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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.
Seeing this is one of those awesome moments. Knowing Bayonetta's going to kill it is another.

Ahh, Bayonetta. From the Creator of the first Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, and Ōkami, how could it not be an awesome game? Being the Spiritual Successor of Devil May Cry, it's expected to have moments like this, but it most definitely takes things to higher levels than usual.

See also the awesome bosses and the awesome music pages.

  • When you first play Bayonetta, you're taken directly into battle with hordes of angels and a dragon ON TOP OF A FALLING CLOCK TOWER. Yes you have infinite life at this point. And yes Jeanne is your ally in here.
    • And to make things even better, one of the best themes in the game, "One of a Kind", is playing during this entire thing.
  • Really, anytime you whip out that Prehensile Hair in a Quick Time Event sequence, awesomeness is sure to follow.
  • There's a cutscene in Chapter 4 which sums up the series in less than a minute. After Fortitudo's introductory Pastel-Chalked Freeze Frame and a rather alarmingly loud bell accompanying it (the higher-ranking the angel, the louder the bell that goes with the shot introducing it), Fortitudo rambles on while backed by a tense, ethereal heavenly choir for a few seconds. Bayonetta, naturally, doesn't let this shit fly, and proceeds to shoot, insult, and shoot Fortitudo some more before channeling her Demon Slaying predecessor ("Flock off, feather-face!"), throwing her arms into the air, and letting her hair down while a dramatic wind sweeps the arena and the music builds to a tense, string-heavy crescendo. And then it hits the player that our heroine does not care one bit how powerful this ginormous dragon angel boss is – she's gonna kill it anyway.
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  • When Bayonetta remembers her ability to transform into animals after a furious battle with Jeanne, starting with a panther. Even she thinks it's awesome:
    Bayonetta: Oh my... that was bloody amazing!
  • The Torture Attacks are really something.
    • Annoying flying enemy that likes to shoot laser orbs at you? Grab that sucker and rip it to shreds with a magic chainsaw!
    • Aggravating speed demon that likes to claw-combo you to death? Summon up a gigantic vice and crush the thing in it!
    • Giant angel dog that likes to spit fireballs, shake you about like a ragdoll and stun you with a painful howl? Summon up a gigantic spiked wheel, slam it down right on top of it, and then kick it to tear the thing to shreds with the spikes!
  • Chapter VIII in a nutshell. After years of fans asking for a motorcycle sequence in DMC games and to date still being denied one, Bayonetta does it in her first game. The After Burner music just adds onto the awesome.
    Bayonetta: (after starting the motorcycle by jamming her middle finger into the ignition) Time to go VROOM!
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  • Chapter 14. Space Harrier: Bayonetta Edition.
    Bayonetta: Welcome to my fantasy zone. Get ready!note 
  • The final fight with Jeanne when you finally arrive to Isla Del Sol. Not only is the atmosphere up the roof with a Dark Reprise of the jazzy Red & Black called Blood and Darkness but the action is spectacular (missile tug-of-wars and wicked-weave counters, etc.). However, the kicker is when Jeanne reveals her true colors as an Umbra Witch complete with intro and white dress. As your equal, she's definitely not messing around this time...
  • When you're fighting Balder, after taking his health bar out, Bayonetta summons Gomorrah for a climax finisher. Anti-Climax Boss? Hell no. Balder breaks through the summon, and snaps Gomorrah's neck! He proceeds to repeat that on your remaining climax attacks as well.
  • Finishing off Father Balder. Bayonetta pulls out her lipstick (which was apparently a gift from Balder to Bayonetta's mother), loads it into Parsleynote , and fires it at the Lumen Sage.
  • Jeanne of all people saves us from a Downer Ending by riding a motorcycle on top of a rocket going to space!
    • Made even more awesome by her words and the music.
      Jeanne: The Left Eye, our treasured Left Eye, shall never fall into the hands of another. It is the pride of the Umbra Witches!
  • The final boss fight against Jubileus, an already awesome fight that gets turned Up to Eleven at the end of it where you summon the Devil to punch Jubileus' soul out. You then steer her soul into the sun from the edge of the solar system. And it's all playable.
  • After everything has been said and done, the ending really looks like it's going for a Downer Ending until Jeanne STOMPS ON THE CREDITS, and she and Bayonetta team up to destroy Jubileus's body before it crashes into Earth.
  • Luka gets a spectacular one just before the fight with Balder. After first shocking even Bayonetta with the fact that he made it to the top floor of the Ithavoll Building before she did (though granted, she did have to carve a path through an army of bloodthirsty angels), he calmly dismisses Balder's ranting as the insane babbling it is and tells him that his plans of genocide and domination are nothing new. But he gets an even bigger one after the fight when it's revealed that he survived getting thrown from the top of the building by Balder.
    • There's also his tendency to get to places before Bayonetta does, and his other tendency to survive things that would kill anyone else. The guy's Overshadowed by Awesome, but he tries.
    • Him snatching the remote control to a bunch of missiles from Jeanne with his grappling hook.
  • More related to the series as a whole, but it still counts: Bayonetta got voted into Super Smash Bros.. Topping the charts in Europe and ranking the top 5 in the U.S.A. was no small feat, and though she's proven quite controversial in this series, it still shot the Umbra Witch into proper stardom. All this with only two games under her belt at the time.
  • In Chapter VII's opening cutscene, Bayonetta walks through a tornado like it's nothing as objects fly right next to her. Also doubles as a funny moment.

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