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151 danna458th Dec 2012 07:41:39 AM from Wagnaria , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
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Character list for my NaNoWriMo entry that I never finished, and am working on right now.

Einstein: A young man who wakes up inside a castle with no recollection of who he is. His true identity is a mystery, and his will to find out is his motivation for the story. He is calm, stoic, internally sarcastic, and silent, but because of his inability to speak, he is often misunderstood. Possessing a suit of European armor, he sets out to explore the area in which he’s in. A deep forest.

Orihime Miyabi: A young girl who lives in Takamagahara City with her ill mother. Due to her father abandoning them, and their low social status, they do not have enough money to live easily. One day, while out on an errand, she hears a few people talking about a legendary “Immortality Wine” that can cure all diseases, and is rumored to be located in an abandoned castle in the woods. She prepares to go and get it at all costs. She’s a very bright, stubborn, and naïve child who represents the idealism of the novel.

Izanami: A goddess that lives inside Miyabi’s body. She’s very arrogant and prideful, and does not care much about Miyabi. However, as Miyabi’s body is the only compatible one with Izanami, she tries to coexist with her. She believes that people cannot be trusted, and that one should take action if they want to accomplish anything.

Hirasaka Koyomi: A son of a noble. Introverted, he usually stays away from other children and plays by himself. One day while with the rest of the kids near a river, a wild monster appears and attacks them. Although most of the children were unharmed, Koyomi disappeared. He does not believe in doing something if it isn't necessary. He’s very pessimistic, observant, and a smart child who represents the cynicism of the novel.

Shimada Kanbei: A female Ronin who was banished from her hometown, and is now wandering around without cause. During her stay in Takamagahara, a young child disappears, rumors about a mysterious youkai that lives in the woods start to spread around, and Kanbei decides to go and look for the missing kid and kill the rumored Youkai if it exists. She posts a request, asking for other ronins to gather. Seven Samurai she has gathered, including herself, and then she departed on her self-given quest. She has a very strong, flawed sense of justice, and represents Pride of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Kikuchiyo: Real Name: Komachi Awase A hotheaded rude and rash farmer who dreams of becoming a Samurai so much that she calls herself Kikuchiyo, after a legendary Samurai, even though it’s a man’s name. One day, on seeing a request for Ronins to help find a lost child and defeat a demon, she jumps at the chance to prove to her family that she can become a competent Samurai. She represents Greed of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Okamoto Katsushiro: An introverted Samurai who has a frail body, but a very good handle on swordsmanship. She’s very stoic, and speaks rarely. One day she sees a request for Samurai to rescue a lost child and kill a monster, and decides to see what is happening. She represents Sloth of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Katayama Gorobei: A ninja from a nearby Nibutani Village. Has a mysterious grudge against Lord Kyouma of Kotoge Islands. One day while disguised as a Samurai wandering around a nearby village, she sees one of the Samurai serving under her enemy, and secretly follows the person. She represents Wrath of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Hayashida Heihachi: The daughter of a well-known family in the Capital. Due to her family’s reputations for male warriors, she was given a male name, and treated as a son instead of a daughter. On her pilgrimage, she decides to temporarily rest in a nearby town, where she saw a poster requesting to help find a lost child. Seeing it as her duty as a Samurai, she goes to help. She represents Lust of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Shichiroji: A castle guard who is friends with Kanbei. Orphaned at birth and taken in by a Samurai lord, she admires Kanbei for being at the same level as her adoptive father. After Kanbei was exiled from her hometown, she leaves on a journey to find her. She represents Envy of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Kyuzou: Real Name: Kyuko Zousaka A war-obsessed, solipsistic, arrogant Ronin who has heard about the legendary undefeated Samurai, and has been searching for him ever since. She comes to Takamagahara to search for the swordsman, when she heard a certain rumor…She represents Gluttony of the Seven Sins.

A time traveler would've been added to this list, but I'm thinking about having him appear in later sequels instead(If later sequels would ever come)

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152 Dimanagul27th Dec 2012 12:35:50 PM from Pittsburgh, PA
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Adding 'other' characters and family members would quadruple the list.

The Main Party:

Derrek Graymer

Naida Holderin

Tartagin Tolten

Zammela 'Glam' Glemeis

Helgando 'Hush' Barrington

Kristoph Rupandil


Important Past Characters: (Deceased)

Barton Holderin

Clayton Cobb

Beatriz Adakasin

Guiren Solace


King Dairus Solace, a.k.a. The Bard King

Barone Holderin, The Azure Knight

Shay Maah



Anansi, The Desert Scorpion

Bethany Cobb

Lew Luster

Shawn Branberry

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153 Jabrosky27th Dec 2012 12:50:50 PM from San Diego, CA
From my outlined story The Lightbringers.

Rowan: The story's protagonist, a vagrant knight who lost his left eye in a duel. He wants more than anything else in the world to resurrect his lost eye and redeem himself. Wears plate armor, has a suntanned face and messy brown hair (looks rather like Hugh Grant or Gerard Butler in my mind), and fights with a long-sword.

Queen Herschel: The Queen of the Enlightened Kingdom, a civilization of magicians (or Lightbringers) who derive their power from a sun-like divinity called the Light. She claims that her people are under attack by the invading Darkhorde, but in reality the Lightbringers are the real invaders and aggressors in the conflict. Offers to restore Rowan's eye if he can locate the Darkhorde's lair of operation. Dresses in white and blue, has blonde hair and blue eyes, and generally resembles a Disney princess in both looks and demeanor.

Feivel: A Lightbringer magician, he accompanies Rowan as a medic on the search for the Darkhorde's lair. Like his relative Herschel (and all the other Lightbringers), he has blond hair and blue eyes. Short and stout figure, something of a wisecracker, but very smart. Ultimately he gets killed by a dragon who deactivates his magic with its venom.

Khanyisile: A prominent warrior among the "Darkhorde", or more properly the Watu, she saves Rowan from the dragon and converts him to her side. She eventually becomes his love interest and leads him on a quest to destroy the Light and drive the Lightbringers out of her homeland. Beautiful and athletic black woman skilled with the spear and bow.
154 NickTheSwing27th Dec 2012 10:12:08 PM from Ya really wanna know? , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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Phantom Claw

  • Basic Information: If you wanted a picture of Phantom Claw, think of a well trained squadron of political assassins, utterly no nonsense, and not adhering to any of the combat tropes that are prevalent in my books. Opponent monologuing about philosophy? Stab him. Target is acting suspiciously? Kill him before anything can come of it.
    • Phantom Claw's "Spade Deck"
  • King of Spades Chris Ocrelon III: The nominal leader of Phantom Claw, he leads the majority of their operations. While he claims to feel disdain for the rich and powerful of muggle society, Chris is a hypocrite in this regard. He is far, far nastier than you'd guess by his Affably Evil exterior.
"A bank, a politician, and a kid worth one point two billion. I think that's three birds and one stone, a rather good start to my day, if I would say so myself. Hmhmhm...yes, only thing that could make it better is a nice, hot cup of coffee."
  • Queen of Spades Alexia Arnold: Alexia Arnold likes to play the "moral center" of the team, pretending to be a merciful and gracious figure. This is a lie. If they're ever trying to squeeze information out of someone, she plays that up, mostly in order to gain their trust. Deep down, however, it would not be too unfair to describe her as a White Witch-like individual. She has a number of disgusting habits, not the least of which is her self admitted "love of teenage boys."
The now openly malevolent "angel" only smirked, "At least we know Matthew's a hottie. If he's anything like other teenage boys, I know how to get to him."
  • Jack of Spades Cedric Briggs: At first, Cedric seems like an excitable teenage boy in a young adult man's body. He acts really excited when fighting is going on, seems almost comically careless, often hitting himself with his own spells, and most often babbling at air. Turns out, though, he's the main planner of their operations. Cedric has some childish qualities to him even in business mode, calling his enemies "meanies".
"Ahh, cmon, what can it hurt? I just wanna hang out with 'im for a minute. Please? Please, big sis?" He sounded like a desperate teenage boy, whining about why he couldn't do something harmless. It created an almost frightening dissonance in the fact that he was really talking about mutilating their very young hostage from the bank raid. While the boy was listening.
  • Ten of Spades Claudia Bartlett: The only current member of the team who knows that Kyrio Streika is still the head of Phantom Claw, or even that he exists. Claudia acts as the team psychologist, being a big time Psycho Psychologist. Claudia feels trapped in a loveless marriage, and has tried to corrupt numerous people into killing her husband. There is way more than that, but she always claims she has to have her secrets "because all women have their secrets~"
"Well, first and foremost, its obvious our main target's quite stressed, his body language is saying he's ready to give up. Which means its time to push him over the edge." Claudia smirked, knowing what this meant.
  • Nine of Spades David Mackenzie: David possibly never really wanted to be a member of Phantom Claw. He was simply too insane due to a Vesper Core shoved into his chest. He relies on medicine Claudia provides him to stay at least somewhat sane. He is very rarely calm, and often has mood swings. Which, given his Crystal Magic, can be deadly in and of themselves.
"Pretty...the bird's so pretty." David had no idea he had killed it with that crystal shard through its neck. He simply caressed the dead bird in his hands, smearing blood all over his face. He then giggled, "Hey, Claudia, look, my face's all dirty!"

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155 FergardStratoavis20th Jan 2013 12:12:43 PM from The Empty Lot , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
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Since I do happen to have a second world from some time, allow me to make yet another list of a few named characters.

  • 1. Ujasiri of Dragonbreath: Half orc, half elf, this little gal is completely fixated on having an adventure of a lifetime. Loves fighting and thanks to that elven agility mixed with orcish strength, she's an extremely proficient warrior despite using a relatively simple fighting style. She's also relatively smart, be it in book smarts or street smarts. Completely devoted to Kulderak, patron god of orcs. The very first great adventure leaves her... quite bitter. Due to several important things happening, she's branded queenslayer and is framed to being a cause of the greatest war Sunset Peninsula has ever witnessed. Thankfully manages to fix it up with sufficient help. It's hard to piss her off, but once she's angry, she's not going to stop, which goes only worse and worse. Turns out being a pseudo-avatar of Kulderak does this to you.
  • 2. Luther Hornisse: An aging inquisitor of Worgołak, patron god of gnolls(albeit Luther himself is human). A Cool Old Guy who really tries to fix Worgołak's reputation on Peninsula. Proficient with hammer and certain forms of magic. Consumptive which later does him in.
  • 3. Eon Schutzmann: A gnoll cop from Ustalfar, foul-mouthed, covered with scars, with scary Prophet Eyes and the very incarnation of Combat Pragmatist. Despite this unpleasant exterior, he's a good guy at heart. Holds Ujasiri in a very high regard, although they do not always agree. Blows himself up to allow Ujasiri, Luther and Latiana an escape from a group of mechanytes.
  • 4. Latiana Ofelia Kornugon: An elven princess of Ful'Art and the last of Kornugon line. An absolute sweetheart, although she tries to mask it with a healthy dose of sarcasm and snarking. Like a stereotypical elf, an expert of archery although she's proficient with a rapier too. While she was destined to rule as a queen, she got usurped by a regent of hers which almost got her killed. Ujasiri and the others helped her to get back at throne, but considering she was still too young by the letter of elven law, she tagged along. Quoting her, "monarchy is a relict of the past", so she doesn't really miss the title. [[spoiler: Has a crush on Ujasiri, which never has a chance to be reciprocated as she dies by hand of Jumalan Marwolaeth.
  • 5. Adeon Falcontet: An old human mercenary with distinguishable red hair and a penchant for fighting as dirty as possible. Appears completely apathetic, aiding with both bad and good guys alike, being here just for the money. Heavily cynical. Happens to be an avatar of Worgołak as well.
  • 6. Baltazar Truffel: Big Bad, a Sy'Barg - organic who voluntarily embraced the ways of mechanytes - responsible for their rise to power and shaping them into this heavily militaristic, totalitarian state Peninsula hates and fears. A great case of Affably Evil which gives a stark contrast in comparison with his top enforcer, Jumalan Marwolaeth. The creator of Everlasting Order, an artificial mechanytes' deity, as well as the one responsible for setting the plan which plunged Peninsula into war. While he was believed to be destroyed, he's got a few spare bodies to use which allowed him for even more effective manipulation. Finally dispatched by Ujasiri.
  • 7. Jumalan Marwolaeth: A Sy'Barg who once used to be a dragonblood, which is ironic considering mechanytes and dragonbloods are mortal enemies. No.1 Assassin of Baltazar, for all his proficiency he's impolite, contemptuous and holds utter spite for organics. His assasination of Empress Sakura Nikihisa sets the final cog of Baltazar's plan to plunge Peninsula into a senseless war, he also kills Latiana earlier on. Killed by Ujasiri.
  • 8. Jautis Kraujo: A minotaur mercenary, as bloodthirsty as they get. Considers himself The Rival of Ujasiri and often clashes axes with her. Killed by Eon in a way that could only be considered Offhand Backhand with a revolver, but is later "revived" as a forcefully Sy'Bargized version of himself, armed with a chainsword and bereft of any emotions he could possibly have earlier. Put out of his misery permanently by Ujasiri.
  • 9. Drakonas Riteris: Another minotaur who happened to be The Rival of Jautis a few years ago. Gladiator-turned-mercenary, he averts all combat stereotypes associated with minotaurs by using a spear and a hoof knife. Along with Ujasiri, Adeon and Mordimer he creates a "second team" keen on eliminating Baltazar once and for all. Disillusioned and an avid follower of Fidelis, demon god whom Ujasiri hates, for lack of better words.
  • 10. Mordimer Sharrukas: Teenage girl turned vampire in her childhood. Having "lived" over 200 years like that, she developed an immense hatred for her own kind and hunts them down as a "vampire killer". Something of a Knight Templar, as she kills all vampires, regardless of their deeds. Allies with Ujasiri, Adeon and Drakonas after being helped with a certain pesky vampire. She's conscious that she's no better or even worse than her kin, but refuses to acknowledge it and wades in this madness until finally being snapped out of it by her team.
  • 11. Genn Black Crest: A current Emperor of Holy Wolf Empire, this black-furred gnoll is both a ruthless, pragmatic warrior and a benevolent, well-meaning ruler. Makes it absolutely clear that all attempts of crossing him will end bad for his opposition. Personally leads the army and is a small army all by himself as well, being aided with power of Worgołak. Due to many machinations of Baltazar and his underlings, Holy Wolf Empire assaults Greenskins' Commonwealth, Ujasiri's home country, and completely destroys it via superior military. Confronted by an angry crossbreed and defeated, he later sees that most of what was happening is due to mechanytes' doing and provides a vast military force as a sort of apology. "Worgołak embraces pragmatism and opportunity, but also rewards loyalty", quoting the man.
  • 12. Samael: A comer from that other world. Having nothing else to do, he decided to do some planet-travelling and ended up on Peninsula. As cryptic, enigmatic and with a bad sense of humor as always, his task here is to make sure that Ujasiri carries on what she has to do: Bringing an end to Mechanytes. Why? It amuses him.
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156 Wolf106620th Jan 2013 03:43:38 PM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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My latest WIP that I'm devoting time to while I get past a few blocks in my other Ws IP:

Survivors of a catastrophic accident that left over 10,000 dead and now must survive in an inhospitable environment long enough to reach a safe haven.

Alice - Christian; African heritage; from somewhere in the USA (she hasn't told me where, yet); very wealthy background; has just lost her husband, Sam, in the accident.

Brian - Neo-Pagan; English; from Manchester; has just lost his partners, Derek and Sarah, in the accident.

Tracey - Atheist; Chinese heritage; from Liverpool; has lost her husband, David, in the accident.

Renate - Christian; German; from Freiburg im Breisgau; has lost her partner, Trudi, in the accident.

Trevor - viewpoint character. Atheist; "Pakeha" ("NZ Euro"); from Havelock North, New Zealand; computer technician; camper/tramper; no personal losses in the accident.

Robot - non-humanoid utility robot; no cutesy synthetic personality; not AI - does have some fairly good programming, though, and a wealth of recorded information. A computer with limited problem-solving capabilities and the ability to actually lift and carry stuff.

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157 tsstevens20th Jan 2013 08:57:43 PM from Internet, Tasmania , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
I'm writing a story at the moment that I hope to have published when it's finished. Here are some of the characters in it.

Jessie Evan: Indigenous police officer in the Victoria police force. Part of the challenge for her is being black and a woman.

Dave Taylor: College student Jessie lives with. Provides emotional support.

Pete Marstars: Senior officer who is usually paired with Jessie. Provides guidance for the job.

Gloria Marule: Murder victim. Worked as prostitute after the death of his wife, yes his wife. Was a transsexual who changed to a female after his wife died and his brother took in their only daughter when he couldn't cope with the loss.

Heath La Roach: Victim of numerous assaults and crimes from youth gangs. Seeks police for aid.

Christine Garner: Heath's girlfriend. When police suspect he is targeting aboriginals Heath says how Christine is black to show that's not the case. Gives Heath support and tries to find a way to stop him from being victimized.

Enrica Goss: Police officer who confronts Heath over right to self defense, before backing off over him citing being issued firearm to defend herself. Suggestions to not be victimized place the police in a tough spot.

Jeremy Mc Donald: Works in urban clothing store that is repeatedly targeted. Seeks answers to stop the crimes. Tries to investigate in the hopes of finding some solution he can bring to the police.

Camille: Prostitute eager to help the police find Gloria's killers. Named after the beloved Camilla de Castro.

I don't dare give further details as that will lead to massive spoilers. But I will say the story is about three quarters of the way completed, the basic story is done, it's just a matter of filling in the details.

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158 Noaqiyeum24th Jan 2013 10:56:12 AM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
A time traveler would've been added to this list, but I'm thinking about having him appear in later sequels instead(If later sequels would ever come)
This seems like it might be a darling you have to murder.

Gloria Marule: Murder victim. Worked as prostitute to provide for his daughter, yes his daughter. Was a transsexual who changed to a female after his wife left so she didn't feel like she lost her mother.
...leaving aside the rife Unfortunate Implications, that doesn't make a lot of financial sense. ._. SRS is expensive. If she could afford that, she should have access to other ways to provide for her daughter, and contrariwise.
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159 tsstevens24th Jan 2013 02:06:06 PM from Internet, Tasmania , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
Ah, yes. I didn't think of the financial aspect of it. Thank you for addressing this. I'm actually working on the story right now, unemployment absolutely sucks. I had another one, that follows on from the story that will delve into people committing crime because they are financially desperate. I've snuck a few clues on where a second book if I write a second book would go. Might it make sense that Gloria had the sex change operation done then fell on hard times?

As far as the Unfortunate Implications go, this was something I thought of myself. I wanted something that would not shock the reader as such or cause controversy but make them wonder why a transsexual was the victim. I'm very much writing up how he and his family are sympathetic as well as how a couple of other characters who, seen him are all for transsexuals, they don't just swing that way but they are treated with respect, they're the same as anyone else. So that might help ease the idea that me as a writer has it in for them.
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160 Noaqiyeum24th Jan 2013 03:53:33 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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That's plausible.

For the Unfortunate Implications, I was actually more thinking of the matter of motivation - your description, at least, suggests the ideas (a) that transsexuality is a conscious choice of the patient, which it isn't, and (b) that all other things equal a child is better-raised by a single mother than by a single father, which is debatable. (Standing alone, the latter could easily be in-character logic, but the former would be a rather sensitive issue that could lead to accusations of Did Not Do The Research.)

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161 tsstevens24th Jan 2013 04:03:40 PM from Internet, Tasmania , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
I have something in mind with the victim being a transsexual, to say more would reveal spoilers but I'm certainly treating the issue with respect. Though with the cost of a sex change operation, I'm wondering if this might be a case of Reality Is Unrealistic.

As for Paul becoming a woman because he thought it would be better if his daughter didn't lose her mother, the daughter is in the story to provide an added gut punch to Jessie and Peter when they find out Paul's next of kin and they deliver the death notice. If the idea of women being better at parenting than men can lead to Unfortunate Implications then the question is how can I work around that? Do I need her in the story to provide the emotional impact? Is there some way that I could have it look like Paul wasn't there because of his job, then when his wife left he quit his job and took on the mother role? That's something I'll certainly look at and see if it can work. Thank you very much for your help.
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162 Noaqiyeum25th Jan 2013 09:38:50 AM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
Perhaps you could have his newfound transsexuality be part of the cause of their divorce/separation, rather than a consequence?
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163 JHM25th Jan 2013 10:58:59 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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[up][up] Uh, that's a really unfortunate set of implications that you're bringing into play there. People don't "decide" that they're the wrong sex.

Do you know any transgender people? Please, talk to them.
164 tsstevens25th Jan 2013 01:53:37 PM from Internet, Tasmania , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
From the research I had done I understood gender confusion was one of the issues, however by no means do I wish to insult anyone by getting it wrong.

Paul's brother Alex is going to be in the story a bit. Maybe just make it that it's Alex's daughter? That way I could avoid the Unfortunate Implications that seem to be coming up and I can still have that pathos that I'm after.
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165 nrjxll25th Jan 2013 05:17:54 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
I strongly second the recommendation that you talk to any transgender people you know if you're going to go any further with this idea. If you don't know any, then do some research.
166 tsstevens25th Jan 2013 05:49:59 PM from Internet, Tasmania , Relationship Status: She's holding a very large knife
I changed the idea so that after Paul's wife died and he couldn't cope Alex and his wife took in his daughter, then later Paul underwent the sex change operation, so that might avert some of the problems associated with the idea of him raising a daughter by pretending to be her mother. So now what I need to do is work out why he would make the change in the first place. Looks like I need to do some research.
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167 somerandomdude25th Jan 2013 06:03:52 PM from Dark side of the moon , Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
This story is about a High Fantasy setting with modern technology. (Using the OP's text designation system.)

Main Cast

  • Sq. Com. Orlon Hario: Human fighter pilot. Stranded at the start with...
  • Drg. Haan Kilash: Orc dragonier (captain of a dragon crew). Accidentally burns down his own prison complex at the start.
  • Cpt. Uruzawa: Troll infantry captain, pursues Kilash for his aforementioned crime.
  • Lt. Railo Suntarion: Leader of an Elven Ranger (their Spec Ops) platoon sent out to rescue Hario.

Other Soldiers/Military Personnel

  • Lt. Hinaaku: Forest ape (similar to Star Wars' Wookies) heavy gunner and infantry lieutenant. Appears sporadically fulfilling various obligations in Uruzawa's absence.
  • Cpt. Yl Dhirsdun: Dwarven infantry captain. Leads the assault on Kilash's prison camp early in the story; appears again later.
  • Arcanist Mydelia Tiralos: Warmage (powerful front-line elf wizards) and love interest of Suntarion. A Hero of Another Story of sorts, though there are touching moments between her and Suntarion.
  • Pvt. Tilo Kistan: Human sharpshooter. The story opens from his perspective, though he doesn't play much of a role later.
  • Wing Lt. Khoyza Manthol: Haan Kilash's right-hand man. Killed off in the initial battle, though he appears often in flashbacks.

Politicians and Other Bigwigs

  • Dragon General Tanzor Uzbadek: The military representative on the orcish High Council, he is currently the de facto leader due to the war.
  • Kender Salaas: Prime Minister of the human kingdom of Halvaslia, from which most major human characters hail. Eventually turns into the main villain of the story, though I'm not quite sure how yet...xD
  • High Shaman Fradi Khimboza: The religious represntative on the orcish High Council. She pardons Kilash of the prison camp disaster in exchange for him leading the charge on the Halvaslian capital.
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168 terlwyth24th Feb 2013 08:27:31 AM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Alright,here we go,...I shall list my character lists from the NaNoWriMo Journal I am still working on.

It's a Other-Worlds fantasy setting ala Digimon with some Lord of the Rings style world-building,and for the animals a very My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic like base to them. It mostly plays out so far as a Whole Plot Reference to all the good arcs from the odd-numbered Digimon seasons. 9 humans become familiars to 9 giant cats to uphold Darstia.

Of the characters I know of so far:

The Main Cast

Val Parker: Pretty much the Only Sane Man of the group,...with a weakness for shopping. He plays out much like the Jack,or more accurately Henry

Harry Rogers: Probably the Takato of the group,still very much idealistic and "pure" compared to most of the rest of the cast.

Hollea Grey: Pretty much a Foil to Val, sort of like a combination between Rika in her Mc Coy tendencies and Toph in boisterous-ness.

So far the only humans I've written for so far,but I have more but I'll list the other characters first

So now for The Main Cats

Little Radish: Pretty much like Applejack,except a little bit more curious and less dense. This is in contrast to her partner Hollea Grey. More likely to be a people-pleaser as well.

Bolt Pouncer: The obvious Rainbow Dash expy,even down the love of flying. I haven't quite figured out where to diverge the character away yet. Plays the obvious foil to Val,...and openly wonders why she isn't working with Hollea sometimes

Mystic Stripes: A combo expy of Ratchet in getting easily exasperated and distrusting,and Twilight Sparkle in curiosity. Very worldly compared to Harry Rogers. The swimmer of the group

Konfetty: The Pinkie Pie expy,except a little more mean-spirited and without the Medium Awareness. Partnered with a secondary human

Queen Cosma: A combination between Celestia and Gennai. Plays The Mentor to Mystic Stripes and has the same sort of personality,but makes more random appearances like Gennai. She rules Darstia (because I can't think of a better name right now) with a fifty percent approval. This will be a plot point probably.


Milton: The Devimon expy,except in this case trying to overthrow Cosma. A minotaur actually.

Dr. Kent: The Kurata expy,I haven't figured out much else yet,except that he's responsible for everything wrong in the exact same way and causes

The "Mystery": A D-Reaper expy,unintentionally powered and let loose by Dr. Kent to absorb both worlds

I do have ideas for 6 other humans which will eventually form something not too different from a fellowship and 6 other cats. But I don't want to spoil everything.

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From some world-building I'm doing. Which I intend on doing some writing with.

The Treasuremen;

Tillowitch "The Unwise", the bumbling party wizard, humble, charitable and more powerful than you'd think from the outset. Often makes small mistakes that cause some of his spells to... be a completely different spell, such as intending to cast a fireball to save his friends, and it ends up making the enemy grow or go to sleep.

Marin "The Shield" Thordin The Dwarven Fighter, born from nobles, taking much of the fire intended for others. Expert at using his shield as a weapon when necessary, he is bold, glory-seeking, honourable and brutally honest. Resident expert on repairing weaponry and strategy. Has a little bit of xenophobia towards Elves, but this has died down over time.

Ansel "The Blessed" The paladin of the group, part of an order dedicated to defending Humanity from threats that would bring them to ruin, mostly pressed into it. He doesn't let his job in the order get in the way of his friendly nature, joking from time to time and considering Tillowitch to be his closest friend. An optimist, the extent of which sometimes means he's blind to danger, not knowing when to back down. He prefers brute force over Marin's tactics, but has recently gotten more cautious after one close-shave with a cultist.

Valanthe "The Brigand" Ex-pirate, ex-elvish Navy. Relax, and laid back, she's the party's resident stealth expert, a good thief to match. She doesn't like being up against someone who clearly out-matches them, and often believes she's the only sane one there. Despite being a thief and ex-pirate she has a good heart, and is quite witty, at the expense of Marin when they first met.

Brenne "The Old" Parthwin Barely there, mentally, and technically-dead-but-not-undead, Brenne believes the others are "demons" and is quite deluded, often thinking he's attacking them rather than healing them, forgotten how to bless his mace so he uses "fireballs" which are in fact healing spells. He screams "Traitor!" at the enemy, when at first he thought they were saving him, what he thinks are healing spells are actually... you get the point. The party's mentor believes he's "too old to die", and it's pretty much sheer willpower that keeps him moving. Not much of his social personality is known to the new Treasuremen, due to his delusion of them being demons being present from the start.

Vevavir "Of the Highway" Delavir Part-time member, "Tip-toes mercenary" type, though dashing, boasting and half-elf, with friends on both sides of the law, he works purely for gold. Boasting of his feats in poems taking down bandits or thieving from travellers and sometimes tagging along on an adventure with the Treasuremen. He likes the glory of it as he loves to tell tales of himself, though it’s his opinion not to take Adventuring as a full-time occupation, as he believes that eventually he’ll just get himself killed. “No matter how good a shot you are with a Crossbow, someday I’m going to be killed! Probably by something as un-heroic as a javelin to the face!” is what he said to The Mentor, when he was called upon for recruitment. Despite all this, Vevavir is a brilliant shot with his crossbow, and at fighting with his trademark edged rapier, sometimes being able to drink a cup of wine in his other hand whilst in a duel with someone. He is also very good at improvising, most often not planning ahead, and thinking on the move, using the environment as much as verbal distractions through taunts and sometimes even using Improvised weaponry learnt through his many experiences of bar-fights.
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A bit of a heads-up for Volume III.

Michelle A vampire from the Platinum Dragon clan, the largest and strongest vampire clan. Michelle is very kind and noble, in addition to brave and confident. In essence, she's like a vampire version of Wonder Woman. She has a magical longbow called the Moonbow, and a pet white Bengal tiger named Shadow Stalker.

Kayla She's also a vampire. She hails from the Platinum Dragon's great rivals, the Golden Lion Clan. As such, she's a bit arrogant and snide. Whereas Michelle is a vampire version of Wonder Woman, Kayla is like a vampire version of Kim Kardashian. She's a pure melee fighter, thanks to her zweihander.

Toras Thunder-Axe The King of the Dwarves. He is a skilled warrior and dedicated to the protection of his people.

Kago Cairnsmith A dwarven rogue and the childhood friend of King Toras. He is unsure about his task in fighting a battle such as this, but Toras has faith in him.

Hadrinar The ruler of the High Elves. While he does see the value of ending the threat of the Dark Stone Cutters, he is mistrustful of the dark elves.

Lillukisen An archer captain of the high elven army. Having seen the destruction the Dark Stone Cutters bring, she is determined to make sure they harm no one else.

Kalegar A grey alien scout. Extending beyond his scouting mission, he joins in the battle against the Dark Stone Cutters, as his own people have had unfortunate encounters with demons.

Satedita A dark elven warrior. She is torn between her loyalty to her master, Valsjek, and her honor, as the dark elves have descended into civil war.

Seros A dark elven ranger and the older brother of Uridera. He hopes that the defeat of the Dark Stone Cutters will bring an end to the civil war and reunite his people.

Uridera The younger sister of Seros, who also has the name Black Jade. She is noted for her silver skin, a rarity among the dark elves. She likes to dress like Urd. The Dark Stone Cutters seek to use her for their own insidious purposes.

Zephorius One of the three familiars met; in times of peace, he looks like an ordinary green iguana (albeit one that can talk); in times of battle, he can turn into a ferocius Allosaurus. There are three things in life he likes: Anne-Marie, a good fight, and good pieces of meat.

Darulai A rather cute familiar. He normally looks like a white-tailed deer fawn, and can turn into the prehistoric deer Megaloceros. He teams up with Ashur to protect the realm of nature from the Dark Stone Cutters.

Xeoiphe The third familiar. She can switch from a plumed basilisk to a Deinosuchus. She hopes to keep the Dark Stone Cutters from ruining her bond with Uridera.

William, a.k.a. Will A teenage werewolf. His pack was one of the packs that managed to break away from the control of their demonic masters in historical times. Now that the demons have returned, the werewolves have joined the fight.

Luke A teenage ghost boy who was pulled into the ranks of the Dark Stone Cutters' knights. He has an important connection to Demetrios and Lily, but what could it be?

The Dark Stone Cutters The Stone Cutters' lost brethren, fallen angels fueled by terrible demonic power. They're like my stories' counterparts to the Chaos Space Marines. They are ruled by the cruel tyrant King Anturoc, once King Zasedis's brother.

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-Marching Intensifies-
Since I'm a productive person, here goes another of my projects, currently called "Virtual Reality". It's basically a semi-virtual game for now where people assume avatars out of sixteen classes. Think .hack, I guess. There's a reward for winning the game: astounding four millions dollars and an opportunity to participate in some to-be-revealed project... For now. There's a twist, however: defeated players die in real life due to... most various of reasons...

  • 1. Jenny Dragoste: Main heroine, class: Swordmaster. Going under No.7. Cool, level-headed, always a bit skeptical to things. Usually doesn't get too carried away with emotions, reserving them for her boyfriend, Richard. As a Swordmaster she's mostly a Jack-of-All-Stats sans magic, able to both attack and defend well. Relies on long combos rather than special attacks. Didn't take Richard's death well and it is the moment when she realizes that this game is not just a game. Is determined to make sure people will hear about government's project, even if it's going to turn the whole USA upside down.
  • 2. Richard Lincoln: Jenny's boyfriend, class: Bard under No. 8. An absolute sweetheart and quintessential Nice Guy. Plays violin with giant proficiency. Something of a romantic. As a Bard he stays out of direct fights, rather using instruments to channel his magical powers in various forms, be it offensively or defensively, aiding Jenny in battle pretty nicely. Lacks in defense though. Eliminated eighth by Jason Blitz.
  • 3. Jason Blitz: class: Dark Knight under No. 1 and the main antagonist. The Ace of the game, effortlessly overcoming every challenge thrown at him, he's the most powerful out of all players by a wide margin, combining expert swordsmanship, dark magic and dirtiest of tricks. It surely helps him boost his self-confidence in real life, considering he's a complete loser with indifferently cold parents, broken heart and no purpose in life. Cares little about the whole project or even the prize as, quoting the man himself, "having a purpose in life, even as meager as that, is a treasure nothing can match. Largest bodycount out of all players. Last to be eliminated by Jenny.
  • 4. Antonio Allegro: Best pal of Jenny and Richard, class: Berserker under No. 3. Big Fun in real life who likes cracking not-so-subtle jokes regarding sexual life of the two. As a Berserker, he cares little for strategy and defense, prefering to just murder things in his way. As an acquaintance of Choker and Encantandor he spots suspicions earlier than Jenny and wholeheartedly agrees to help her out in revealing the truth. Twelfth to be eliminated by Maddeline Cars.
  • 5. Dante Zerstörer: class: Copycat under No. 16. A mysterious enigma who helps out Jenny and Richard, introducing himself by Back Stabbing Jillian Lovelace. With a weird quirk of ending his statements with an asking "yes" and even weirder sense of humor he seems like a cool guy. That is, unless you were tipped off by his surname which means "destroyer" in German. You'd be quite right he's up to no good, revealing his true colors at the very end of this story as a Big Bad and the son of lead game designer. He's aware of how the mechanic of dying works and takes sadistic glee in watching events unfold, killing Scarborogue and almost killing Jenny. He also reveals that the whole game is just a government project which task is to create a mind of a killing machine, obedient to a fault. Additionally, designers already think of a technology being able to override the barrier between normal and semi-virtual, transferring said super soldier to real life. Eliminated as fourteenth by Blitz. As a Copycat he can mix up techniques used by all other classes to varying effect.
  • 6. Hikari Kokoro: Blitz's ex-girlfriend and the reason he took up The Game in the first place, class: Samurai under No. 15. Appears as a bitch, but it's mostly a facade to "keep stupidity away from me". In reality, he's a caring and selfless girl, albeit a bit arrogant. Very proud and for a good reason as she's the only player able to match Blitz in a straight-up fight from a get-go. Always lets her opponents go with an exception of Everfrost, content on schooling them. As a Samurai she mixes up beautiful technique with many mystical skills. Eleventh to be eliminated by Jenny.
  • 7. Dorothy Albright: class: Priest under No. 6. A girl with a heart made of pure gold, possibly the most idealistic and "good" out of all players. A Girl Guide in real life, always smiling and always able to lend a hand. A firm Christian which put her at odds with Jillian many years ago. Usually tags alongside Antonio or Hikari. As a Priest she focuses on healing and buffs, but can also disperse dark magic which plays a key role in defeating Jillian's Flesh Golem. She is also ridiculously resilient and when forced to melee fights very defensively. The only person to make Blitz go completely ballistic, which earns her a very long, very cruel and very rasputinian death. Tenth to be eliminated by Blitz.
  • 8.Nadja Kuznecova: A Starter Villain, class: Summoner under No. 9. Born in a cold, unforgiving climate of Siberia, Nadja is very similar to her place of origin: dangerous like a frostbite and similarly malignant. Very full of herself, be it due to her power or her looks(which are very revealing and round, as both Richard and Antonio can assure). A temptress, smug to a fault, but in no way weak. As a Summoner she can call forth various monsters to aid her in battle or assume their forms herself, though she has very little for her own defense. Always assisted by Carreau the Fallen Angel who does most of boring "farming" job for her. First to be eliminated by Jenny's hand, but not before she merges her leftovers with Carreau, attempting to take Jenny, Richard and Antonio and almost succeeding before Blitz decides to interrupt her with a dynamic entry, cutting her in half.
  • 9. Jillian Isadora Lovelace The Second: class: Necromancer under No. 6. A lonely rich kid in real life, abandoned by pretty much everyone: her busy parents, her friends and her relatives. She took up Satanism out of curiosity and found a necessary haven in it, slowly isolating herself more from the society. Used to be friends with Dorothy and now regards her as a worthy opponent. As a Necromancer she can summon undead and throw curses to slowly grind off all of opponent's health into nothing. As long as she can imagine something, she can raise it which results in a creation of a Flesh Golem who proves more than a challenge for Jenny and Richard until Dorothy comes in. Sixth to be eliminated by Zerstörer.
  • 10. Arthur Choker: Conchita's boyfriend, class: Illusionist under No. 13. It's easy to mistake him for gay in real life, but as he himself says, he does it on purpose to confuse people and have fun watching them squirm. As a Illusionist, he is the master of the mind and trickery, able to screw with his opponent's mind quite easily. Alongside Conchita he makes a battling couple with her. Fifth to be eliminated by Everfrost.
  • 11. Conchita Encantador: Arthur's girlfriend, class: Gambler under No. 14. A playful Latina troll in real life, she loves harmlessly screwing with people. A big prankster, but a good-natured one. As a Gambler, she uses the powers of Luck to do her bidding which can mean she can easily defeat the mightiest of opponents... or be defeated by the rank-and-file. Completely loses her shit after Arthur's death. Seventh to be eliminated by Richard.
  • 12. Lucas Everfrost: class: Sniper under No. 4. Born in a military family and raised in a strict upbringing, he has one goal: victory. Both rewards and satisfaction interest him little as he approaches everything with the same cold, callous demeanor worthy of his surname. As a Sniper, he's a master of long-distance asssasination and camouflage, though he is also adept at setting up traps, using poisons and every dirty trick in the book. Ninth to be eliminated by Hikari.
  • 13. Maddeline Cars: class: Gunslinger under No. 10. The definition of snarkiness, she forms a "Chicago Trio" alongside Mizu and Charbon. Short-tempered, short-height, flat... you do not piss her off. She really means well though. Is the first to realize things are going south and does not take this well, gradually falling into deeper and deeper insanity until she's blinded by rage towards everything. As a Gunslinger, she mixes up ranged weaponry and acrobatic maneuvers into some slick Gun Kata. Thirteenth to be eliminated by Jenny.
  • 14. Kiyoko Mizu: class: Sorcerer under No. 12. A high-spirited otaku who loves all things cute and cuddly. Forms a lesbian couple with Charbon. As a Sorcerer, she manages four elements to aid her in battle, throwing fireballs, causing earthquakes and the likes. Fourth to be eliminated, shortly after Charbon by Blitz.
  • 15. Edith Charbon: class: Thief under No. 11. A romantic girl from France, an avid fan of ballades, love stories and the likes. Something of a cuckoolander too. In a lesbian relationship with Mizu. As a Thief she uses speed and agility to deliver deadly blows from most unexpected of places. Third to be eliminated, shortly before Mizu, by Blitz.
  • 16. Peter Scarborogue - class: Paladin under No.2. Boisterous Canadian both in real life and in the game. Well meaning, but rather naive and not very smart. As a Paladin he's an antithesis of Dark Knight, coupling masterful dexterity, supporting magic and the iron will. Considers Blitz to be his rival and clashes a few times with him through the course of the story, usually getting his butt served. Second to be eliminated by Zerstörer. Offscreen, too.
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The characters for my story, Shifting Cogs, set in an urban fantasy Britain in the year 200X. Lets start of with the many character. Major Characters

Meme: She is a fifty two year old II (stockholder name, really sucks in my opinion, until I find something better) our novel's protagonist and a level 10 Urban Fighter. Lives alone in a large house, works as a biology researcher. Rude, crass, bold, impulsive and lonely. Has only a handful of real friends.

Nini: She is a fifty year old II who is Templar of the Thunder order. The Templars are an order which aim to protect people from various threats. A level 12 thunder Templar. Meets the main character in a nightclub and serves as her love interest. polite, well spoken and heroic.

Implar: He is a two hundred year old level 18 Cleric and a lycanthrope. Highly skilled at his work, but due to him being a pervert of sorts, is seen as really annoying. The comic relief character, and is cheeky, charming and debauch. Meets the characters in the same nightclub.

Grob: A forty eight year old Chorlopien and a level 15 Scholar/Fighter. Highly intelligent and love maths, sciences and literature. Works as a private detective and serves as the party's brute force. Meets the party after requesting their help with a kidnapping. Articulate, has high initiative and trusting.

Aaron/The Commissar: Okay first things first, age 29, human, level 20 Gunslinger/ berserker. Caring, blood knight and protective. Basically he's part of a gladiatorial game held every four years and the Commissar is his name when do these games, along with questing and protecting his town of Aft. In his homelife goes by Aaron and have a wife and child.

I think these five will form the party by the end of the book. Feedback would be appreciated

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I'm really not that good with names, so even though I have about a dozen main characters for the novel I'm working on at the moment, I've only come up with a name for one of them, and that's reused from a previous failed work.

Sigma Draconis: The Dragon (I know, right), and all-round Magnificent Bastard. He's not a mage, but he has some mysterious powers and is running a Xanatos Gambit to manipulate pretty much everyone.

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For your consideration, a somewhat extensive list of Superheroes that are no longer active for one reason or another:

  • The Steel-Clan Wolves: Line of Powered Armor using heroes. The mantle has since been retired.
  • Sonicolumbus: Speedster. Retired.
  • Concealed: Invisibility. KIA.
  • EmKathy. Part of a crime fighting team with her main squeeze, The Duke. Psychic powers up the wazoo. KIA, Never Found the Body.
  • The Duke. Part of a crime fighting team with his main squeeze, EmKathy. Absorption and discharge of energy. KIA, Never Found the Body.
  • The Mighty: Flying Brick. KIA.
  • Omega: Flying Brick. KIA.
  • The Deep Sound. Make Me Wanna Shout. MIA.
  • Beacon. Light 'em Up. KIA.
  • Night Chameleon. Batman knockoff. MIA, presumed dead.
  • Speedster. Guess. KIA.
  • Itaken. Badass Normal. KIA.
  • Martial Master. Badass Normal. KIA.
  • Carlossus. Size alteration. KIA.
  • Jumping Jack. Enhanced agility. KIA.
  • Oceanus. Making a Splash. KIA.
  • Bouncing Bobby. Enhanced agility. KIA.
  • Field Test. Playing with Fire. MIA.
  • Camelot: Successor to the Steel-Clan Wolves. Powered Armor. Retired.

The life of a hero is a dangerous one, indeed.

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New Dawn Book II's characters

  • The Gargoyle / Black Bird / The Lineage Defender: One of Sharon's elite servants, actually far, far stronger than her, but bound to her service all the same. It is an incredibly intelligent hunter who cares for naught but defending the "Lineage", and hunting down enemies of the New Order...and any failed officers and agents. Incredibly strong and fast, the Gargoyle can teleport between shadows, making him incredibly stealthy and frightening.
  • Sharon Tate Roman: The Big Bad...or is she? Sharon Tate Roman is the wealthy heiress to the Roman Family, and head of a secretive cult-like group that has people across the world in her pocket, due to her Alchemist abilities. She is known as The Trader in the inner circle. While she acts sweet and innocent, this is a cover for a manipulative and deceitful personality. She is not a fighter, though her manipulation of silver and gold can become...troublesome.
  • Aaron Woodstock: A corrupt Senator of a long family line...of equally corrupt politicians and businessmen. He is with Sharon to get the Fountain of Youth, with which he intends to live forever. Sharon primarily manipulates him into giving her all the money and resources she could need.
  • Lord Arcana: The Bigger Bad, the operator of the Gargoyle, and Sharon's seemingly lazy, slovenly boyfriend David. Arcana is a fatalist, and he manipulates Sharon with talk of destiny and a prophecy created by "the Mystic". Which is his alter ego. He detests Matthew for seemingly being able to thwart destiny, despite the fact Arcana is just on an ego trip. His magic is derived of the Major Arcana.
  • Caleb Rausen: The eleven year old son of Derrick Rausen, a billionaire, Caleb was orphaned and set adrift with no resources, no family and no friends after his father was assassinated, his funds drained, and his friends and family seemingly having forgotten his existence. Matthew took him in, and decided to help Caleb get justice for what was done to him. With a set of scars and a missing eye, Caleb's hardships are written on him, and despite trying to keep a stoic demeanor, he often shows how hurt he is inside.

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