods that should give them a huge amount of power, Fentisseiro betrayed Vilão and ran away with the artefact for himself, but soon after he's confronted by Cara who got a lot stronger than the last time they met, Fentisseiro however was full of himself because of his new powers, but he lost the fight. While trying to figure out how he lost that fight against a normal human he ended up becoming a God himself, assuming the throne of ruler of the Earth and reshaping the world, however this didn't mean much to him as he was obsessed with revenge, but he couldn't track Cara. He ended up fighting against Guria who was sent to kill him, but Cara appeared in the middle of the fight to warn Fentisseiro that he would lost to Guria for the same reason he lost against him 50 years ago, he loses and begin to wonder once again how could a God be defeated by humans, so he decides to follow Guria and Mulher hoping to discover the meaning of the true strength.


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