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Nightmare Fuel / Bayonetta

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If you thought Angels from the Bible were scary, the angels here will haunt your nightmares.
  • The Angels of Laguna. Think angels from the Scripture Up to Eleven in terms of Body Horror, malice, and physical anatomy. Their bodies have an exoskeletal structure made of gold and marble and many appear to have human faces that are non-threatening and child-like in appearance, but beneath the skin are monstrous features like gaping maws or slanted-pupil eyes which Bayonetta exposes as she attacks them. There's an endless amount of these things, they get weirder the higher up the ladder they are, and they're constantly gunning for Bayonetta. Even worse is they can't be seen by regular humans, but are no less deadly as Luka's father can attest when they ripped him apart by his arms. Luka's response when he actually seems them using Cereza's glasses in Bayonetta: Bloody Fate sums it up
    Luka: I thought angels were supposed to be pretty and play harps! These guys are monsters!
    • They also have no respect for humans and will kill them with impunity to use their souls to make more angels or just manipulate and try to kill them all off For the Evulz.
  • In order to gain their incredible power, all Umbra Witches must make a pact with an Infernal Demoness to sponsor them and allow them to improve their power. Unfortunately this comes at the cost of the Umbra With getting their soul Dragged Off to Hell by whatever demon they made a deal with when they die. They need to kill angels everyday to stave off their demonic benefactors, but that only lasts for so long. Note this fate includes Jeanne, every Umbra Witch who died during the Witch Hunts, Bayonetta's mother, and eventually Bayonetta herself. You actually get to see this happen any boss that you kill; it gets dragged kicking and screaming to Hell by a bunch of clawing red arms. The same thing happens to Bayonetta on the game over screen if you choose not to continue.
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  • Father Balder. If his Creepy Monotone voice and control over Angels doesn't creep you out, his plan to Ret-Gone reality by summoning a Mad God will. Not to mention he's no slouch in combat. He easily manhandled Bayonetta in their first meeting and even kills two of her demon summons with ease.
  • Many of the ways Bayonetta sacrifices angels to her demonic summons are equal parts cool and equal parts horrifying. Many are torn apart or crushed into fleshy bits before being dragged off to Hell. Bayonetta herself seems to greatly enjoy watching them suffer, and considering all the grief they've caused her it's no surprise.
  • The Witch Hunts were pretty gruesome. A whole clan of Action Girl Badasses get slaughtered by the full wrath of Heaven descending upon them and the humans who attacked them after being weakened by many years of Umbra Witch-Lumen Sage wars.
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  • Jubileus is a pretty disturbing take on God. She's the top angel in Laguna and all the ones in Heaven pray to her, but when she's summoned incompletely she starts randomly destroying reality. Even Father Balder is terrified of the armageddon she would cause if left unchecked. Even worse is that Word of God says Jubileus' real personality is that of an average 15 year old human teenager, and as you know: Teens Are Monsters.
  • The nature of the afterlife is pretty much Religious Horror for humanity in the Bayonetta verse. On one side is Paradiso with the aforementioned nightmare angels and their lack of care for humans and the other side you have the Inferno, with its wide assortment of unholy monsters who will gladly eat or torture any human souls they get their hands on. Mankind is screwed the second they take their last breath.
  • The Angels are fairly horrifying, but Jesus fucking Christ are the Auditio, the game's main four bosses prior to the final three, top of the line in this regard.
    • Fortitudo is initially fairly tame; just a two headed dragon, who acts fairly reasonably and docile until directly challenged. But then we learn his 'heads' are actually just arms, and his real head is his torso, which has an emotionless face on it.
    • Temperantia is also rather tame, and unlike Fortitudo never really gets all too visually horrifying, but his sheer size and the storms he creates would leave anyone unlucky enough to get on his bad side shivering with fear.
    • As far as the Auditio go, none are as downright disturbing as Iusticia, who is basically a [[Franchise/Transformers Quintesson-esque]] group of rotating faces with tentacles, except it also has tentacles coming out of its mouths that have fucking faces on them. And you remove them by making him cough up part of them and then cutting them off there. The entire fight is just horrible from a visual standpoint, and even worse, he's described as being the virtue closest to hell; yes, this thing is genuinely a step away from being an actual demon.
    • Sapientia is definitely the least terrifying visually, going more for spectacle, but the sheer size of it is fairly intimidating.
    • And worst of all; none of them fear death. Sapientia even laughs as he's dragged to hell.

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