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So, Tropers can do music too, right?Posts: 1,445 May 23rd 2022 at 8:21:42 AM
Music RecommendationsPosts: 500May 14th 2022 at 7:58:16 PM
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Rate the song above you on the Moh's Scale of Rock and Metal HardnessPosts: 1,410 May 23rd 2022 at 4:34:24 PM
Rate the song on the Moh's scale of LYRICAL hardnessPosts: 296 May 23rd 2022 at 2:34:21 PM
Now listening to...Posts: 92,044May 22nd 2022 at 3:48:15 PM
Original vs CoverPosts: 344May 22nd 2022 at 2:01:21 PM
New page #2Posts: 1May 17th 2022 at 5:44:40 PM
New pagePosts: 6May 17th 2022 at 5:22:31 PM
Ram Ranch - Should we create a page?Posts: 4May 17th 2022 at 5:03:01 PM
Current EarwormPosts: 1,697May 13th 2022 at 1:38:06 PM
Music with SaxophonePosts: 42May 12th 2022 at 2:15:47 PM
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The Chatterbox, Random Music DiscussionPosts: 3,698Apr 24th 2022 at 12:39:19 AM
Sing along the song you're listening to.Posts: 2,492Apr 22nd 2022 at 2:26:44 PM
The worst music ever.Posts: 122Apr 18th 2022 at 8:45:33 AM
Rate the song above you on the Sliding Scale of Musical Harshness.Posts: 1Apr 2nd 2022 at 7:48:49 PM
Scale expansion Posts: 1Mar 23rd 2022 at 6:04:44 AM
Songs you thought were by someone elsePosts: 21Mar 23rd 2022 at 2:04:23 AM
IdeaPosts: 2Mar 22nd 2022 at 9:15:22 PM
Weirdest ways you've gotten into musicPosts: 59Mar 6th 2022 at 3:45:08 PM
MSoRaMHPosts: 7Mar 1st 2022 at 9:51:27 AM
GTSKPosts: 1Mar 1st 2022 at 6:08:23 AM
Weird Al YankovicPosts: 12Feb 21st 2022 at 11:44:41 AM
Free and legal musicPosts: 114Feb 9th 2022 at 7:39:02 PM
CountryPosts: 50Feb 9th 2022 at 7:02:41 PM
The BeatlesPosts: 81Feb 8th 2022 at 7:40:27 AM
Vocaloid ThreadPosts: 2,116Feb 3rd 2022 at 4:28:41 PM
Best and Worst Christmas songsPosts: 110Jan 13th 2022 at 7:47:20 PM
Song definition Posts: 1Jan 12th 2022 at 5:09:07 PM
K-Pop!Posts: 33Dec 27th 2021 at 10:31:57 PM
Briefly review something you heard recently (or are listening to now)Posts: 264Dec 18th 2021 at 12:22:09 AM
WhistlingPosts: 10Dec 16th 2021 at 5:58:55 AM
Predict the musical trends of the 2020sPosts: 27Dec 10th 2021 at 9:11:25 PM
Good songs that are in your native language (no English, please)Posts: 18Nov 27th 2021 at 5:09:12 AM
Musical impressions or "this would sound excellent in X"Posts: 11Nov 3rd 2021 at 12:55:11 PM
The Mountain GoatsPosts: 22Oct 28th 2021 at 1:02:07 AM
Which is better for artists: Bandcamp or Soundcloud?Posts: 3Oct 23rd 2021 at 4:59:17 AM
There should totally be an x cover of y!!!Posts: 47Sep 30th 2021 at 1:55:08 PM
Songs that sound awfully similar.Posts: 283Sep 30th 2021 at 9:31:02 AM
What are the longest and shortest tracks in you music library?Posts: 112Sep 28th 2021 at 3:14:11 PM
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Musicians That Should Have Their Own PagePosts: 45Aug 28th 2021 at 7:16:27 PM
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Fixing Hip-HopPosts: 2Aug 2nd 2021 at 3:24:12 PM
Songs in your music library that have the same namePosts: 91Aug 2nd 2021 at 7:02:06 AM
Songs that are hard to sing that you wish you could sing?Posts: 69Jul 26th 2021 at 1:17:52 PM
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