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Fridge Logic for F-Zero.

  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • The incredibly twitchy controls of GX suddenly become justified when you remember that these are supersonic rocket-powered hover-sleds: no traction, tons of balance issues, extremely high speeds. GX cars handle the way such vehicles would actually handle! (Doesn't make the game any less hard, though.)
    • Princia Ramode has a crush on Samurai Goroh. She is unlocked by beating the Story Mode level where you race against Samurai Goroh. Coincidence?
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    • Many players consider the Fat Shark to be one of the best, if not THE best, machine in the game. Its pilot, Don Genie, is filthy rich. So it makes sense that he simply paid enough money to commission a machine that was as good as possible to easily win races with.
  • Fridge Horror: If the Great Star really is EAD's "brother" scrapped and recycled as a racing machine, then F-Zero just took Luigi's status as a Butt-Monkey/The Chew Toy to freakishly terrible new heights. Damn... even in a different series, Luigi gets no respect.
  • Fridge Logic:
    • His vow in the games to kill Captain Falcon in the GP notwithstanding, if Black Shadow has Captain Falcon's DNA in the form of nearly-identical clone Blood Falcon (in both the games and the anime), why doesn't he just find out who Falcon is under the mask?
      • Perhaps because Falcon's secret identity is, you know... a secret? Like he's not a famous billionaire playboy and he wouldn't look any more recognizable to you than a random homeless person? You could unmask Falcon's clone and you wouldn't have any idea of who he was. Or, if you don't like that explanation, perhaps some terrible facial scarring on CF prevents his clone from looking exactly like him. Who cares?
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    • How are the racers able to withstand speeds surpassing 1000km/h?
      • Some kind of acceleration compensation, one assumes. Fortunately there's enough anti-gravity-type tech apparent in the series that such a thing isn't all that far-fetched...
    • If the White Cat was still inside the building when it exploded, how could Jody participate in the F-Zero GP two chapters later? The same could be asked about Samurai Goroh, whose machine exploded earlier that day (in Chapter 2).
      • They all had spare machines. That's the same reason you can smash them in one race in the Grand Prix and they're back by the next race. Hell, your retries in the Grand Prix are even referred to as spare machines. This, however, brings up some further Fridge Logic with some racers: there were only two F-Zero machines found by Draq and Roger, and the economy of Leon's homeworld is so poor that, even with the help of Fable (the guy who designed the Space Angler), Zou probably couldn't crank out another racer. Of course, some of this can be chalked up to Rule of Cool, Rule of Drama, and the ever-popular MST3K Mantra.
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    • In Captain Falcon's ending video, where the hell was Super Arrow when his kid was about to get run over by a train?