A Troper for whom the Lumper vs. Splitter debate is a moot point. Very fond of strange, genre-defying music and strange, panic-inducing fiction. Also serves as Herald for the Music subforum.

Makes music and writes fiction, the former far more often than the latter.

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    Things That I Have Worked On But Not Published (Yet) 

Failed film projects (lowest likelihood of "success"note ):
  • "Desk"—A short film about four guys moving a desk, and another guy who finds it.†
  • "Here Goes Nothing"—A fake documentary about the making of a mockumentary that gradually turns sinister.†
  • "Sleep"—(see below)

Sequential art nonsense (lower likelihood of success):
  • "Hello!"—A "skitcom" with a strong line in Dada.†
  • "Jacob"—An exceedingly dark comedy about a hapless loser and his sadistic imaginary friend.

Prosaic prose stuff (slightly higher likelihood of success):
  • "Focal Point"—A short-novel-length cosmic horror story with a focus on the nature of time and memory.
  • "Sleep"—A novella about a circle of college friends falling apart with supernatural overtones.
  • "An Older Lover, Etc."—A morbid riff on teen paranormal romances from a queer perspective.

The elephant in the room:
  • An as-of-yet untitled door-stopper work, intended for a "hypercomic" format. Extremely involved, with many characters across many years. Involves multiple intersecting realities, hermetic magic, hired killers, romantic obsession, religious fanaticism, early computer science, eschatology and gender identity. Woo.

†With this guy.

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