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Tropers: Katana Cat
KatanaTheFeline: I'm bored
eyemageone: [link to the main page]
KatanaTheFeline: ??
eyemageone: thats where i go to kill time
How I found this site (paraphrased)

Hi! I'm Katana Cat, as I'm sure you're able to tell. I'm 17 at the moment, and I've lived in Australia most of my life (though I was born in the US). I frequent the forums when possible, visiting Forum Games every day if not overly distracted my shiny objects, and sometimes also visiting Yack Fest and on rare occasions Video Games, as well as on almost-equally rare occasions the furry thread in Troper Covens. I honestly don't have much else to say that I don't say in those trope folders down there. Still working on my page, since I can't do everything (and I'm too lazy to finish anything).

Deviant ART: Formerly Katana-the-Cat; now known as Katana-Nova-Cat
Yahoo: kkatana16 (doesn't really work though)
AIM: KatanaTheFeline
Gaia Online: Katana Nova Cat
Neopets: katie_dumpling (it's a very old account, which my mom named)

Notice a theme here? On most of these sites I call myself what I do because "Katana" is already taken, and I like cats. Time for the obligatory list of tropes that apply to me...

Oh, but before all that stuff: vandals go here

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Stuff I like, or something

Still working on this section.

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     Web Original 

     Western Animation 

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     Personal appearance 


     Some tropes about my life, or something 

     Misc. (hey, my files directory is the same!) 

  • Catch Phrase: "Why is that there?" "...Because it isn't somewhere else?" and "What's up?" "The sky/ceiling/sun/heat/volume." or alternatively, I sometimes give a Long List of everything that's up on my computer.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: If I feel like it (usually just when I'm alone, or thinking, or naming something in a game).
    • Foreign Cuss Word: Mostly limited to profanity. No real reason, it just adds a bit of variation.
  • Headphones Equal Isolation: According to those around me. This is not always the case, and sometimes they aren't even playing any sound (if I bother with them at all). I could easily ignore people without any music (whether I want to or not), anyway.
  • I Need to Go Iron My Dog: "BRB dog in fridge on fire" "Oh look at the time, my gerbil has to have a swimming lesson in 5 minutes!"
  • Noodle Implements: I once made posts about them on my Facebook wall so often it became a bit of a Running Gag. I would also tend to try and get people to guess what the items could be used for.
  • Unusual Euphemism: When I'm not frustrated to the point of not being able to think of them, I like to invoke this. I think it's fun.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Everyone in my household seems to be this, as well as unusual themself - we know strange people. Like attracts like, I guess. When it comes to particularly strange, there's the guy who chased a wannabe-burglar down the street with a sword for a couple of blocks before noticing he didn't have any clothes on, among others.
  • Who Names Their Kid Nova? My parents, that's who. It's only my middle name, and is in fact is very awesome. I think so, anyway. It also gets pretty useful when it comes to usernames, generally if what I want is taken.



     Old sigs/titles 

  • Bored Fangirl
    • From back during my Sonic-obsessed days.
  • Bored as ever
  • I already regret this
    • I changed to that when starting to use a pony icon, when I had decided I would never do that.
  • ZZzzzzz...
  • Needs more sugar
  • Too many cranes
  • peanuts and cinnamon
  • Inexplicably Winged
  • still bored
  • Leader of the Monkey Army
  • Eevee Breeder
  • neither sharp nor fuzzy
  • still here

  • I wish I wasn't so easily distracted, because then I might actually be better about finishing what I sta... oh hey, a butterfly!
  • Cool idea: Evil schoolbus crashes costume party, nuns fight it.
  • Missing: one mind. If you happen to find it, please return it to me, because I appear to have lost it. Wait, there it is.
    • For the first couple minutes of using that one, I forgot the "wait, there it is" part somehow.
  • Maybe some chocolate would help me think of a funny signature?
  • There is no duck.
  • Normality is out to lunch.
  • The number you have dialed is not a letter.
  • As it turns out, most problems are flammable. Unfortunately, happy friendly Cthulhu is also flammable. So is his party hat.
    • I like Scribblenauts. I have a habit of using flamethrowers and Cthulhu for pretty much everything, and enjoy making things wear hats (and sometimes sunglasses). And have learned to make everything I want to keep be invincible and fireproof.
  • I have seen the future, and before you ask: no, it is not particularly interesting.
  • Don't be afraid... I only want your soul.
  • I think we all know how absurd this is.


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