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Funny moments in F-Zero.

F-Zero X

  • The Bullshit Battles: F-Zero, which is pretty much a Let's Play of F-Zero X between AzureBlade49 and his buddy Jaymonius. Unfortunately, J-Man isn't all that great and only seems to win when Azura overshoots. As time goes on, J-Man creeps closer and closer to the brink of madness. By the time they reach Fire Field, he's lost it. He starts producing high-pitched whines and screams as he speaks of "dying a painful death" and drops one F-bomb after another. Eventually, he plummets to a fiery death below. Meanwhile, Azura is eating this up and shouts, "Who's the Captain now, bitch?!" Parodied here. (Backup link here.)
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  • In the X Cup, some of the randomly generated courses are A.I. killers; all 29 opponents will either jump off to their deaths or destroy each other, leaving first place a simple matter of finishing the course at your own pace. Grand example here where, unlike other examples, this one dumps all 29 of the other racers to their doom in twenty seconds (with The Skull being the hilariously ironic survivor).

F-Zero GX

  • If your machine is destroyed due to a depleted energy meter, it explodes into what looks like a lump of coal. Merry F-Zero Christmas!
  • Mr. Zero shaking in his boots while interviewing evil/intimidating racers.
  • Some of the bonus endings qualify.
  • The other Let's Play, as described on the main page. Most notably, The Tale of Sephiroth Goku the Stampede has its own page at this very wiki.
  • The character profile videos provide a bunch of laughs:
    • Mighty Gazelle pulls a rather dramatic Transformation Sequence. The end result? He turns into a moped.
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    • Baba's secret training codifies him as a Fake Ultimate Hero. Climbing a cliffside and losing his grip? The cliff is barely higher than he is tall. Lifting up a giant boulder with just his finger? It's suspended by a crane.
    • Dr. Stewart. Just...the hero of the Great Accident in a weird, trippy assault of colors, patterns, and other weird visuals.
    • Samurai Goroh runs another racer off the road, but puts the brakes on to keep from running over Silver Neelsen. He gets tired of waiting and blows by him anyway, only for karma to ensue and Neelsen launches a Death from Above with his cane.
    • Captain Falcon has to save Mrs. Arrow's (a superhero) baby from the middle of a railroad crossing as a train is coming. He does...and splits his jumpsuit to reveal his Goofy Print Underwear.
    • Octoman, Michael Chain, and Mrs. Arrow all compete in a bodybuilding competition. Octoman initially starts off good, but loses appeal quickly and lashes out on the audience; Michael Chain comes closer to getting a passing mark, but burns himself out and collapses; Mrs. Arrow is the only one to get full marks, which is only slightly hampered by her husband, Super Arrow, trying to fight off other guys trying to mob the stage.
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    • James McCloud rocking out to his own theme...whereupon he slips and falls trying to pull off some kind of stunt, and promptly gets booed off stage.
    • Zoda creates a massive android in his laboratory called Zoda II. When he first takes its control, it trips on a briefcase and falls right on him.
    • Bio Rex is cooking some raw meat in his den...and then loses track of where fantasy ends and reality begins, and bites the ass of a giant woolly mammoth...that promptly starts chasing him down.
    • Beastman does some impressive parkour skills between high-rise buildings... Until he narrowly misses a jump and falls down to the street below.
    • Gomar and Shioh share everything together...even trips to the bathroom.
    • Antonio Guster, Blood Falcon, and Lily Flyer all end up jobbing out to the laundromat. Antonio's clothes get stolen after he nods off waiting for them to finish, and has to flee in a discarded dress. Blood Falcon and Lily's clothes all shrink ridiculously, though Lily at least attempts to take it in stride.
    • John Tanaka busts a move to seduce Jody Summer... Who is then promptly shown dumping him for Captain Falcon instead.
    • Dr. Clash enjoys a day at a local beach resort and takes a dive with a lifebelt. A bee however lands on his face and annoys him, and one of his robotic arms tries to kill the bee with a folding fan; the bee escapes just in time for the fan to hit Clash's face, as he slowly drifts away to the sea.
    • The Dreaded Black Shadow gets...Hilarious Outtakes.
    • Draq gets way into F-Zero, and winds up punching his TV after he loses the video game he's playing. We can't blame him, though.
    • Roger Buster, driving a very loud (literally and figuratively) decotora truck, plows it straight into a house.
    • Silver Neelsen tries to punch Michael Chain...and promptly breaks his hand.
    • Don Genie is set up as a ruthless hitman, spraying automatic machine gun fire in all directions...and Shioh takes the gun back and reminds him that he's supposed to shoot at the carnival shooting gallery directly behind him.
    • Dai San Gen show off some of their kung fu skills, and do quite well for the most part... Until they have to break a stack of burning bricks. They all fail to do so and hurt their hands in the process, but still manage to strike a group pose as if nothing happened.
    • Daigoroh gets a lesson in swordsmanship from his father. He demonstrates by throwing a piece of paper into the air and slashing it a bunch of times, whereupon it comes down as a human looking figure. Daigoroh does the same (with Goroh barely ducking a wild swing from his son), and his result turns is shaped like the outline of a beautiful woman. Goroh is shocked...and possibly a bit impressed.
    • QQQ enjoys a day at the beach, sipping on some sort of cocktail with bolts in place of ice cubes (presumably, it's oil). Then it goes for a swim, a Threatening Shark chases after it and...the shark gets electrocuted, with QQQ completely unharmed.
    • Phoenix shows off his athletic skills for what appears to be the intro for a Show Within a Show, except he's just posing in a talent show for little children.
    • Deathborn is shown destroying racer after racer, machine after machine, thanks to having grown to a gigantic size... except all of this is just a film shown in a movie theatre. The real Deathborn is sitting there, laughing it up as he watches himself on the screen, which creeps out everyone else in the theatre and makes them leave with looks reading "What the heck is with this guy?"

F-Zero: The Legend of Falcon

  • Episode 21 of the anime digresses into one big racing equivalent of a Cat Fight, complete with No Fair Cheating in the form of Lisa calling for her crew's Humongous Mecha and Lucy performing a Macross Missile Massacre. The best example comes from Jody, who tricks out her White Cat with a positron cannon and nonchalantly opens fire on the other female racers. Even Black Shadow is at a loss of words. It all ends with all the named ladies either eliminated from falling off the track or disqualified for bringing weaponry to the race, and the Announcer cancelling the race and urging the audience to flee.