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KatanaTheFeline: I'm bored
eyemageone: [link to the main page]
KatanaTheFeline: ??
eyemageone: thats where i go to kill time
How I found this site (paraphrased)

Hi! I'm Katana Cat, as I'm sure you're able to tell. I've lived in Australia most of my life (though I was born in the US). I use the forums sometimes, when not busy playing video games or doodling or something.

Deviant ART: Formerly Katana-the-Cat; now known as Katana-Nova-Cat
Yahoo: kkatana16 (doesn't really work though)
AIM: KatanaTheFeline
Gaia Online: Katana Nova Cat
Neopets: katie_dumpling (never let anyone choose a username for you, seriously)
Backup TV Tropes login: Katana Nova Cat

Notice a theme here? On most of these sites I call myself what I do because "Katana" is already taken, and I like cats. Time for the obligatory list of tropes that apply to me...

Oh, but before all that stuff: vandals go here

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Stuff I like, or something

Still working on this section... until I die or the site permanently borks, probably.

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  • Catch-Phrase: "Why is that there?" "...Because it isn't somewhere else?"
  • Gratuitous Japanese: If I feel like it (usually just when I'm alone, or thinking, or naming something in a game).
  • Headphones Equal Isolation: According to those around me. This is not always the case, and sometimes they aren't even playing any sound (if I bother with them at all). I could easily ignore people without any music (whether I want to or not), anyway.
  • I Need to Go Iron My Dog: "BRB dog in fridge on fire" "Oh look at the time, my gerbil has to have a swimming lesson in 5 minutes!"
  • Noodle Implements: I once made posts about them on my Facebook wall so often it became a bit of a Running Gag. I would also tend to try and get people to guess what the items could be used for.
  • Player Tic: There is one word which sums up my reaction to a lot of different situations in video games. That word is "flamethrower". If there is no flamethrower, fire may still be involved somehow.
    • Legacy Character: Certain Pokémon have had more than one incarnation, across save files and even different games. The most notable is Fluffy the Arcanine; he was a primary team member when I first tried playing one of the games on an emulator.
    • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: My copy of Pokémon FireRed seems to be permanently stuck at the Rocket Game Corner for some reason...
  • Unusual Euphemism: When I'm not frustrated to the point of not being able to think of them, I like to invoke this. I think it's fun.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Everyone in my household seems to be this, as well as unusual themself - we know strange people. Like attracts like, I guess. When it comes to particularly strange, there's the guy who chased a wannabe-burglar down the street with a sword for a couple of blocks before noticing he didn't have any clothes on, among others.
  • Who Names Their Kid Nova? My parents, that's who. It's only my middle name, and is actually pretty awesome. I think so, anyway. It also gets pretty useful when it comes to usernames, generally if what I want is taken.

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     Old sigs/titles 

  • Bored Fangirl
    • ...Don't ask.
  • Bored as ever
  • I already regret this
    • I changed to that when starting to use a pony icon, when I had decided I would never do that.
  • ZZzzzzz...
  • Needs more sugar
  • Too many cranes
  • peanuts and cinnamon
  • Inexplicably Winged
  • still bored
  • Leader of the Monkey Army
  • Eevee Breeder
  • neither sharp nor fuzzy
  • still here
  • not on fire (thankfully)
  • surfing the audio
  • thylacines are cool

  • I wish I wasn't so easily distracted, because then I might actually be better about finishing what I sta... oh hey, a butterfly!
  • Cool idea: Evil schoolbus crashes costume party, nuns fight it.
  • Missing: one mind. If you happen to find it, please return it to me, because I appear to have lost it. Wait, there it is.
  • Maybe some chocolate would help me think of a funny signature?
  • There is no duck.
  • Normality is out to lunch.
  • The number you have dialed is not a letter.
  • As it turns out, most problems are flammable. Unfortunately, happy friendly Cthulhu is also flammable. So is his party hat.
    • I like Scribblenauts. I have a habit of using flamethrowers and Cthulhu for pretty much everything, and enjoy making things wear hats (and sometimes sunglasses). And have learned to make everything I want to keep be invincible and fireproof.
  • I have seen the future, and before you ask: no, it is not particularly interesting.
  • Don't be afraid... I only want your soul.
  • I think we all know how absurd this is.
  • ♫ a true, true friend helps a friend in need ♫
  • ♫ I don't want your sugar and spice ♫
  • There are words here. You are reading them, probably.
  • Fighting beats Steel, so make sure to punch a robot.

  • Splash Canyon
  • the edge of nowhere
  • a paper castle
  • another nightmare
  • a castle in the sky