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Whether it's the horns from the SNES game, the electric guitar of X, or the trance techno of AX/GX, F-Zero music is all awesome in some form to fit with the intensity of racing at 2,000 km/h.

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     F-Zero (SNES) 
  • The famous song that made it into practically every F-Zero game (excluding Maximum Velocity), Mute City.
  • The second famous song that made it into every game, Big Blue.
  • The Title Theme, short but it gets you pumped to race.
  • Results, a rather calm tune once you beat a race (or rank out/explode).
  • Death Wind has a very creepy, militaristic beat with wind blowing on and on that just keeps on going. Fitting for one of the hardest tracks in the game, and the home world of one of the franchise's many villains.
  • Silence has a nice peaceful start before it picks up.
  • Port Town, a chilling drum and bass piece that is the perfect theme song for Captain Falcon's home turf.
  • White Land I, with its piano-sounding startup, and then the beat kicks in...and it gets awesome from there. It's reminded several people of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."
  • White Land II, the second and more difficult version, features a more intense and heart-pounding rendition and is appropriately fitting for the bane of every player's existence, the dreaded jump.
  • Sand Ocean, with its hypnotic drum pattern and exotic melodies, is one of the better songs in the game.
  • Fire Field, appropriately enough the most intense song in the soundtrack for the game's final, longest, and hardest circuit.
  • And last but not least, the cup victory theme is absolute bliss and perfect catharsis watching your car take a victory lap after you completed the last blood-boiling race!

     F-Zero X 
  • You might have trouble choosing from all 30 of the possible racers for your next Grand Prix but this theme helps with that.
  • Option. A nice, relaxed song, particularly with the background choir.
  • Grand Prix Ending. Even if you don't make the top 3 at the end, you're still treated to your car driving on the road and the game encourages you to try again, with a song like that, it's hard not to.
  • Endless Challenge, a rearrangement of the Mute City theme with an electric guitar.
  • Decide in the Eyes, Big Blue, also with an electric guitar.
  • Dream Chaser, the theme of Silence. It also has an 8-bit rendition made for the Mega Man 4 ROM hack Rockman 4 Minus Infinity.
  • The Long Distance of Murder, the theme song to Red Canyon. It gets even better with the Expansion kit version, which contains an extended intro riff.
  • Drivin' Through on Max, the theme to Sectors Alpha and Beta, and the Non-64DD version of Rainbow Road. Sounds perfect to tape the A button down when this song's playing as you, well, Drive Through on Max.
  • Devil's Call In Your Heart, the theme song to Devil's Forest, samples the lead riff from "Heartwork" by British death metal band Carcass to absolutely majestic results. No wonder it reappeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, 4 and Ultimate completely untouched.
  • Rainbow Road, F-Zero X-style. Hear it to believe it. It, unfortunately, is only available if you're using the 64DD expansion kit, which is Japan-only.
  • The song that plays during the Death Race mode. All of it. It gives off a very "There can only be one!" mood, kinda fitting what the mode is about.
  • Climb Up! And Get the Last Chance, the theme song to White Land, also reappeared in Smash and for good reason. That guitar + keyboard combo will send shivers down your spine. The Expansion Kit version has an extended outro, and is also the version that would be reused for GP Legend and Climax.
  • The other four songs exclusive to the F-Zero X Expansion Kit are also just as intense as the main game's soundtrack, which is really saying something. Special mention goes to Big Foot, an intense tune which plays on two of the expansion kit's courses including the last one, and which riffs At Doom's Gate/E1M1, of all things.

     F-Zero: Maximum Velocity 
  • Cloud Carpet features some of best guitars on the Game Boy Advance with its theme.
  • Bianca City makes up for the lack of a Mute City.
  • Tenth Zone East is seen as one of the best songs in the game and for good reason. The intro just gets your blood going, never mind the rest of the song!
  • Silence. Interestingly, the track is actually unused due to the fact the only Silence track is available on Single-Pak Play and there's no music. Quite a shame.
  • Crater Land. All of it.
  • Synobazz. Especially when you race on the championship circuit.
  • Empyrean Colony has a very whimsical sounding track for those that make it there.
  • Fire Field. Like every other Fire Field, this features heavy guitars. Funny enough, that means Fire Field has been in every game to date.
  • Stark Farm, one of the most underrated tracks in the franchise to date.
  • The Title Theme. Like the theme in the SNES game, this one also gets you pumped up.
  • Credits is a rather sudden shift from the rocking Cup Results theme but it's techno beat is rather soothing.
  • Results, which emulates the original game's results theme.

     F-Zero GX 

     F-Zero: GP Legend/Climax 
  • Illusion sounds like a song Dragonforce would write.
  • The BGM for Lightning in F-Zero GP Legend, and its remix in F-Zero Climax. By far the most intense songs in both games.
  • The tracks for Mist Flow, in both its GP Legend and its Climax renditions, are as blood-pumping as one another and perfectly capture the foggy, dreamy atmosphere of the place.
  • The Meaning of Truth that plays at the climax of the anime.

     Misc. (Smash, Remixes)