Tropers: Snowy Foxes

Attention: By visiting this page, you have received a very warm hug.note 

Snowy Foxes is one of those upstart teenage writers. Damnation! But now that she's eighteen, it'll be only two years until she is drafted into the legion of Lost and Confused Twenty-Somethings and holy shit is that terrifying or what.

Formerly known as snowfoxofdeath. Mysterious things went wrong and Snowy Foxes decided that this handle was nicer, so she'll let snowfoxofdeath die. It should be noted that Snowy Foxes considers snowfoxofdeath to be a completely different person who told many lies in order to make it harder to be stalked by real life associates, but Snowy is a bit more open and would be glad to bust some myths for you via PM.

This walking, talking Worldwide Punomenon can usually be found semi-lurking in Writer's Block and quietly fixing grammar and tweaking wording on the wiki. She is fond of, inexplicably or otherwise: leather journals, pretty notebooks in general, rice, the parts of history where people kill each other, lolita fashion, and ranting about... well, an awful lot of things put her in a ranting mood.

Watches too much anime and browses Tumblr too much for her own good.

Plays violin, piano, and viola and will often brag about the merits of knowing how to read three different clefs.

Is Asian. Chinese, to be specific. Cantonese, to be horribly specific. Actually, her ancestors hail from Hong Kong and Guangzhou, but she currently resides in California.

If you want to call her Cindy, that's cool too.

And I will now stop referring myself in the third person, because it's not funny anymore.

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    You want to stalk me? Let me help you there. 
  • Tumblr: I mostly reblog things that I want to save for laughs or sharing with my friends, but I do make text posts about life when I feel it's appropriate. It's like my online storage locker, pretty much.
  • Sketchdump Tumblr: I would call it an art blog, but that implies that anything here deserves to be called art. The title is based on a comment that my friend's 8th grade math teacher made about his handwriting. I don't normally make fun of myself that much but it was too good to waste.
  • Wattpad: Not sure where I'm going with this. Maybe if I keep going with these short stories based on character backstory, I'll be more prolific here, but lately I've been short on time.
  • Skype: snowy_foxes. If you want to add me to your contacts, please tell me who you are so I don't go "lol stranger" and block you. And I would prefer that we have spoken and interacted with each other beforehand.
  • Steam: snowyfoxes. Watch me suck at Team Fortress 2! As well as... everything else.

Finally, if you see "snowyfoxes" anywhere, it's probably me.

    Stuff I'm Working On 

  • Entropy: In a world of magic, science, authoritarian governments, political drama, and revolution, five smart, talented young adults with some serious problems try saving the world together. It doesn't go as well as they hoped. Most of the characters I use in the Character Development Threads are from this.
  • Doctor Gambler: A prequel to Entropy about some of the older characters, featuring a doctor wandering in the wilderness with a pregnant clockwork engineer. It's a little more light-hearted and more of a quirky adventure.
  • Dried Plums: Let me tell you all about why I hate attending high school in upper-middle-class suburbia, where a 3.0 GPA means you're a failure. SPOILER ALERT I REALLY HATE IT and this is dedicated to all my friends who go through so much stress and pressure from trying to meet expectations that I just wanted to write this and pretend it's a big hug.

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