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17th Sep 14 07:58:19Music.David Bowie
17th Sep 14 07:53:55Music.David Bowie
17th Sep 14 07:11:08Music.Death Grips
10th Sep 14 08:13:45YMMV.Chicago
5th Sep 14 04:08:45YMMV.Swans
5th Sep 14 03:59:16Revolving Door Band
5th Sep 14 03:43:00Long Runner Line Up
17th Aug 14 12:32:01Tropers.JHM
17th Aug 14 12:29:19Tropers.JHM
16th Aug 14 04:05:59Webvideo.Folding Ideas
12th Aug 14 05:59:09Textless Album Cover
27th May 14 05:42:46Music.Wire
27th May 14 05:42:04Music.Wire
27th May 14 05:24:03Music.Wire
23rd May 14 12:24:26Shoegazing
10th May 14 06:57:30Nightmare Fuel.The Culture
24th Jan 14 08:15:00The Chris Carter Effect
21st Nov 13 02:54:38Music.St Vincent
10th Nov 13 12:31:12YMMV.Wire
31st Oct 13 08:56:47Big Bad.Webcomics
30th Sep 13 10:36:54Music.Arcade Fire
11th Aug 13 03:47:25Characters.Homestuck The Felt Two
17th Jun 13 08:39:41Music.Andrew Jackson Jihad
17th Jun 13 10:35:52Troper Wall.JHM
17th Jun 13 10:29:36Tropers.JHM
16th Jun 13 12:12:07Shout Out.Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt
11th Jun 13 12:15:18Shoegazing
10th Jun 13 11:00:36Shoegazing
10th Jun 13 11:00:21Shoegazing
10th Jun 13 10:55:29Shoegazing
10th Jun 13 10:53:23Shoegazing
10th Jun 13 10:52:46Shoegazing
10th Jun 13 03:39:19Quotes.JHM
10th Jun 13 03:38:32Quotes.JHM
10th Jun 13 03:38:03Quotes.JHM
10th Jun 13 03:37:38Quotes.JHM
30th May 13 04:11:54Tropers.JHM
13th May 13 07:06:41Tropers.Nasrudin
30th Apr 13 09:49:43Web Video.Brows Held High
29th Apr 13 03:33:41Music.Wire
31st Mar 13 12:21:07Archive Binge
29th Mar 13 02:02:07Post Rock
29th Mar 13 01:54:55Jazz
29th Mar 13 01:53:48Jazz
8th Mar 13 07:46:25Music.Big Black
8th Mar 13 07:43:28Music.Big Black
3rd Mar 13 07:01:55Genre Roulette
3rd Mar 13 07:00:58Genre Roulette
3rd Mar 13 06:59:22Genre Roulette
1st Mar 13 07:13:18YMMV.Xiu Xiu
1st Mar 13 06:59:48Music.Xiu Xiu
1st Mar 13 06:52:24Musicians.Electronic Industrial
1st Mar 13 06:50:16Musicians.Electronic Industrial
1st Mar 13 06:48:37Musicians.Alternative Indie
28th Feb 13 11:44:52Scary Musician Harmless Music
28th Feb 13 11:44:31Scary Musician Harmless Music
28th Feb 13 11:17:02Nightmare Fuel.Current 93
28th Feb 13 11:15:24Nightmare Fuel.Current 93
28th Feb 13 11:00:08Thomas Ligotti
28th Feb 13 10:57:25Thomas Ligotti
28th Feb 13 10:56:45Thomas Ligotti
28th Feb 13 10:33:09No Face Under The Mask
24th Feb 13 12:54:17Mc Ninja
23rd Feb 13 12:45:14Music.Swans
23rd Feb 13 12:44:32Music.Swans
23rd Feb 13 12:41:35Music.Swans
17th Feb 13 05:51:01YMMV.Titan Maximum
15th Feb 13 06:53:35Tropers.JHM
11th Feb 13 04:51:18Mythpunk
4th Feb 13 06:50:56Horrible.Music
31st Jan 13 10:27:07Music.Current 93
28th Jan 13 12:14:14The Hashshashin
26th Jan 13 06:34:56Our Founder
24th Jan 13 10:18:12Premature Encapsulation
23rd Jan 13 08:10:52Literature.Coyote Blue
23rd Jan 13 08:08:17Occult Blue Eyes
22nd Jan 13 07:31:07Hive Mind
19th Jan 13 01:27:48Put Them All Out Of My Misery
19th Jan 13 10:32:23Hell Is That Noise.Music
19th Jan 13 10:27:12Hell Is That Noise.Music
19th Jan 13 09:31:50Music.Crystal Castles
19th Jan 13 09:20:51YMMV.Crystal Castles
19th Jan 13 09:20:10Music.Crystal Castles
19th Jan 13 09:17:39Music.Crystal Castles
18th Jan 13 03:19:09Tropers.Quag 15
18th Jan 13 03:17:58Tropers.Quag 15
18th Jan 13 10:04:44Characters.Trigun
18th Jan 13 10:03:21Characters.Trigun
17th Jan 13 10:29:01Anime.Texhnolyze
17th Jan 13 10:25:35Cut Himself Shaving
8th Jan 13 10:23:55Tropes In Aggregate
7th Jan 13 05:51:40Music.Public Image Ltd
7th Jan 13 05:38:43Self Backing Vocalist
5th Jan 13 10:40:10Turtle Power
29th Dec 12 12:23:20Sliding Scale Of Anime Obscurity
29th Dec 12 12:21:05Sliding Scale Of Anime Obscurity
28th Dec 12 01:23:56Webcomic.Hanna Is Not A Boys Name
28th Dec 12 01:00:16Noodle People
28th Dec 12 11:26:18Comic Book.Meanwhile
20th Dec 12 07:41:34Sliding Scale Of Anime Obscurity
17th Dec 12 01:50:18Film.The Company Of Wolves
17th Dec 12 01:50:03Film.The Company Of Wolves
17th Dec 12 01:46:40Literature.The Bloody Chamber
17th Dec 12 01:45:25Literature.The Bloody Chamber
17th Dec 12 01:23:38Creator.Angela Carter
17th Dec 12 01:22:44Creator.Angela Carter
17th Dec 12 01:08:39Music.Neu
24th Nov 12 10:03:23Film.Lawn Dogs
24th Nov 12 03:13:50Tropers.JHM
24th Nov 12 03:12:28Tropers.JHM
24th Nov 12 03:09:49Tropers.Tdgoodrich 1
22nd Nov 12 09:39:13Western Terrorists
22nd Nov 12 09:38:03Western Terrorists
18th Nov 12 09:35:07Music.Wire
18th Nov 12 09:34:19Music.Wire
14th Nov 12 08:33:19YMMV.Bittersweet Candy Bowl
7th Nov 12 10:42:40Names To Know In Anime
2nd Nov 12 08:21:11Tropers.JHM
2nd Nov 12 08:19:17Tropers.Libris Dedita
1st Nov 12 02:14:46Super Weight.Mythology And Religion
1st Nov 12 02:14:32Super Weight.Mythology And Religion
1st Nov 12 02:13:58Super Weight.Mythology And Religion
17th Oct 12 05:57:16Mohs Scale Of Rock And Metal Hardness
17th Oct 12 05:08:59Dork Age.Music
15th Oct 12 03:48:53Industrial Metal
10th Oct 12 04:26:38The Pete Best
9th Oct 12 03:40:12Sliding Scale Of Anime Obscurity
9th Oct 12 03:39:36Sliding Scale Of Anime Obscurity
9th Oct 12 03:34:45Sliding Scale Of Anime Obscurity
4th Oct 12 03:33:08Film.Vase De Noces
4th Oct 12 03:32:36Film.Vaces De Noces
23rd Sep 12 02:09:06Horrible.Music
18th Sep 12 09:42:32Music.Throbbing Gristle
18th Sep 12 09:33:57Echoing Acoustics
18th Sep 12 08:20:07Disneys Nine Old Men
17th Sep 12 08:13:08Useful Notes.Gnosticism
17th Sep 12 08:03:44Useful Notes.Gnosticism
17th Sep 12 08:01:08Useful Notes.Gnosticism
17th Sep 12 03:29:16Music.A Place To Bury Strangers
11th Sep 12 02:40:32Poster Gallery Bedroom
28th Aug 12 06:28:28Edward Gorey
28th Aug 12 06:25:59The Edwardian Era
24th Jul 12 07:07:43Our Titans Are Different
20th Jul 12 05:27:00Tropers.Autumncomet
12th Jul 12 04:34:49Sliding Scale Of Anime Obscurity
12th Jul 12 04:34:21Sliding Scale Of Anime Obscurity
11th Jul 12 09:40:06YMMV.Swans
8th Jul 12 07:37:45Eerie Queerie
7th Jul 12 01:56:47Tropers.JHM
5th Jul 12 04:50:23Shout Out.Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
5th Jul 12 04:49:35Shout Out.Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
3rd Jul 12 03:56:08Music.Sonic Youth
3rd Jul 12 03:54:26Music.Sonic Youth
1st Jul 12 04:49:03Super Weight.Anime And Manga
26th Jun 12 11:28:14Tropers.Yon Troper
25th Jun 12 02:41:03YMMV.My Work Is Not Yet Done
23rd Jun 12 05:59:35Twelve Episode Anime
23rd Jun 12 05:58:28Twelve Episode Anime
21st Jun 12 10:01:53Tropers.Matues
11th Jun 12 07:22:35Second Person Narration
11th Jun 12 07:18:22Second Person Narration
11th Jun 12 07:13:34Music.Swans
11th Jun 12 07:12:55Music.Swans
10th Jun 12 06:37:42Dark Messiah
8th Jun 12 04:29:52Tropers.Chihuahua 0
7th Jun 12 06:55:00Coleman Francis
3rd Jun 12 05:50:46Film.Profondo Rosso
3rd Jun 12 05:50:19Film.Profondo Rosso
3rd Jun 12 05:48:37Film.Profondo Rosso
3rd Jun 12 05:47:31Film.Profondo Rosso
2nd Jun 12 11:57:08Tropers.Nil Admirari
31st May 12 06:46:28Tropers.Snowy Foxes
31st May 12 06:38:09Tropers.Akalabth
31st May 12 02:57:21Playing With.Gag Penis
26th May 12 09:43:51Towards The Republic
23rd May 12 11:26:28Music.Swans
23rd May 12 11:20:40Music.Swans
23rd May 12 11:15:48Music.Swans
23rd May 12 11:07:50Music.The Fall
23rd May 12 11:00:23Music.The Fall
23rd May 12 10:42:35Music.The Fall
21st May 12 10:52:34Literature.My Work Is Not Yet Done
21st May 12 10:44:07Thomas Ligotti
21st May 12 10:43:27Thomas Ligotti
21st May 12 10:34:58Thomas Ligotti
21st May 12 10:34:22Thomas Ligotti
21st May 12 10:27:42High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Swans
21st May 12 10:26:33Nightmare Fuel.Swans
21st May 12 10:26:11High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Swans
20th May 12 12:31:55Characters.Scandinavia And The World
20th May 12 12:30:00Characters.Scandinavia And The World
19th May 12 07:29:39Tropers.Logan Locksley
19th May 12 04:57:05Tropers.JHM
19th May 12 04:47:46Tropers.JHM
19th May 12 04:44:22Tropers.JHM
19th May 12 04:30:41Tropers.Fishsicles
17th May 12 10:32:42Tropers.Inmost Light
14th May 12 09:38:10Unmoving Plaid
12th May 12 12:52:19Music.Swans
12th May 12 12:40:23Music.Swans
12th May 12 12:37:49YMMV.Swans
12th May 12 12:37:22Music.Swans
12th May 12 12:34:25Erotic Asphyxiation
11th May 12 01:46:13Loophole Abuse
11th May 12 01:46:05Loophole Abuse
11th May 12 09:10:13Super Weight.Mythology And Religion
11th May 12 08:49:41Blue And Orange Morality
11th May 12 08:25:57Useful Notes.Friedrich Nietzsche
6th May 12 09:10:21Tropers.That One Guy Named X
6th May 12 07:47:23Wiki Sandbox
6th May 12 06:26:05Super Weight.Mythology And Religion
5th May 12 04:00:32Miniscule Rocking
5th May 12 03:59:12Miniscule Rocking
5th May 12 03:53:53Music.Current 93
5th May 12 03:53:22Music.Current 93
5th May 12 03:51:53Music.Current 93
5th May 12 03:49:25Tear Jerker.Current 93
5th May 12 03:47:13And I Must Scream.Other
4th May 12 06:25:05Music.Punk Rock
4th May 12 06:16:44Noise Rock
4th May 12 06:15:18Horrible.Music
30th Apr 12 11:48:54High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Music
30th Apr 12 11:05:41High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Music
28th Apr 12 04:42:48Tropers.Noaqiyeum
28th Apr 12 04:42:19Tropers.Noaqiyeum
28th Apr 12 04:41:40Tropers.Noaqiyeum
28th Apr 12 01:26:20Tropers.JHM
24th Apr 12 07:55:41Anime.Serial Experiments Lain
22nd Apr 12 04:11:55Serial Escalation.Music
22nd Apr 12 03:47:06Doom Patrol
22nd Apr 12 03:35:44Creepy Cathedral
19th Apr 12 09:25:14YMMV.Topless Robot
19th Apr 12 09:24:44YMMV.Topless Robot
19th Apr 12 09:22:45YMMV.Topless Robot
19th Apr 12 09:20:12YMMV.Topless Robot
19th Apr 12 09:19:39YMMV.Topless Robot
19th Apr 12 07:12:05Music.The Decemberists
19th Apr 12 05:52:25Sandbox.What TV Tropes Is Not
19th Apr 12 04:19:59Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Myth And Religion
19th Apr 12 04:15:37Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Anime And Manga
19th Apr 12 03:53:37Music.The Fall
19th Apr 12 03:51:26Broken Record
19th Apr 12 03:31:06YMMV.Death Cab For Cutie
19th Apr 12 03:17:23YMMV.Death Cab For Cutie
19th Apr 12 03:13:19YMMV.Bjork
19th Apr 12 03:10:20Music.Death Cab For Cutie
19th Apr 12 03:06:27Music.Death Cab For Cutie
19th Apr 12 03:05:11Music.Death Cab For Cutie
19th Apr 12 03:01:58Music.Death Cab For Cutie
18th Apr 12 11:42:24Magick
18th Apr 12 11:06:30Tropers.JHM
18th Apr 12 11:04:42Tropers.JHM
16th Apr 12 08:25:41Tropers.JHM
16th Apr 12 08:22:56Tropers.JHM
14th Apr 12 08:37:48Greedy Jew
14th Apr 12 08:30:10Greedy Jew
14th Apr 12 07:23:05Post Modernism
12th Apr 12 06:15:43Useful Notes.Political Ideologies
12th Apr 12 03:58:44YMMV.School Days
8th Apr 12 11:10:55YMMV.Venetian Snares
8th Apr 12 11:10:20YMMV.Venetian Snares
5th Apr 12 10:29:52China Takes Over The World
5th Apr 12 05:51:36Super Weight.Mythology And Religion
5th Apr 12 05:51:15Super Weight.Mythology And Religion
5th Apr 12 05:50:35Super Weight.Mythology And Religion
5th Apr 12 05:49:10Super Weight.Mythology And Religion
5th Apr 12 04:24:03Extreme Omnisexual
4th Apr 12 08:22:37Nice Hat.Music
2nd Apr 12 11:50:19Shoegazing
2nd Apr 12 11:48:47Shoegazing
2nd Apr 12 07:09:35Music.The Decemberists
2nd Apr 12 07:04:57Queer Romance
2nd Apr 12 07:04:32Queer Romance
2nd Apr 12 06:41:29Ho Yay.Other
2nd Apr 12 06:30:13YMMV.Krazy Kat
30th Mar 12 12:31:49Post Punk
30th Mar 12 11:38:05Exotic Equipment
30th Mar 12 11:23:17Exotic Equipment
30th Mar 12 09:34:43Series.Countdown With Keith Olbermann
30th Mar 12 04:45:04Music.The Cure
30th Mar 12 04:42:48Music.Crystal Castles
30th Mar 12 04:42:24Music.Crystal Castles
30th Mar 12 04:41:56Music.Crystal Castles
29th Mar 12 10:04:56Super Weight.Comics
29th Mar 12 10:03:32Super Weight.Comics
27th Mar 12 06:57:00Edward Gorey
27th Mar 12 06:55:29Edward Gorey
27th Mar 12 06:54:34Edward Gorey
27th Mar 12 06:51:51Edward Gorey
26th Mar 12 03:05:46God Is Love Songs
26th Mar 12 03:02:23God Is Love Songs
20th Mar 12 10:15:55Fridge.This Heat
14th Mar 12 04:59:38Anti Love Song
13th Mar 12 05:21:51Tropers.JHM
29th Feb 12 12:47:42Edward Gorey
29th Feb 12 12:46:09Edward Gorey
29th Feb 12 12:37:04Music.Creature Feature
29th Feb 12 12:36:40Music.Creature Feature
29th Feb 12 12:35:41Music.Creature Feature
14th Feb 12 03:52:51Sliding Scale Of Anti Villains
14th Feb 12 12:56:37Big Name Fan
14th Feb 12 12:41:45Industrial
14th Feb 12 12:16:55Einsturzende Neubauten
10th Feb 12 07:36:18Sandbox.Con Crit Thread
10th Feb 12 07:36:01Sandbox.Con Crit Thread
2nd Feb 12 04:48:15Discontinuity Nod
28th Jan 12 10:22:45Tropers.Away Laughing
28th Jan 12 09:50:54Harsh Noise
28th Jan 12 09:50:29Harsh Noise
28th Jan 12 09:49:26Harsh Noise
28th Jan 12 09:48:02Harsh Noise
28th Jan 12 09:39:16Harsh Noise
28th Jan 12 09:38:30Industrial
28th Jan 12 09:36:48Music.Throbbing Gristle
28th Jan 12 09:34:45Music.Throbbing Gristle
28th Jan 12 09:33:15Music.Throbbing Gristle
28th Jan 12 09:33:00Music.Throbbing Gristle
28th Jan 12 09:32:48Music.Throbbing Gristle
28th Jan 12 09:25:28Harsh Noise
28th Jan 12 09:05:19Harsh Noise
27th Jan 12 09:45:27Music.The Magnetic Fields
27th Jan 12 09:45:04Music.The Magnetic Fields
27th Jan 12 08:18:14Tropers.JHM
27th Jan 12 08:13:59Tropers.JHM
24th Jan 12 03:30:20Again Dangerous Visions
24th Jan 12 03:29:48Again Dangerous Visions
24th Jan 12 01:40:11Kurt Vonnegut
9th Jan 12 11:25:36Snuff Film
7th Jan 12 11:56:06Tropers.ATC
20th Dec 11 04:27:47Tropers.Noir Grimoir
13th Dec 11 08:45:30Tropers.JHM
12th Dec 11 03:36:22Second Person Narration
12th Dec 11 03:34:22Post Modernism
10th Dec 11 02:45:48New Weird
8th Dec 11 11:00:48High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Swans
8th Dec 11 10:50:31YMMV.Swans
8th Dec 11 10:50:14YMMV.Swans
8th Dec 11 10:47:45High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Swans
8th Dec 11 10:46:15High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Swans
8th Dec 11 10:43:09YMMV.Swans
8th Dec 11 10:42:42YMMV.Swans
2nd Dec 11 01:13:43Abusing The Kardashev Scale For Fun And Profit
29th Nov 11 10:15:43Rational Wiki
23rd Nov 11 06:19:49Cloud Cuckoolander.Real Life
21st Nov 11 05:03:03YMMV.Red Zone Cuba
14th Nov 11 10:19:02Rage Quit
14th Nov 11 09:47:33Zig Zagging Trope
7th Nov 11 06:00:43One Of Us
7th Nov 11 11:34:29YMMV.House Of Leaves
7th Nov 11 11:22:41Eldritch Abomination.Literature
7th Nov 11 09:31:29Cute Little Fangs
7th Nov 11 09:26:27Cute Little Fangs
7th Nov 11 09:21:53Cute Little Fangs
4th Nov 11 12:37:02Tropers.JHM
2nd Nov 11 04:33:20Characters.The Sandman
24th Oct 11 05:56:40Music.Throbbing Gristle
24th Oct 11 05:48:17Disobey This Message
24th Oct 11 05:01:54BLAM.Theater
19th Oct 11 12:26:15YMMV.Forbidden Zone
19th Oct 11 12:25:25YMMV.Forbidden Zone
19th Oct 11 12:25:07YMMV.Forbidden Zone
17th Oct 11 03:00:07Sliding Scale Of Anti Heroes
17th Oct 11 02:58:50Sliding Scale Of Anti Heroes
17th Oct 11 02:38:31YMMV.Doom Patrol
17th Oct 11 02:37:04Crazy Awesome.Comic Books
17th Oct 11 11:23:13Music.Swans
17th Oct 11 09:39:49Deadpan Snarker.Literature
17th Oct 11 09:25:13Mao Zedong
17th Oct 11 09:19:21Villain Cred
12th Oct 11 04:33:23YMMV.Thomas Ligotti
12th Oct 11 04:14:53Eldritch Abomination.Music
12th Oct 11 02:44:37Twin Peaks
12th Oct 11 12:22:14Mohs Scale Of Rock And Metal Hardness
12th Oct 11 12:11:48Mohs Scale Of Rock And Metal Hardness
12th Oct 11 10:52:52Music.Throbbing Gristle
12th Oct 11 10:50:10Unbuilt Trope
10th Oct 11 04:52:28YMMV.The Police
27th Sep 11 06:03:00Double Reverse Quadruple Agent
21st Sep 11 03:16:15Mood Whiplash.Music
21st Sep 11 12:19:26American Gangster
19th Sep 11 02:34:58Omnicidal Maniac
19th Sep 11 11:26:22The Olivia Tremor Control

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