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Greetings one and all!

Yes, this is Olive Tree. I'm a 18 year old British guy. I'm currently an aspiring Historian. People I know in real life tend to describe me as just a little bit weird, I honestly prefer eccentric. To myself I act the part of a Madman when I get excited, but normally I'm quite sane, sane and humble. My PM box is open most of the time, for people who want to have a chat with me personally.

PM Box is always open

I stumbled across TV Tropes when I think through lurking The Escapist forums someone had a link to Required Secondary Powers, I got curiouser and curiouser, and eventually I wound up sitting here editing my Troper's page.

I like Reading, writing, playing Video Games, Playing Warhammer40,000, and watching some TV programs like Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Black Adder, Red Dwarf and MythBusters.

Some Authors I like:
  • H.G.Wells
  • Douglas Adams
  • Frank Lynn (Historian, wrote a biography of Marcus Aurelius that at the present time I'm reading)
  • Peter.H.Wilson (Another Historian, wrote Europe's Tragedy: A new History of the Thirty Years War)
  • David Hume

Some Video Games I like:

I take an Interest in History and Philosophy. In regards to authors, I have read most of H.G.Wells' novels and Short stories, and I have also read the entire trilogy of Douglas Adams Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy.

I also do play Dungeons & Dragons with some close friends of mine, though I mostly do completely house rule games, and currently I'm working on setting up a world for a Sci-Fi campaign I'm going to do in the future as well as working on my books.

You may also know me as RegularDefender

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    Tropes applicable to me by me 
Bookworm - Debatable, I haven't got many books, but I do love to read.

Closet Geek - I sometimes am this, depends whether you're a stranger to me, and we're in public.

Does Not Like Spam - I just hate honey, not the taste it's just something about me doesn't agree with it biologically speaking. Also, I do not like Oliver Cromwell, at all. I don't know why, but I just hate him, he'll always be a regicidal maniac to me, and a tyrant.

Worthy Adversary - I have changed my opinion on Oliver Cromwell to be this. Heck, I own a replica medallion of his battle at Dunbar now. I don't agree with many of Cromwell's actions, particularly concerning Ireland, but I have to admire his military record and he had good politics. I'd go so far as to one day write my own Instrument of Government. (Though that was more John Lambert than Cromwell writing it)

Deadpan Snarker - I can sometimes be a bit witty, also I'd love to be able to have the capabilities of Snark on the level of Black Adder

Must Make Amends - I often have no idea how people will take things, and when I offend, I intend on making things at least slightly less they could punch me in the face.

Not So Stoic - I wish I could be The Stoic, but I just think I feel emotion too much to clarify. At Best I'm more of a Utilitarian.

Quintessential British Gentleman - I believe I am this, I'm upper middle class and my family owns a boat, admittedly it's only a 27 ft yacht. I also do try and be top mannered and adhere to a modernised chivalry, formed around being humble. My dress style is slowly becoming this as well, an aim for a bowler and a top hat, I own a walking stick and I often wear a blazer-type casual jacket in gray. It isn't made out of tweed yet though.

Smart People Play Chess - I'm a diagnosed High functioning autistic guy who loves chess, doesn't mean I'm any good at it though.